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Inside the 'Deeply Divided' Mindy Project Writers' Room: Ike Barinholtz on Mindy/Danny Romance

The Mindy Project DannyIf The Mindy Project writer and co-star Ike Barinholtz had gotten his way, flirty friends Mindy and Danny would have jumped right into a “torrid love affair” at the end of Season 1. (Sorry, Pastor Casey.) As it turns out, though, he is not the only one in the MP writers’ room.

“The whole year we were all deeply divided on whether or not [we should ‘go there’] with Mindy and Danny,” Barinholtz shared with TVLine at the recent ATX Festival. “I wanted to see it. But some other writers said ‘No, no, no! Don’t do that. Wait.”

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And now? “Well, we waited,” he said with a laugh. “But there was still a nice moment at the end [of the finale] that shows there’s something there between those two. Looking back, I’m glad that the [other writers] won because hopefully we’ll be able to do the show for awhile and then, if eventually if the show ends with Mindy and Danny living in a two-bedroom in The Village somewhere, it would be fantastic.”

The Mindy Project Danny

So, Team Dindy/Dandy/Manny (?) fans out there, you’ll have to sit tight because, confirmed your former teammate: “We’re now giving Mindy some time to get there with him.”

As far as our leading lady’s other romantic prospects go, Barinholtz reveals that Anders Holm will return as the god-loving beau Mindy followed to Haiti in the Season 1 finale — but for now he’ll only be “back for a few” installments. “That’s such a great relationship,” he explained, “but all good things must come to an end.”

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On Morgan’s end of the spectrum, Barinholtz is eager to show off his alter ego’s very own gal pal. “It might be fun to find a woman who would date this person,” he laughed. “She might be a psychopath, but she’s out there! And at some point there might also be a circumstance where Morgan has to live with either Mindy or Danny for an extended period of time…. There’s a lot of romantic comedy to pull from there!”

Are you, like Ike Barinholtz, hoping for a Mindy/Danny love story? Would you rather see Morgan’s weird romantic life play out? Hit the comments!