You're the Worst's Kether Donohue on Her 'Brilliant' Coke Scene, Edgar's Infatuation and More Season 2 Scoop

Kether Donohue

It doesn’t matter that, outside of Kether Donohue‘s trailer on the set of You’re the Worst, it’s Friday afternoon.

Inside, it’s Sunday. (As in, Funday.)

“I wish I could tell you what I’m wearing right now, but I can’t, because it’ll give stuff away,” the actress teasingly tells TVLine, laughing, via phone.

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Fans of the show will recall when, in Season 1, Lindsay passionately snorted cocaine off her own chest, a deliciously over-the-top scene that showcased Donohue’s physical comedy skills and made an excellent argument for her inclusion in this year’s Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy race.

“Lindsay’s at an 11 when she does the coke,” the actress says, laughing. “OK, Lindsay is at a f—king 25 right now,” as the series shoots its second annual Sunday Funday episode. “If that was 11, you don’t even want to know.”

But who could blame Linds for wanting to have a little fun? After all, she finished the FX comedy’s first season tearfully singing Kate Bush karaoke after learning that her husband, Paul, had engaged in an emotional affair with a fellow homebrew aficionado. (Nevermind that Lindsay had engaged in an actual affair of her own)

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Season 2, which finds the series moving to FX’s sister network FXX, “is about Lindsay meeting herself face-to-face and saying, ‘Who am I? What do I want in life? How did I even get to this place?,'” Donohue previews. “She’s figuring out who she is by herself.”

Read on as Donohue, clad in her mystery costume, looks back on Lindsay’s lowest point and previews what’s to come — including the aftermath of that hair-sniffing moment in the Season 1 finale.

TVLINE | I have to tell you, I know this is not the most important thing, but is the scene that has stuck with me the longest is you trying to snort cocaine off your boobs.
We were being interviewed at ATX Festival recently and someone asked me… “What was your favorite thing to shoot in Season 1?” I was like, I can’t come up with one, because the cocaine sniffing off my t-ts has to be in there. I can’t make that the favorite, because that might be strange… That was pretty brilliant on [series creator] Stephen Falk’s part to put that in the script.

You're the Worst Season 2 SpoliersTVLINE | Was every take of that scene as frenetic as the one that was used in the episode?
I remember I was so sad that day, because it was the last day of shooting Season 1, and we’re all so close. We’ve all become such a family. I was devastated. I remember saying to myself, “This is your last scene you’re going to do for Season 1. You better f–king enjoy it.”… I did feel like I was on something — and I wasn’t. [Laughs] I really was snorting something healthy that the prop guy put for me, but just the act of snorting it made me feel — it’s kind of like if you’re smoking a fake cigarette, you still feel like you’re smoking a real one. I think the prop situation definitely helped, and then mixed with the fact that it was the last day of shooting, I was running on adrenaline, I guess.

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TVLINE | In the wrong hands, Lindsay — like most of the roles on the show — would be an easy character to hate. How do you keep her fun?
Thanks. I honestly think it’s in the writing. Honestly, we’re very lucky that the characters are so fleshed out, and the plot and the story. Stephen Falk and the other writers on the show — there’s Alison Bennett, Eva Anderson, Shane Kosakowski, Franklin Hardy, Philippe Iujvidin — all of them are just brilliant writers. They all did it. I can’t take the credit for that.

…Then also, when I read the script, I didn’t judge Lindsay… I approached it by just looking at her like a girl who just wants to be seen and heard. She just wants to be acknowledged and validated and feel special in the world in some way.

TVLINE | In the finale, we saw Paul ask Lindsay for a divorce. What can you tell us about how that plays out?
I cannot say if there’s going to be a divorce or no divorce. However, I can tell you that we get to meet Paul’s new love interest, Amy, which is the beer girl. The beer kooz. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Does Lindsay meet her, as well?
Ohhhhh, yeah. [Laughs] There is a lot of fun stuff where you get to see Lindsay interacting with Paul’s new lover. There’s obviously a lot of room for funny, disastrous moments.

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TVLINE | What’s Lindsay’s mindset like as we come back?
In Season 1, you’re seeing Lindsay’s situation where her external life and her internal life are conflicting. She’s in this marriage, but not happy in it. She obviously doesn’t have a good family life. She doesn’t have a good relationship with her sister. She’s living on the West Side [of Los Angeles] but is really an East Side girl at heart. She has all these conflicting internal and external things going on. What’s really great in Season 2… her mindset is like what happens to anybody when they break up with someone: They’re exploring who they are by themselves.

You're the Worst Season 2 Spoilers

TVLINE | Before you go, let’s talk about Edgar.
Des[min Borges] always calls Edgar the moral compass of the show.

TVLINE | He definitely is. We see him in the finale not only watching Lindsay sing and having a big reaction to it, but in that last scene, sniffing her hair.
I made sure the come to set with fresh shampoo. My hair smells great this season. [Laughs]

TVLINE | What can you tell us about what’s ahead for those two?
I cannot say how Lindsay reacts, but it’s nice. In Season 1, Edgar and Lindsay did a lot of bonding. This season you get to see different sides…You get to see different dynamics between them. They have fun together. There’s a lot of fun stuff where we team up and pair up and go off on adventures.

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