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Gossip Girl Returns: Get the Story Behind Monet's 'Satisfying,' Overdue Power Grab in Season 2 Premiere

Monet de Haan’s ascension to power has been one of Gossip Girl‘s more frustrating slow burns, but the fandom’s collective patience is finally rewarded in the show’s second season premiere, which ends with a fiery declaration of war. READ MORE & GRADE IT

Post Mortems

Gossip Girl Boss Talks Directing Chaotic Thanksgiving Episode, Including Those 'Dark and Disturbing' Revelations

Gossip Girl welcomed us back on Thursday with a Thanksgiving tour de farce, gathering all of GG’s besties under one roof for an evening of confrontations, confessions and candied yams. READ MORE & GRADE THE PREMIERE

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Gossip Girl EP Explains Why the Reboot Isn't Keeping 'Her' Identity a Secret

Spotted in this article: spoilers from the series premiere of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, as well as from the original CW series’ finale. Proceed with caution.

Part of the fun of The CW’s Gossip Girl (2007–2012) was theorizing about the face behind the titular tattler, regardless of how you feel about that polarizing reveal in the series finale. READ MORE & WATCH VIDEO