Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Leftovers, Masters of Sex, Flash, Bones, Castle, Grimm, Empire and More

The Leftovers Season 2

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Question: Any scoop about Castle? —Fred
Ausiello: The finale — which is supposed to delve into both Castle and Beckett mythology — will feature a “distinguished, highly intelligent” psychiatrist. What say you, Mitovich? “Perhaps the shrink is a means to pull out of Rick any repressed memories about his ‘missing’ months?'” Yep, that sounds about right.

Question: Got any scoop on Season 2 of The Leftovers? —David
Ausiello: As the drama moves into uncharted territory — it’s already used up most of the plot from the novel on which it’s based — it’s also moving, period, from fictional Mapleton, New York to suburban Texas. In addition, to replace the supporting characters that it’s dropping, the show is adding an African-American family made up of the righteous John Murphy; his hearing-impaired doctor wife, Erika; and their teenage kids, Evie, an athletic extrovert, and Michael, a devout Christian.

Ask AusielloQuestion: Any info on Criminal Minds’ Reid? —Emilie
Ausiello: If you were hoping that Reid might finally be ready to move on from Maeve’s Season 8 death — with either forensic scientist Dylan Einstein (played in a February episode by Candace Hammer) or Agent Dorian Loker (recent guest star Emily Churchill) — showrunner Erica Messer notes that the remainder of Season 10 was already plotted out at the time those potential pairings aired. As such, “It’s something that we can explore next season,” she allows.

Question: Things got pretty heated between Norma and Romero on the last episode of Bates Motel. And not in a good way. Any hope that the couple of next episodes bring something better for Sheriff Sniff-Around and his Probably-Favorite-Murderer? —Sara
Ausiello: The wannabe lovers end up working together in next Monday’s episode when Norma finally retrieves the info from that flip drive (well, someone else retrieves it for her) and decides she wants to play hard ball with Ted from Mad Men. It leads to a couple really fun scenes between Vera Farmiga and Nestor Carbonell. (For more on Norma and Romero, see “This AAnd That” below).

Question: So… was that corny ending the last for Hart of Dixie? —Karen
Ausiello: Yes, ma’am. (Allegedly)

Question: Unless I missed it, I do not think Bones addressed the passing of Ralph Waite (who played Booth’s grandpa). Do you know if they ever intend to do so? —Adrienne
Ausiello: You did not miss it. “We struggled with that this season and, the truth is, the timing always seemed wrong because we were off the air,” exec producer Stephen Nathan laments. “We were so far ahead in episodes that to do that seemed more exploitative than respectful, and we just didn’t want to use Ralph’s death in that way. We loved him and he was a tremendous part of the show, but we didn’t want to use him.”

Question: Got any scoop for us on The Fosters? — Ashley
Well, Ashley, how about details on a new, accidental troublemaker coming in Season 3? His name is Tony and he’s a talented musician described as “good-looking in an ‘adorkable’ way,” and he tends to put way too much pressure on himself. We don’t know much else about him right now, but I’m thinking he could end up as a pal for Brandon or a love interest for Callie… or both.

Teddy Sears leaving Masters of SexQuestion: Any scoop on the upcoming season of Masters of Sex? We already know Allison Janney and Beau Bridges will return, and obviously the two protagonists are going to be there but, what about the rest of the characters? —Argi
Ausiello: Teddy Sears is out at Austin (although a guest appearance or two is a possibility), and Virginia’s kids, Tessa and Henry, are being recast as teenagers — to accommodate a six-year time jump and also to allow the show to explore the pair’s burgeoning sexuality — particularly that of Tessa (who will be quite the little minx).

Question: I’m always looking for The Vampire Diaries spoilers! —Molly
Well, Molly, with the cure for vampirism back in play, someone’s going to have to man up (so to speak) and take it — except everybody’s got a different idea about who that person should be. Joseph Morgan, for example, thinks it should go to Damon. (“It would be interesting to see a human Damon. Let’s see if he can still be sassy when he’s not immortal.”) But if there’s even the slightest chance that the cure could be mailed to The Originals, Morgan would like to see Rebekah take it, after being returned to her original body. (“That’s what she’s always wanted.”)

