Nashville Recap: Boo! Sis!

Nashville Season 3 Recap

Hurricane Beverly blows into Nashville this week, and the damage she leaves in her wake is considerable, irrevocable and really, really annoying.

Even Gunnar at his Season 1-iest could not evoke as much of my ire as Scarlett’s mom does when she shows up and acts exactly as you’d expect of someone who once literally drove her daughter mad.

On the plus side, even Deacon’s irritating sister — and the setback in his illness in which she becomes involved — can’t push him into the pit of despair I feared he’d call home once his diagnosis set in. Nope, he (thankfully) seems determined to best his liver cancer. Deke, honey, you know what would help with that? A redheaded nurse with a voice like an angel and a vested interest in giving you thorough sponge baths. (In other words: Hurry up and tell Rayna!)

Read on as we recap what happens in “I’ve Got Reasons to Hate You.”

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LIVER FAILURE | The moment Bev takes Scarlett up on her invitation and arrives at Deacon’s — a surprise to him — you just know things are going to get ugly. That woman is 10 lbs. of terrible in an 8-lb. bag. She thinks she’s there to mend the edges of their family relationship, which got pretty ragged during the whole Scarlett-in-the-mental-institution thing. And Deacon doesn’t want her to know about his illness, but that becomes moot when a seizure takes hold and causes him to (temporarily) lose the power of speech. Scary.

When we’ve established that he’s fine-ish, Scarlett makes the ask: She wants her mom to get tested to find out if she could potentially donate part of her liver to Deke. Beverly says no. BEV! You are the worst!

Scar eventually sweet-talks her into doing it — or maybe she just threatens to disappear her mother into the yards and yards of hair she’s sporting in this ep — and everything’s hunky-dory… until Bev gets a call from Hot Doctor (yeah, that’s his name) telling her she’s not a match.

But she really is a suitable match! Scarlett catches her mom in the lie, and things get really uncomfortable when Deacon overhears them arguing and tells Scarlett to chill. “You drank. You made the choice to destroy your body. And I just don’t think it’s fair that it’s up to me to save you,” Beverly spits at her brother, who takes it all very calmly. “You’re right,” he answers. “It isn’t.”

So Bev leaves, and Scar is sad, and Deacon tells his Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that he’s determined to fight because “I got a lot of people I care about, and they care about me.” Aww, Deke. I reiterate, Nashville writers: Deacon dies? FLAMETHROWER.

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THE NEXT RAYNA JAYMES? | Let’s check in with some of those people Deacon cares about. Rayna spends the episode a little mopey (it’s ok, mama, you earned it) and has a small, Deacon-related freakout about playing an unannounced Bluebird show alongside Pam Tillis. She bails on that appearance but eventually plays a different Bluebird date, with Maddie and Daphne backing her up on a song Rayna and Maddie wrote. I’m not a huge fan of the song, “Real Life,” but it’s a sweet performance.Nashville Season 3 Recap

We also see M&D recording in their school’s Edgehill-sponsored studio — do you think the other kids are like, “Come ON! They can get in a studio any time they want! Give someone else a chance!”? — and Jeff, who’s desperate for a new smash artist, salivates in the corner. He wants to sign Maddie to Edgehill to be the next Taylor Swift or something, and when Teddy puts up some resistance, the Smirky Turtle goes nuclear: If Teddy doesn’t play ball, he’ll make the mayor’s dalliance with Ol’ Leopard Panties the Hooker public knowledge. “Sign. Now,” Jeff instructs him. (And if you watched the trailer for next week’s episode, you know that Teddy caves like a snow fort in a heat wave.)

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AROUND TOWN | Elsewhere, Sadie makes reference to her ex-husband giving her trouble, but she’s still covering her bruises with make-up, and she cries as she makes excuses to Bucky about missing Rayna’s show… Gunnar travels to Austin, educates a petulant Micah about his real father’s better attributes, and retrieves a box of mementos from his relationship with Kiley. I tell you this because the photo of a long-haired Sam Palladio is something worth seeing… Juliette is frustrated because her pregnant largeness is making it hard for her to get enough breath to sing well/finish her album. And I tell you this because I have never related to anyone on this show more than I do Juliette when she’s gasping for air because the alien inside her is encroaching on her lungs. I spent most of my pregnancy sounding like Darth Vader by way of a Mucinex ad and shimmying from side to side in a vain effort to get my daughter to dislodge her gigantic skull from under my ribs. The next time you see a preggo trying to catch her breath, be a good do bee and offer her a hand… or an oxygen mask… or volunteer to carry her for a block or two, would ya?

