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Question: Any chance of a Jackson/April reunion before or during the Grey’s Anatomy finale (airing May 16)? – Emma
Ausiello: Can’t confirm a  reunion, but I can confirm — via Shonda Rhimes — that in this Thursday’s episode, “Something happens for April that is fairly life-changing. And then in the finale, all of that is brought into question in a huge way.” Theories?! Hit the comments!

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Question: Coming from the other side of the Atlantic from Portugal! Do you have any Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale scoops? —Simão Silva (you can call me Simon)
Ausiello: Hi Simão Simon! A major character’s life will hang in the balance when the clock ticks down on Season 9 next week, but before you go calling Rhimes a serial Grim Reaper, consider the facts. “Everyone thinks I kill everybody — and I don’t,” she insists with a chuckle. “I was doing a tally and I’ve only killed three series regulars [while] four series regular [characters] just left into the ether somewhere to do other things in other hospitals. I don’t kill everybody.” (Gonna need someone to double-check her stats. I suck at math. And I’m lazy.)

Question: Any more exciting news you can give us about The Office finale? —Sebastian
Ausiello: More exciting than S.C. returning? More exciting than an extra 15 minutes being tacked on to the episode? Hmmm… how about scoop on the “final” scene of the series, straight from John Krasinski himself? “[It’s] a random scene where everyone’s exiting the office,” he reveals. “It was a very mundane [moment], walking out of the office. It wasn’t big or dramatic or anything. I think it [falls] at the beginning of the [episode] or something, so it’s not like it’s the last shot [of the series]. As per usual, I was crying-laughing with Craig [Robinson] and we were all joking around in the hall every time we ended it.” The crying-laughing quickly turned to just crying when “instead of saying, ‘Go again,’ [exec producer] Greg [Daniels] randomly just said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the end of The Office,'” Krasinski recalls. “And it really was a gut punch. It’s a life-changing event and there’s no way to describe it… It’s a part of your life that defined you, and to have it go away is so incredibly bittersweet. The only thing that helps us all is that we’re so proud of the work and we’re so proud that we got to have a series finale. That’s a very rare thing.”

Question: I heard a rumor that someone might be leaving Glee in the season finale? True? —Nils
Ausiello: Thursday’s finale definitely leaves you with the impression that a pivotal, longtime character will not be back next season — at least not full-time. That said, I have received no confirmation that the actor/actress in question is, in fact, departing the show. Speaking of the finale, rumor has it somebody’s getting *a****d!

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glee finaleQuestion: Last chance for Glee finale scoop — whaddaya got? —Tammy
Ausiello: A mystery wrapped in an enigma topped with some cryptic sauce. Jacob Artist says he’s not sure if Jake and Marley end up in a happy place because things “might’ve changed a little bit from the original script that we all read.” And that change — which Artist describes as more of an “editing” choice — could ultimately impact several relationships on the show, “Jake and Marley included.” What does it all mean?!

Question: Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale. Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale. Next week’s Vampire Diaries finale… —Carol
Ausiello: If I’m understanding you correctly you want scoop on… next week’s Vampire Diaries finale? Did I get that right? Something allegedly goes down in the episode that is so mind-blowingly cool/surprising that it defies categorization, which is why I haven’t included it in our May Sweeps Scorecard.

Question: I’m dying for some Big Bang scoop. It can be about any couple – I’m not picky.  – Marge
Ausiello:  How about Raj and Lucy? In this week’s episode, he ditches the guys – and a hot game of Dungeons & Dragons – to spend time with his honey — and by the end of the evening, he’s very glad he did. Want a clue that’s no help whatsoever? Chain-link. You’re welcome. Bonus Spoiler: Wolowitz busts out some truly impressive celebrity impressions during the ep.

Question: Please tell me Sheldon and Amy are going to get closer to doing it by the end of this season of Big Bang. I think I’m more frustrated than she is! – Anna
Ausiello: If I were to tell you that the topic is addressed in this week’s episode – which, after all, is called “The Love Spell Potential” – and that said conversation takes place in Sheldon’s bedroom, would that alleviate some of your frustration… or just make it worse?

Question: I know Bones‘ season ended just last week, but you have to have more scoop on the two bonus episodes they shot after the finale, right? —Cassidy
Ausiello: First off, as exec producer Stephen Nathan points out, “They’re not really ‘bonus’ episodes because we know actually where they’re going to go. One will be the second episode of next season, and the other will be fourth.” As reported in last week’s AA, Episode 9.2 is Sweets-centric. Episode 9.4, meanwhile, is a “much more free-standing episode,” notes Nathan. “We worked with [Bones producer] Kathy Reichs and her daughter on that one, and it is going to be a lot of fun. That’s just a great, [classic] episode of Bones.”