Question: I know it’s been a couple of weeks, but I still can’t believe Cookie and Jamal didn’t end up on the same side at the end of Empire‘s Season 1 finale. Any intel on what’s in store for them in Season 2? —Doris
Ausiello: “Child, I don’t want no chicken.” (Sorry, that classic Cookie quote is not relevant to your query, but a little laughter never hurts, right?) That’s not the only reason to smile, though, Doris. Turns out there are plenty of Cookie-Jamal fans in the Empire writers’ room, too. “It was very tough for us — heartbreaking, even. And that was our intention,” showrunner Ilene Chaiken says of the mother-son rift. “But I still believe in that relationship… and I would like to think that the underpinnings of that relationship, which is the most profound and tender one in the show, will somehow lead to something of a rapprochement between them.”

Question: Do you have any quality info about The Flash that you can share? —Brandy
Ausiello: Barry and Joe’s decision to clue Eddie in on The Flash’s identity while keeping Iris in the dark is going to cause plenty of disagreement within the trio. “Eddie, as the much more emotionally in-touch character, is like, ‘This is ridiculous. By not telling her, you’re actually putting her in more danger,'” exec producer Andrew Kreisberg previews. “That starts to become the conflict between the three men, because Eddie is not happy with how Barry and Joe have been handling this. It starts to really impact his relationship with Iris.” It’ll also force Barry to take a good, long look at himself — and he won’t like what he sees. Teases Kreisberg: “Barry will go, ‘Wait, when did I become such a great liar? I thought of myself as so innocent and pure.'”

Question: Flash spoilers? —Andy
Ausiello: Did you see these date night photos from the April 14 episode, featuring the arrival of two Arrow residents in Central City? Allow Kreisberg to explain: “Eddie, Iris, Barry, Felicity and Ray all go out for dinner. Everybody is talking about their feelings, and Eddie and Iris get into a fight. Barry’s the fifth wheel.” Adds Rick Cosnett (Eddie): “Brandon Routh and I had a lot of fun with that scene. We all don’t know what to say, because there’s so much going on with Wells and with everyone’s storylines, that the dinner is 10 times more awkward than our little double date that we had at Jitters [with Barry/Felicity].”

AAQuestion: I’d love a Jane the Virgin scooplet. —Tim
Ausiello: You have not seen the last of Bridget Regan’s Rose (AKA Sin Rostro), who executive producer Jennie Urman says is part of “a big twist” at the end of the season.

Question: Will we get to see Dahlia in the present day on The Originals this season, and if so, what episode? — Tom
Ausiello: Dahlia will indeed show her face in present-day New Orleans — and sooner than you might think. Klaus’ evil aunt arrives in Episode 18, but not before we discover even more twisted secrets about her. “We’re going to go back and learn more about Dahlia and Esther’s history over the next few episodes,” star Joseph Morgan says, adding that the new information “will really humanize both of them.”

Question: First and foremost, I love Matthew Goode on The Good Wife. But I also rather enjoyed him in Downton Abbey‘s Christmas special. Could you shed light on the potential of him being on one or both shows? —Jessica
Ausiello: He will almost certainly be in the final season of Abbey. His future on The Good Wife beyond Season 6 is less certain, although exec producer Michelle King recently hinted to us that Goode might end up juggling the two. “There’s always a dance with scheduling,” she said, “so [we can always] dance around Downton Abbey.”

Question: Has it been confirmed that The Good Wife is ending at the conclusion of Season 7? —Jason
Ausiello: The Kings always viewed Wife as a seven-season saga, but the ultimate decision isn’t up to them, as Robert King reminds us. “It’s a big question mark, because it’s a question that’s beyond us,” he says. “It’s… CBS.” He notes that viewers can probably sense that “we’re counting down” via the episode titles, but adds, “That doesn’t mean an end is an end.”

Question: Any more news on if there’s going to be a death on Grimm? —Lianne
Ausiello: Yes, the Grim Reaper will make an appearance in the finale.

