Sleepy Hollow Recap: A Founding Father, Tupac-Style

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Recap

Unpopular opinion of the week: Monday’s Sleepy Hollow could have benefitted from more Katrina.

I know. For at least half the season, I’ve been advocating reduced screen time for the witch — or, at least, a purpose for her that’s more than wringing of hands and botching of spells.

But after the ending to last week’s episode, in which it appeared that Red had accidentally catapaulted over to the dark side, I really wanted to see what Mrs. Crane was up to.

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Instead, we get a few scant moments of the witch’s slow slide into evil, and they come only after a Founding Father guilt-trips the Witnesses for the terrible crime of… being decent human beings. Way to be a buzzkill, TJeff.

Read on for what goes down in “What Lies Beneath.”

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BLAST FROM THE PAST | Three on-the-job construction workers stumble across a hatch in the tunnels under the city, and before I can yell “Penny!,” some very gross creatures drag the workers in. As Ichabod and Abbie investigate, she notices a good-looking guy with a camera snapping away. His name is Calvin Riggs (played by ER‘s Sharif Atkins), he’s a journalist with combat experience, and his brother is one of the missing workers. Oh, and he doesn’t trust Abs to tell him the truth about anything.

The Witnesses crawl down the hole but are chased out by the same monsters that grabbed the workers… and Riggs is right there, demanding answers as Abs and Ich catch their breath by the hatch.

Abbie agrees to give Riggs limited access to the investigation (did I mention he was cute?), a move Ichabod thinks is rash. But there’s not much time to debate, because Crane and Mills are going back down to deal with the heinous beasties.

Once they dispatch a few uglies, they come to the “fenestella” — a chamber Thomas Jefferson designed way back in the day. And guess who’s still inside there? The third American president himself. Allow me to echo the sentiment etched on both Ichabod and Abbie’s faces when I say: In the what-what?

FIRE IN THE HOLE! | As the bewigged one (played by Wings‘ Steven Weber) informs the Witnesses, he’s not really there: He’s just a mystical-infused hologram with all of the thoughts, memories and feelings of the long-dead Founding Father. (The monsters, by the way, are supernaturally warped versions of Washington’s soldiers called reavers.)

Ichabod is enchanted; he looked up to Jefferson back in the day (Ich even script-doctored the Declaration of Independence), but was hurt when Jefferson “unfriended” him. Holo-son explains that he had to: He always knew Ichabod was going to be a Witness, but had to withhold that information until the time was right. And this room he built? “”Everything Washington and I learned about the Witnesses is in this chamber,” Jefferson tells Ichabod.

After Abbie locates the missing workers hiding from the reavers, here’s a lot of back and forth over what’s more worth of saving: the tunnel (and the information-filled fenestella) or the captive workers’ lives… but you know our pals aren’t going to sacrifice their common man, so it just feels a little bit stake-less. The Witnesses free the workers, Ich blows up the hologram and the reavers, and Riggs flirts with Abbie a little before bidding her goodbye.

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RUNE IN TOMORROW | Elsewhere, Frank enlists Jenny’s help to break into the sheriff’s department evidence room… but she doesn’t buy his story that he’s just trying to recover some personal effects. When she catches him with a Hellfire Club ledger and flash drive, he knocks her up against the wall and starts to flee. When she catches up to him, he claims that he’s been evil since he came back but has brief flashes of goodness — thanks to a rune he implanted in his palm right before he died as a means of thwarting Henry’s I’ve-got-your-soul thing. (The rune also snowed Katrina during that supernatural lie-detector test a few weeks back. Shocking? Nope.)

Frank wants Jenny to give Cynthia and Macey the flash drive, which will give them access to the Hellfire Club’s offshore accounts and cover their needs for the future. Jenny agrees. Is Irving lying? And what’s his good-to-bad ratio at any given moment? If you’ve got a theory, comment early and comment often!

‘FOR OUR KIND’ | And now, the witch. Katrina wakes from a nap on the couch to see Henry sitting in front of her, clutching dead roses and telling her, “I killed Moloch for you, mother. For our kind. It’s time for us to begin our work.” When she takes the flowers, the thorns cut her… and then she wakes up. But her hands are still bleeding, and the roses are on the chair, so this mother and child reunion is twisted, and it. is. on. (See what I mean? Give us a little more, Sleepy writers!)

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!


