Grey's Anatomy Finale Recap: I'll Be C'ing You

Grey's Anatomy Season 9 FinaleIt says a lot about Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy finale that the C-section Meredith has during the big storm (!) in the dark (!) is arguably its least dramatic incident. But it’s true! In fact, no sooner has her and Derek’s McBaby been delivered than panic sets in. Why? Read on and find out!

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THE CLOSER | First, Mer understandably freaks when her newborn doesn’t immediately cry. Then, after Derek takes away their perfectly healthy (and incredibly clean) tot to the nursery, Shane is left to close. As in, close Mer! Unfortunately, the patient springs a leak – the result of that fall she took last week – leaving her in the unenviable position of having to explain to the intern how he’s going to open her back up and stop her from bleeding to death! Finally, though Bailey’s been bailing on surgeries the whole episode long, she’s forced to act to save Mer (which, of course, she does). Afterward, Mer and Derek agree that the perfect name for their son is… Bailey.

BUS-TED | After a bus crashes – conveniently just outside the ER – all the passengers are evacuated… except, Jackson notices, for one hard-to-spot little girl. When the bus explodes, it looks like the would-be hero is toast – burnt toast, at that! In response, April goes berserk. When it turns out that not only is her ex-lover fine but he saved the kid to boot, Goody Two-Shoes confesses that she still wants him. “You’re getting married,” he notes. “Unless,” she replies, “you can give me a reason not to.” (Hasta la vista, Matthew!)

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ONE-LONG-NIGHT STAND | Following her tryst with Lauren, Arizona wants nothing more than to get away from her… which is pretty much impossible, because they’ve got a nursery full of babies whose incubators are running out of batteries! Even worse, when the lights come back on, Callie immediately notices that Lauren’s wearing Arizona’s top – it has her ring pinned to it! The other woman makes a great excuse, but the cat is out of the bag. In the end, Arizona blames it all on Callie’s decision to amputate. Callie didn’t lose anything in the plane crash, Arizona argues. “I lost you,” Callie answers sadly.

FROM START TO FINISH | Overcoming his fear that he’s some kind of lady jinx who turns every woman he’s involved with into a basket case, Alex finally admits to Jo that he loves her, and they engage in a whole smoochapalooza. On the other end of the relationship spectrum, Cristina and Owen at last have “the talk.” And, knowing that she’ll never be enough for him the same way that surgery is enough for her, she walks away

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SHOCKING… LITERALLY | Unaware that Bailey has stepped in and saved Mer, Richard spends the hour believing that his efforts to cajole her back into the OR have failed. She’s just about to find him to fill him in and apologize for their big fight when we see that – holy crap! – when the power came back on, he was electrocuted in the flooded basement!

Okay, your turn. What did you think of the episode? The season? Relieved Mer decided against Sebastian as the McBaby’s name? (Did you have a better idea?) Do you think Richard is really dead? Can Callie and Arizona’s marriage be saved? What about Owen and Cristina’s? Hit the comments with your… you know, comments!

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  1. K says:

    Wow is the Chief really dead?

    • Melanie says:

      I really hope not!

    • Mary says:

      Once I saw him down in the basement with the water and the electricity, I knew he was a goner.

      • Sarah says:

        That was my first guess too. Now we have to wait all summer to know! Torture.

      • Robin says:

        My thoughts were very similar…in fact I thought the other guy had been electrocuted actually at first. Then when the guy told the Chief what to do I was like “Oh this is not going to end well…at that point I knew that our last scene of the show would be of him keeled over in the basement…” :(

        • Sarah says:

          MEEEEE TOOO!!!

        • Frenchy64000 says:

          I had the same reaction in knowing what would happen. Honestly, I thought the way the chief died was so incredibly stupid. I love Richard because he has been one of the best characters since the beginning but how stupid do you have to be to turn on the electricity when you are standing in water, surrounded by water, and wet???? The way he was killed was quite unrealistic because Richard is not a dumb person but what he did was probably one of the stupidest things I have seen on this show……

          • sonja lietch says:

            i agree!

          • Thereasonsy says:

            AMEN! It is like you are one of the most brilliant men in the country and with all of this water going around you you think it is ok to stand in it and flip a switch? In my mind I had to fill in a scene where he did it knowing he was going to get electrocuted but he had to save all of the lives in the hospital so it was a heroic death and not a Darwin Award winning death. Even then he should have called someone or used a prop to either stand above the water or to push the lever up. It is hard to think that a brilliant man who is in high pressure situations more often than I blink was such an idiot. Maybe he was drinking again cause I know that he drove me to drink last night.

          • Abby says:

            Just as unrealistic as a hurricane in Seattle, I’m guessing…

          • Dasia says:

            Maybe he did it to help everyone else. Maybe it was a sacrifice. Maybe he knew he could die but could save so many others. Kinda like when George jumped in front of the bus. Either way, it sucks if he’s dead!

          • Gabriel says:

            I agree!
            Also, isn’t it very unlikely for someone in Richard’s position (can’t remember anymore if he’s chief or what, but someone of his caliber) in a hospital, which is an extremely hierarchic place as we all know – to go down to the basement to fix the light??? O.K. I understand it’s Grey’s Anatomy and they’re always going out of their ways to be useful including bending the laws and regulations, but still….

      • Kelly V says:

        Me too! Plus they built up how great he was and what a great teacher etc he was. I don’t see him Making it out of this

      • luli says:

        me too!!! And I gotta say this was a hell of an episode!! Fora a second there I thought Avery and even Meredith were goners!! Shonda really knows how to pull off a great finale! We don’t give her enough credit… Also Richard can’t die!! Not him please!

        • Ally Oop says:

          This finale was way way way better than last year’s. Last year’s finale felt artificial in a lot of ways. This year’s finale Shonda got back to true form.

          • nikster says:

            Nooo, this season finale SUX big time, its a pity for Richard but there is no roll for him anymore in this story. The last episode the plain crashed. No way in hell this final season episode was better?!?!
            I was expecting a LOT more drama…. The episode was exciting, but the end was WACK….. #sorryy

      • Tiffanie says:

        Me too. Didn’t see scandals finale coming but I seen Richard getting electrocuted down there wondering all summer is he a goner hmmmmmmmmmm???

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t think Richard dies because when the original cast (including the actor that plays Richard) renewed their contracts this past year, it was said that they renewed for two seasons (season 9 the one that just ended tonight and season 10).

      • Marie says:

        Just because you sign a contract for 2 years doesn’t mean they can’t kill you and let you go early.

