Did Liars Cheat Too Much? Could Castle Save ABC Tuesday? Is The Underworld Not Hot as Hell? And More TV Qs

Pretty Little Liars

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Scorpion, Pretty Little Liars, Nashville and How to Get Away With Murder!

1 | On Hawaii Five-0, is Ingo Rademacher not quite Ingo Rademacher without his Aussie accent?Grimm

2 | How hard did you laugh when Grimm unveiled its Renard campaign poster… and it was a carbon copy of Obama’s “Hope” ad?

3 | Are you impatient for Sleepy Hollow to get to the bottom of its “Who’s controlling Daniel/the FBI?” mystery? And isn’t Jenny still being a bit harsh about Joe’s actually-really-sweet gesture (aka buying her a new trailer) from weeks ago?

4 | How non-toasty is Once Upon a Time‘s Underworld that people are wearing knit caps and we can see their breath outside?

5 | Do you have even less confidence in Quantico‘s FBI after seeing the relative ease with which Natalie and Alex were able to smuggle a suicide belt into the bureau’s headquarters?

6 | Despite the buzz surrounding The Carmichael Show‘s Bill Cosby episode, was the installment that followed — about the death of Joe’s father and featuring a surprise cameo by Jeffersons vet Marla Gibbs — better overall?

7 | So… Girls newlyweds Desi and Marnie are doing an ambitious renovation on an apartment they’re renting?

8 | How many of you were so fascinated/frightened/saddened by Alicia Witt’s Paula on The Walking Dead that you were like, “Negan? Who needs ’im?”

9 | On Shameless, why can’t Fiona stop Debbie from moving out to live on a commune? Isn’t she still her guardian?Gotham

10 | How perfectly cast was Lori Petty as Gotham’s quirktastic Jeri? And with that mouth, was she intended as another Joker tease?

11 | When Cat is denouncing Supergirl, where does she think her conspicuously absent assistant Kara is during the important moment?

12 | Wouldn’t the Scorpion team have been more efficient to approach the blood supply terrorist with a plea deal, rather than try to figure out his “secret code”? And how did they not immediately get caught hijacking the government van, given how loudly their ladder was clanking on its roof?

13 | Bates Motel sleuths, do we think Emma’s mom Audrey is still among the living? And, if so, where do we think Norman is keeping her?

14 | Given the brilliance of Reba, Cher and this week’s Patti LaBelle as Voice guest mentors, should NBC consider adding a “Lady Legend of a Certain Age” to its panel the next time Xtina, Adam or Pharrell wants a season off?

15 | How many eagle-eared NCIS fans (a la TVLine reader Marguerite) noticed that Episode 300 ended with the same “Hallelujah” song used for the West Wing episode in which Mark Harmon’s character died?

16 | We’re glad the Pretty Little Liars finale reunited so many of the show’s original couples, but couldn’t those reunions have happened without so much cheating?

17 | As much as we love black-ish‘s Bow, who brings gazpacho to a basketball game?!

18 | Whose Nashville wedding-day drama was more outlandish: Deacon, who suddenly felt he would mess up his relationship Nashvillewith Rayna, or Maddie, who suddenly decided her dad was too emotionally volatile to marry her mom? And didn’t something look off about the single shot of Rayna during the ceremony?

19 | If Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’ Clara had just boasted of knowing “a few shortcuts” in Thailand, why were she and Jack following Matt to the local cop shop? (Meanwhile, could the original Criminal Minds‘ promo for next week have undercut the “Was Derek shot?!?!” tension any further?)

20 | Younger‘s Liza doesn’t have a passcode on her tablet?! Rookie mistake! And was that death-by-crane ending the craziest cliffhanger you’ve seen in some time, especially for a comedy?

21 | Given the ratings for Of Kings and Prophets, Wicked City, Forever, Mind Games, Killer Women and (whew!) Lucky 7, is it time for ABC to accept Tuesdays-at-10 as a dead zone for new shows and relocate a veteran (such as Castle, should it be renewed) come fall?

22 | Is there any chance whatsoever that American Idol mentor Scott Borchetta doesn’t immediately sign his personal fave — 15-year-old Tristan McIntosh — to his Big Machine label, despite her so-so sixth-place run?

Grey's Anatomy23 | Will Grey’s Anatomy next need a quintuplets storyline, and thus five fetal heart monitors, to continue obstructing pregnant Jessica Capshaw? And how long before Nathan becomes aware and possibly jealous of Meredith’s hot new side piece?

24 | Can Scandal quickly spin off the Sally Langton-hosted Liberty Report, to cover the real-world election for these last seven months? Also, did this week’s multi-framed climax give anyone else a case of 24 déjà vu?

25 | We understand How to Get Away With Murder‘s Sam insisting that Frank keep his betrayal of a grieving Annalise to himself — but why didn’t he at the time also demand that Frank give his notice, pack his belongings and never enter the Keating household again? And as great as Season 2 turned out to be, didn’t the super-hasty conclusion of the Hapstall case underscore that the Caleb/Catherine/Philip mystery was the weakest link in the storytelling chain?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other Qs you care to share!