Grey's Anatomy Debate: Did DeLuca Get Shafted as Well as Beaten Up?

Based on the comments that always follow TVLine’s Grey’s Anatomy recaps, I am well aware that pretty much everyone loves Alex. And hey, I like him, too. But — and this is a big “but” — that doesn’t in the slightest make what happened to DeLuca OK. And to be clear, by “what happened to DeLuca,” I don’t mean his getting pummeled by Karev — although obviously that was pretty dreadful, too. I mean his being turned into a Grey Sloan pariah for having had the nerve to put his face in the way of Alex’s fist repeatedly.

Think about it. After the beating in Season 12’s finale, everyone rallied around either the attacker or non-fiancée Jo, whom he’d mistakenly believed Andrew was taking advantage of. DeLuca, on the other hand, was so ostracized at the hospital that, when Arizona got home to Seattle following a visit to New York, her roommate feared she was going to evict him. (She didn’t, but his concern certainly suggested that his return to work hadn’t been greeted with the ticker-tape parade that Karev’s is sure to get.)

greys anatomy season 13 alex deluca commentaryMind you, I’m not saying that I wanted to see Alex behind bars. There were extenuating circumstances to the assault, and countless patients would have suffered if Karev was relegated to making license plates. What I am saying is that, every step of the way, Andrew did the decent thing — from looking out for a drunken Jo that fateful night to ultimately threatening to tank his own case to protect her secret — and how was he rewarded? Every step of the way, he got shafted — by Karev, who threw more punches than he made apologies; by his peers, who circled the wagons not around him but around Alex; and even by Jo, who thanked him for dropping the charges by running straight to… Karev.

Here’s hoping Shonda Rhimes has something amazing in store for DeLuca — like, maybe him getting the girl in the end? — because, after the way he’s been treated, he’s gotta be looking at Grey Sloan as the most hostile of workplaces.

How would you make things right? Can they be made right? Hit the comments.

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