        • Kelly says:

          Geez, Marie, calm down…

          • klo says:

            Why does she need to calm down? All she did was state the logical answer. It isn’t like she ranted at you. Anyway, the contracts mean that the actor is locked in IF the show chooses to have them but isn’t an absolute definite. Now that I explained that further, I suppose that I too need to calm down.

          • Chris says:

            Why are you telling Marie to calm down? Because you strongly implied that Richard can’t be killed because of the actor’s contract and she corrected your obvious error? Just graciously accept that you don’t know much about contracts, thank her for the info, and move on instead of yelping at her. Geez.

          • Zod says:

            What the hell? Who’s the one who needs to calm down? Marie just posted one sentence that was factual, nothing more. The person who had a knee jerk reaction to it is the one who needs to calm down.

          • Jake says:

            Obviously a breaking bad reference

        • Keline says:

          That’s exactly what it means lol

        • Not a Grey’s fan, but one of my best friend’s is so I was checking this so I could be a good friend & talk to her about it tomorrow. (She’s sweet & does the same for me with my shows, Body of Proof & NCIS.)

          That said…as a *long time* NCIS & Law & Order fan (every version), just because you jave a contract doesn’t mean you’re coming back. If it’s in the best interest of the storyline/show…a good producer will have the writers give you a kick butt, cliffhangeror game changer send-off.

          There really is no such thing as job security on a high drama show. There are very few characters that are indispensible. Bones, Booth, Gibbs, Mer & Der…they are in the minority. Just the reality.

          • klo says:

            Exactly. It is a different industry, but the same happens with the nfl where contracts guarantee certain pay IF the player remains on the time but doesn’t mean that they are definitely sticking around, just because they have the contract.

        • Natalie says:

          Kelly’s comment gave me hope that Richard would be back next season, your’s although most likely factual dashed my hopes on the rocks…..thanks a lot MARIE!!

          Sometimes it’s better to let others KEEP HOPE ALIVE!

      • Jake says:

        He was not one of the core actors that had contracts renewed

        • Dizzle says:

          Not to be too nitpicky, but he was; it was the six remaining original cast members from the first season.

          • Jeana bogdon says:

            Richard Miranda Meredith Derek Christina and calle are the original ones right???

          • Mapie22 says:

            No, Meredith, Christina, Derek, Alex, Richard, and Bailey are the only ones from Season 1 still on the show. Callie wasn’t introduced until Season 2

    • Bsmswb says:

      I also hope he’s not dead- he’s one my favorites!!- but it’s not looking good for him… I’m kind of not surprised, though – Grey’s has so many characters.. I feel like there aren’t that many more stories to tell about Richard..

    • Kim says:

      I certainly hope not!

    • Carrie says:

      No way. New Season will start with the team saving him – Bailey will be the hero – they will have a moment where she tries to apologize for blaming him and he will tell her that saving his life was more than enough to prove his unwavering faith in her….Loved that they named the baby Bailey – kind of full circle moment – she named her son after George.

      Is it just me or is Arizona super selfish? Callie went through hell after her car crash (with Arizona at the wheel and yet never blamed her for not keeping her eyes on the road), she not only lost her best friend and her child’s father but also has been taking everything Arizona threw at her this season like a trooper. I like the drama but I would have loved for Callie to have said “at what point do you stop punishing me for saving your life? You didn’t cheat becasue of my choices, it was yours and its unacceptable and after all the grief you gave me for sleeping with Mark after you dumped me at the airport you can take your wooden leg and shove it where the sun don’t shine!”

      • Tisha says:


      • Laura says:

        Truth! Arizona pissed me off this episode and the last. Giving Callie grief after EVERYTHING she did for her. Get over it! She lost a leg and it SUCKS but she’s alive. And she’s doing great. I just can’t stand her right now.
        I haven’t heard anything about Richard, I’ll be upset if he’s gone because he’s such a great character. Also I continue to call him the chief though he hasn’t been in ages.

      • Cathy says:

        She broke up with Callie in an airport, caused the car crash and kicked Karev off the plane, which was why she was in the plane crash to begin with. Not fond of people not taking responsibility for things,so I agree with you.

        And another thing about the surgery; Arizona is smart enough to know that she could have signed paperwork, taking the responsibility out of Callie’s hands. She has no one to blame but herself, and has been taking it out on Callie for months. I hope they give Callie someone better.

      • ejdax37 says:

        I have always given Arizona the benefit of the doubt and I have even liked her when everyone else was complaining about her, but now it is official I hate Arizona. She needed time to get over losing her leg, ok that is a traumatic event but has she once put herself in Callie’s shoes, would she have said no let my wife die instead of taking her leg so she can live?!? I think she is whinny and ungrateful and i would be very happy if a helicopter feel on her.

      • Jules says:

        AMEN on the Callie/Arizona stuff. I agree that they will open the new season trying to save him & I hope they do. That will mean we will be seeing Jacksons mom around while Richard reecovers. (I like them together). I also want April & Jackson to get back together bc she really does love him and Im sorry but I have not really seen any chemistry with her and Matthew and that Jackson is a FINE look guy. All in all I loved the episode, I just hope Arizona will realize the hurt shes caused Callie & how patient, kind & trusting she was with her. I DO NOT LIKE Dr. homewrecker!!!

      • People react to trauma differently, and it’s harder for some to get over than others. Arizona obviously hasn’t processed that not losing her leg means she would have died. She hasn’t been able to separate her pain from Callie, who too, the leg. Yes, she sounds selfish in her pain and anger… people who live in that space have a hard time seeing out of it. She’s obviously in need of counseling, and perhaps she’ll now realize that she needs it.

        I’m really curious to see where they will go with the Arizona storyline, I love Callie, but my heart aches for both characters. Perhaps it’s because I’ve experienced very damaged people in my life.

        • Kristy says:

          I totally hate Arizona… always thought she was selfish, and then the ‘new’ Dr? Talk about a tramp! I hope she isn’t on on a regular basis! TOTALLY KNEW Arizona was MARRIED, but was a slut anyway… That woman deserves to die in a plane crash or lose HER leg! I mean I know this is just a tv show, but seriously… to throw yourself at Arizona like that? What a tramp… and Arizona knew better. Marriage is marriage, whether it is between 2 straight people or 2 gay people… the promises are the same…. and Arizona has held up none of her end of the relationship promises!!

          • elena says:

            Wow, I bet you go to the church and pray with that same mouth. I don’t wish anyone death, and cheating can happen. You decide to take responsibilities and make your relationship work after you confess to your partner or take the highway and start a new life with someone you love. The person who you’re sleeping with has NO OBLIGATIONS towards your partner; you have them. So it’s up to you not to cheat, and to your partner to decide if she can work with you and forgive you or not. That doctor is not a tramp; Arizona, if anything, is.

