The Affair's Ruth Wilson: Alison's Death Was Not 'What I Hoped for Her'

The Affair

There’s been a new twist in the cryptic story surrounding Ruth Wilson‘s departure from The Affair.

In an interview with Vulture on Friday, Wilson said she had “no say” over how her character, Alison, would be written out of the Showtime drama — and the storyline that did play out was not on her wish list.

“No, I had no say over how the character’s arc was going to end, or how she would die and leave,” Wilson said. “I always hoped that she would… I always had the image that she would walk into the sunset with her son with no man. That’s what I hoped for her. But no.”

Alison was killed off in The Affair‘s Aug. 5 episode, seemingly via suicide, but it was revealed in the Aug. 12 installment that she had died at the hands of love interest Ben (played by Ramón Rodríguez). When the character’s death was initially revealed, series creator Sarah Treem had said that Wilson requested to be written out of the series.

But in an interview with CBS This Morning on Thursday, Wilson told co-anchor Gayle King that she is “not allowed to talk about why” she chose to leave the series. She also denied that her exit had anything to do with salary, insisting that she “never complained to Showtime about pay parity,” despite a previous interview in which she revealed she made less money than male co-star Dominic West.

Following Wilson’s cryptic comments, Showtime released a statement about Alison’s death, maintaining that it was “the most powerful creative decision” and that “everyone agreed the character’s story had run its course.”

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