Lois Lane Is Entering the Arrowverse: Our 15 Picks to Play the Iconic Reporter

Lois Lane Arrowverse Casting

Batwoman isn’t the only major DC Comics character making her Arrowverse debut this season. The CW on Wednesday announced that Lois Lane will appear (alongside Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman!) in this year’s three-part crossover event — beginning Sunday, Dec. 9 (8/7c) — sending Team TVLine’s collective brain into overdrive to conjure up the perfect casting suggestions.

No official description was provided for the Arrowverse’s take on Lois, leaving the possibilities fairly open ended. Our picks range from Lea Michele, seeing how well Glee alumni tend to fare in this world, to Kylie Bunbury — because, honestly, we’re still not over the cancellation of Pitch. We also threw in a few of Hoechlin’s former Teen Wolf co-stars in there for consideration, because who doesn’t love a good TV reunion?

For the record, we realize that Supergirl‘s first season introduced Jenna Dewan as Lois’ (younger!) sister Lucy Lane, and that there’s a good chance producers will cast someone with a similar look. But in the interest of keeping our options open — families come in many forms! — we’re diversifying the pool a bit.

The intrepid reporter has previously been portrayed on screens both big and small by Margot Kidder (the 1970s/80s Superman films), Amy Adams (Man of Steel), Kate Bosworth (Superman Returns), Erica Durance (Smallville), Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Noel Neill and Phyllis Coates (1950s series Adventures of Superman). Dana Delany also famously voiced Lois in Superman: The Animated Series.

Browse our gallery of casting suggestions — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment with your Lois of choice below.

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