The X-Files' Langly Resurfaces in Ep Penned By Glen Morgan — Watch Video

“How do I say how I’m here without spoiling everything?” Dean Haglund asks in a newly released sneak peek at this week’s X-Files. It’s a fair question, given that his character Langly — one third of the conspiracy-happy trio The Lone Gunmen — is supposed to be dead.

But, as the blonde one points out, “Does anyone ever die in science fiction?”

The featurette offers only the barest intel about Wednesday’s episode, titled “This” (Fox, 8/7c). What we can glean: The believed-dead tech genius is somehow appearing to Mulder and Scully via cell phone, there’s danger involved in communicating with him (hence the appearance of a graveyard assassin), Skinner is still playing things coy, and even Langly himself isn’t sure if he’s alive or not.

“That’s the whole question of the episode, isn’t it?” Haglund jokes.

You’ll remember that Langly died alongside pals Frohike and Byers in the Season 9 episode, “Jump the Shark.” You’ll also remember that series creator Chris Carter told TVLine late last year that the straggly-haired hacker seen in Wednesday’s ep “may not be Langly… We’re not sure how he has manifested. We’re playing with that in a new and different way” than the series did with the Gunmen’s appearance in Mulder’s hallucination last season.

Press PLAY on the video above to judge for yourself, then hit the comments with your wildest conspiracies!

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