Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 9

Game of Thrones Recap: Lord and Bastard, Plus: The Death Tally Rises

Need to catch up? Check out last week’s Game of Thrones recap for Season 6, Episode 8 “No One,” here.  

What a royal bastard!

And thankfully, that insult is the closest Ramsay Bolton will ever get to any kind of actual title, given that Jon Snow & Co. not only retake Winterfell in this week’s Game of Thrones, they also see to it that Ramsay won’t hurt anyone. Ever again. Woof.

Read on as we review what happens in “Battle of the Bastards.”

HOUSE TARGARYEN | The assault on Meereen continues, and a flaming cannonball’s eye view of how badly it’s all going ushers us into the hour. “Despite appearances, I think you’ll find the city’s on the rise,” Tyrion nervously tells Daenerys. You’ll have to forgive the Mother of Dragons if she can’t hear you over the blasts shaking her palace, Lannister. Still, Dany isn’t worried; she’s planning to kill ’em all and let The Seven sort it out. Tyrion likens her plan — to destroy the masters’ cities — to the Mad King’s stashing of wildfire underneath King’s Landing back in the day (more credence for that Cersei-wildfire theory?) and suggests they try diplomacy first.

So Daenerys meets with the representatives of the attacking cities and they patronize her, telling her, “Your reign is over.” She side-eyes them in a way that only someone with a freaking dragon at her command can and calmly replies, “My reign has just begun.” Then the great winged beast arrives, nuzzles his momma like a good little mythical creature and carries her off on his back. Then, his siblings break their way out of their dungeon and join them. And THEN, khaleesi’s Dothraki army ride in and start cutting off the heads of Sons of the Harpy fighters. All that’s left, really, is for Ms. Stormborn to say “Dracarys” into her dragon’s ear, giving her pets the signal to destroy a good part of the attacking fleet.

Back at the site of the formerly diplomatic meeting, Tyrion notes that the masters reneged on their pact with Daenerys’ people, and so Grey Worm kills two of them and Lannister informs the Ismael that’s left to tell the story of “what happened when Daenerys Stormborn and her dragons came to Meereen.” And we’re not even 10 minutes into the episode, guys!

Later, the Greyjoy siblings stand before Daenerys and Tyrion, who remembers what a jerk he was when he was a younger man at Winterfell. They make their case: They’ll lend their ships to the Targaryen cause if Daenerys supports Yara’s play for her own throne. “Has the Iron Islands ever had a queen before?” Daenerys asks. “No more than Westeros,” Theon’s sister shoots back. (Side note: I very much enjoy the sassy way these two interact in this scene. No, not “interact.” Straight-up flirt.) As part of the deal, Dany demands that the Ironborn will no longer rove, reap, rape and a few other distasteful verbs beginning in R. “No more,” Yara agrees after a moment, and the two women clasp forearms. Oh, I like this lady takeover a LOT.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 9 HOUSE STARK-AND-SNOW: NIGHT-BEFORE-BATTLE EDITION | Jon and Sansa meet Ramsay on a field, where Bolton addresses the redhead as “my beloved wife” and I throw up in my mouth a little. Oh, and calling himself a “man of mercy,” Ramsay demands that Jon kneel before him. Jon’s counter offer: a one-on-one fight between the two of them, rather than having all of their men battle and possibly die. Ramsay’s all, “You’re a better swordsman than I am, but I have a bigger army, so… nope.”

There’s a bit about Ramsay threatening Rickon, who is still in his custody, but Sansa won’t bite. “You’re going to die tomorrow, Lord Bolton. Sleep well,” she says coldly, riding away. “In the morning then, bastard,” Ramsay addresses Jon, who now looks like he could use a Tums.

Back at Stark Army Central, Davos and Jon discuss that Ramsay’s men likely aren’t loyal — but Tormund says it won’t matter, because they’ve got horses, and armed men on horseback are really, really lethal. The basic plan: Surround Ramsay on three sides with a pincer move. With that decided, they all retire to rest — except Jon and his sister, who makes the pretty good case that she knows the enemy better than any of the men. “If you think he’s going to fall into your trap, he won’t. He’s the one who lays traps,” she says. “I’ve fought beyond The Wall against worse than Ramsay Bolton. I’ve defended The Wall from worse than Ramsay Bolton,” he says, a little frustrated, then asks how she wants to get Rickon back. I’m taken aback by the matter-of-fact way that Sansa says they won’t get their brother back, because as the only living true-born son of Ned Stark, the boy is a greater threat to Ramsay than even Jon. “If Ramsay wins, I’m not going back there alive. Do you understand me?” she vows. And when Jon pledges to protect her, Sansa utters the most Game of Thrones-iest thing I’ve ever heard her say: “No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone.”

