Pretty Little Liars Season Finale Recap: [Spoiler]'s Twin Revealed

Pretty Little Liars Recap

The Pretty Little Liars were all set to catch their stalker on Tuesday’s season finale, but you know what they about the best laid plans. (Especially those concocted by Hanna.)

As promised, the episode — which very well could be the series’ last season finale ever — revealed that someone in Rosewood has a twin, and that person is… Mrs. DiLaurentis!

Here’s the deal: Twenty-five years ago, a Radley patient named Mary Drake gave birth to a child named Charles — yes, that Charles — who was eventually adopted by Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis. As it turns out, Mary was also Jessica’s twin sister, and she’s been working with Elliott (if that’s even his real name!) to take back control of the Carissimi Group.

To make matters worse, one of them — or someone else, considering you can trust literally no one in this town — is preparing to toss Hanna’s unconscious body off the bell tower. De-light-ful.

But this episode was about so much more than just Mary Drake’s (somewhat anticlimactic) reveal, so let’s break down the other main events, ‘ship by ‘ship:

‘EZRIA’ | In what was unquestionably Ian Harding’s best dramatic performance to date, a grief-stricken Ezra announced that he was finally beginning to accept Nicole’s death, prompting a full-on emotional meltdown; fortunately, Aria was there to lend a (holding) hand. But the couple’s big moment came later in the episode, when Aria’s boss called to say that she loved their chapters and that their book is going to be “huge.” Cue the congratulatory sex! I have to say, in the midst of all the madness tonight, the sight of Aria and Ezra heading to Pound Town was oddly comforting.

‘HALEB’ | And while we’re on the topic of reunited couples, let’s hear it for Hanna and Caleb, eh? As we showed you earlier this week, the hunt for the Liars’ stalker found “Haleb” squeezing into some tight quarters, and wouldn’t you know it, those old feelings came crawling back. While we’re sure Jordan wouldn’t be the biggest fan of Hanna’s story, she told Caleb that she tried to make things right with him after their big fight, but he’d already moved out by the time he got to their apartment. (Because, you know, he’s an actual road runner.) And by the time Hanna told him “I never stopped loving you,” he’d already forgotten Spencer’s last name. Cue the big kiss!

‘SPOBY’ | Spencer and Toby didn’t go quite as far as the exes mentioned above, but I swear, I’ve never seen those two have more chemistry in my damn life. (Granted, this might have something to do with Toby’s new glasses, arguably the M.V.P. of tonight’s finale.) I know I recently professed my personal love for “Spaleb,” but after watching tonight’s episode, I’ve reached an entirely new conclusion: We needed that coupling to happen so that all four parties involved — Spencer, Toby, Hanna and Caleb — could see what they’ve been missing. So, everybody wins! (Oh, except Jordan. Sorry, ‘mate!)

‘EMISON’ | As we’re discussing these couples in descending order of romance, we’ve arrived at Emily and Alison. Sure, they got to swap “I love you”s, but I wish it hadn’t been part of Alison’s goodbye while she checked herself into a mental facility. I get that she thought she was seeing the ghosts of her mother and Detective Wilden — all orchestrated by Elliott and Mary, of course — but I can’t believe anyone on this show would be trusting enough to sign away their freedom so easily. (On the plus side, “Emison” fans: Elliott being evil means Alison’s probably going to leave him, which will free her up for the reunion with Emily that we’ve all been waiting for.)

OK, time to weigh in: Were you blown away by the Mary Drake reveal? Grade the episode below and drop a comment with your reaction.

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