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Jose says:

    Can We please not get Beverly back….. what kind of sister abandons her dying brother?!

    • Martina says:

      One eaten up with jealousy

    • RUCookie says:

      As soon as Scarlet called her I think we all knew it would be ugly – but holy moly that was worse than I imagined. She is selfish, self absorbed and … and … whatever else you want to throw in there to saw how lothesome she is of a person.

    • Desiree says:

      Ugh. While I understand the theory behind Scarlett calling her mother, was it really surprising when Beverly turned out to be the selfish narcissist that she’d previously proven herself to be? Scarlett’s naivete continues to annoy week after week. And could we please start a letter-writing campaign to whoever is in charge of the wigs on Nashville? Scarlett’s “hair” is beyond comical at this point. As far as the rest of the show, I want to see more Juliette/Avery, less Jeff/his random assistant. And Deacon? CALL YOUR KID!

  2. Rob Phillips says:

    Deacon’s sister is the worst person ever! She better change her mind and help Deacon! I wonder though when his daughter finds out, will she be the one to save him?!?!

  3. Laura says:

    Minor detail, but Tillis is spelled with 2 L’s. Definitely agree though, Deacon needs to tell Rayna.

  4. Chad Smith says:

    You can see the twist in the Deacon story coming from a mile away. Clearly it’s going to be Maddie who will be a match for his liver transplant.

  5. Jen S. says:

    Bev is just to reinforce that Deacon is running out of options. Because bets are on that we’re going to get an oh so sexy Deacon/Rayna reunion soon, only to discover shortly after that Maddie’s liver is a match for Deacon. And then we can all claw at our faces watching *that* drama play out.

  6. Linda says:

    Wasn’t it a HIPPA privacy violation for the doctor to tell Scarlett her mother was a match?

    • Lola says:

      I had the exact thought. It was…but don’t confuse the writers with the facts. (That was sarcasm.)

    • Whatever says:

      Not if Deacon has Scarlett as his “person” that they can give information to.

    • izzieb says:

      Scarlett said she had called to see if he was on the list (or could be put on) for a donor, and then the surprised Doc asked Scarlett if Beverly had decided not to do it, and from that Scarlett guessed that she (Bev) had decided not to do the additional testing. So, yeah, it really walks the HIPPA line, but probably ok. He didn’t really say that she was a match, but it would have been inferred since that’s what’s needed to proceed. And I think that Scarlett has been cleared for med info since she’s been in the appointments with Deacon.

    • murn says:

      Not necessarily. And it’s HIPAA, not HIPPA.

  7. abz says:

    “…or maybe she just threatens to disappear her mother into the yards and yards of hair she’s sporting in this ep…” LOL This recap cracked me up. That line and the rant about your pregnancy. That was way too funny. Looking forward to more of your recaps.
    Scarlett’s moments with her mother were heartbreaking. Still not a fan of Smirky Turtle (that name always makes me laugh), but looking forward to the showdown between him and Rayna next week. Teddy is a fool.
    I know it’s probably because of her Hayden’s pregnancy and Rayna’s current storyline, but I really wish they would have some more moments together soon as well as a lot more post-pregnancy. The last thing I want is for Rayna/Juliet to become like Alicia/Kalinda from The Good Wife who have not shared a single scene together I think in almost two seasons.

    • Iakovos says:

      I so agree with you. The show misses the mark by not maximizing the “frenemies” Rayna and Juliette can be. They need each other but regret that. I want more Juliette spitfire post-birth, too.

  8. GeoDiva says:

    Juliette (trying to) doing yoga was worth the whole hour!

  9. Jill says:

    This episode was pretty boring except for the Deacon/Beverly scenes. Also a lot of stuff didn’t make sense. I didn’t really understand why Rayna was freaking out so much over the Deacon stuff. It seemed like that scene should have been two weeks ago, before she went to his door and told him she loved him. Also, Deacon saying he couldn’t deal with not being there for the people who care about him, then abandoning Maddie in the same breath. Huh? He really needs to tell them for the sake of moving the storyline forward in a natural way.

    The Juliette yoga stuff was really funny, and her song was good.

    • Lucie Loing says:

      If he sees her, he’ll tell her and he isn’t ready to do that yet.

