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Revenge Renewed or Cancelled

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Question: Any word on what’s happening with Revenge? The last few episodes have all felt very series-finale leaning. Will it be renewed or cancelled? And if we do get a Season 5, is there a major revamp in store? —Sean
Ausiello: Based on what I’m hearing about the finale, there would have to be a major revamp if the show returns for a fifth season. Actually, forget revamp — there’d have to be a whole new show.

Question: Ever since Emily VanCamp tweeted that picture of herself with Tom Amandes, I’ve been freaking out over the impending Everwood reunion. What do you know? — Tim
Oh, we know quite a bit, Tim, including that the circumstances of their meeting might not be as clear-cut as they seemed in VanCamp’s tweet. “I know that it appears Amanda Clarke is in prison garb in a courtroom, but in regards to this show, it really means nothing,” Revenge showrunner Sunil Nayar advises. “It could mean she’s been arrested, or it could mean she’s undercover, or it could mean she’s pulling a play on someone.” All right, Tim, take your pick!

Question: Can you please give up any news or spoilers on Jane the Virgin? —Bev
Ausiello: Just because Jane and Rafael have broken up doesn’t mean sex is off the table. The titular virgin is “looking for anything she can do to salvage the relationship because she’s so in shock,” executive producer Jennie Urman reveals. “[Sex] comes up in a few different contexts, and then there are some surprising turns in that area.”

Ask AusielloQuestion: Any Big Bang Theory scoop? —Alexandra
Ausiello: I think the thing I was hoping would happen in the penultimate Season 8 episode — a scene or scenes with Christine Baranski and Laurie Metcalf together, and not via Skype or telephone — will actually happen.

Question: I won’t ask about Castle‘s renewal chances, but they started shooting the last episode last week, so I hope there is something you can share about it!? —Mandy
Ausiello: Outside of what showrunner David Amann shared with Inside Line, plus this bit of guest casting, all I can add at this point is that the Season 7 finale finally has a title — and it’s… “Hollander’s Woods,” which of course is a reference to the “password” that Not Henry Jenkins used to earn Rick’s trust after his vanishing. BONUS SCOOP: Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic remain in deep negotiations with ABC on another season and I’m told this one could go down to the proverbial wire.

Question: Any scoop or spoilers on Person of Interest? —Steph
Ausiello: Lucky for you, Matt Mitovich chatted up the cast at this week’s Paley Center for Media event. So for one, we’ve got Kevin Chapman teasing the April 28 episode (aka Part 1 of the season finale), in which the POIs are no less than Dominick and Elias: “Fusco gets himself into a situation that he almost doesn’t get out of!” As for the season-ender itself, Michael Emerson warns, “It ends on a note of, ‘They cannot survive.’ That it is impossible that this can go on.”

Question: Will we see Laura Benanti again on Nashville? Sadie’s departure seemed awfully abrupt. I love the character and the chemistry she was developing with Luke. —Erin
Ausiello: It’s highly unlikely you will see her again this season (Benanti’s a little busy headlining the tourist-trap musical New York Spring Spectacular), but, if Nashville is renewed, there’s a decent chance you will see a fair amount of Sadie next season.

Single Point of FailureQuestion: Any interesting news on Scorpion? — Dylan
Ausiello: Even though Happy has been giving Toby the iciest of shoulders since he stood her up on their first date, EPs Nick Santora and Nick Wootton can promise a light at the end of the tunnel for fans of their relationship. “Toby’s not the type to give up,” notes Wootton. “It’s two people with very difficult, checkered emotional and romantic pasts trying to come together.” Adds Santora: “There’s a little wink and nod at the end [of the finale] that there might be a thawing between them.”

Question: How long will we have to be without New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel when she goes on maternity leave? –Rita
Ausiello: “She’s missing four episodes next season,” series creator Liz Meriwether tells TVLine. BONUS SCOOP: Meriwether says that Season 5 guest star John Cho, whose character Jess will meet while on jury duty, is playing a prosecutor at the courthouse.

Question: Any update on Outlander casting Brianna and Roger for next season? —Lana
Ausiello: “We’re not close,” series creator Ronald D. Moore says about the process of picking actors to play [Spoiler alert!] Claire’s adult daughter and the Rev. Wakefield’s grown-up son (briefly glimpsed as a child asking for biscuits earlier this season). We can tell you that the Starz series also is actively casting the part of [No, seriously: Spoiler alert!] Alexander Randall, Black Jack Randall’s beloved brother — though star Tobias Menzies tells TVLine he hasn’t yet screen-tested with anyone in the role. “It’s the one human relationship he has in his life,” the actor adds, “so yeah, that could be very fruitful.”