Jon then visits Melisandre for advice. “Don’t lose,” she says drily. “If I do, if I fall, don’t bring me back,” he says — and she says no! “I serve the Lord of Light. I do what he commands,” she reasons. “If the Lord didn’t want me to bring you back, how did I bring you back? I have no power, only what he gives me, and he gave me you.” But she’s not happy about it; I’d call her mood somewhere between “melancholy” and “fatalistic.”

Meanwhile, while Davos is walking to deal with his pre-fight nerves, he comes across the place where someone was clearly burned at the stake — and finds the carved wooden stag he made for Shireen there. Oh nooooooo.

HOUSE STARK-AND-SNOW: IT’S-ON EDITION | The morning of the big fight, Jon and his men are greeted with several flayed and burning Bolton victims lit like ghastly luminaries. Ramsay marches Rickon out onto the field and raises his knife… then cuts the Stark kid loose and tells him to run toward Jon. Then Bolton notches an arrow into his bow and takes aim at the moving target. God, I hate this guy SO MUCH. Jon completely ignores all of Sansa’s advice, instead jumping on his horse and riding at a full gallop to save his brother. And just before Snow reaches him, an arrow gets Rickon through the chest and he dies.

Game of Thrones Recap Season 6 Episode 9“Don’t,” Tormund whispers, way too far away for Jon to hear. But it doesn’t matter, because Jon is already charging the Bolton army, and Davos gets the rest of their side following him a moment later. (Side note before I’m too sad and/or happy over the episode’s outcome to remember to say it: This battle looks insane! So beautifully shot.) When arrows take down Jon’s horse, he winds up standing before the advancing enemy horde with nothing but his sword to protect him. And at the moment that it seems like Snow will go down, his backup arrives.

If ever I doubted that the Lord of Light or The Seven or whoever is up there has taken a shine to our boy Jon, the fact that he evades near-certain death several times each minute of this battle (falling horses! volleys of arrows! swinging axes!) makes that bloody clear. But then the Bolton soldiers completely surround Jon and his men, forming a wall with their shields and advancing with pointy killing things every few seconds. It’s like the trash compactor scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, with way less banter and way more blood.

At one point, Jon gets knocked to the ground and fights to breathe as the battling horde tramples him. (Side note: So. Much. Hand-held. Camera work. Must. Not. Puke.) But he fights his way to clear air just in time a) for Tormund to incur a really bad wound, and b) to hear the horn of an approaching army: It’s Littlefinger and his men, who’ve arrived at Sansa’s request. They ride into the scene like hungry ants on a piece of dropped watermelon, but Jon’s too busy sprinting after a retreating Ramsay to care.

Poor Wun-Wun the giant makes himself into a pincushion, so many Bolton arrows does he take, but he beats down the door of Winterfell and allows Jon and the rest to enter the gates before he dies. (Of course it was Ramsay’s own arrow that finally takes the giant out.)

And so it comes down to exactly what Jon suggested in the first place: Him and Ramsay going at it, one-on-one, in the Winterfell courtyard. Jon beats Sansa’s husband into a bloody paste while she watches; and we’re happy about this, right? Because no one seems happy, least of all Sansa, who visits Ramsay in the cell where he’s being kept. “You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now,” he mocks, but she steadfastly reminds him that everything about him will disappear, starting when one of he hungry canines he bragged about not feeding for a week approaches him like he’s wearing Eau du Milkbone. It licks. It sniffs. AND THEN THE DOG EATS HIS FACE. Too much, Game of Thrones. Literally, too doggone much.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. knd says:

    YES!!!! Sansa FTW!

  2. Phoenix5634 says:

    Wun Wun :( god damn Ramsay, can’t hate that guy enough.

  3. Sarah says:

    Best episode ever.