This AAnd That…
♦ Can you picture anyone other than Tovah Feldshuh playing Alexandria “mayor” Deanna Monroe on The Walking Dead? Neither can I. But fun fact: Producers 
flirted with the idea casting a certain Scandal villainess in the role. 
♦ Remind me to tell you about the bonkers leading lady that is driving the cast and crew of her popular-yet-modestly-rated series mad — so much so that pretty much everyone is dreading going back to work next season. (Sounds like it’s time for my first set visit!)
last man♦ My five favorite TV couples of the past 12 months (in no particular order): Norma and Romero/Bates Motel, Kevin and Nora/The Leftovers, Phil and Carol/The Last Man on Earth, Libby and Robert/Masters of Sex, and Cookie and Porsha/Empire.
♦ I’m getting worried about the Twin Peaks revival, gang. I hear the rumors about David Lynch and Showtime not seeing eye-to-eye on a few contract points are true, which begs the question: Shouldn’t Lynch’s deal have been finalized before the project was announced and Kyle MaClachlan signed on and all nine scripts were written? Show Business, you confound me sometimes!

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Andy Swift, Vlada Gelman and Michael Slezak)

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  1. iHeart says:

    so what Ausiello said about Hart of Dixie, was that just an April Fools joke? ( I don’t watch it, I’m just wondering)

  2. Alyssa says:

    Castle writers waited 17 episodes to touch on Castle’s missing 2 months? Really? They used the word “mythology” so much I was becoming nauseous but didn’t delve into it at all. Who’s goes missing for 2 months and is all “who the hell cares” attitude about it?
    At this point I don’t care about that s/l.

    • It’s a pity there are no upvote here :)

      • rowan77 says:

        Agreed. There’s no mythology built here. It’s just another season-long, story arc. If they really built a mythology behind it, we would have touched on it more with compelling events or moments that build into a mythology. But that didn’t happen and frankly, everything’s been going along pretty well for them, so why dig this up if it hasn’t really be an issue most of the season?

      • Christina says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      exactly, if they don’t care then why should we? I don’t anymore.

    • Just one thing says:

      It’s really unfortunate that they waited so long to revisit this arc. Such a wasted opportunity to really dig deep into Castle’s past and frame of mind.
      I guess they can do that throughout season 8 if it’s renewed…

      • lkh says:

        egads JOT, that thought made my brain hurt!

      • S. says:

        I’d hardly call it waiting too long. It’s not like they went to Beckett’s mother every few episodes. They’d go several at a time before getting back to it because you don’t wanna go to it too often, esp. if you plan on making it a bigger thing. Note all the whining with 3XK this last time when he’d barely been in the show at all (something like 3 appearances and 2 other mentions in 7 seasons). Show people a lot of something or not enough and wow they bite back. The trail has temporarily gone cold and they wanted to have their lives without it hanging over their head every day. Rick said in the promo that not a day goes by he doesn’t wonder what happened, but if you have nothing to go on and there’s a risk that you’ll end up in hot pursuit of Moby Dick in your personal life, you let it go. Something might happen where he can’t help but deal with it. Talking to a shrink helped Beckett work out things with her mythology that ultimately was tied to her relationship with Rick. Shrinks on this show always help. They even helped Royal the dog whose existence spurred some Caskett. See? Always a plan and it always works out.

  3. Here’s the thing with Flash — in the comics, Cobalt Blue, aka MALCOLM Thawne, is the present-day ancestor of Eobard Thawne, aka the Reverse Flash, AS WELL as the twin brother of Barry Allen. Additionally, Eobard at one point changed his face to make himself look like Barry, who he idolized since he’s a Flash fanboy until he learned Barry killed him by breaking his neck — so, in essence, all three characters should be played by the same actor, heh.

    Sure, one could argue Eddie and Malcolm aren’t the same person, that the show is merely using the idea of a present-day ancestor of Eobard but not the idea that he’s Barry’s twin, but still, I for one think the twin angle adds a strong layer to the Thawne/Allen feud, specially since 1,000 years from now the two lines become one when Meloni Thawne and Don Allen marry and have a son, Impulse/Bart Allen.