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  1. Angela says:

    I want to believe there’s still some good lurking in Irving-I think he was sincere when asking Jenny to take care of his family, and saying he was talking to her about all this because she would have an idea of what he’d gone through. But yeah, I had a feeling that rune on his hand wasn’t as good as he made it seem, too. I’m thinking/really hoping Jenny will come up with some way to help pull Irving back from the brink. I just hope if she’s the one to do it, she doesn’t get sucked into the same fate he did somehow. Watching him fight her was tough and painful. I’m so rooting for Irving to be okay!
    As for Ichabod and Abbie, yeah, it’s not surprising that they’d rescue those trapped people instead of keep intact the place with all the information Jefferson had compiled and stored for them. But I still liked seeing them pass that silent agreement back and forth, and I am curious to see if they are able to still somehow make use out of what Jefferson had stored away. As Ichabod so aptly noted, they have the internet, so…:D. Also, I loved the “freedom of the press”/”24 hour news cycle” back and forth between them :p. And on that note, I liked Calvin, too, and I’d be cool with him showing up again for whatever reason.
    As for Katrina, I too am very curious about that ending, and what the hell will be happening with her on that front. Considering the promo for next week, it’s obviously not something good, and now I’m very curious and yet very nervous all at the same time about what this means for everybody come season finale night. Eep.

  2. JP says:

    If fox cancels this show, I swear I’ll never watch a damn show on this network again.. That being said, I think the show is getting back what it’s good at.. Playing Crane’s knowledge and familiarity with the founding fathers with the WTF is going on right now.
    I think Irving is playing them for Henry, but altimately wants to protect his family while he has the good still.
    I am dying to know what happens with Katrina based on the next few episodes. Where are the writers taking us? How crane handles his role as a witness vs the loss of his family? Is it just him and Abbie vs the supernatural world (but don’t pair them together.. Enjoying the friendship)…

    Cannot wait for next weeks episode and fingers crossed, many more seasons to come.

  3. Babybop says:

    Not a bad episode, but not my favorite. Can’t wait for next week when it looks like Katrina goes full evil. On another note, was this episode directed by JJ Abrams? Because the lens flares were driving me nuts.

  4. J.B. says:

    Sorry, Off Topic: Is TVLine not recapping The Originals anymore? Second week without one.

    • Elle says:

      You’re lucky then. Supernatural fans haven’t gotten one since I believe the first one of the season. This was one show that didn’t get a recap for the one back from winter hiatus like most shows did.

    • Fran says:

      I don’t recall them ever doing weekly recaps of The Originals. I think they just do them sporadically or when something really big happens… Or when they have a cast or writer interview to go along with that weeks ep.

  5. Alichat says:

    I loved their initial reactions when they stumble upon Jefferson. And the banter was much better this episode. I was rather hoping they’d try to gas the Reavers to death, leaving the Jefferson Library intact. Or at least stuff a book or two in a bag before they blew the joint. I kept waiting for them to call Katrina for her to do some spell to ward off the Reavers, thus allowing them to get the workers out and still access the mystical library. Of course with Katrina’s track record, the spell would fail miserably. I’m not sure I trust anything Irving said to Jenny. I’m thinking the flash drive will come back to bite her in the bum. Did anyone else hear River panic-whispering “Reavers!” whenever they said that word? Think Joss got a co-writing credit??? LOL

    • Angela says:

      I was rather hoping they’d try to gas the Reavers to death, leaving the Jefferson Library intact. Or at least stuff a book or two in a bag before they blew the joint.
      I hadn’t considered gassing them, but I like that idea. Definitely agreed on hoping they would’ve grabbed a book or two, though-I love that they saved those people, but I fear that blowing the place up could come back to bite them. I suspect that’s why the stakes in saving those people weren’t so high, why there wasn’t that much suspense with that part of the story.
      And I too thought they’d bring Katrina in to help at the first mention of witchcraft. But yeah, considering the unsettling situation she’s finding herself in, that’s likely for the best she didn’t help them out.

    • Lucas Corso says:

      There was no reason to just blow it all up. They could have left and come back with more fire power and taken the Reavers out. Or they could have used Katrina, who last week suddenly became a bad-ass. The Reavers had been contained for 200 years. They could have come up with a plan instead of using a bomb.

      • BeaAnn44 says:

        That’s what I kept thinking. They always seem to find another way and why would you be so cavalier about destroying all that information that could help them in the future. Seemed short-sighted. But I still love this show myself.

  6. Melissa says:

    Crane continues to be the Forrest Gump of the 18th century.

  7. Mój wymarzony dom jest dość duży, dwupiętrowy.

  8. Lucas Corso says:

    Shark jumped.

  9. ninamags says:

    Their very own Men Of Letters bunker!!

