Was Castle Reveal Random? Did Flash Telegraph Death? Was POI Sex Good for You? Ballsy Outlander? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Castle, Empire, Grey’s Anatomy and Legends of Tomorrow!

1 | As fun and Batgirl-y it was to see Hawaii Five-0‘s Abby motorcycle to Grover’s rescue, gun a-blazing, did we ever learn how she escaped Shioma’s gunman?Once Upon A Time

2 | Admit it, Outlander fans: Wasn’t Jamie’s gruesome, duel-ending strike on Black Jack Randall kinda satisfying?

3 | Didn’t it look as if Once Upon a Time’s captured heroes could have at least tried to squeeze between the bars of their cage?

4 | In the Quantico finale, how was Liam able to hear Alex talking to him while she was roving the dorm?

5 | Suppose you’re a zombie — would you rather be held in Hershel’s old barn on The Walking Dead or Celia’s cellar on Fear the Walking Dead? Also, did we blink and miss the moment when Chris went from troubled screw-up to dangerous psycho?

6 | Does Pat’s Last Man on Earth return indicate he got to Tucson after Phil left and forced Mike to tell him where the rest of the survivors were residing? Was Mike purposely left alive to leave the door open for future appearances by Jason Sudeikis? And who spied this Mad Men homage during the finale?

Mad Men Last Man on Earth

7 | Was Mike & Molly’s adoption-followed-by-a-pregnancy conclusion all too similar to the finales of former CBS sitcoms The King of Queens and Rules of Engagement?

8 | Could Person of Interest‘s Monday-night sex scene afforded to have been, say, 10 percent less rough, or was it exactly as some of you — as well as, apparently, Shaw! — imagined?

9 | On Dancing With the Stars, didn’t you find Tom Bergeron’s comment about Ginger Zee “shrinking down” a but inappropriate, given her battle with anorexia — which he knew would later come up in one of her video packages?

10 | Did Castle’s choice for the LokSat reveal pretty much scream, “Hey, we thought an existing, albeit random character would make this sorta interesting”? And for those puzzled by the series-ending coda: As TVLine reader Patti put it, “What dream states ‘7 Years Later’?”

11 | Nothing against RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Cynthia Lee Fontaine, but how did Chi Chi Devayne’s Southern charm not win her Miss Congeniality in the finale?

Chicago Med12 | On a scale of Ringer-boat-scene bad to Grey’s Anatomy-rooftop-helicopter horrible, where does C‎hicago Med‘s CGI’d trip to Hawaii rank?

13 | On Chicago Fire, how creeped out were you by Grant just sitting there and listening while Severide and Kidd had sex in the next room?

14 | Did The Flash too heavily telegraph Henry’s death? Also, considering that time was of the essence and speedster Barry is neither a costumer nor a makeup artist, how did Cisco and Caitlin so quickly and precisely transform into their doppelgängers?

15 | Had Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. not really established the sort of Epic Love between Daisy and Lincoln that would have merited such a teary goodbye speech? With that said, let’s play casting director with the fallen eye candy: Which shows should snap up Luke Mitchell and Brett Dalton? (Is the DC/Berlantiverse off limits now that Mitchell has been on a Marvel series?)

16 | Is there any recurring character we want to see as part of the Good Wife spinoff cast more than Carrie Preston’s Elsbeth?Supernatural

17 | Did your ears do a double-take when Arrow’s Diggle mentioned Mount Weather — before you realized he wasn’t referring to The 100?

18 | Do you think Supernatural‘s Amara at least occasionally dry cleans the black dress she’s been wearing all season?

19 | Given all of their problems through the years, how was this Wednesday’s Nashville only the first time that Rayna and Deacon went to couples’ counseling? And isn’t it hard to believe that Avery, a consummate professional, would check text messages on stage while performing with Layla at The Bluebird?

20 | Given Empire‘s history of twists, wasn’t it surprising that Anika actually was Rhonda’s assailant?Orphan Black

21 | Has Orphan Black‘s Krystal replaced Alison as the show’s funniest clone?

22 | It made sense for Owen’s mother to attend his wedding, but did Grey’s Anatomy really bring in Debra Mooney to say just one line? And as traumatic as Jo’s past is, is anyone buying that she’d sooner see Alex in agony than confide in the man she loves and trusts more than anyone?

23 | Did The Blacklist make Liz’s return a bit anticlimactic by waiting until the season finale to reveal it?

24 | As Legends of Tomorrow’s Sara mourned her sister, we couldn’t help but wonder: Just how many times will Laurel’s grave move?

Arrow Legends of Tomorrow

25 | Was Bones‘ acapella group episode a couple seasons too late? (Like, how did the show not attempt one during Glee‘s run?!)

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!