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Grey's Anatomy: Sarah Drew Reacts to Those 'Japril' Bombshell(s)

Grey's Anatomy April Pregnant

The following story contains gargantuan spoilers about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, so hit the nearest exit if the episode has yet to air in your time zone! 

#JapriltheMovie had quite the twist ending, eh?

Thursday’s Jackson/April-themed Grey’s Anatomy did not conclude with the estranged lovers happily reconciling, as many had expected. No, as the flashback-heavy hour came to a close, viewers learned that the quarreling couple had indeed signed the divorce papers, making their split official.

And then another, far bigger bomb was detonated.

In the episode’s final minutes, April discovers that she is… pregnant. Yep, the couple whose relationship collapse can be traced back to the tragic death of their newborn son Samuel are expecting again (although, at this point, Jackson’s in the dark about the bun in his now-ex-wife’s oven).

Below, the mommy-to-be’s portrayer, Sarah Drew, reveals how she initially reacted to the ‘Japril’ curveballs and teases what’s to come in Season 12’s homestretch.

TVLINE | Which twist shocked you more — the divorce or the pregnancy?
They were both pretty big shockers for me. I kind of thought, walking into the episode, that it was going to start with us about to sign the papers, and then the flashbacks were going to make [everyone see] that we were meant to be together, and then it would [conclude with] a happy ending. So, the first jaw-drop was, “What?! We’re actually signing these papers?” But then the next jaw-drop was the pregnancy, which made me go, “OK, well, there’s some hope [for Jackson and April] now. I see hope in this new life. All is not lost.

TVLINE | When and how did you find out this was going to happen?
I got to see the script a few days ahead of [the table read], because [the producers] knew it was such a gigantic episode for us. I was with Jesse [Williams] when I read it and I was like, “Oh my God, look!

TVLINE | How do we know for sure Jackson is the father?
Come on now. We learned [in tonight’s episode] they’ve been having sex the whole time they’ve been in counseling. I can’t imagine she’s having sex with Jackson, while also trying to work on their marriage, while also having sex with someone else. Who’s that other guy gonna be?

TVLINE | Nathan? I have a hunch something went on between them overseas… 
[Laughs] You never know. I can’t imagine that anything did, but you never know.

TVLINE | What was it like revisiting so many different versions of April in this episode? I imagine the show’s continuity police had their hands full recreating April’s myriad hairstyles. 
They were all over it. And it was really fun because, in the script, it tells you, “This scene happens sometime between Episode 10.12 and 10.13,” and then they’d go back to see what my hair looked like in those episodes. I colored my hair four times over the course of this episode. And we added extensions and then we [removed] extensions. I got to play, like, four different versions of April. It was so much fun.

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