    The mythos has a very rich mythology I’d very much like to see the show employ.

  4. Azerty says:

    So agree with Eddie on the Flash. They need to reveal the Flash identity to Iris as soon as possible, let say for season finale? Beside we have seen that she reacted in a pretty good way before Barry went back on time.

    • abz says:

      Yeah, the longer they wait, the more worried I’m getting that they’ll do a “you all lied to me and I can’t trust you and I don’t want to talk to you so leave me alone for 3-4 episodes and then I’ll accept it and we can all be friends again.” I really enjoyed how they had her react before the time travel. No dragged out drama.

    • My hope is that right before Barry reveals his secret identity to Iris, they both find out that she’s really from the future, leading to a cliffhanger that leads into a second season first episode set in the 31st Century. That way they can put a pin on her finding out his secret for another season at least.

      • Lincoln says:

        Shes not from the future… even in the old comics she didnt know she was from the future cause she was sent back as an infant and adopted by the Wests so she didnt even know she was from the future… The New 52 has gotten rid of all this stuff, Bart isnt even related to them anymore…

  5. Dori says:

    So Hod is officially over?
    I’m still waiting for a CW clarification…
    The fans, the cast and the crew are all asking another season, come on CW?
    Is this show so expensive? renew!!!

    • Gerald Christie says:

      The show is basically done, they more or less wrapped all of the story lines and even the actors and the showrunner confirmed it. At this point the only thing missing is an official confirmation by the CW, but it’s done. Besides, the ratings are terrible.

      • Three actors said in interview they don’t know the fate of the show and most of them are still asking for a 5th season. And ratings are not terrible, ratings are pretty decent for Friday night, compare with BATB or Reign.

      • Skaddadle says:

        The ratings weren’t terrible. They even said that it was the same as Reign if not slightly better. But yet they totally ruined Reign and even that got renewed for another season. Yeah it’s most likely over. But there’s always a chance it could be renewed for another season too. The producer said that it was written as a season/series finale. Meaning if it ends then that’s the ending but if they get to come back he could easily write more stories. It would be nice if it got renewed since it’s really seeming to grow in popularity. But i’m not holding my breath for a renewal.

        • Dori says:

          I agree, ratings weren’t terrible and the show is very popular on the net.
          The actors on twitter have been asking for a season 5 and the producer too…
          I just don’t understand why the CW keep saying they haven’t made a decision yet.
          They’ve already renewed Beauty and the Beast :(
          I really hope in a miracle

    • lorna says:

      It’s just so terrible. Hope Rachel lands on something wtchable, I like her.

      • Dori says:

        I agree, ratings weren’t terrible and the show is very popular on the net.
        The actors on twitter have been asking for a season 5 and the producer too…
        I just don’t understand why the CW keep saying they haven’t made a decision yet.
        They’ve already renewed Beauty and the Beast :(
        I really hope in a miracle

    • MelindaB says:

      I skipped the last half of season 3–not purposely, but I got busy and didn’t get it watched online (and I wasn’t crazy about Joel, anyway.) But my love has been renewed with this season, even though I still rail at the stupid stuff, like George thinking that he has a right to sabotage AB’s attempt to sell her houseboat, just because…what? He doesn’t want to move? He’s a bad lawyer who’s making no money, so can’t afford rent? Despite the unrealistic and downright stupid events that happen, I still have a deep affection for the characters, and will miss them.

  6. A says:

    I understand Stephen Nathan’s reasoning on Pops….they kinda left it too long, the 4mth hiatus didn’t help & rushing it now wouldn’t give them the time/respect they wanted….so, now I am just imagining Pops living happily in his nursing home, hitting on woman with some jam in their jelly (Pops shout out in S5)

  7. Babybop says:

    The Hart of Dixie ending was very odd. I’m happy that Wade and Zoe are married and have their baby… but… was the song and dance number really necessary?

