Mindy Project: Mindy Kaling Dishes Finale's Ex Summit, Flaky Danny, Her 'Hopeful & Cheerful' Take on Renewal

Mindy Project Spoilers Season 3 Finale

Dudes, dudes everywhere but nary a dad in sight.

That could very well be an unofficial synopsis of Tuesday’s Mindy Project season finale (Fox, 9:30/8:30c), which finds the pregnant Dr. L grappling with visits from a collection of her exes and wondering why Danny bails on a very important relationship milestone.

Still, series creator/star Mindy Kaling tells TVLine, those who want Baby Castellano’s folks to hurry up and figure it all out might not be disappointed — after all, didn’t You’ve Got Mail, Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally and pretty much every other rom-com end on an up note?

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“Our finales, in past years, we’ve tried to make them fully realized romantic comedy films stuffed into the half hour of the show,” she says. “I like in finales when you bring back everyone’s favorites. It gives the whole season a good, recappy feel.”

Hence the hit parade of Mindy’s former boyfriends, which makes up just one part of the jam-packed season-ender. Read on for more of what to expect (saris! weddings! Laura Dern!) from the episode “Best Man.”

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MINDY’S MEN RETURN… | Mindy’s former flames Casey (Workaholics‘ Anders Holm), Josh (Step Up Revolution‘s Tommy Dewey), Jamie (The Office‘s B.J. Novak) and Lee (New Girl‘s Max Greenfield) return — thanks, Morgan — after the nutty nurse overhears Mindy saying Danny isn’t the father of her child. “Without giving away too much, he gets kind of ill-advised and collects four of Mindy’s favorite ex-boyfriends,” Kaling says. Even though they all have their own shows now, they had an afternoon where they could come by for a couple of hours.” She adds, “Thank God for Morgan — for Morgan and Mindy, both — because they’re characters that make such big, terrible decisions that the resulting comedy is so fun to write and to act in.”

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… BUT ONE GOES MISSING | Elsewhere in the episode, Danny flakes and doesn’t show up for dinner with Mindy’s parents — which is seen as not the most reassuring move by a high-maintenance lady surfing the highs and lows of pregnancy hormones. Kaling says not to worry: During the episode, “We definitely will” find out what kept Dr. C from the big meal.

LOTS OF LAHIRIS? | And what’s that about Mindy’s folks? Y’know, the people we’ve been waiting three seasons to meet? “That, I cannot say,” the star says with a laugh. “I’m sorry, but I can’t.” Pretty much the only thing we can tell you is that Kaling recently posted a photo of herself, wearing a traditional Indian sari, on Instagram with the caption, “What the-? Pregnant and sari’d alone on Newbury Street, Boston.” (“I was like, who am I?” Kaling says. “It was real different for me, but I thought it was very beautiful.”)

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PETER POPS UP | Kaling also promises that the finale will deliver updates on Lauren and Peter’s wedding (“very funny ones”) and adds that there’s a possibility that departing cast member Adam Pally will show up again in the future. “He’s very in demand and utterly deserving of his own show — and will have his own show. I will have Adam on the show as long as he can come to our set,” she says. “It’s going to be a little bit more like real life… I know a lot of shows, people leave and the characters are never to be heard of again. That’s not the case with him.”

AN ENLIGHTENED DOC | Laura Dern plays Mindy’s OB-GYN in the finale, “and I can’t say much more than that,” Kaling adds apologetically. “But it is so funny and so awesome in a way you’ve never seen her before.”

MORE MINDY? | Kaling says the show’s uncertain future is par for the madcap course. “We’ve never been a show… where anyone has ever said, ‘Yes, we’re for sure going to keep going,” she says. “I still have my personality, which is hopeful and cheerful. I’m so proud of the show, so I feel good about it. I feel good about seeing more of Jeremy, Mindy, Morgan and all the rest of them having adventures.”

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