  4. AngelWasHere says:

    OMG that was EPIC!!! I couldn’t breathe and then I couldn’t stop screaming in delight! Best episode of the season!

    • Al says:

      I agree was a little disappointed till tonight but they delivered. Was 2 of the coolest battles I’ve seen. A fitting and satisfying end to one of the greatest and most hated villains in movie history.

    • Lala says:

      My viewing party and I were silent and out of breathe the whole entire time…that’s what you call riveting TV.

  5. JA903 says:

    Yes!!! Ding-dong, Ramsay is DEAD!!!

  6. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    HOLY SH*******T!!!!!# That was a hell of a battle…..Yasss Ramsay is DEAD bye! Kahlessi’s Meeren battle was awesome still a badass love her! Sansa got her revenge…..poor Rickon RIP baby Stark brother. Best episode ever.

  7. Ian says:

    Sorry, but the writing sucks. It was always going to be impossible for Ramsay’s death to be truly satisfying, so all his cruelty still leaves the worst taste in my mouth.
    The Masters KNEW Dany has dragons, and attacked anyway. And not only did Jon go into battle WITH NO SECRET WAR STRATEGY THAT WOULD BLOW OUR MINDS (he was just charging in suicidally), but the big save was just more reinforcements. Ugh.
    R.I.P. One-One.

    • Joey says:

      I’m glad I’m not the only one where sitting around saying how the writing sucks. People usually just accuse me of being a book snob, but I can understand deviations from the source material. What I can’t understand, however, is making deviations from the source material that make no sense in the context of the story.

      • Jordan Strummer says:

        Life must be fun for the two of you

        • Ian says:

          Because we’re not idiots that can blindly enjoy crap writing because of big action sequences? Life is plenty fun for me, thanks.

          • Al says:

            I actually like the writing better than most out there. TWD is a prime example. That being said was really dissatisfied with the writing till tonight. You can never give a villain like Ramsey a satisfying death but I feel they did the best possible to him.

          • Jon says:

            Yeah… you will probably write it better, right? So, why are you at your homes posting at your PCs? The episode was the best ever at GOT!!!!

          • Just a GoT Loving Idiot says:

            So the only way you can enjoy the show is by being an idiot?

            First off, the Masters thought her dragons were locked up. They literally said that in the episode. That’s why they attacked. Also they’re arrogant and thought themselves better because they’re slavers and men. So it’s not a surprise that they attacked. Not if you pay attention to any episode of the show. Ever.

            Second, it was also mentioned in this same episode that Jon was going to be emotional. He was going to fall into Ramsey’s trap because he was going to let Rickon be a weakness for him. It’s not a surprise that he had no plan. He very clearly was going to charge into battle because he doesn’t really get why he’s still alive. He doesn’t believe in this whole destiny thing that Melisandre is pushing. He just knows he was dead and now he’s not. And he’s not okay.

            And third, we knew the reinforcements were coming. We knew Sansa sent that raven out to someone. Most people assumed it was Littlefinger. So of course they were going to show up and save them.

            And final, it’s Wun Wun not One-One

          • It’s three, actually. I must admit I actually was laughing hysterically for most of the episode, as it felt 85 % extremely predictable, and Ramsay’s death seemed to be more fan service than anything else. Don’t get me wrong, of course he had to die – but he should have died being beheaded by Jon or something of that sort, following the whole “Who passes the sentence should swing the sword” and everything the Starks have been standing for in the North. Randomly feeding him to his own hounds seems extremely out of character, even after the whole Rickon and Wun Wun stuff. It would even have made more sense for Sansa to get him down there by hserself (well, ordering it, of course), as of course they do not stand a chance to give him a trial and sentence him to death – marital rape does not exist in Westeros as a concept of crime, and neither does killing hostages during times of war, for all I know. I honestly can’t think that Jon would deliberately do that to anyone, however. As for the rest – I guess I am mostly annoyed by the fact that well, in the end, everything actually was as it seems. The Umbers were actually jerks. Jon actually had no battle plan. Littlefinger actually showed up as the knight in shining armor. -shrugs- Very boring.

          • Lala says:

            Step aside pissy book-readers whilst the rest of us enjoy…nothing was ever going to be good enough for book for you…. because ohh Ramsay’s still alive in the book, ohh this is not where Sansa is in the books ohhh Bla bla bla…step aside and wait for GRR to finish his next book whenever that will be. Well done to Dan & Dave…this was incredible.