  8. abz says:

    I hope The Good Wife goes on for many more seasons. Still is an brilliant and amazing show.
    Thanks for The Flash scoop. It’s definitely kicking Arrow’s ass this season. I mean I still enjoy Arrow every now and then, but I’m not as crazy about it this season as I used to be. It’s started to feel like a chore sometimes. The Flash on the other hand has just been so entertaining to watch. And last night’s episode and the time-travel….so good!! I don’t know how they plan on keeping it up, but so far they seem to be doing a good job.
    I really want to know now who that “bonkers leading lady” tease is about! Although, TVLine never really seemed like a gossip-y site so I didn’t think something like that would be reported here.

    • Imzadi says:

      I love “The Good wife” but I think it’s always preferable for show to go out on it’s own terms and people still want more. Everything else just tarnishes what it once was.

  9. m. says:

    Any thoughts on that AA-hint about the bonkers lady-lead?

    I’m really not sure what to make of it…

    • Julia says:

      The only show I could think of for this was New Girl but I don’t see that in Zoey. Other ideas?

    • Dude says:

      I’m thinking a certain “Good Wife” *cough*

    • Angela says:

      I’m curious about it, too. No clue what show it could be, but I’d be up for reading more on that.
      I hope “Criminal Minds” does get the opportunity to explore some romantic possibilities for Reid next season, be it with one of the aforementioned women in the answer here or someone else entirely. I’d absolutely like to see him finally finding the happiness and love he’s longing for :).
      Also, I completely agree with you, Ausiello, on Norma and Romero. I really enjoy their interactions, too-he’s about the most stable influence in her life, and I like the way he looks out for her. If the show ever wants to do more with that relationship, I’m all for it.

    • Lady K says:

      My immediate thought was State of Affairs with Katherine Heigl….modestly rated yet popular…. or Tea Leoni on Madame Secretary. I could see that in either one of them.

      • Katherine215 says:

        He sort of implies that they’ve already been given another season, which SoA hasn’t (right?), and also that it’s popular, which isn’t how I’d describe SoA, so I kind of think it’s probably not that. Maybe Madame Secretary though.

    • davisa26 says:

      Definitely Nicole Beharie on Sleepy Hollow.

    • Erin B says:

      I hope we get more clues! To me, it seems like a show that has only been on one or two seasons. I think it wouldn’t be a new thing if it was a show on several seasons. It also sounds like a show that’s renewed or expected to be renewed. Hmmmm.

      • Mo says:

        Well, he did say, “Sounds like it’s time for my first set visit!” So a show that has been renewed (since most regular season shows are finishing up filming on their current seasons now) and new enough that he hasn’t had a set visit yet.

    • A fan of TV says:

      If its popular but lowly rated, could it be Mindy Project or The 100, perhaps? Though I don’t get those vibes from Mindy Kaling or Eliza Taylor…don’t think its Madam Secretary as ratings for it are pretty good (better than Good Wife, also not really hurting ratings-wise). Is it one of the leading ladies on Under the Dome or perhaps Halle Berry on Extant? Mistresses?

    • A fan of TV says:

      Of course, Aus could just be April Fooling us…

    • lorna says:

      Connie B or Hayden of Nashville?

    • Kait says:

      The girl from Scorpion maybe?

    • Just one thing says:

      For every “bonkers leading lady” on TV, there are probably three “douche-y leading gentlemen,” but I am intrigued by all the suggestions. (-:

    • Linds says:

      Debra Messing? There have been lots of rumors about her, haven’t there? I think all the clues fit, but have no idea if he has visited the set. Can’t be Connie Britton; I think she and Aus. have a mutual crush going on. :)

  10. Seanti says:

    Bummed that Teddy Sears won’t be back on MoS. For my money, he was the sexiest part of the show by far.

  11. Ian says:

    The show’s treatment of Iris is actually putting me off The Flash. Its especially frustrating to see them have the typical issue of not knowing what to do with the love interest to the lead, when this is a groundbreaking interracial couple in some ways and she’s black.

    And when I read that 2nd This AAnd That, I immediately thought Lady Gaga.

    • Tim says:

      Can’t be Lady Gaga, cause it says they are dreading going back, and this is her first season.

