November Sweeps Scoop: A New Girl Love Triangle, Glee Twerks Out, 'Racist' Mindy, Crazy Bones Bachelorette Bash and More!

New Girl Season 3The TV biz has for years been declaring “sweeps” periods about as antiquated as wired remote controls, but Fox apparently wasn’t copied on the memo.

The network on Tuesday issued an extensive bulletin touting its “massive” plans for November sweeps, which kicks off this Thursday. We sifted through the release to weed out the old news (X Factor’s return, Almost Human‘s premiere, etc) and play up the stuff that really matters: the spoilers.


Monday, Nov. 4 at 8/7c: “The Nazi on the Honeymoon”
While honeymooning in Buenos Aires, Brennan and Booth just can’t get into vacation mode and instead decide to help Raphael Valenza (24‘s Joaquim De Almeida), a local detective and huge fan of Brennan’s books, solve the murder of a Nazi war criminal whose remains were found in a historic mass grave. Meanwhile, back in Washington D.C., Hodgins and Angela struggle to take care of Christine while Brennan and Booth are away.

Monday, Nov. 11: “The Dude in the Dam”
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a failed male model, whose only source of income resulted from his sperm donations. When the team learns that he falsified records, they start to suspect anyone who was jilted by his contributions. Meanwhile, Brennan struggles with social niceties when she is drawn into a feud with fellow author Tess Brown (guest star Nora Dunn), and Hodgins gets in touch with his motherly instincts when he plays host to a fly larva.

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Friday, Nov. 15 at 8/7c: “The Fury in the Jury” (Time Period Premiere)
Brennan is a juror in the trial of professional soccer player Peter Kidman (Against the Wall‘s Brandon Quinn), who is accused of murdering his wife. When she concludes that Kidman is not guilty, his best friend — and a key witness in the case — turns up dead. The Jeffersonian team then must work together to uncover the truth.

Friday, Nov. 22: “The Mystery in the Meat”
The Jeffersonian team investigates the murder of a food scientist whose remains were tossed in a meat grinder and mixed into cans of stew served in a school cafeteria. When the team uncovers the scientist’s newest — and highly lucrative — food invention, they also track the trail of jealous competitors in the multi-million dollar food industry. Meanwhile, Angela plans a post-wedding bachelorette party for Brennan, which gets crazier than intended.


Monday, Nov. 4 at 9/8c: “Sin Eaters”
When Ichabod Crane goes missing, his wife, Katrina appears to Lt. Abbie Mills in a vision warning her that the Headless Horseman will return to Sleepy Hollow by nightfall. A frantic Abbie seeks help from the mysterious Henry Parrish (Fringe‘s John Noble) in order to rescue Ichabod. Meanwhile, an encounter from Ichabod’s past weighs heavily on him, and details from Ichabod and Katrina’s very first encounter are revealed.

Monday, Nov. 11: “The Midnight Ride”
Abbie and Ichabod must find hidden clues to thwart the evil in Sleepy Hollow and Abbie gets an unexpected visit from the enigmatic Andy Brooks.

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Monday, Nov. 18 “Into Darkness”
Ichabod, Abbie, Captain Irving and Jenny join forces and face the Headless Horseman. While staring down this nemesis, Ichabod is shocked by game-changing information about the Horseman’s true motive.

Monday, Nov. 25 “Sanctuary”
When Ichabod and Abbie investigate a missing persons case, the search leads to a colonial-era house which holds secrets from Ichabod’s past… and unleashes a long-dormant evil.


Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 9/8c: “Coach”
A newly single Coach (Damon Wayans, Jr.) returns to the loft, wanting to pick up exactly where he left off. Meanwhile, Jess and Cece have a girls’ night out, during which they meet a handsome stranger (Private Practice‘s Taye Diggs).

Tuesday, Nov. 12: “Menus”
An overabundance of Chinese food take-out menus left at the loft’s front door is the catalyst for an interconnected series of adventures for Jess and the guys.

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Tuesday, Nov. 19: “Werewolf”
Nick takes Winston out to get him back in the dating game. Then, when Coach asks Cece out on a date, Jess is tasked with keeping a depressed Schmidt occupied inside the loft, and in the process, they rekindle their friendship.

Tuesday, Nov. 26: “Thanksgiving III”
The gang’s survival skills are put to the test when Nick takes them camping for Thanksgiving. Coach and Schmidt battle it out over who is the best woodsman, while Cece and Winston bond over their mutual distaste for the outdoors.


Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 9:30/8:30c: “Sk8r Man”
When Danny tells Mindy that she is too picky and judgmental of other people, she is on a mission to prove him wrong and goes on a date with her complete opposite, a wild and crazy skateboarder named Graham (Justified‘s Timothy Olyphant). Meanwhile, Jeremy receives a visit from his father (guest star Alan Dale), who seems to prefer Peter over his own son.

Tuesday, Nov. 12: “You’ve Got Sext”
When Mindy tells Danny she has a crush, he thinks she’s talking about him instead of Cliff, the lawyer (It’s Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton). Meanwhile, Morgan and Peter find Mindy’s phone and respond to a text from Cliff, which starts off innocently, but escalates into something that may lead to unintended romantic consequences.

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Tuesday, Nov. 19: “Mindy Lahiri Is A Racist”
One of Danny’s patients is a mommy blogger, so he invites her to write about Schulman & Associates on her website, only to find out that she is actually a white supremacist and paints the practice in a racist light. Desperate to control the situation, the team hires a PR guru (Dharma & Greg‘s Jenna Elfman) who intends to give Danny media training, but ends up seducing him.

Tuesday, Nov. 26: “Wedding Crushers”
When Mindy’s cheating ex-boyfriend, Josh, invites her to his wedding, Mindy must find a date and begrudgingly decides to take Peter, who is actually a great wedding date — until he makes one big mistake. Meanwhile, Danny’s kid brother, Richie (The Social Network‘s Max Minghella), is in town to make a big announcement.  


Thursday, Nov. 7 at 9/8c: “A Katy or a Gaga”
The members of New Directions tackle their assignments of getting out of their comfort zones and determining whether they’re more like “Katy” or “Gaga.” In New York, Kurt holds auditions for his new band and must decide if he’ll let in the overly bold performer StarChild (American Idol‘s Adam Lambert). Also, Jake gets closer to Bree (guest star Erinn Westbrook), as he and Marley grow apart.

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Thursday, Nov. 14: “The End of Twerk”
The glee club learns the dance of the hour: twerking. Meanwhile, Marley discovers Jake’s relationship with Bree and Rachel tries to convince Kurt they both should get tattoos.

Thursday, Nov. 21: “Movin’ Out”
The New Directions pay homage to Piano Man Billy Joel. As graduation approaches, the seniors make plans for their futures beyond the halls of McKinley.

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