    All blowed up 😟

  10. wild_child says:

    Unpopular opinion here: I actually really quite liked this episode a lot. I actually thought it was one of the better ones this season. Abbie & Ichabod played off each other quite well. I also liked Shariff Atkins in his role. He and Nicole had great chemistry. I wouldn’t mind seeing him again either. He should have been an early addition as opposed to Hawley.

  11. Susannah says:

    If you wanted to know what Mrs. Crane was up to this episode, well apparently she was napping. Until the end anyway, where again, she was the victim of some sort of witchcraft. You know, that thing she can’t successfully do herself, even though she’s a witch!
    Why is Katrina always a victim? Even here, she’s going to turn evil but no doubt, it will be blamed on her son turning her with the black rose thorn he forced her to hold that pierced her skin. She’s such an annoying character, hopefully she’ll leave the show in a blaze of glory and maybe even an accomplished spell or two, not as a victim but as a woman who chose her son over good, even though he was evil. At least I sort of understand that story.

  12. KatsMom says:

    So, as far as Jefferson’s library goes, I didn’t think that they could just wipe out all the reavers because I thought that TJ said that the reavers helped power his magical mystery archive. If they all die, then the place powers down and goes poof, or something. I assume it was a sort of fail-safe. TJ opens the door for Abby and/or Ichabod, but anyone else would have to deal with the Reavers first. (Oh, and, like some other commenters, I fully had Firefly flashbacks while hearing the nasties described with that word). Maybe I’m just making up a more compelling story in my head, but I could have sworn that was why it wasn’t as simple as it seemed for them to have their cake and eat it too.

    With that being said though, I thought Crane surmised that these things were attacking because they’d been locked up so long that they were starving, thus the one trying to take a bite out of Crane as he was climbing up the ladder. (Am I the only one who thought he was going to the zombie zone until Crane grasped/explained what they actually were?). So, if hunger was causing a lot of the trouble, it seems like they could have bought themselves some time with a few steaks or something…time Crane could have used to read as many of the books as possible. He’s got the eidetic memory, so as soon as he’s read what he could, then they could destroy it all and rest easy-ish. I honestly thought Crane was just going to live down there for a couple weeks, so if anyone happened to climb down the shaft again, he could make sure no one got hurt, but his primary objective would obviously be to consume all the information that he could. At a minimum though, as some other commenters noted, I don’t understand why he didn’t talk a few minutes to ask, “Tommy, if you had to rank the stuff in this room, which of these tomes, documents, or items are the most important to the cause? You know, if there were a fire before everything was preserved down here, which things would you have rushed into the burning building to save? At least we can save a little bit, so your work here wasn’t a total loss.” But, no. Just set the timer to blow in 60 seconds because clearly this spot in the sewer is such a draw for the townspeople that someone would have been attacked if they took an extra 10 minutes or so.

  13. herman1959 says:

    This was an average episode, but I really enjoyed Sharif Atkins and the explanation for Katrina going bad. All in all, the episode was a good setup for the finale.

  14. R says:

    Was I the only one who thought it was stupid of Ichabod and Abbie not to grab SOMETHING from the ‘witnesses chamber’. I mean…just stuff some papers in your backpack! Geez.
    Katrina is going evil…shocking.

  15. LaLa says:

    At this point, I’m just coasting along, hoping that Sleepy Hollow is given another season to correct the fustercluck they have made of this second season. I cannot believe how incredibly incredibly horrible they have made this brilliant, brilliant show! Ugh. A travesty.

  16. dman6015 says:

    Reavers? Really? How very ‘Firefly’ of the writer. Did Whedon write this episode?

  17. smartysenior says:

    The problem with Katrina is the actress who plays her. No one can write a script where such a poor actress can overcome her lack of skill, she just needs to leave the show. She’s already made an oddball character completely boring because she has such a dull, lifeless way about her. I saw her interviewed and she’s dull in person too. Give her a great exit and let’s get on with the sparkling characters on the show.

    • ninamags says:

      And how many acting awards do you have? How many years have you been involved in the craft? What respected school of acting did you graduate from?

      It’s so ridiculous to me, and frankly it pi$$es me of, when “regular” people criticize someone’s acting abilities. Most of us know f**k all about what’s involved in bringing a character to life, both in terms of writing a character and then bringing said character to life in front of a camera.

      Just because you don’t like the character on a tv show, does not mean you get to slam the actress that portrays her.

