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Dynasty Season 2 Trailer: Is Fallon Sleeping With the Enemy — Again? (And Has Anyone Seen Cristal?)

The first trailer for Dynasty‘s upcoming second season has arrived, but if you were hoping for your first glimpse of the “real” Cristal (now played by Ana-Brenda Contreras), you’re flat out of luck. Nathalie Kelley’s replacement is nowhere to be seen in this first look at Season 2, though the Carringtons — particularly Fallon and a (bearded!) Blake — more than make up for her absence in the drama department.

Airing Friday, Oct. 12 at 8/7c on The CW, Dynasty‘s second season premiere finds the gang celebrating Carrington Atlantic’s 100th anniversary. Per the episode’s official synopsis, “our splintered family struggles to rise from the ashes to redefine themselves as past mistakes emerge, new alliances are forged, and the fate of the Carringtons’ legacy falls squarely on Fallon’s shoulders.”

Additional drama spotted in the trailer: Blake proposing a toast… to himself (#BlakeTime), Fallon getting into bed — and into the shower — with “new” business partner Liam, and of course, Blake’s beard. (Oh, did I mention that one already? Well, it’s worth repeating.)

Those not featured (or featured only briefly) in this new trailer include: Steven and Sam, whose marriage is about to be rocked by the reveal of Melissa’s pregnancy, Alexis and Culhane, last seen running upstairs in a burning building to save Cristal; and Anders, whose daughter Kirby is about to raise some hell of her own.

Hit PLAY on the trailer above, then drop a comment with your hopes for Dynasty Season 2 below.

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