    • jc says:

      Excuse me its definitely not lady gaga I doubt they have even started filming yet. Please stop saying stupid stuff just because you hate lady gaga.

  12. Dude says:

    Does anyone think that “bonkers leading lady” is anyone other than Julianna Marguilies?

  13. Tim says:

    I”d be pissed if I were Mark Frost and wrote all those scripts for nothing. David Lynch and Showtime better come to an agreement.

  14. Luis says:

    Could Ellen Degeneres have cameoed as a walker?

  15. Kris says:

    I hope the good wife doesn’t get cancelled. I love that show.

  16. Jj says:

    Guess I won’t be watching April 14 episode of Flash. If I won’t to see Felicity or Ray I will go watch Arrow.

  17. Steven says:

    The Good Wife better get renewed for next season with Matthew Goode staying on.

  18. Kim says:

    i think the excuse from the Bones EP about USING Ralph Waite’s death is a cop out. NCIS handled it beautifully. Maybe they think they can’t do as well. But then Bones does ignore important characters right and left. Russ, Jarod, Parker to name a few.

    • Stacey says:

      NCIS sorta had to use it right away. Given he was playing Gibbs’ father. Sure there were chances BONES to use it this year, but given Booth’s prison story and dealing with other issues within the show. And then the major hiatus. Booth’s grandfather was only a bit part of the whole BONES canvas. Now Russ and Jarod or Parker, a different story. But then I think it was actor availability why they were lost in the show pipeline. And there were rumors they are looking to maybe recast Parker the next time we see him… I think they will address it. NCIS killed off Ducky’s mother several years after real actress died in real life…

    • Anon says:

      I am ok with Bones NOT killing off Pops….they already killed off Sweets, so havent the team been through enough already this season, esp Booth?….Pops was a beloved character but he only was in THREE out of 200+ eps, which means a real life death doesnt really have to be written in, as it wont affect the daily running of the show, Pops can still be living in his world, off screen like he did for the other 197+ eps, right? Booth can mention him to give us updates :) POPS LIVES!!

    • suzi says:

      I agree, Kim.

    • mary says:

      Different writing/shooting schedules than NCIS.

      • get it right already! says:

        I don’t really see that that has anything to do with, how hard is it to show…….yes they do different things on different shows, I guess as fans we make such a big deal out of the little things, that mean something to just us.

  19. Joey says:

    Please tell me you’re just joking about the Twin Peaks revival. My heart won’t be able to take it if it falls apart.

  20. Teri says:

    Was Richard Castle ever really missing? I don’t remember that.

  21. Mik says:

    Is Ausiello referring to the “diva” from that blind item years ago? OMG I sooo want to know who it is! Is it Sofia Vergara? It can’t be! Jemima Kirke perhaps?

  22. David says:

    Not sure how TVD tidbit about the cure was a “spoiler”… more like pointless conjector from an actor on a different show. I loved HOD ending, quirky just like the show (and worth watching 4 seasons just to see RB and AR reunited).

  23. Heathers says:

    I am wondering about the bonkers leading lady too! I don’t watch a Good Wife. Have there been rumors before that Julianna Margulies is a biach? I’ve never really heard anything about her. Who else could it be- is it a network television show, or cable?

  24. sccates says:

    Glad Matthew Goode is on last season of DOWNTON ABBEY – I like his chemistry with Michelle Dockery.
    The rumor could be Julianna Marguiles – I heard she was the reason Archie was not coming back.

  25. lessthanrighteousindignation says:

    I am so worried about Grimm’s coming “death”. There are some deaths that could cut the heart out of the show……

  26. Jane says:

    Aww. If only “Castle” could tap John Francis Daley as their “highly intelligent psychiatrist.” Because I’d totally tune in for that…even if he’s not named Sweets!😄

  27. Matthew Weber says:

    Thanks for the Castle news. Still hoping it gets renewed though I expect it not to.