      • Susannah says:

        It’s my opinion that Katia Winter is a bad actress as well. It’s because she can’t convey to me, a viewer, what her character is thinking or feeling. I can’t read anything from her face, from the way she walks, from her voice, anything different from scene to scene. So she’s failing at her job, which is to portray her character in a competent manner. That’s different from everyone else on the show, including disliked characters such as Hawley. Matt Barr did a good job of making me understand his character’s motivations even though Hawley was poorly written too.

  18. barb jones says:

    I love this show and am tired of ALL the really bad reality TV!!!!!!! Take me away Sleepy Hollow!!!!!!!

  19. Joanne says:

    Well, they’re certainly getting their use out of that tunnel/cave set! I also was at a loss to understand why the vault of knowledge had to go along with the reavers. Surely a show based on supernatural premise could have found a way to contain them otherwise. Hey, how about throwing them some fresh meat?
    And why didn’t Crane use that eidetic memory to absorb some of the knowledge before it blew? I can only conclude this loss will somehow become important to the future storyline. Please, let SH have a future storyline! Even at its weakest it’s so much better than the other crap out there.
    Katrina? Now that she’s gone to the dark side we can get rid of her without guilt.
    Hey, isn’t it about time for the 3rd horseman to be revealed? And where’s Headless? I miss him, he was the coolest character right from the first episode! Whack!

    • Gerald says:

      Forget the memory part, why couldn’t Crane or Abbie at least grab the box of info on the witnesses or a handful of books before blowing it up. BUT REALLY why blow it up at all??? SURELY they could have thought of another way to kill the Reavers. There were not that many of them, and the information that Jefferson took so much effort to protect was probably worth more of a plan to save!!!!!!
      This episode was great right up until they blew up the vault. I was so frustrated by that.

  20. Pat says:

    I finally had a chance to watch this episode, today. I enjoyed it. Next week looks really looks good and I cannot wait to see it. I just hope they do not cancel this show. I really do enjoy watching it.

  21. scampi says:

    I thought this was an awful episode. I am not ready to stop watching, but so miss the show of season 1.

  22. Kendra says:

    Good stuff:
    1. It was great to see our Witnesses having each others’ backs again, without too many romantic scenes. (i’m firmly on the Ichabbie ship, but don’t need it shoved down my throat each week).

    2. Orlando Jones is selling it! His plight with good vs evil is so compelling and acted so hearbreakingly well. Btw when did he have time to get a rune in his hand before the Fauxpocalypse? And calling out to Jenny’s past with demon possession was very smart. Lyndie Greenwood also bringing it in those scenes.

    3. Great opening sequence and liked Calvin’s intro. Although I’m Team Ichabbie, Abbie should have some fun while Ichabod gets his house in order. Anytime you want to ride the Calvin train, Abbie hun, go for it!

    4. MOTW: Really creepy, and the cannibalism was an added touch of gross (but still good)

    1. While it had all the elements of SH of old, one (big, major) thing took away from my enjoyment: the plot. It. Made. No. Sense! Holographic Jefferson was fine, but having to blow up the chamber because of the Reavers – who weren’t exactly posing a threat to those 300m Americans btw – was stupid, esp when you factor in that the chamber housed all the info needed to win the war.

    I liked the initial moral dilemma with collateral damage vs winning the war, but this whole storylineof blowing up the Chamber would have been more compelling if – after the hatch is disturbed – the Reavers were coming out to the tunnels because they wanted braaaiiinnnnsss! As it was, the Witnesses had time to go back down (supposedly with more weapons, but it sure looked like the same guns to me) AND NOT TAKE ONE DAMN BOOK! As I said, it made no damn sense, and our Witnesses are not stupid. They should have sealed the chamber, gone back with Jenny, shot the hell out of the Reavers, then gotten the info!

    2. Jefferson: No mention of his dubious past, esp since it was brought up in S1? And Ichabod was a Founder too? Uggh. This NEEDS to stop. Yes, Ichabod was there but come on, writers! He can’t have been that behind-the-scenes with every major FF!

    The writing has been very uneven this series and the ratings were especially bad this epi, a series low. That makes me nervous, both for the show and the quality of writing. One thing’s for sure – can’t blame Katrina for this one… (Episode ranking 7/10)

  23. AT says:

    I really wish they didn’t have to destroy Jefferson and all the information. It would have been really interesting to see that play out and what they discovered. And the idea of a “present day Jefferson” was really interesting too. Who wouldn’t want to know what a founding father has to say about the modern world?

  24. Leah says:

    First, I have to say, I hope there is FINALLY a possibility of a nice BROTHA’ for Abbie! That flirtation was adorable.

    Second, I really hope that Irving is redeemed somehow.

    Third, please don’t let Katrina turn to the dark side!