    • Desiree says:

      Yeah, Deacon’s behavior toward Maddie really bothered me all through the episode, but especially at the end when he was talking about her and all the people he cared about in his life. I would’ve been okay if at the end of the montage they’d showed Deacon going into the Bluebird to see his daughter singing onstage. But right now his actions aren’t matching his words.

  10. Patty Lieber says:

    maddie cannot donate as she is only 16 and in order to be an organ donor one must be at least 18 years old.

    • Chad Smith says:

      Incorrect. In the state of Tennessee you must have parental approval to donate if you are between 13 and 17 years of age.

  11. kn1231 says:

    I really hoping the twist coming in Deacon’s storyline is that Beverly dies and then he get her liver. She was the absolute worst last night. And I thought the Gunnar/Micah storyline was over, I just really want it to be over. I also want Gunnar and Scarlett back together pronto. I don’t think any of that is too much to ask!

    • kn1231 says:

      Forgot to add, Teddy is an idiot. A father should really be willing to put everything on the line before his kids. Now Maddie is going to think Rayna is a witch for fighting to get her out of that contract. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have Deacon falling off in Maddie’s life at the same time they have Teddy going up. But yeah, Rayna will definitely end up pulling the “Deacon is her father” card to get the contract torn up. Can’t wait to see what the repercussions of that will be!

      • KPMOM says:

        I totally agree. If I were Teddy, I would have laid out Jeff right there and told him where to stick his contract.

        • Elsa says:

          I agree. Moreover, Teddy could have blackmailed Jeff back. If I go down, I’m taking you with me,

          Teddy saved Jeff’s ass a couple of times. If he’s not mayor anymore, Jeff won’t be able to get away with everything anymore.

  12. myra walker says:

    Disappointed in show to much mundane clips and drama that could have been left out. Rayna needs to grow up quite moping she called off the wedding ( thank goodness ).Deacon needs to man up and at least talk to Maddie & AS HER BIOLOGICAL FATHER GET HER AWAY FROM Jeff Teddy did not adopt her.His agreement with Rayna want hold water.

  13. Susannah says:

    I bet the sister will come through in the end after Maddie’s scheduled to help with the transplant.
    I know Deacon’s sister is terrible but she sounded so amazing when she, Deacon and Scarlett sang together. They sounded like family and seemed to be mending fences but Bev’s true colors come through when Deacon really needed her. It was really sad to see.
    I want to go to a school with a recording studio! Maddie’s and Daphne are so talented, I loved when they sang with their mom.
    Nashville used to be a show I’d watch but it wasn’t that great but it’s really been enjoyable the last few episodes, I like that Micah’s happy but gone, Avery and Juliette seem to be getting along well and waiting for their baby. No Luke this week was a plus and Teddy’s might even be get an interesting story out of his pervy ways. Looking forward to Rayna finding out about Deacon’s cancer and all the feelings that will surface.

  14. Abby says:

    I hate Bev. I hope she gets hit by a man on a bike and Scarlett authorizes them taking her liver from her braindead mama to save Deacon. Deacon lives and Bev is dead: everyone wins!

    And I forget – did it actually get established how Jeff could sign Maddie with only one parent’s consent, or is he just forging ahead with his blackmail hoping Teddy will convince Rayna that the alternative (him shamed as mayor, the family embarassed) is worse than Maddie’s career, image, and music being owned and operated by the devil?

    • RUCookie says:

      Jeff has been saying that he only needs one parent to authorize Maddy’s contract.

      Teddy saving his butt (w/ the Layla drugs) is now going to haunt him. Heck, befriending Jeff after he witnessed what Rayna went through with him should haunt him. Teddy makes bad BAD choices!!! How is he mayor?

      • samantha rose says:

        He’s mayor because Rayna’s dad got him elected to the office. I don’t think he’ll see a second term. Haha.

        • RUCookie says:

          HAHAHA – thanks Samantha – I remember all those political shenanigans BUT, he has no political astuteness to be mayor! Last night I screamed, “knew that was coming back to bite you in the $%^” He is a mess AND we all know the contract battle is going to be ugly. HE could have thrown the Layla thing back at Jeff and played the game – but NO! And not Rayna’s nails get to come out!

          • lmmomnj says:

            Actually, I was wondering — and I suppose it’s because Teddy is a weenie and not a man – why he didn’t throw back in Jeff’s face the whole Layla thing. I’m assuming it’ll ultimately come up that Tedster can’t sign a thing since he’s not Maddie’s dad & Rayna will cave and add the girls to her label.