          • Mollymoo says:

            I don’t know. I would think a non-idiot, super fan would at least get the character’s name right before lamenting his demise. It’s “Wun-Wun” makes me think you just like being unhappy.

          • Meh Who says you are not idiots? You?

      • Ben says:

        I’m agree about the “arguable” writting… but i still was able to enjoy this episode ’cause it was AWESOOOOME!.

        Don’t get bitter people… ’cause remember… this is just the TV show… you still have the books!.

      • Lala says:

        Book readers need to remember that the primary audience for any show that’s derived from a book is not the book reader. Game of Thrones is not meant for book readers unless you are able to compartmentalize and see/ accept that the show what it is…which most book readers are not able to do anyway. You have to remember the average viewer does not know much about the extensive history surrounding this show.
        According to the average viewer who has never read the book all of this makes sense.

        • Mollymoo says:

          I really wish you’d stop generalizing about a large group of people – book readers in this case. Second, GoT writers would not have set out to create a show that is “not meant” for the reader, that would be beyond stupid. You create a series or film from a book in part because it has a built in audience. GRRM has a large reader base, not expecting them in your viewing audience would have been a bad move. And the fact is, D&B do. Martin granted them the rights to do this on HBO because he felt they’d be able to be the most faithful to the story in a way a feature film could not. And despite what some say they actually have for the most part. The issue now is that both viewers and viewing readers are in virgin territory. For *some* readers this isn’t sitting well. For others of us, we are enjoying what we have on screen and waiting to see how Martin intends it to play out himself. The important thing is the show is aware if GRRM’s major plot points and is sticking with them and all parties have said repeatedly that they will end up at the same place.

          • Lala says:

            Hear me…I said primary audience is not the Book reader. When creators make a show their first focus is that whatever is on screen needs to make sense to a person who has never read the book! Of course book readers can watch the show and will only enjoy it if they learn to compartmentalize and realize there’s no way the show is going to do the book justice…and just learn to enjoy the show for what it is. Here we have one of the best TV episodes probably in the history of television and you get book readers saying the writing doesn’t make sense because it does not link with the source material…which is probably true, I wouldn’t know. But what I know is everything that has happened on this show to this day has lined up and made sense to me a person who has not read a single page of the book series…and I’m pretty sure that’s what D & D intended!

      • T.M. says:

        I would assume they attack because the Masters saw that she wasn’t in the capital and ergo would think that they didn’t have the mother of dragons to contend with since she was missing. Without her there to control the dragons they saw their opportunity to take the city. Which should have been addressed in show. I have always felt that Sansa would be coming in with the troops from the Vale. Since in the Book she is still there. (Honestly I think the books will have Baelish dealt with before they arrive on the battlefield)

      • KCC says:

        I don’t know that you’re a book snob, but since you’ve read the books you are not viewing the show as it’s own story. As long as you view it as “deviations from the source material,” whether you accept those deviations or not, you are not looking at it with a fresh eye. You are comparing it to the books and seem to be expecting it to be the same story. People that have not read the books, do not see any deviations. To us it’s an original story. From that perspective it’s a very engaging and enjoyable story, IMO. People that have not read the books, while we can empathize with you, cannot see what you’re complaining about as far as storytelling goes. That doesn’t make anyone a “snob” or “idiot” (as Ian called people that are liking the show) just people with different perspectives.

      • Jim says:

        I can guarantee you Rickon won’t die in the books.

        • Mollymoo says:

          GRRM kills off characters with wild abandon. How can you guarantee Rickon survives in pages not yet written? The only thing Martin had said about his ultimate ending is that it will be “bittersweet.”

          • skyebright8 says:

            I think Rickon survives in the books because he has to inherit Winterfell and have the Stark name continue unless Bran has legitimate male heirs

      • Mollymoo says:

        Then why watch? I am a book reader. I am also a show watcher. I appreciate their sameness and their differences. I don’t judge one based on its mirror image (or lack thereof) to the other

      • Dmac says:

        And yet George Martin fully supports the deviations and will argue with anyone who suggests they don’t make sense. Of course he only writes the books so what does he know.