  28. alistaircrane says:

    Not good news about Twin Peaks. :-/

  29. Jenna says:

    Glad to hear that Matthew Goode may end up pulling double duty. It’s been nice to see Finn having a slightly bigger role as of late. Can’t imagine The Good Wife going past next season seeing as how the current season is kind of a clunker but hope they can finish strong and rebound next season.

  30. Glad to hear that Matthew Goode may end up pulling double duty. It’s been nice to see Finn having a slightly bigger role as of late. Can’t imagine The Good Wife going past next season seeing as how the current season is kind of a clunker but hope they can finish strong and rebound next season.

  31. Dizzle says:

    As much as it pains me to say it, could the “leading lady” blind item be Connie Britton on Nashville? I remember reading a “day in the life” article about her on the show, during the first season, where the reporter laid out how Britton had a fairly strong attitude about what she thought the show should be, versus Callie Khouri and the network wanted the show to be. I got the impression the network and the producers were pushing for a more soapy, amped-up drama whereas Britton viewed it as a more realistic, FNL-type drama.

  32. Luis says:

    I knew it! They are totally killing Wu!

  33. kmw says:

    Love the comment about Sweets on Castle, but Castle probably wont make their psychiatrist into a cop before the end of their series. With all due respect to Nathan, they had a choice very early on. Let Sweets go off and be happy with Daisy or deal with Ralph Waite’s passing. Instead he decided Sweets was more important to Booth(NOT), so he is letting that moment go, at least for the time being. Pops dying would have had a much deeper impact on Booth and made this upcoming gambling story more believable. Even though he wasn’t on that much Booth talked about him a lot and mentioned that he basically saved his life as a kid. I hope if they get another season they will deal with it.

    • Shana says:

      Please stop with the Sweets bullsh!t on Castle. I hated Sweets and cheered his death. He ruined Bones for me. Such an over the top, annoying, nosey arse character!

      Castle is too great of a show for one of the worst characters I’ve ever watched. Keeps Sweets dead and away from Castle. Ugh.

      • NF and SK fan always says:

        relax already, people are just making a comment. I loved him on Bones, but that’s ones preference, he is not going to be on Castle-as far as I know. from what i read we have the guy that played on CSI which is alright I guess, hope this esp will be okay but for me I don’t see it getting any better in the last few of the season/series.

  34. DavidSask says:

    Twin Peaks must come back, don’t let us down David and cast!

  35. Yet another ‘something we’ll explore next season’ from Erica Messer. Do we remember Reid’s headaches? That was ‘we’ll explore it next season’. Reid’s mother? Ditto. So basically translation is: No chance in heck we will see it happen. I say CM needs a new showrunner that knows what the hello kitty is really going on.

    • Angela says:

      They did explore the headaches again, though, remember? It was part of the Maeve storyline. She helped him learn to deal with them. And it seemed to be ultimately decided they were stress-related.
      As for his mom, well, I imagine a big part of why they haven’t done more with her has been due to Jane Lynch being tied up with “Glee” for the past few years, as well as all the other things she’s been involved with. Hard to really get a chance to do storylines involving a character’s parent when the actor who plays that parent isn’t always easily available, after all.
      Even then, though, they did make mention of his mom last season, too, when the team had a case in Las Vegas. He’d hoped to see her when he was there, but didn’t, only to find out at the end of the episode that she seemed to be doing okay and had been taking trips outside Bennington. She sent him a postcard and a little Grand Canyon trinket. So there’s been some attempt, at least, to deal with those topics in recent years, they haven’t been forgotten altogether.
      All of that said, however, I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing the show do more with one or both of those storylines. Preferably his mom. Now that “Glee” is over, if the show can mange to get her back someday for another appearance, I’d be all for that :).

  36. Amber says:

    Leading lady on a popular yet modestly rated show; I went Zooey Deschanel or Mindy Kaling in my head, but surely not. And no one said it had to be a sitcom. Oh wait, Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin? But all 3 I named seem well liked.

  37. I hope that the death that is mentioned at the end of Grimm this season is not one of the main characters.

  38. Laura says:

    i thought Katherine took the cure, got old and died so why would any of the older vampires take it . Surely the same thing would happen to them!