      • Himi says:

        I agree a 100%! Everyone is going on about Richard (who hopefully will be alive) but Arizona was a complete bitch to Callie! How unfair is it to keep blaming everything on the plane crash and her leg? I mean, she is fine now!! And she would have done the same thing if Callie was the one who was going to die. Its not like Callie hasnt tried to be understanding. She has been AWESOME. Arizona didnt even ONCE say that “Im married, I cant do this” when she was having her fling with Lauren.

        Its ridiculous.

        • Ally Oop says:

          After this episode’s big break-ups I can’t help but recall that alternate reality episode in which Callie and Owen were together. Callie is bi so it wouldn’t be a stretch.

      • Elaine says:

        Oh my goodness, perfectly said!! Seriously I’ve been so sick of Arizona’s crap this past season, like WTH?! Can’t believe she cheated but Callie is better off without her. Man and the whole Owen, Christina thing!!! I kind of expected it, ever since Owen choked her in his sleep. I knew it was going to end bad. Great season finale though!!!

      • Jeana bogdon says:

        You’re so right about how Callie was in the car wreck that ARIZONA caused and Callie hasn’t brought it up once. Arizona didnt lose mark but Callie lost the father of her child and her best friend. Arizona is so selfish she only thinks about her missing leg. That was a very difficult decision for Callie and if she had not made it Arizona would be dead. An then Arizona cheats on Callie like… I don’t even know

    • Tammy says:

      I hope he’s not dead he is a huge part of the show! I believe that Jackson and April will be together. Callie and Arizona will divorce and Lauryn and Arizona will date. McBaby will be healthy while Derek and Mer will try to mend Owen and Christina’s relationship.Alex and Jo, will get married!

    • Sarah says:

      With Grey’s, you never really know. I’m totally hooked on the show, but I’ve “figured it out” at this point, on many accounts. For one thing, I knew the whole time that Meredith was going to live; I knew Jackson would live too. I didn’t feel the heart-pounding suspense over wondering like I have during past season finales. Then, after Karev confessed his love to Jo, I began to wonder who was going to be on the potential death docket. Once the scene with Richard began, I knew it was going to be him. “Just need to flip the switch,” the fat maintenance guy said. That made it all too clear what was impending. In my head, I was screaming, “Nooooooo! I love the Chief!”… but I knew it was going to be the cliffhanger. I kind of enjoy the possibility that Richard lives, Meredith’s final monologue was definitely open-ended. I don’t care if it’s become somewhat predictable, this show’s had me hooked from the beginning, and I’ll watch it until the bitter end.

    • Hannah says:

      I will literally have a melt down if the chief is dead. I think he signed a contract for season 10 didn’t he? 24 eps all the originals I read in another article. I love the chief!

    • m says:

      No he has a two year contract that extended him through season 10. i think he will be back

    • Paschal says:

      I love this show and yes you had me on the edge of the bed cryin my heart out. Adele just died PLEASE oh Please don’t take Richard. I was angry with Arizona for cheating but I saw it coming. Its going to be a long road back but I believe I wanna see them fix it. Jackson well so much has happen with him but for some reason I don’t like him with the (Dr. w/glasses don’t know her name) she’s more like a groupie. With Christine and Owen I wanted Christine to come and say she wanted a baby or wanted to possible adopt come on Chang I really love you and Journeyman together. I don’t really care what Alex does as long as he gets back on track but I love the character though. Macdreamy baby “Perfect name” its going to help Bailey snap the hell out of this crazy paranoia bull and get back to business but she needs Richard. All of them do. Shronda tonight you showed us some real stuff. I love your chain of thought and writting

    • liko says:

      i really dont think so! coz shonda promised no one’s dying this time around!!

    • No one dies quick on this show.
      Alive or dead, expect Richards “death” to take at least two episodes to play out.

    • WD Jackson says:


    • Lara says:

      I just want aprl and jackson to get back together

    • Charles Percy says:

      George O’Malley 1 Read Adamson ,2 Charles Percy ,3 Lexie Gray ,4 Mark Sloan ,5
      Richard Webber ,6
      This is a list of people that have been killed off on greys anatomy I don’t think that Richard Weber that matters is that on the show longus and is also my favorite characters but it was only natural for him to die
      My favorite characters that are Mail are Charles Percy Mark Sloan My favorite the female characters are Arizona Robbins Lexie Grey and Addison Shepherd

  2. NCSouthernBelle says:

    WTF?!?! I thought Shonda said nobody was going to die this finale!?!

  3. Robert says:

    Please don’t let RIchard Webber be dead. They need to stop killing off characters.

  4. SylwekG says:

    I hate Arizona. She’s a selfish bitch. I hated her since Africa, then I liked her again for a while, I hated her in the beginning of this season and now I hate her even more than ever. I can’t believe she’s blaming Callie for everything. I think they shouldn’t be end game. Callie obviously deserves better.

    • Jessica says:

      Me too, how dare she cheat on a woman who loves her and scream at her that its her fault. Oh please! She needed her leg removed, she needs to get over that and stop blaming people.

    • GS says:

      I’m so over her pity party. I wish Callie had let her die instead of cutting off her leg. I hope they split. Callie has been treated like crap enough. Arizona is ridiculous and Callie liked men for a long time. Let her go back to men and ship Arizona off somewhere.

      • elisha says:

        agreed! i hope they split. arizona is so selfish!

        • Beverly says:

          They should split…what kind of excuse is that to cheat on her? YOU TOOK MY LEG! Should have takenher other leg to. she has taken Callie’s heart. she looked so sad…that’s when she should have slapped her right off of her one leg….I don’t wnat this to be over :( I love Grey’s anatomy!!!

          • Jay says:

            I agree Beverly-Callie needs to let Arizona go. I’ve always been skeptical of her since the whole I don’t want kids things and leaving Callie at the airport stunt. AZ tries to act like she’s all rainbows and butterflies just cuz she works with kids, but in reality she’s one cold, self-centered, selfish piece of work. When she was screaming at Callie about she didn’t lose anything in the crash, Callie lost her baby daddy! What’s wrong with Arizona?? If this is how she felt she should have been woman enough to tell Callie all this before she cheated. Callie deserves better and Arizona is the same selfish Arizona. In a past episode when she admitted to sleeping all those women at the hospital, I knew it would only be time before they would have her character cheat…..You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife…

        • I love the show & the whole cast, but up until Arizona cheats I did like everyone. This was hard for me cuz I just lost my partner to being unfaithful. So it hit a soft spot. I don’t agree w/ cheating and Callie deserves better and after walking through everything w/ Arizona. Now apart of Callie has been amputated also. It all just made me sad. Thanks Always Val

      • Gen says:

        You know wishing someone had died isn’t a very healthy way to think… Even if they’re a fictional character…

      • nicole says:

        Right… because stuff like that doesn’t happen with men.