    • Karen MT says:

      But Dany wasn’t around, and no one knew when she’d be back. So they figured they’d attack while she was gone and two of the dragons were still tied up, or so they thought. Bad news for them that she got back when she did.

    • lfire1 says:

      The Masters thought Dany was gone (as she was when they were there and even as they began their siege), and her dragons were chained up under the city. So there was absolutely nothing wrong with the writing, that was, in their view the opportune time to attack…just as Missandei and Grey Worm had warned Tyrion.

      As for Jon…seriously what did you expect? The only thing that disappointed you was your own overblown expectations of Jon, not the writing.

      Jon is NOT a proven general, and even his sister could see what was going to happen with the force they had, and he refused to listen to her. The battle at the Wall was commanded by Ser Alliser, and finished by Stannis…and Hardhome was an epic disaster. There is a difference between a man men will follow and a strategist, and Jon has a lot to learn. It was Sansa’s strategy that paid off. So again…that was solid writing.

    • Ws says:

      Jon has never been much of a strategist. Sansa should have told him the reinforcements were coming… but i thought the writing was good.

      • lfire1 says:

        I think not telling him was actually part of her strategy. Jon isn’t a strategist and to be fair neither is Davos really. By not telling him and Davos, it meant that they didn’t factor them into their plans, as they would have done. They absolutely would have waited for the Vale forces to arrive. Which would have allowed Ramsay to find some way to counter it. For instance by holing up inside Winterfell (which would not have been so easily taken by a Giant with an entire army inside of it).

        As it was the Vale Knights arrival was a complete surprise and therefore not something that Ramsay had prepared for. And ultimately it was the winning move. It comes down to Sansa knowing Ramsay and knowing what was needed to beat him. You can’t lay a trap for something you don’t see coming.

      • J.C. says:

        Jon Snow, like Ned Stark, was never intended to be a Lord or head of a house. They both were taught to be soldiers and knights, but they were not trained originally to be strategists. Cersie observed Ned’s weakness in his lack of training to be a lord as his older brother had been in the first season. True, the Lord Commander of the Watch started training Jon to be his successor, but he died too early to train Jon completely So Jon is basically learning .”on the job” with lots of easily anticipated mistakes.

        • lfire1 says:

          Exactly, J.C. There’s been FAR too much expectation placed on the characters of both Jon and Dany…the former as a warrior general, the latter as a ruler. The ability to get people to unite and follow them is something they both have in common, but that not the same as being a general or a ruler. Both are skills that have to be learned…both rely on you listening to the right people….and both unfortunately generally involve people getting killed when you make mistakes.

          Jon was not ready to lead this army, the Knight’s Watch are a guard, not an army, they don’t train in the kind of battle formation that you saw the Bolton’s deploy. And unfortunately he didn’t follow rule one of any battle, “Know your enemy”…and failed to rely on the advice of the one person who did. Instead he listened to Davos, who wasn’t even there when Stannis went to battle with the Boltons.

          Lessons learned hopefully.

        • Mollymoo says:

          Nailed it! Plus, many forget that the characters personalities and such are rooted in their book counterparts. While show Jon is a young adult with some degree of life experience, book Jon was a young teenager at the start. You are really talking about a equivalent of a high school kid heading into war against a psychopath. And his most trusted advisors are a guy with no experience in “modern warfare” and another who was, until very recently, an illiterate smuggler from flea bottom who had no formal training as a knight.

      • JamesCS says:

        They had sort of a strategy (do not charge), but after Rickon’s dead, Jon was led by his emotions. This was a trap set up by Ramsay. You can say whatever you want about Ramsay, but he does now his enemies. He reads them and uses their weaknesses against them. (Already did that with Theon in the beginning while he was posing as Reek). He made sure Jon wouldn’t stick to his plans and would handle out of emotion. As for Sansa, she learned from her stay with Ramsay and used his own hybris against him. He would never have suspected the Vale to come to the rescue, that’s why she didn’t tell anyone, because if the word got out, Ramsay would have had a plan to stop this.

      • Walkie says:

        Maybe it’s possible that she wasn’t sure the reinforcements were coming? Littlefinger isn’t the most trustworthy fella.

        Think outside the box folks.

