Ruth Wilson: 'I'm Not Allowed to Talk About Why' I Left The Affair

Ruth Wilson declined to discuss her decision to exit Showtime’s The Affair during an interview Thursday on CBS This Morning, catching co-host Gayle King off guard when she said, bluntly, “I’m not allowed to talk about why [I left].” (UPDATE: Showtime responds.)

The moment was initially met silence from King, who then alluded to an interview Wilson did back in February, during which she revealed that she was paid less than male costar Dominic West. At the time, West spoke out in defense of Wilson, telling the UK’s Channel 4 that Wilson deserved to be paid more than him following her 2015 Golden Globe win for Lead Actress in a Drama. In response to King’s question, Wilson asserted that she “never complained to Showtime about pay parity.”

Wilson, who starred on The Affair since its launch in 2014, was written out in the Aug. 5 episode. Viewers were initially led to believe her character, Alison, committed suicide. But the Aug. 12 episode revealed that Alison was in fact killed by PTSD-addled love interest Ben (played by Ramon Rodriguez).

Following the Aug. 5 reveal, series creator Sarah Treem explained that it was Wilson’s choice to leave the show ahead of its fifth and final season.

Watch the interview below.

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