    • Tony says:

      Here is my take on it, and this might sound a little cold. But I sort of agreed with Arizona in regards to how Callie made it seem like she was on the plane. That’s just how I personally felt at the beginning of the season.

      However, Arizona lost me with the way she said it and her resentment about her leg. Not that I don’t understand it. But she was just flat out mean and cruel about. I like Arizona. But tonight, I wished Callie had decked her in the mouth.

      • yeah Callie wasn’t on the plane, but she’s had to deal with the fall out of it. Arizona’s leg and her attitude about it. Mark her best friends and the father of her child. Suing the hospital, having to make the decision about her leg. Arizona acts like it was all about her, the plane incident, but it wasn’t. And Callie put up with a lot, when she could have cheated, she didn’t.

        • Tony says:

          I completely understand and agree that Callie had to deal with the fallout from the crash. I’m not saying Callie was necessarily wrong in her reaction. Just I too was feeling like that at the beginning of the season.

          • Dena says:

            Well she might as well have been on the plane. She had to deal with not knowing if her wife was dead or alive and was probably assuming the worst. Arizona at least knew the people most important to her were safe. She may not have been through the physical pain but she was on the same level of emotional pain and or worse. If it were me I would rather think I was going to die than have to think the person I loved most was dead.

      • Frenchy64000 says:

        Well you got to understand that when there is a crisis, it doesn’t just affect the people that are physically involved in it but the people around them that care for them. In this instance, Callie has suffered just as much as Arizona in the events following the crisis. Callie wasn’t on the plane and she wasn’t physically injured by the crash but she was just as affected by the plane crash as the ones actually involved in it. Personally, I have never liked Arizona, but keeping my feelings for the character aside, she has no right to blame Callie for what has happened to her. She was in a plane crash and her leg was amputated and feelings of resentment and anger at the situation is completely normal, but her blame towards Callie is totally unacceptable in that Callie as been nothing but supportive of Arizona by saving her life and enduring/helping Arizona in her recovery. What Arizona did is completely cruel and unforgivable and how someone can like her character now is completely out of my comprehension.

        • Jeana bogdon says:

          I wonder if Arizona would still bring up her leg if Callie dint have the option of saying yes or no to amputate…

      • Rika says:

        I agree, Tony. Earlier in the season Callie always jumped in and acted as though she was another survivor of the crash, and it used to annoy me. It was about time Arizona called her on it. But, having said that, Arizona blaming her for the amputation is way out of line. I could understand Arizona feeling that way in the immediate aftermath–it’s human nature to look for something or someone to blame for our hardships. But to essentially say, “I cheated on you because you let them take my leg” is all kinds of low.

    • Callie, to me, is the best person on the show. She’s just an all around good person and deserves so much better than Arizona (after what she’s done). They use to be my favorite couple but, now I realize that it was only because Callie is my favorite person. Now she doesn’t even have Mark.

      • Kayla says:

        Have we forgotten that it didn’t take very long for Callie to hop into bed with Mark right after Arizona left…Sure they may have been broken up, but I still feel like Callie cheated.

        I love Calzona and each woman have their issues…and losing a limb is like losing a part of you. I understand why Shonda did what she did…A lot of things like this happen in real life after an incident like that and honestly Callie had me annoyed for most of the season because there was no way she could relate to Arizona…she didn’t lose a leg…

        I do think the leg thing has been overdone, but can someone really just get over it…
        I hope that Arizona and Callie will figure things out and hopefully get back on track because I love them…

        • Angela says:

          Arizona left and devastated Callie, and Mark had always been there for her- emotionally and for a quickie- looooong before she even met Arizona. Her sleeping with him so quickly after Arizona left was natural for her. And I really hated Arizona for leaving Callie like that, but I hated it even more when she came back. I would love to see the back of this character, even more so after she spoke to Callie like that. Callie never blamed her for the accident where she and Sophia almost died (yeah Callie wasn’t buckled in but that may not have been a problem if Arizona didn’t crash the car!)

          • Lisa says:

            Angela, I too thought at some point they should have gotten into whose fault the car crash was. I always blamed Arizona. She threw Callie’ s phone into the backseat because she was texting Mark which is why Callie was unbuckled. They fought for a minute about Mark and then Arizona decided she’d feel better if Callie would marry her. She proposed and then stared Callie down while waiting for an answer instead of looking at the road. This is when they crashed. Not once was this addressed. Arizona was all “I don’t know what happened, that truck came out of nowhere”. Callie should throw that in her face… “You almost killed me and Sofia, that makes us even for me talking your leg”.

        • RUCookie says:

          What?!? Callie never cheated. Arizona left her. Arizona chose Africa over her. Callie was a mess after that and if I remember right, Arizona was cruel then too. Tonight was ridiculous…Callie would be better off without her now. Arizona has proven to be selfish when the going gets tough… Heck didn’t she just beg Callie not to leave her episodes ago…now she wants out because she can’t get over Callie making a decision to save her life. Sad sad Arizona.

          • greys'anat says:

            Arizona went to Africa because she wanted to help the underprivileged children. She wanted to do something for children who,otherwise, would have never seen a pediatric surgeon. Therefore, there was no selfish motive in that. Also,if she was selfish, she would have taken Callie with her to Africa at any cost. But instead,she told her to stay back because she knew Callie would never be happy in Africa.She didn’t want to force the decision on her.

            Yeah, she begged Callie not to leave her, but she did so because Callie told Bailey to run coz she thought marriages suck.Just watch the long speech Callie gave to Bailey in 9*9.
            Callie never saw the permanent scars, plane crash experience left on AZ’s mind, she kept forcing her to be the person she was before the plane crash. A number of times she told her wife to”suck it up n move on”.
            Arizona, started ignoring and hiding her own feelings and emotions after that bathroom scene in 9*3(when she saw Callie crying).The final scene, for me, was justified. Though, they could have shown it without going into infidelity.