    • HQ says:

      You’re upset because they wrote Jon Snow to behave exactly like Jon Snow? He doesn’t think with his head, he thinks with his heart. That is the beauty of the character, love him or hate him. Sansa knew he was underestimating Ramsay(because what sane person would realize how horrible he was) so she was the one with the secret strategy. If you were never going to be satisfied with Ramsay’s death then you can’t really complain. He got his face chewed off, I thought it was extremely fitting.

      The only complaint could be that the plot was predictable. However, I like to think of it like a roller coaster ride. Just because you can see the twists and turns coming, doesn’t make it any less thrilling or exciting if you just sit back and enjoy the ride!

    • KCC says:

      I find you comments regarding this episode of GoT to be lacking in insight and understanding of the basics of storytelling, character motivation and foreshadowing. In words you’ll understand: it sucked. What’s the point of spending years developing characters and situations if you suddenly spring a “SECRET WAR STRATEGY THAT WOULD BLOW OUR MINDS”? That would be cheap and very dissatisfying. What’s the point of Dany having dragons if she never has to use them? The Masters were shown to be arrogant, elitist and overconfident, just the sort to do something foolish. Having the “cavalry” save the day is one of the oldest tropes in the movies for a reason, if done right it’s exciting to see. In this case they did it right.

  8. Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

    That is how you live up to the hype! What an excellent episode, so satisfying and sets up the finale spectacularly. I can’t wait for the Davos/Melisandre face off…

    • lfire1 says:

      Agreed…for me that may even be more satisfying than seeing Ramsay go down. I’m sure Brienne will only be too happy to assist if she gets back in time.

  9. peterwdawson says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer bastard.

  10. snazzyo says:

    Sansa Stark takes a level in BadAss. She going to join Dany, Yara, Arya and form the new realm.

    • Dawn says:

      Wow! Maybe with Margery as well… Women of Westeros???

      • Al says:

        You realize Margery is evil, right?

        • Seelia says:

          I don’t think Margery is evil. She just wants to be Queen really bad. She’s never killed anyone or ordered anyone to die.. It was her grandmother and Little Finger who killed Joffrey.

        • Molly says:

          Disagree. How’s Margery really evil? So she lies and has a hell of a pokerface but she hasn’t done anything that bad…yet

          • Al says:

            Yet is the key. She is a manipulator. A mirror image just a younger more inexperienced version of Cersie I believe she had a part in Jeffrey’s death to control the more naive younger brother

          • T.M. says:

            Except Margaery isn’t as cruel as Cersei. Every one of her movies is extremely calculated which is why she remains the best player in the game. Cersei acts impulsively while Marg has her eyes on the long con. I don’t think it makes her “evil” just an opportunist. The Tyrells are notorious for being pragmatic and hitching their house to the winning team. When Daenerys touches down in Westeros I’m interested to see how the Tyrells react.

          • JamesCS says:

            If Dany comes to Westeros, the Tyrells are propably done. Dany said that the houses could ask for their independence. But the only house that even stands a change of getting some good news are the Martells, the only house that supported the Targaryens till the end. Margaery plays a good game, she is indeed way more calculated than Cersei (a fact that only Cersei sees apparently), but I think she is blinded about the stuff happening outside of King’s Landing (just as most people in King’s Landing)

    • Chris Coburn says:

      Well, Dany could always use a Queensguard. Yara and Arya could serve as two. Brienne as the third. I can’t see Sansa being an active member, but possibly some behind the scenes manipulations with Tyrion. And the three dragons could also serve in three of the positions, leaving one more slot open. As Dawn says below, possibly Margaery, but I can’t really picture her being so close to the throne and accepting a drop in status. Plus, I can’t find out what religion the Tyrells believe in. Maybe the last human in the Queensguard could be Melisandre of Asshai.

      That would give Dany a Queensguard consisting of a follower of the Faith of the Seven, Brienne, one of the Drowned God, Yara, one of the Lord of the Light, Melisandre, and on of the Old Gods, Arya. Even if Arya is never actually seen worshipping the Old Gods.

      • T.M. says:

        Sansa would be an advisor and warden in the north. And yeah.. Mel is not getting out of the next episode alive. Onion Knight gonna kill a bitch.

  11. Bryan says:

    I heard the jaw part is tasty. AT least in salmon heads.

  12. Kevin K says:

    Best episode this season. Ramsay truly deserves to get killed in a very bloody way.

  13. Jason says:

    You know Yara wants to hit that. Which would be awesome by the way.