Question: Any news you can share about The Blacklist season finale? —Robert
Ausiello: After last year’s finale killed off one character (RIP Meera) and brought life-threatening injuries upon another, series creator Jon Bokenkamp made it clear that he’s not afraid of shocking people again in Season 2. “Those things that AAsometimes scare us in the writers’ room are often the things that we find most exciting, and we try to surprise ourselves,” he says. So, what does that mean for Harold Cooper, whose terminal cancer may go untreated in the coming weeks? In short, it doesn’t look good. “That might fall into the realm of cliffhangers and surprising storytelling,” Bokenkamp hints. “He’s in a bad place. That is definitely a storyline that we’re going to be embracing and wrestling with until the end of the season.”

Question: Any tiny scoop for the last episodes of NCIS? —Ann
Ausiello: In the season’s penultimate episode, “The Lost Boys” — which airs May 5 and continues a story arc about a terrorist group that recruits young people online — one of the NCIS agents will form a special connection with a boy caught in middle of the scheme.

Question: Big fan here, been reading your column for years and years, and you’ve never let me down yet…. so I must inquire about the April 1 Blind Item in Ask Ausiello. Something tells me that this is somebody on a Fox Comedy. —Matthew
Ausiello: Something tells me you’re wrong.

Question: Gotham spoilers, please! —Zara
Ausiello: The Season 1 finale, airing May 5, is titled “All Happy Families Are Alike.” Now, is that not-at-all ominous, or ominous in its non-ominousness?

Question: Chicago Fire seems to be hinting that Charlie Barnett might leave the show. Can you shed light on that? —Anonymous
Ausiello: Well, as weighty promo that aired after Tuesday’s episode confirmed, Mills does indeed have a decision to make that will heavily impact his future. “He finally gets his dream job back, but as that presents itself, his mom and sister come forward and they have a chance to run a restaurant in North Carolina,” executive producer Matt Olmstead previews. “He’s really confronted with a choice, which is, ‘Have I fulfilled my father’s legacy to the extent that I feel comfortable? And do I want my remaining family, which I’m the protector of, to leave and go do this restaurant?'” The resolution of his internal struggle will play out in the next episode on April 21.

AAQuestion: Anything on Mistresses Season 3, please? —Dakota
Ausiello: One of our central Mistresses will appear before a judge when ABC’s sudser returns this summer — but it might not necessarily mean she’s facing fresh legal trouble. Turns out Rochelle Aytes’ April will be getting an unexpected visit from her mother, a well-respected Circuit Court judge with whom she does not have the closest relationship. The show is looking for a sixtysomething African American actress to recur as the regal and put-together Marjorie, who’ll first pop up in the sixth episode of the season. (Here’s hoping mother dear likes the coffee and scones April serves up at Maison Sur Mer!)

Question: Any scoop for Jake/Amy on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? The end of the season isn’t that far off, and I want them to have hooked up by the end! —Kate
Ausiello: All I’ll say is their unrequited romance will be a major focus of the finale.

Question: Random question for an AAmazing person: I was watching Hawaii-Five-0 on Friday the 10th, and when they were doing facial recon, I could have sworn that Alex O’Loughlin’s face was one of the faces. Am I losing my mind? Do they use staff? —Laura
Ausiello: A Five-0 spokesperson confirms to TVLine exclusively that nope, it was not Alex. (AAlso, I see what you did there with “AAmazing” and… no. Just stop it. That shtick works when I do it. AAnd only when I do it.)

This AAnd That…
Tonight’s Justified closer is an immensely satisfying bookend to the pilot, not to mention one of the best series finales ever. There are at least two great surprises (one of which literally made my jaw drop), a handful of wonderful callbacks and, in the great tradition of this fine show, several do-or-die sequences that will have you biting your nails completely off and spitting them across your living room into the fireplace where no one will find them until next winter when it’s time to resume log-burning.
Kalinda exit update: The theory I put forth atop last week’s AA, in which I floated the possibility that none of the prevailing theories being buzzed about will actually prove true, is gaining some ground.

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