        • Jay says:

          The way Arizona left Callie at that airport, Callie had every right to sleep with whoever she wanted. There was no warning or anything and after she left she never called. It wasn’t like Arizona was leaving her and going to another state or something. Arizona just pushes Callie away when there are problems to be faced and Callie, being the nice and naïve person she is just allows hoping things will work out on there own. I don’t want to see them get back together, not so much because AZ cheated, but because how it went down and how AZ doesn’t even seem sorry she did it.

        • greys'anat says:

          I totally agree with you. We cannot compare Arizona’s grief with Callie’s. Callie lost Mark and almost lost her wife,she was emotionally broken. On the other hand, Arizona spent 4 days in wood with a bleeding broken leg, dying mark,crying Mer, plus she lost her leg,which she thought her wife(God with a scalpel)would save. She was physically,emotionally and mentally broken. Callie kept telling her to ‘suck it up and move’.She never saw the permanent scars the plane crash experience had left on Arizona’s mind and heart.

      • Olivia says:

        Your comment made me remember George cheated on her with Izzie. Wow, it’s been like 4 years since that.

    • Totally agree. Callie deserves waaay better. I hope some new hot doctor comes to the show and steals her heart (I dont care if man of woman, just someone who deserves her)

      • Silvia says:

        It would be funny if Owen and Callie, since it seems they definitely lost their partners, should end together in the next season, like in the parallel universe episode. I think they could be a cute couple

    • Lucy says:

      Totally agree with u!!! She was annoying at first then kinda grew on me but she’s been a total raging … You know… This whole season!!!! Callie could’ve cheated on her and it almost would’ve been understandable but she didn’t! How dare she?!?!

      If they are going to put them back together I hope they wait a long time cuz I really hate her right now.

      Also, better the kill chief than Avery.., lol

    • Ang says:

      I’m sick of Arizona! She is the reason she was on the plane. Got mad because Alex was going to take a job at a better hospital so she punished him and took his spot. Then had the nerve to tell him it should have been him. He should have told her it would have been if you weren’t such a self righteous B. Really you are still mad because your partner saved your life? If she hadn’t you wouldn’t have been able to cheat and then blame her.

      • Tiffanie says:

        That’s what ive thought too. Shes mad at herself cause she wasn’t suppose to be on the plane Alex was and she had no reason to even be mad at Alex to begin with cause he was gonna take a better job. And poor Vallie has done nothing but stand by her and help her. First pretty face that shows her some attention and boom she gives in so easily. And the one she cheated with shes no good person she went after Arizona without hesitation that shes married Cheaters always cheat I hope Arizona gets burned and looses custody too..haha

    • Alichat says:

      OMG….Arizona and the leg. For the love of god, have we not let that go yet? Jesus, I’m sick of her pity party. And just because Callie wasn’t on the plane doesn’t mean she didn’t lose anything. I’m so tired of her.

    • Tina says:

      Not to mention the fact that when she was going off on Callie, she had the BALLS to say, “You didn’t lose anything in that crash!” Ummmm, excuse me? Her BEST FRIEND and daughter’s father??? That isn’t enough to lose? What a b*tch!!!

    • Exactly. Never really a fan of Arizona. She’s one of those characters you want to see every episode but if she isn’t, nobody cares. And if she had died in that plane crash, people would be more sympathetic to Callie not her.

      Selfish. I hope they get divorce or whatever. Callie deserves better. But damn, Hilarie Burton is sooo hot. Can;t blame Arizona though

    • jedispyder says:

      I felt sorry for Arizona when she was talking with Karev, it made me think she saw the error in her ways. And then she talked with Callie…holy hell, she pissed me off then! Why does poor Callie get screwed over ALL the time? Her husband cheats on her and dies, she turns lesbian and her love leaves her, her baby daddy dies, then her wife cheats on her! Give her a happy ending for once :(

    • hamna says:

      I agree. never liked her, same goes for cristina, both are selfish, being a serg doesnot mean not to have a baby ever enen if you have to leave the love of of your life, she could let him adopt. crazy crazy

      • Cristina’s decision not to have a baby doesn’t make her selfish. She’s self-aware enough to know that she wouldn’t be a good mother, and she’s sticking to her guns. Owen was being selfish when he pressured her, but he’s gotten over that. It’s incredibly selfless of Cristina to let Owen go when she knows he isn’t going to be happy without children. Adopting isn’t an option for her because the outcome is the same as birthing a biological child — either way, she’d be a bad mother, and end up screwing up her child the same way Ellis Grey screwed up Meridith.

        • joy says:

          Ellis Grey screwed up Meridith. the reason was Richard Webber didn’t dump Aldele and married her, so Ellis’s resentful…….

        • Sandi says:

          I disagree, I think Christina would make a remarkable mother, whether adopted or her own. She has changed a lot through each season and one would would think she’d change her mind to keep the man she loves. She tried living without him once!

      • Debra says:

        well said @andiewinslife! Cristina knows she wouldn’t end up being a good mother, she is rather being considerate towards the child by not having one. She loves surgery – not every one is cut out to be a parent!

    • WD Jackson says:


  5. Tony says:

    Shonda just couldn’t help herself, could she….

  6. KSM says:


  7. TJ says:


  8. GS says:

    I cannot believe Richard is dead! I knew it was going to happen when he went down there but holy crap that tore me up!

  9. Emily says:

    Please tell me that next season starts with Bailey finding the chief and saving his life, because if it starts at the chiefs funeral I don’t know if I could forgive shonda rhimes

    • Sarah says:

      Thats my hope!!!

    • Nakeshia Gaskin says:

      Right!! That’s exactly how I feel! I hope bailey gets to him in time and saves him because Shonda might lose a fan after this one ! THEY BETTER SAVE RICHARD

    • cookie says:

      Dear GS, Richard has to come back. He has been a rock thru all the traumas that have faced his doctors. Derek,Meredith,Mark,Callie and marks baby. The only thing for him was losing his wife. But a major hurt physically to his body he has not. Derek’s hand,the shooting,Mer’s almost drowning,he’s never had a heart attack,been blinded,attacked by dogs,been mugged in the garage,fallen off his roof so it’s Richard turn to be hurt. That’s how I see it. The the doctors will Talley and save him!!!!

      • cookie says:

        Also p.s. Bailey will probably have to find him a new heart, since he’ll have to go on bypass until the find it. Also I meant to say the doctors will ralley around him. He’ll pull thru eventually. Go Shrondra well done!!

        • SM says:

          Bailey is already a mess from the patients deaths. If Richard dies also, she will be completely lost!!!

          • annalisa says:

            Nah, she’s good now, she took it all out on that poor innocent medicine cabinet.