  14. Mollymoo says:

    Karma. Sansa. Same thing. Loved Ramsey’s demise do much I forgot about Meeren. And Meeren was good!

  15. katedfw says:

    Poetic justice for Ramsey! Remind me to overfeed my pets tonight!

  16. JP says:

    Hands down best episode over… Now if Sansa can figure out Littlefinger is playing her… Sophie Turner and Kit Harrington earned their Emmys this episode

    • lfire1 says:

      By her reluctance to call on him, I figure Sansa has to know that in calling on Littlefinger there’ll be repercussions. And will have prepped for it. I also think she’s figured out that she is his weakness…and I full expect her to be playing him.

      • Mollymoo says:

        I agree. Sansa, for her spoiled, clueless, mean-girl start in this, has become a champion game player. She’s learned from some of the Masters – Cersei, Marg, Lady Ollena, Tryion, Baelish… She’s had to survive without Arya’s swords kill and without dragons and without family support. I think at the end of it, she can out play, outwit, out last Littlefinger, Varys and any other game player. She knows what Petyr is up to and she’s going to make it work for her.

  17. Sir Wallace says:

    Sansa put Ramsey in the dog house. Bad, mad dog! sit!

  18. John says:

    The best GOT’s episode ever!!!! Satisfyingly fantastic!

  19. Robin-Anne says:

    It’s a WOMAN’S world now. 3 strong women in control of their emotions and their armies!

  20. Al says:

    What an awesome battle. Fighting on top of hills of dead bodies. Ramsey Bolton will always be known as one of the greatest villains in movie history. Villains make the story and game of thrones lost the last. R.I.P. Ramsey Snow.

  21. Lore says:


    Sansa smiling when the dogs were eating Ramsay!!
    The dragons!
    Yara! and Dany!!

    Wun Wun die like Boromir in the LOTR whom we know was Ned Stark
    I still think this fight scenes have a similar tone that the ones in LOTR, Blackwater was just like Rohan!

  22. Jimmy says:

    A fitting end to Ramsay Bolton. Is it terrible that I could have cared less that Rickon got killed?

  23. Kay says:

    When those stark banners were hung too bittersweet.

  24. Taunya says:

    Loved this episode. Glad to see Ramsey Bolton turned to dog food.

  25. Debbye Pinnell says:

    Awesome episode. A fitting end to Ramsay.

  26. DianeP says:

    “… I’m part of you now” mocks Ramsey . So, is Sansa pregnant? When is the last time we ‘ve seen her without hiding under those heavy fur coats?

  27. Donna R Copeland says:

    I normally don’t like prolonged battle scenes, but as they go, this one was good. My greatest satisfactions were seeing the women stepping up and bloody Ramsey finally getting his due. I don’t remember ever feeling so much satisfaction from violence, but I was literally cheering this one.

  28. Angez says:

    This episode was just sooooo awesome!! The women in this series are are too fierce!!

  29. Csr says:


  30. Karen MT says:

    I was thinking they needed those dragons at Winterfell. I kept hoping/expecting Sansa would come up behind Ramsey and kill him during the battle. But the final scene was oh so fitting.

  31. Ws says:

    Where was Ghost during all this?

  32. Lar Gand says:

    That was absolutely phenomenal. .I think we were all waiting to see Ramsey get his more than we were for Joffry…that being I said. .I sure as heck thought Jon was done for..several times..beautifully choreographed battle scene. .I was however waiting for the deus ex just didn’t happen when I expected. Great episode!

  33. L Harper says:

    Where was Ghost?

  34. 777 says:

    Amazing episode. And i’m really glad i wasn’t the only one noticing the flirting between Yara and Dany.

  35. Derek says:

    For those not satisfied with how Ramsey died, understand the mental moments for him. First off, Jon straight beat him down. It wasn’t even a fight. He’s shooting at him with arrows, always the cheap fighter and Jon never breaks stride. I mean, he was physically humiliated.

    Then, mental torture he puts on people and dogs. To have Sansa stand there and watch while his brain washed animals turn on him… He was afraid. He tried to stop them. He was finally helpless.

    So besides Theon getting weeks alone with him, I think this was the best possible death for him based upon his crimes.

