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Arrow Season 3: Scoop on Roy's New Role, Sara's Status, the Baby and More

Arrow Season 3 ArsenalAlready, TVLine has updated you on Arrow Season 3 as it pertains to Oliver’s connection to the next Big Bad, Laurel’s awaited journey, Felicity’s imminent backstory, the big “date,” a “super” new frenemy and a flurry of foes.

But wait, there’s more — even before Comic-Con descends upon us this week.

Here, exec producer Marc Guggenheim shares a peek at what’s on tap for Roy, Diggle, Thea and a familiar face’s can’t-miss, quotable comeback.

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FULL ARSENAL | Guggenheim admits that one of Season 2’s shortcomings was the incorporation of Roy into Team Arrow, stop-and-start and scattershot as it was due to the Mirakuru mess. So going into the fall, “I’d love to see us stick the landing a bit better” with regards to Roy’s role among our heroes. “This year you really feel like he is a part of Team Arrow, in a very integral way.” That includes suiting Roy up (see photo) as well as “exploring the repercussions” of his Mirakru’d rampage. “He went through this major trauma, and we always said that was necessary for him to become a hero,” the EP reminds. “But this is the year we get to play with all of that.”

BACK WITH A BANG | Seeing as Episode 2 is titled “Sara,” it should come as no surprise that Caity Lotz’s Arrow days are not over just yet. And she still has some bon mots left in her quiver. “Her first line [upon returning] is one of my favorites…. She says something amazing.Seeing Red It’s like a movie trailer line,” Guggenheim effuses. “In fact, it may end up in a commercial or something.”

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OH, BABY! | When last we tuned in, amidst so, so much mayhem and destruction, Diggle learned that he’s going to be a daddy. “Diggle has some major storylines coming up — the biggest obviously being Lyla is pregnant,” Guggenheim notes. Specifically, the EP singles out Episode 3 as “very Diggle-oriented” (though perhaps not to the same degree as “Keep Your Enemies Closer” or “Suicide Squad”).

THE ‘NEW’ TEAM MEMBER | Guggenheim says it’s “a fun thing” to now have Laurel in on Oliver’s secret, allowing the writers to thus bring her into the Arrowcave as needed. “There’s a great scene between her and Felicity in Episode 3 that we never could do in the last two seasons. And she now can interact with Diggle in a separate way,” he observes. “It’s fun to see these colors mixing together that you’ve never seen before.”Streets of Fire

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SISTER ACT | Of course, things weren’t shiny-happy for all of Oliver’s loved ones as Season 2 came to a close. Sister Thea — hurt by so many secrets and lies — climbed into her newly discovered “dad” Malcolm Merlyn’s limo, embarking for points (and a destiny) unknown. Guggenheim gets closed-lipped on this topic, other than to say: “At some point this season, we’re going to flash back to the end of [that finale], stay in the limo for their conversation and see what Malcolm said to her — and what she said to Malcolm.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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