Was Community Too Ambitious? Vampire Moving Slower? TV's Steamiest Smooch? And More Qs!

The DeductionistWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Elementary, The Vampire Diaries, Community and Scandal!

1 | Did Elementary waste an opportunity to wow with its ho-hum post-Super Bowl episode? Even taking into consideration that they probably didn’t want to alienate new viewers, wouldn’t any of the show’s previous standalone cases have been better than that one?

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2 | Isn’t it weird how crazy Downton Abbey’s Daisy is about Alfred when, really, he’s just a taller, ginger version of William, the late husband she never much fancied?

himym3 | What did Ryan Gosling do to How I Met Your Mother to be left off the list of possible Canadians Robin Daggers’ song was about?

4 | When Switched at Birth star Vanessa Marano told TVLine that Regina would be the most unstable this season, she wasn’t kidding, was she?! No signing. No job. No Angelo. And now, no sobriety!

5 | How can Bunheads‘ Sasha afford that spacious apartment?!

6 | Why aren’t more of you watching the charming Carrie Diaries? And for those who are, isn’t it hard to imagine this sweet, kind girl growing up into Sex and the City‘s Ms. Bradshaw?

7 | Wasn’t Bones‘ “Smackie Kennedy” — with her roller skates, drunkenness and Booth-kissing — a lot more fun in one hour than her “alter ego” Angela has been all season?

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8 | If there was an Emmy for Best Symbolic Performance by a Taxidermized Animal on a Ridiculous Reality Show, which Bachelor prop from this week’s Montana lodge visit would be the front-runner: The dead pheasant that foretold how yet another one of the “ladies” was about to fall; the fox that represented crazy, predatory Tierra; or the roaring bear that helped bid adieu to rabble-rousing Robin?


9 | Are you surprised Smash didn’t cut or rework the scene where Karen has Derek listen via iPhone to Jimmy, after seeing Nashville do the exact same scene four months ago? And how dazzling was guest star Mara Davi as Daisy, the Broadway actress/Pilates instructor who joined the sexual harassment suit against Derek, in just a few brief minutes of airtime? Can we start a petition to make hers a recurring gig — if only to see her reduce the cocky director to a drunken bundle of insecurities?

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10 | Is The Mindy Project just going to act like Amanda Setton’s sassy receptionist never existed? Also, wasn’t this week’s installment Chris Messina’s best and most hilarious to date? And which was the better sight gag: Danny passed out on the office floor in his briefs or B.J. Novak’s Jamie trying to Heimlich himself on the parking meter?

idoltao27511 | Was American Idol willfully trying to frustrate us all by letting us get attached to adorable, talented Nate Tao, only to eliminate him during the Hollywood Week final solo round without showing an corroborating footage of a vocal collapse? Sure, the show does this every year with one or two contestants, but doesn’t this case seem to sting extra hard?

12 | Of all the “gasp-worthy” Arrow twists we cooked up in our heads, was the one they ended with kinda underwhelming? (Like, what, he’s gonna kill his mom?) Also, can we assume that Laurel has totally been recognizing her ex’s stubble poking out from the hood? And was this the first episode to feature a fully-clothed Oliver from beginning to end? If so, are we OK with that?

13 | Joke-for-joke, is there a funnier comedy than Suburgatory right now? And wanna bet if Logo started airing Body Talk with Ryan Shay, it’d pull a number?

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14 | At this point, is there any hope of Nashville salvaging Rayna and Teddy’s marriage? (Should they even try?) And this one is a toughie, folks: Was the impetuous Deacon/Rayna liplock as ssssmolderin‘ as New Girl‘s Nick/Jess? (And when can Scarlett/Gunnar take a crack at one?)

15 | Has there been a more likeable group of finalists in Top Chef history?

Into the Wild16 | Remember when we were worried that The Vampire Diaries was going through too much story, too fast? Well… how do we get it moving again, so we can get to the cure already?

17 | Whether or not you feel like Glee‘s Finn kissing Emma was in character, can we agree that Jayma Mays was pretty terrific in portraying the bride-to-be’s pre-marital freakout? (And while we’re on the subject of things that happened at McKinley, has there been a bigger wardrobe misfire this season than Blaine’s too-big leather cap and studded jacket?)

18 | Does anybody else sympathize with Grey’s Anatomy’s Alana? Wouldn’t a busload of toddlers be easier to whip into shape than the staff of Seattle Grace?

19 | Was Scandal almost as LOL as it was OMG? Between Abby’s sex tapes (“Add ’em to the stack,” then Huck’s look) and the Cyrus/James strip-down, that was some funny, funny stuff. And were you hoping Abby was telling David the truth when she said she didn’t steal the Cytron memory card?

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20 | Did The Big Bang Theory just give Raj his best B-story in, like, ages? That said, were you a big bit bummed to see bits of Mrs. Wolowitz? And as Facebook follower James noted: “Don’t you find it completely unbelievable that Leonard would be weeks behind on Walking Dead and years behind on Harry Potter?”

Community Season 4 Spoilers21 | Was Community too ambitious with its premiere, barely brushing up against such potent fodder as Hunger Games, a multi-cam format and kiddie-show animation?

22 | Will Parks and Recreation‘s Ben ever be able to forgive the calzone gods and open up his Lo-Cal Calzone Zone eatery?

23 | To whomever decided it was a great idea to create so much animosity between our beloved Jim and Pam in The Office‘s final season — and final string of episodes — we again ask: Why?!

24 | Can every intense, moody Beauty and the Beast episode please end with Kristin Kreuk doing girly karaoke?

25 | If that cola company is going to (grossly) overexpose a commercial starring Sofia Vergara, can it at least not be painfully unfunny?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!