  39. Charity says:

    So, who will die on Grimm?

    So long as it’s not Renard or Monroe, I’m good.

    My money is on Juliette or Adalind.

    • Samantha says:

      God I HOPE it’s Adalind! She ran out of story about a season and a half ago. She is ruining this show for me.

      • Charity says:

        True. They need to wrap up some of their existing plot lines. But the second baby thing is just TOO MUCH. (Also, weird timing — Christmas has come and gone since she slept with Nick, and … when was the wedding again? Last summer?)

  40. lame says:

    Had castle run these final episodes dealing with the missing months at 7.03-04-05 & 06 they probably would have kept that 10.45 mil per episode and their 2.2 demo. In stead of the nose dive they took. Didn’t make sense then, doesn’t now.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      I don;t think that that would have helped at all, the damage for me and many others was the season finale (623) and nothing was going to change that. There will no explaining much now cause they didn’t have an explanation thought of then! It was just a ploy to keep the best couple ever away from each other and to have some fun. Also even if it was explained earlier, they can’t write these two lovers as real husband and wife! I don’t see them rises back from the ashes (to soon) after what they did! Then again they might just blow me away with the esp that is to deal with this disappearance. but I think that the finale is going to be a disaster!

      • lame says:

        The weekly ratings say otherwise. 6.23 lost a huge number of shippers. Still die hard fans wanted to know the who and why of the abduction. When the writers went brain dead the hard core fans drited away and took the demo with them. Whom ever laid out the season didn’t know the fan base and it cost them dearly. To do this now is ass backwards and makes little sense. Might bring up total viewers but probably not the demo, this hard core fans seem to have left and not returned.

        • lame says:

          Last season the demo averaged 2.4 .This season is 1.6 and that hurts the pocket book and what the studio is willing to do.

  41. Laura Goetz says:

    Love the Last Man on Earth! What’s its chances for renewal?

  42. dman6015 says:

    “…the bonkers leading lady that is driving the cast…” Michael, Michael, Michael. People are ‘who’ and things are ‘that’: “…the bonkers leading lady who is driving the cast…”

  43. John NYC says:

    “Perhaps the shrink is a means to pull out of Rick any repressed memories about his ‘missing’ months?’” ”

    And so Rick will start to blurt out his breakthrough gained by the shrink’s help and midway through his emotional gathering as he prepares to reveal ALL : fade to black…

    Cliff well hung.

    • NF and SK fan always says:

      then we will never never know what it is and here we are to wonder……(10 to 20 years later we will have a reunion show and then we will know!)

  44. D Peters says:

    I don’t understand Nathan’s answer to the question re addressing the loss of Ralph Waite on Bones. Isn’t it more disrespectful to ignore his loss rather than address it? They addressed the loss of others depicted throughout the seasons. This one is sad, but a natural part of life.

  45. get it right already! says:

    Castle fans: how many times are they going to change the ending to the finale, this is now what the third time they have changed it……..maybe this time they will get it right?

  46. MP says:

    Could the “bonkers leading lady” be Elizabeth Hurley on The Royals?

  47. DarkDefender says:

    “Bonkers leading lady”?? Put all my money on it being Halle Berry (Extant). Can’t wait to see what that set visit brings us.

    • Linds says:

      Ohhhh….. Good guess. I didn’t even think of her and she’s certainly earned her spot on the list. I still think it might be Debra Messing, though. Maybe I just have a soft spot for Halle – she’s been thru some icky stuff NOT of her own making. Messing just strikes me as hard… but what do I know?

  48. Michelle says:

    When is Fox going to make a decision on Mindy?!!!

  49. kath says:

    I don’t know how i feel about another psychiatrist on Castle. Michael Dorn’s shrink was pretty much perfect, and ooh, that voice!

  50. kmw says:

    Yes it is more disrespectful to do it this way. I don’t understand why he would think that it would be exploiting his death. But like I said the producers of Bones decided Sweets was more important. As it turns out at least to me, it would have been better for them to have dealt with Ralph Waite then how they handled Sweets departure