      • Monica4185 says:

        Richard was hurt once, back in season 1 when Derek found a tumor in his optical nerve and he had to operate. Richard opened his eyes saw Mer and Der together

      • veb says:

        He had a brain tumor, minor car crash going to mercy west, anxiety attack, burned arm from adele leaving pan on stove.

  10. Gabriel Anthony says:

    Shonda is definetely crazy! She can’t develop anymore characters so she kill them all.. sad, really sad

  11. Christina says:

    How could they?!?!?

  12. Sarah says:


    That is all.

    (fyi, thats my release.).

    Thankful everyone else is safe and alive. The Calzona scene made me feel like I was there, like it was me in that breakup, with the sinking feeling, very well played by both actresses!

    Bailey came through for Grey, that was perfect.

    VERY intense episode…

  13. Isaac says:

    Anyone else not like it that they named him *spoiler* Bailey?

    • Sarah says:

      Loved it <3

      • Mary says:

        Me too!

      • Abby says:

        I liked it too! It’s cute and a nice way to honor someone who both Meredith and Derek have a close relationship with. I’m kind of glad they didn’t go with Mark, it would have been too obvious plus Derek might not have wanted his son to follow in the manwhore’s footsteps!.

    • the girl says:

      Yeah how was that for an awful decision? That cast is already grossly incestuous. Can you please get a name from somewhere else??

      • SW says:

        How is naming a baby after someone ‘incestuous’? People have been naming their children after people they care about/love for hundreds of years. This is no different. Bailey is a very special person to both she and Derek, and she JUST saved Meredith’s life. There’s nothing wrong with them naming their son after her.

        • Kayla says:

          The name wasn’t incestuous the doctors are. All the doctors seem to have slept with each other and people see them as some kind of family..incestuous

      • Mike says:

        I think you need to look up the definition of incest…

    • Alexa says:

      I thought “mark” would happen.. even though it may have been super predictable

      • Spheniscid says:

        Maybe Mark as his middle name?

        • Catie says:

          Bailey Ross Shepard. Ross helped save her life too. If someone saved my life, especially RIGHT after giving birth, I would name my child after them. Remember that Bailey gave her son The middle name George because he pulled through for her when she was in labor with her son. yes, callie was NOT on the plane and needs to stop acting like she was. But that doesnt mean that the crash didnt cause her pain too. I really want christina to give owen a baby. And the chief better not be dead! Richard needs to retire and live happily ever after with Avery’s mom!! Come on Shonda! Give that man a happy ending after all the crap he went through! That man loved two women who got sick and then died. Enough is enough

          • Chris says:

            I really hope they don’t do that though because then it be basically the same thing as when Bailey had her baby and George helped her with it. Doing the exact same thing as that would just be weird…

          • Danielle says:

            Dude. Not everyone WANTS TO HAVE A BABY. It’s totally OK that Christina doesn’t want children, and I think that it’s real to show someone who is so focused on her career, and so lacking an interest in children. I love seeing her with Owen, too — but it’s not a fair situation.

          • jeanette says:

            agree… Richard better not be dead! great story ever… don’t stop the story please…

    • A says:

      I loved it especially after the fact that she came up with the name before she even knew Bailey was operating on her.

    • MzHyProfyl says:

      I kinda like it. I thought it would be Greyson for sure.

    • For a minute, I thought they would name the baby Jake or Ross. I was like, no bitch.

    • Olivia says:

      I’ve been rooting a whole season for Mark Alexander Sheperd Grey. And Bailey is girly to me (cause of the sisterhood of the traveling pants). But I get the sentiment behind it, and I like that.

    • cas says:

      Yeah Bailey is too girly, plus I always think of a dog. Mainly because I know lots of people with that as their dogs name. I would have preferred Mark, as he was Derek’s best friend.

  14. Emily says:

    Can someone please give a short recap of the most significant things that happened in the finale? Apparently one of them is Richard Webber dying. How did that happen
    I would appreciate it very much.

    • Sarah says:

      1) Mer delivered her baby. Ross started closing up, and blood was going everywhere–splenic hemorrhage, Bailey saves the day!
      2)Jackson almost explodes in bus, but comes out the hero carrying a little girl, April realize she loves Jackson
      3)Christina and Owen die
      4) Calzona is done.

      • K says:

        You should clarify that Christina and Owen’s relationship looks to be dead… not the characters

      • Sarah says:

        oh! And Alex condessed his love to Jo, and they kissed.

      • dee123 says:

        LOL! Especially on this show.

      • Emily says:

        Thank you very very much. I don´t get to see the episode until tomorrow

      • Sarah says:

        You forgot Richard possibly DYING.

        • Sarah says:

          She had that up in hre post, its quite evident by everyones’ comments! :P

        • Jules says:

          he goes down to work on the generator bc the regular repairman had a heart attack after Richard yelled at him about how the guy said it would never happen again after it did previously. When the lights continue not to come on, Richard goes to check and finds that the guy had a heart attack. he tells him that he fixed it and all that needs to be done is for someone to flip the switch. Richard goes to do it and at the end, Bailey is looking for him to apologize for how shes been acting & the screen goes to Richard laying IN WATER next to the generator with sparks flying all around. Its assumed he is dead but nobody has found him yet so we wont know until next season. hope tis helped.

      • oxfords1 says:

        lol Christina and Owen break up after Christina realizes how much Owen wants kids. they’re not dead but the marriage is. I hope Richard is not dead. someone has to come and save him just as he saved the maintenance man.

        • Tony says:

          I believe they were already divorced. Or the marriage was already over. But its about damn time one of them made the right call

      • Hailey says:

        Cristina and Owen not dead. look at the facial expression Cristina makes after looking at Mer and baby… you’ll figure it out

        • LauraH says:

          I took that look as a “gosh, how I wish it was that simple” look. Nothing to figure out there. She’s happy that they’re happy, but it’s not for her. It’s okay to not want kids.

        • Haley says:

          I don’t think that look was “I want a baby.” I think that is what the writers want you to think. That look was just “I want to tell my person that my marriage is over but she just had a baby and almost died so I’m gonna bite my tongue and let her be Happy.”

      • Tania says:

        Calzona might be done; they left it open ended, what with the word ‘apparently.’

        Richard went down to fix something and seems to have been electrocuted.

    • Jenna says:

      Who comes to a recap asking for a recap?

  15. Sarah says:


  16. The heart of the hospital is gone??? NO!!

  17. Sarah says:

    Love you Arizona!

