The Originals Series Finale Video: Marcel and Vincent Clash Over New Orleans' Future in Deleted Scene

Before Legacies relocates us to Mystic Falls later this fall, what do you say we spend one last minute in New Orleans? TVLine has an exclusive deleted scene from The Originals series finale, one that takes place where so many pivotal moments have gone down over the show’s five-season run: the cemetery.

This particular scene finds Marcel explaining to Vincent that he’s considering leaving the Big Easy and taking the vampires with him — a plan we saw him carry out at the end of the Aug. 1 finale, though it’s nice to have a little more context. “You and Declan can rebuild the council,” he tells Vincent. “You can restore the city as you see fit.” But Vincent isn’t about to thank Marcel for his kind words. In fact, as you’ll see in the clip, he has a few choice words of his own to share.

Fans were divided over Klaus and Elijah’s fates in the series finale, but creator Julie Plec insists that it was the right way to end it. “I figured one of them would go, for sure, when we started this show,” Plec tells TVLine. “My feeling was that it probably would have been Klaus, and we’d let Elijah live a life unencumbered without his brother. But then we got to tell that story for Elijah in the final season … and he found his way back to his brother because … that is the legacy of Klaus and Elijah. Much like The Notebook, I feel like it was only right that they should go together.”

The Originals: The Fifth & Final Season is available on DVD & Digital Oct. 2 from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment. Hit PLAY on the video above to watch the deleted scene, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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