Quantico Boss Teases 'Surprising Reveals' Coming Re: Harry's History

Quantico Season 2 Spoilers Harry

Quantico‘s international man of mystery is about to become a little less mysterious.

Following the ABC drama’s return on Monday, Jan. 23 (10/9c), it will “dive deeply” into the backstory of Harry, the devastatingly charming MI-6 agent played by Russell Tovey, says showrunner Joshua Safran.

“After we came up with the Alex-and-Ryan spine for the season, we came up with the Harry story, way back in June,” Safran tells TVLine. “A lot happens with that storyline between now and the near future.”

The biggest question mark in the dashing Brit’s history is his relationship with Elliott, which has been alluded to, lied about and vaguely discussed, yet the circumstances surrounding the death of Harry’s significant other remain unclear. Viewers got some clues — or, depending on how you look at it, more questions — in the fall finale, when Harry spent the holidays with Elliott’s sister, Charlotte, and her family.

As we learned in the hour, Charlotte is also Harry’s handler. And from the conversation that Harry had with Charlotte’s husband, Pip, it seems like Elliott’s dad may not be the best person in the whole world.

Harry has used his current assignment at The Farm to avoid dealing with all of this, Safran notes, “and now Pip has really fired that mission up again. So the question is: Does he really want to look?” (We’re guessing the answer is yes, based on nothing more than Safran’s tease that he recently wrote a three-page monologue for Tovey. “He did it in one take!”)

The executive producer adds that many of your questions will be answered in the near future, including “what it means for Harry, how it impacts him, the present-day with Sebastian and with Alex, and the surprising reveals that he uncovers, which leads to the thesis of the show in my mind, which is: Nobody’s just one thing.”

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