Should New Girl Jess Jilt Nick? Is Rumple Hiding Thor's Hammer? Your Coven 'Wish'? And More Qs

RevengeWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Walking Dead, New Girl, Law & Order: SVU and Arrow!

1 | Where is Haven’s Jordan currently ranking amongst TV’s Most Annoying Characters? Above or below Castle’s Pi? (On a happier note: Yea, Audrey’s back!)

2 | Even though Revenge‘s Margaux is wearing a bit thin, wasn’t it nice to see her bring out a smile in the usually dour Jack? And did we hear correctly when the promos touted the Hampton’s hottest “love rhombus“? SAT-word alert!

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3 | How did Masters of Sex get those bunnies to perform on command? And is Virginia’s bespectacled young son the cutest kid in all of primetime?

4 | Is every season of Homeland now going to be about Brody as a hostage in a foreign country, sort of like when Prison Break ran out of things to do and locked its protagonists in a different prison? Did anyone else get flashbacks to Six Feet Under‘s David-kidnapped-in-a-van episode during this Brody-suffering-in-Venezuela installment?Once Upon a Time Thor Hammer

5 | As a Once Upon a Time fan asked at the New York Comic-Con screening/panel: Was that Thor’s hammer in Rumplestiltskin’s closet? And did some people actually not pick up on the Mulan subtext during her Season 2 scenes, let alone in her Season 3 premiere heart-to-heart with Neal?

6 | Did The Walking Dead‘s Michonne start hitting the Prozac between seasons?

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7 | Can we pretty please have a Tampa-set Boardwalk Empire spin-off about ‘gator-fighting? Swampland Empire, anyone?

8 | Did you spy Katie Holmes’ (digitally inserted) Slutty Pumpkin on this week’s How I Met Your Mother? And who do you think is in Stuart’s shower?

9 | Did guest star Tom Amandes come over to Castle from Scandal in the Jack Coleman trade?

10 | Is there any possible reason — other than overt ageism — that The Voice coaches failed to use their “Steals” on Donna Allen, after her rip-roaring cover of “Next to Me”?

New Girl11 | Admit it: If New Girl‘s Jess were your bestie, wouldn’t you tell her to dump Nick ASAP – especially after this week’s inheritance-blowing fiasco?

12 | As much as we liked the idea of Trophy Wife Kate not totally abandoning her party-girl past, wasn’t her BFF Meg’s tone-deafness — walking topless through the yard and house, vomiting in Warren’s slippers — too thuddingly obvious, even by sitcom standards?

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13 | Charlie Hunnam drops out of Fifty Shades of Grey due to his immersive Sons of Anarchy schedule the same week Jax delivers a marathon 11-minute monologue to his SAMCRO brothers — coincidence?

14 | For those Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. viewers with rugrats at home, how funny was it to see A.N.T. Farm‘s goofy Zoltan Grundy (aka actor Dominic Burgess) play this week’s biggish bad? (Does he only work on shows with acronyms in the title?) And what are the odds that both S.H.I.E.L.D. and Criminal Minds this week featured nefarious plots to embed a camera inside someone’s eyeball?

15 | Did this Chicago PD casting news dampen the big Revolutiontwist with Jesse Lee Soffer’s character?

16 | Revolution fans: What the hell happened here?!

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17 | Arrow fans, is there a Tumblr or something out there keeping a list of Felicity’s glorious verbal boners a la “I love spending the night with you”? (That said, can we please not degrade the brainiac by pouring her into too-tight work dresses?)

18 | The Tomorrow People‘s teleporting effect: Pretty damn cool for a small TV show, yes?

19 | “What’s your wish, witch?” Is the answer A) more Lange/Bassett scenes on American Horror Story: Coven, B) to get that on a T-shirt or C) both?

20 | Is Once Upon a Time in Wonderland leading us down a primrose path with the Knave’s mention of his true love Anastasia, seeing as she’s a 20th Century Fox property and likely would never appear on a Disney-centric series?

21 | Who got the juiciest Vampire Diaries Season 5 challenge: Paul Wesley or (finally) Zach Roerig?

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22 | How daring of Grey’s Anatomy was it to have Cristina weigh in on the age-old “Can a woman have it all?” debate by flat-out telling Meredith — her person, no less — that she’d fallen behind as a surgeon as she rose to the chalenge of motherhood? Are we bad people if we agree that Stephanie is not worthy of Jackson? And did even the suggestion of her hooking up with Arizona make the otherwise-bland Leah 200 percent cooler by association?

Rachael Ray23 | Which Parks and Recreation fans out there freeze-framed the screen shots of Donna’s Twitter feed, to read her other True Blood-related “observations”?

24 | Has Rachael Ray ever seemed more giddy about a guest than during this Friday’s cooking segment with French culinary superstar Daniel Boulud?

25 | Why does Will Ferrell look like he’s wearing a rubber mask in those Ron Burgundy/SUV commercials?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

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