          • izzieb says:

            Weinie and not a man is correct, but he covered up the Layla thing with the police, so he can’t use it against Jeff because it would just backfire onto him. I think poor Teddy realizes he’s been had!

        • Abby says:

          Sadly, if he can keep his scandals under the rug, typical politics usually see incumbents returned by apathetic voters who recognize the name. However, I think (hope?) that Teddy’s scandals won’t stay hidden, because he keeps driving himself closer and closer to the edge of the cliff, its getting increasingly easy for someone with an agenda to just push him right off it.

  15. DAG says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if Rayna is a match, and donates part of her liver to Deacon. NOW, that would be a twist. You hear about one spouse donating a kidney to the other…

  16. Drewer says:

    I’m sorry but Scarlet definitely said last episode that she was AB and Deacon is O, so Scarlet’s mother has to be either A, B, or AB, and therefor in real life she couldn’t be O and be a donor for Deacon. This is just lazy writing unless the next big twist is that Scarlet is actually adopted.

    • JLT says:

      THIS!!! I was like how in the world is Bev a match? I still say Sadie’s gonna kill her ex and HE will be the match LOL

      • izzieb says:

        Maybe Teddy will be the match! Cause we know Rayna’s going to kill him when she finds out he signed Maddie with Edgehill!!

        • abz says:

          The only way I see Teddy making a sacrifice like that for Deacon is for Maddie if she asked him to and even that I don’t think will happen. I’m thinking the likely scenario is that either Maddie or Rayna are a match and if it’s Maddie, then Teddy will be against it and we’ll be seeing conflict between Maddie, Teddy and Rayna

          • izzieb says:

            see, I was thinkin’ that if Rayna killed Teddy over signing Maddie to Edgehill, that he would be DEAD and they could just TAKE his organs without his consent, LOL

  17. LKE says:

    And just when I was starting to link Jeff was an okay guy, he turns around and becomes a major D-Bag. Can he just have a car accident or something?

    • Normandy says:

      Jeff seems like someone they promoted to regular because of the actor, not because of the character, because they sure have no idea what to do with him.

      • Amy H says:

        I agree. I feel like almost everyone on Nashville is suffering from split personality disorder. These writers better get their act together or there won’t be a Season 4 of Nashville.

  18. Margo says:

    The twist will be – Luke will end up being the only donor match but he won’t do it at first, of course there will be a lot of story line, then he finally takes the high road and changes his mind. And whatever happens to Jeff, let him suffer, I wanna watch.

  19. Pam NElsn says:

    Sister part was sickening… I want Deacon to live and live happily everafter with Rayna. Seriously!?!?! Teddy caves in to the bastard, Jeff, over a little paid sex…not believable for one minute. Bet Maddie will be the match for Deacon..poor Scarlet loves her brother so much she is very convincingly sad!! As for Julliette time for that baby to arrive and get back to normal..I do like them as a couple. If you kill off Deacon..I am history won’t watch either will my friends. Gunner finds peace and should get back to writing and singing with Scarlet..Nice boy but move on..Kick Luke to the curb he was so annoying. Every week does not have to be about a crisis there is enough normal family dysfunction to keep us interested. More singing and less drama. Now spousal abuse too…let me guess the baby will have an illness too…Come on!!!!

  20. Saabgirlatx says:

    Anyone else confused by the last scene with Sadie – where she cancels on Rayna and is shown taking her makeup off that is covering a black eye? Are we to assume she got hit again after hiding out for 2 weeks feigning the flu…(but didn’t she buy a gun after that??)…Or just sloppy editing??

    • abz says:

      I don’t think she got hit again (that’s probably something they would have shown if it happened). I think it’s just that the bruise is still healing and she may be a little afraid to be singing out in public again in case he’s around. Or maybe she just needs a little more time to get over it and be ready.

  21. Alyssa M says:

    I’m flabbergasted by the show right now and this storyline. They said that Deacon has O blood type and needs a match. Scarlet doesn’t match because she’s type AB. The story follows that Scarlet’s mother is a match. Which would mean O blood type which makes it impossible for her to be Scarlet’s biological mother!!! This is either a giant oversight or a plot twist they’re setting up. This is actually high school biology!!

    • adelie m says:

      Yes! This oversight is frustrating! Though it would probably be good for scarlett to be adopted or switched at birth or something. She could let go of her mother’s mental health demons.