    • Soopah-Soopah-Soopah says:


    • RJ says:

      They spent the entire episode talking about how Richard brings out the greatness and every one. What would be more great than sacrificing your self to bring the power back on in order to ensure that no other patients die? If Richard is dead, I think they sent him off with a great legacy. And the character of Arizona has been ultra annoying and shallow since first being introduced. I can’t believe she has been around as long as she has been, and I hope we have seen the last of her. That storyline was so tired and weak. One of the worst subplots on an otherwise brilliant show.

      • Olivia says:

        I don’t think he knew he would die. It wasn’t a conscious sacrifice. I know it sounds stupid, cause all of the water there (hearing the splash when he walked towards the maintenance guy I sadly knew he was a goner. Hope Bailey finds him soon enough to save him), but I don’t think he wanted to kill himself.

  18. CJS says:

    Oh Come on Shonda!
    Weber?!?! Not cool!!!!
    You have some explaining to do.

  19. Ashleytv says:

    Shonda said no one was gonna die… so maybe Richard isn’t eally dead. They can’t kill him. They just can’t. He’s too wonderful. I don’t want him to go.

    • Courtney says:

      He could die in the next season premiere instead

    • Phillyfan says:

      I don’t think Richard is dead they can’t do that to Bailey again making her feel guilty all over again. Avery shouldn’t take that girl back. Yang should just give him a child even adoption. Arizona was wrong not a reason to cheat. But overall a great season ending.

    • rmr says:

      Shonda also said she was going to be good to Callie and Arizona and look how it turned out. She killed Calzona for good. ):

  20. Stef says:

    RIP Calzona <3

  21. Carly says:

    DAMMMMMMMMMMMN YOU SHONDA, typing this as I watch scandal, she’s trying to kill me twice over. The chief can’t be dead, arizona and callie cannot be over, Is hilarie burton on season 10? cristina and owen :( noooooo.

  22. elisha says:

    that was it?!?!? that was the scene they are soooo promoting? i want callie to slap arizona!

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you! Exactly what I wanted too. She deserves it. She deserves a good punch in the face too.

    • Olivia says:

      Sara Ramirez acting was really good. But Jessica Capshaw disappointed me as an actress. And Arizona as a character. Ok, Callie wasn’t on the plane, but she did lose people there. And we were over the leg thing. And that’s not reason enough to cheat (not that I consider ANY excuse reason enough to cheat)

  23. Velloso21 says:

    Richard :( I said not to flip the switch.

  24. marge says:

    I HOPE TO GOD that Richard is not dead. No No No pleeeeeeease no!
    Also, Arizona is so damn selfish.

  25. Cari says:

    It’s look that the phantom shoe has finally dropped on Calzone. UGLY!

  26. Jill says:

    Everytime someone was missing, I said, no not them, actually said out loud, “She is not killing Jackson!”. Then the maintenance guy and I thought lame Shonda, but as I heard the water & electricity in that room, I knew it’d be the Chief, sadly

  27. Orangesock says:

    I want Calzona together!

  28. beth says:

    ahhhh I can’t believe it is over!!! That fight between Arizona & Callie was intense!!!!! However I predicted all the major events before they happened (Bailey, baby name, Webber)……..damn it now I have to wait till the end of September for the new ones to come on!

  29. lb says:

    And the April and Jackson/Jo and Alex of all of this got lost. Crazy how I’ve been waiting for those two match ups all season and right now I could care less!

    Saw the Richard thing coming all the way but it didn’t make it suck any less.

    Cute idea, but not a big fan of the name. They already did that symbolism when they named the hospital.

  30. Jacqi says:

    Glad they didn’t kill merder baby. But really him? About time for Avery/april! And about time for Jo/Alex!!!! Been waiting all season for both!

  31. Like all seasons finales I want to Shonda go the Hell and Sky on the same time

  32. mg says:

    I think she technically said no one was going to die in the finale. If they come back next season and find him and can’t save him, then he would have died next season and not today.

  33. le says:


  34. Cari says:

    I thought they should have named the baby Mark. I thought April’s fiancee was a goner tonight. Was surprised about Richard….water and electricity is bad news.

  35. Sp says:

    Its called a television drama for a reason. Calzona isn’t “dead”, and Arizona isn’t a bitch, being in a plane crash and losing your leg changes you. They are going to go through season 10 working on what was ignored this entire season so everyone please calm down.

    • Orangesock says:

      I hope that’s the case!

    • Addie says:

      Yep, it seems like the arguments are going to be a rehash of the ones from earlier this season. God forbid Arizona doesn’t just get over losing a limb- not every character is Meredith with a trauma every five minutes. Not that this excuses cheating, but it will be good for Callie and Arizona to get that stuff out in the open.

      • Sp says:

        Exactly! They just magically stopped talking about it mid-season so obviously they still need to deal with things out in the open like you said. It bugs me when people keep pointing out Arizona as a bitch, and I know there is no excuse for cheating, but in Greys where everyone cheats, its something they should work through next season and it will make for an dramatic storyline at least.

      • A says:

        It’s not about her losing her leg. It’s about the awful manner in which she confronted her wife and tried to hurt her by belittling Callie’s own loss as if it were nothing and insignificant. There is nothing wrong with her continued mourning over the loss of her leg, but as a doctor she should understand by now what the options were and that it was the only to save her life. She has no right to treat Callie so awfully. She said all those things all the while knowing that she was hurting Callie. She did it on purpose!

      • Babygate says:

        Arizona is allowed to mourn the loss of her limb. She’s allowed to hit to lowest.points of despair because of PTSD. She, however, does not have the right to victimize her wife again and again. First she blames her for cutting off her leg, instead of thanking her for saving her life, than she makes her the recipient of all her frustrations, then she refuses to have sex with her because she doesn’t feel ready (though it only took her a day with Lauren) and now instead of taking responsibility for her infidelity she’s blaming Callie. And let’s not forget that she begged Callie not to leave her when she realized that she was being a monster with her and that through all that Callie did not cheat. Arizona should have gone into counseling. Instead she festered.

    • Goku says:

      Actually, Arizona is a bitch and she always has been. Remember, when she left Callie and went to Africa, and then she came back, blaming Callie for having a life when she was away? There are many self-centered characters in GA, but Arizona is the worst of them all. When everything is good, she’s nice and funny, but whenever something gets worse, she’s acting like a total bitch.

      • elisha says:

        I will have to agree with you Goku. I want Callie to be with someone else. Let Arizona see what she has lost. Not to be mean or anything but really? Callie stuck by her in her darkest moments. Seriously? When Arizona’s leg is going to be painful, then she’ll remember Callie and it is not easy to find someone as committed as she is!