Question: Got anything left over from your interview with Bones EP Stephen Nathan? —Rachel
Ausiello: Just this little tidbit on a potential Season 10. In short, Nathan is confident there will be one. “I’m not planning on Season 9 being the last season at this point,” he tells me. “I think there’s a lot more life in the show. It just doesn’t feel old to us.”

girlsQuestion: With Christopher Abbott’s abrupt exit from Girls, it’s clear Marnie won’t be spending Season 3 having Charlie’s “little brown babies.” Any intel on what Allison Williams’ beautiful disaster of a character will be doing? –Lorne
Ausiello: You want Marnie scoop? We went straight to the source. “Marnie is working out her demons with exercise,” Williams tells TVLine. “That’s a big part of her life: She’s deciding that fitness is something to channel her anger into.” Post-split, the character will definitely need her mother’s crazy shoulder to lean on, which means that Rita Wilson will indeed be back in the mix. “There’s always the phantom of some man in [Marnie’s mother’s] life,” Williams says with a laugh. “Luckily or unluckily, so far we’ve never met one of them. But I would be very curious to see what that cater waiter [a lover referenced by Wilson’s character in Season 2] was like.”

Question: I’ve got a burning Good Wife Q I’m hoping you can help me with. Do you know if we will get to see the conversation between Will and Alicia that Will demanded they have after their kiss in the car in the finale? That will be an interesting talk considering she is leaving Lockhart/Gardner. —Katharine
Ausiello: Per series creators Robert and Michelle King, “We’ll definitely see that conversation. But it will come with enough baggage to fill a box car.” In other Good news, did you see who’s getting a new love interest next season?

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Question: It’s my birthday over here and a great gift would be scoop on the Scandal finale. But anything Scandal is greatly accepted. —Mateo
Ausiello: How about details on John Barrowman’s top-secret May 9 guest stint? According to Shonda Rhimes, the Arrow baddie plays “a fixer” with a “very interesting” client. Bonus (b-day) Scoop: Joe Morton’s character/Jake’s boss does have a name: Rowan!

Question: Love Orphan Black, but I miss Art! Please tell me Sarah’s going to re-join the force soon. —Christopher
Ausiello: Art’s “like a bad smell,” notes EP Graeme Manson, “he just won’t go away.” Translation: “We haven’t seen the last of Art,” he confirms. In the meantime, “Sarah’s many deceptions are still rippling and the effects are being felt, so there’s prices to be paid for the things that she’s done.”

Question: Any good Hart of Dixie scoop you could possibly dish out? —Stephanie
Ausiello: George and Tansy’s recent break-up doesn’t necessarily mean Mircea Monroe is leaving the show. It may mean that. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that. Allow exec producer Leila Gerstein explain: “We love Mircea and would welcome her back in any capacity… I don’t think [her split with George] means there’s not Tansy and George in the future, because they’re very adorable together. And it doesn’t mean that there’s not Tansy and someone else ahead!”

Question: Any idea on how Season 4 of The Walking Dead is going to start off time-wise? Will there be a time jump of a few months, or will it pick up around where Season 3 left off? —Lee
Ausiello: I’m hearing there will be a somewhat significant time jump (hint: more than three months but less than a year).

Darkness on the Edge of TownQuestion: Please, tell me John Barrowman doesn’t die by the end of Arrow Season 1! I mean, he’s immortal, right? —Judith
Ausiello: Let’s just say I’m reserving a spot in our May Sweeps Scorecard under fatalities for a character on Arrow and leave it at that, K?

Question: So we finally got a Karen-Derek makeout scene on last week’s Smash, but then we found out that they cut their, ahem, duet short — and that Derek wound up sleeping on Karen’s couch! And to make matters worse, Karen later went and professed her love to Jimmy. Please tell me that all this doesn’t mean the Cartwills dream is over before it made it past first base! –Sharon
Ausiello: Don’t shoot the messenger, Sharon, but with only three episodes left till the curtain closes on NBC’s musical drama, the odds are looking increasingly slim that Karen and Derek are endgame. Unless, of course, the Hit List ingenue calling her director “disgusting” in this Saturday’s episode turns out to be just a minor speed bump on their road to true love.

Question: Call me paranoid, but the latest Tonys development on Smash — that Ivy Lynn is now also a contender for Supporting Actress for the short-lived Liaisons — has me worried she’s going to lose Lead Actress in a Musical race to Karen “Iowa!” Cartwright. Say it ain’t so! –Rose
Ausiello: Lest we forget, the Tonys are like most other industry awards shows: Politics plays a part. And let’s just say a little blind item in the Village Voice concerning a certain leading lady’s extracurricular activities — including an affair with a former costar’s fiancé — might have an adverse effect on her chances at taking home a statuette for either side of her mantle.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. (Additional reporting by Meg Masters, Kim Roots and Michael Slezak)

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