  36. Lala says:

    THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE EVER….I experienced every emotion possible at some point during this episode. Was at the edge of my seat until the very last second…GOD DAMN!! This is how TV should be…

  37. Seelia says:

    I was watching it on my phone and when Rickon was running from Ramsey I just knew he wasn’t going to make it. When the arrow went through him, my phone was across the backyard before I realized that it left my hand. Poor kid, everyone in his family abandoned him and then he just dies like he never really lived…so sad.

    But that ending was sooooo satisfying!

  38. Steve F. says:

    I only have one thing to say about this…


  39. Some heroes don’t hold doors ,some just open them :)

  40. first i was like where is Wun Wun telephone pole on fire that would of been handy to break that shield wall .in the end he got himself a shield but too late .i was screaming we need a red women!

  41. MadAt says:

    If I were Jon, I’d be pretty hacked off that Sansa didn’t tell me that she had an extra army at her command.

  42. MadAtGame says:

    If I were Jon, I’d be pretty hacked off that Sansa didn’t tell me that she has an extra army at her command. He better hold her to account for that or he becomes the most useless character.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Her call for the Vale is how Jon survived. She should take him to task for not waiting and listening to her advice.

    • Lala says:

      The problem is they were both not listening to each other. Jon underestimated Sansa’s knowledge of Ramsay and her strategies and it also didn’t help that Sansa was very condescending in the way she tried to bring her points across. But I hope they have learnt from this and will learn to work together.

    • lfire1 says:

      Hold her to account for what? For not wanting to bring in Littlefinger initially because she (like Ramsay) knows what he is capable of? That he would and (will) try to twist the outcome to his own ends? OR…for finally calling on him only when Jon wouldn’t listen to her about what he was insisting on doing.

      Jon isn’t remotely capable of outmaneuvering Littlefinger, and my bet is Sansa isn’t overly confident either, hence her reluctance to deal with him (along with you know, the whole handing her over to Ramsay in the first place thing).

      Jon needs to accept his own actions and that everything Sansa told him about the size of the force, about Ramsay himself, was correct, he just failed to acknowledge it.

  43. Ronnie cast says:

    This episode gave me severe anxiety!!! It was a bit anti-climatic for me and a bit bittersweet. But I’m so glad Ramsey is dead as is Littlejohn (?). I loved how Tourmond killed him! I was annoyed that Rickon didn’t serpentine and he died so easily. And I’m glad the Starks FINALLY have Winterfell back and can start preparing for the real battle.

  44. RIKON WHO i was much sadder when they killed shaggy dog and summer BEST EPISODE EVER IT WAS ALA LOTR TWO TOWERS GANDOLF THE WHITE=LITTLE FINGER LOL


  46. DarkDefender says:

    Sansa is becoming the Tyrion of the Stark family. Perhaps Arya will be the Jamie of the bunch – dare I say a new King Slayer? I hate to think what Littlefinger wants in return for getting the Valearmy involved. I hope Sansa just kills him and gets it over with.
    I’m all for the Lady Power brewing over in Meereen… But the star of that battle were the dragons. Danearys the Conqueror, indeed!
    For a moment, I thought Jon was going to be trampled to death (Glen under a dumpster, style)… Then I hoped he would wart into The giant. To kick butt.
    As for Ramsey, it’s dog eat dog, yo. Glad he’s gone!
    Davos, I think, will kill the red woman to avenge Shireen’s death.. Now that he confirms what happened was true. I’m not sure how I’d like her to go.. Maybe just take away her necklace and let her be her true self in the end of her days. But I’m pretty sure Davos will take her out.

  47. psicomenace says:

    WoW, I saw exactly this plot leaked, as very detailed summaries on 4chan, if I remember correctly, the last week on sunday night and everybody dismissed these spoilers as fakes because they considered the writers could not be so bad in his work, personally I liked the chapter, there were spoilers for the next chapter too but I can not for my life remember what they said (I will try to look for them in the desustorage but there are just too many threads of GoT in 4ch)…

  48. George H. says:

    Loving the new badass version of Sansa… and that smirk as she walked away as the hounds were feasting was awesome.

  49. Tahoe Mike says:

    Couldn’t help laughing at Ramsay’s’ Hannibal Lechter impression, “Heloo Sansa”
    Now at last, we know…. “Who, who; Who Let The Dogs Out?”