      • guest says:

        and if she is a bitch for doing what she feels right, changing her mind and getting things wrong, I’ll be a “bitch” as well. Better than an unsatisfied little housewife. “Bitch” seems to be a label for women who make decisions. sometimes the hard way.

  36. Alicia says:

    I am happy, sad, tense. I knew Mer was going to be ok (positive thoughts), but Ellen rocked those scenes. Love her naming the baby, Bailey! Please tell me Richard is going to be ok as well. And oh, Arizona – the scene with the rings and the hacksaw comment were both Holy crap moments. April’s anguish, Bailey’s strength, perfection. Great season finale!

  37. Morganic says:


  38. Laurie says:

    First of all, thank god Mer and Jackson ok. Omg!! The chief can’t be dead! So sad! So mad at Arizona, acting like a selfish biatch and u go Carev!!!

  39. I see they left the door open for Hilarie Burton to return next season…

    • Mareesa says:

      Hell yeah I hope so! Love the Arizona & Lauren storyline and pairing. Great chemistry. I actually liked Callie more back when she had the storyline with Dr. Erica Hahn… That was interesting and wish it had continued – too bad they kicked off Brooke Smith – I liked her.

    • Alexa says:

      I kinda liked her character.. I hope she does..

  40. Tracy says:

    Shonda did say a doctor was going to die and that it would be really emotional. I’ve been mentally prepping myself for it to be Richard for days but it still feels like I’ve lost a piece of my soul. Damn you shonda!!

  41. Mlswhite says:

    I believe my last 3 words were, “…no. Shonda, NOOOOOOOOO!!”

  42. Peyton says:

    DID ANYONE ELSE START CRYING WHEN THEY THOUGHT AVERY DIED?!?!?! Omg I was going to kill myself….

    • Tony says:

      My wife started balling. I think I starting tearing up when Bailey’s reaction made it seem like Mer didn’t make it and she isn’t even one of my favorite characters, lol

      • hamna says:

        lol, she cant die, remember she is the narrator and ghost dont narrate, I dont like her much either but over all good drama

        • LEH says:

          Mary Alice Young was a ghost and she narrated every episode of Desperate Housewives. I know it’s a different show, but ghosts can and do narrate!

  43. Lyndsey says:

    I think the closing monologue from Meredith (only after do we see who survives) could indicate that Richard can be saved. HOWEVER, if Shonda kills off one of my favorite TV characters two years in a row, I will not be a happy camper.

  44. Amber012 says:


    • sarah says:

      i agree with u 100%

    • Tony says:

      It was the only option they had. And honestly, they are my favorite pairing on the show (outside of Callie and Arizona) and even I knew there is just no way these two can be together and Shonda keep the integrity of these characters intact

    • Raver says:

      I am .. actually WAS a big CROWEN shipper.. but something similar happened to me that made me understand why Shonda can’t let them be together.. It is actually good for both of them individually – Cristina wants greatness in career without any baby (which i totally egt and relate to) while Owen wants kids. If they go on the way they are, one day Owen will blame yang for it.. and we all know he said he “forgave” her for abortion (absolutely pointless to bring forgiveness as Cristina did no wrong!) but he NEVER did!

    • Lily says:

      I’m a huge Crowen fan and what bugs me the most is that Shondra once said that they were endgame, that they were meant for each other… And then she spend what, nearly 3 seasons proving it wrong, going back on her words… I’ll never believe Shondra, ever

  45. Ross Tiffany says:

    Can someone please punch Arizona in the face!!! Please and thank you!! Sincerely a Mark/Callie fan!! (She didn’t lose anything in that plane!! Really?!?!)

    • Alexa says:

      Woooooohoo for a Mark/Callie fan!!!

    • Abby says:

      i always wonder about people who talk about punching fictional characters in the face.

    • cocochanel says:

      I was a huge Callie/Mark fan and always wanted them together on the show instead of BF’s they had amazing chemistry. I wanted to punch Arizona also, she has been ridiculous this season and has gotten on my last nerves. They need to let Callie hook up with some hot dude.

      • Andrea says:

        I so agree with Arizona getting on my nerves .. Kelly never brought up the car crash that almost killed her unborn child and lost her baby’s daddy and BFF .
        I love the chief if he does I’d be so sad . Omg and I don’t even know about Jackson , I want him for myself! She was so annoying but that love story doesn’t i trust me anymore I like them both separately.
        When is the other season starting I’m dying !! I can’t wait to see my chief come back and yea Callie needs to leave Arizona come back begging for a whole she needs to date

  46. Jane says:

    Is there a Grey’s rule that there are only so many couples allowed at a time?! Focusing on the positive so I don’t tear up again…
    Jo and Alex! Love them! and I hope this one sticks, Alex deserves someone, he’s grown so much as a character.
    Oh and Bailey as a name, is a great choice!
    Definitely one of my favorite Grey’s finales

    • louise says:

      this would be the perfect time to bring back Izzie. because alex would have to decide…he still loves her and it would make a good new love triangle.. katherine did say she wanted to come back

      • des says:

        I hope not she old news plus they need to build on jo

      • angela m says:

        Oh, no! She was such a useless character. They should have had her kill herself after Denny died. “ooh, i love Denny. No, i love george. No, wait, Alex” wee, whine, whine. I was happy to see her go. And her teeth were way too perfect for a girl that grew up in a trailer park.

  47. Peyton says:

    Btw Karev and Jo so fricken adorable!!! Yayyy…highlight of the episode

    • Amanda says:

      I agree! I was half expecting something to come flying through the window again and kill the moment. LOL. So glad that Alex finally confessed his feelings to Jo and they kiss to seal the deal. Can’t wait to see what happens for them in season 10!

  48. megan says:

    ! * & #$)(*&&^*&*(*()*&*^?^^&(*)*()()*)

  49. Chris says:

    Saw it coming as soon as he set foot in the basement and heard sloshing. Gope hes mot dead…but guys, this is oneof the original characters….he spent nine years in this role. He might have been ready to leave.

    Also…anyone think it would have been interesting to kill Meredith and see what everyone does with that in whats probably final season 10? No? Just me? Oh well.

    • Mike says:

      Not just you! I thought it would make for an interesting possible final season if there was an emotional twist and Meredith died. All the reactions and as you said, see what everyone does.. Major S10 potential. It would’ve shocked me because during the hour I didn’t believe for a second that she was a goner. It was obvious Bailey would come though.

    • Tony says:

      The thought crossed my mind as well. I sort of declared not watching S10 if she did it. It just would have been a cruel thing to do, IMO