Bones' Emily Deschanel Previews Brennan's Brush With Death and a Possible Proposal

bones300On Monday’s Bones (Fox, 8/7c), Brennan will have a close call with death that causes her to see her deceased mother (played by Brooke Langton). Naturally, it makes the überscientific and logical forensic anthropologist contemplate not only the existence of an afterlife, which she doesn’t believe in, but also her relationship with Booth. Emily Deschanel spoke with reporters to preview the powerful hour.

PHOTOS | Bones Sneak Peek: Brennan’s Near-Death Experience Brings Her Closer to Her Mother

WHAT GOES WRONG | “Booth and Brennan have a fight. Brennan believes that Booth is criticizing her parenting style and runs out and ends up at the lab at night to finish working on a case, and that’s when she gets shot,” previews Deschanel. Since the doc is facing maternal challenges and can’t seek her late mom’s advice, “It’s quite fitting that this issue that she’s dealing with, in a way, causes her to see her mother again, and hopefully ease that pain she’s dealing with because she doesn’t have a mother around.” So who’s responsible for the shot that takes Brennan to the great beyond? “Pelant is one of the first thoughts everybody has,” says the actress. “I’m not going to tell you if he is involved or not.”

WHAT CHANGES | Temperance’s interaction with her mom will reveal “why Brennan behaves in the way that she does, is hyper-rational and has cut off her emotions in many ways, even though over the last few years she’s opened up after knowing Booth,” bones275Deschanel says. But after going through such a traumatic experience — not to mention an encounter that she never thought possible — Brennan has to evolve, right? “As the season goes on, it’s a subtle change. It’s not like people are discussing it right afterwards, but I think it will be addressed in later episodes this season. … It shines a light on her behavior and maybe encourages her to change a bit.”

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WHO COMES BACK | Brennan’s mama isn’t the only family member who makes an appearance. Fearing that he’s “losing” his daughter, Ryan O’Neal’s Max also shows up at her bedside. “He gives a wonderful performance,” raves the actress. “It’s an emotional episode for his character… and there’s a communication between my mother and my father through [Brennan].”

WHAT’S NEXT | Could Brennan’s experience on the other side, coupled with Booth’s recent comment about living in sin, change her mind about marriage? “Something like this always makes you look at every situation in your life and think, ‘Is this how I want it to be?’” teases Deschanel. “We are moving towards some kind of answers on that. We discuss it in an episode that we’re about to shoot next week.” (The actress however adds that “there’s not necessarily a resolution” to the issue.) Meanwhile, the ball is still firmly in Temp’s court after Booth told her she’d have to be the one to pop the question. “She’s also said that she’s not getting married,” points out Deschanel. “So far, having a child hasn’t changed that or at least changed her stubbornness about asking him. So we’ll see. If it happens — and I imagine at some point it will — I look forward to seeing what Brennan’s proposal to Booth is like. But so far, I can’t say I know definitively that that’s happening yet.”

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  1. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Very, very excited for this episode

  2. Dee says:

    The previews I’ve seen have me on the edge of my seat! Cannot wait for Monday!!

  3. Ryan won an Oscar nom for his death bed scenes with Ali McGraw in Love Story. I can just imagine him doing these scenes with Emily.

  4. taliesin says:

    I’m not sure I care for the idea of seeing some of her philosophies changing. One of the interesting aspects of her character has always been that she is scientific and analytical rather than governed by social conventions.

    • Lisa says:

      I agree to a point. I will say, though, that people change all the time in different ways. Hardly anyone thinks or acts the same at 45 then they did at 18, or 10, etc. I also don’t think that she could ever completely let go of the scientific and analytical-it’s a huge part of her.It;s just that now her character has evolved enough to include more emotional attachments and reactions.

  5. Elle says:

    Looking forward to the episode. However, I am hoping if there is a proposal, that it is Booth who proposes.

  6. lars says:

    i love this show and i never miss an episode

  7. Meagan says:

    Omg this sounds so exciting I think I’m gonna lose it I think it would b perfect if bones purposed just wonderful I can’t wait!!!

  8. dawn says:

    I have not been able to see one new episode this season, due to the fact that, TNT is not playing this season’s episodes. I’m a huge fan of bones and would really really like to see this season

  9. Scout says:

    Ugh, I hope they are not building towards a rainbows-and-unicorns epiphany: oh, Booth is RIGHT, there is a god, there is an afterlife, how silly I’ve been! Stupid and unnecessary. Brennan is awesome the way she is, and a lack of belief does not need to stem from emotional trauma.

    • Susi says:

      Her lack of belief does not need to stem from emotional trauma, but it has been suggested that her hyper-rationality developed as a direct result of her childhood abandonment. I can’t imagine Brennan suddenly developing a sudden belief in any form of religion (I also think she’s even less likely to suddenly become a Christian) but I can imagine her start to question some of her own beliefs and assumption.

      I can’t imagine for a second that the writers would suddenly give her a personality transplant but “teaching Brennan a lesson” is pretty poor writing and a trap they fell in to most of last season… If this episode is bad I’d guess that would be the reason! Bones tends to be better at the darker episodes though so I’m positive.

    • SnazzyO says:

      I don’t think that’s a worry. If anything, growth on Brennan’s part might be to admit she DOESN’T have all the answers. Because really, that IS a problem with her hyper-rationality. She likes to look at all the evidence and then come to a conclusion. How UNCOMFORTABLE and yet very much a maturation on her part if she decided she’s not as sure anymore about the things she was sure about. I’m not suggesting she become religious but her scientific mind has always been both extremely open minded about some things and shut off about others. I find it completely within her skill set to re-evaluate. It’s one of her greatest strengths. Like the issue of love in the first place — she never believed in it and yet now she does. And yet she’s STILL Bones.

      I’m looking forward to seeing how much they push the character. I’m confident there will be no sell out to social norms. That’s just NOT Bones.

  10. hayley cairns says:

    I love bones and this season has made me cry so much can’t wait till this episode. And for everyone who can’t watch it cos it don’t show up on there tv go to skyliving player and you can watch it on that.

  11. rty123 says:

    But why, oh why, is it always Brennan that has to change? They’re watering down one of the best characters on TV for no discernible reason. She is the one that has evolved A LOT since the beginning. It’s like they are saying that the original Brennan (the one that, you know, decided to devote her life to helping find murderers and was already one amazing person) was this awful woman that needs to be modeled to the normal standards.

    • Debs says:

      The whole premise of her character right from the Pilot was that she was brilliant but was lonely. She had no one apart from Angela and her work! She disappeared whenever things got too much ie her relationship with Peter ending. Eight years later she isn’t lonely, has an extended family, a loving permanent relationship and a daughter! She still loves her work but has so much more. Sounds just about the right amount of character evolution to me.

      • sophia7470 says:

        Completely agree Debs, very well said. Brennan has been on a great character journey, and it’s not about her needing to change to agree with everything Booth believes, it’s about her allowing herself to be happy. She’s so much happier now than she’s ever been, and that’s because of the changes she’s made.

      • rty123 says:

        That’s fine, I am not unhappy with her compromising in some way but now they are going further. They keep demolishing everything about the original Brennan. Do we have to “cure” her of her atheism? Do we have to convince her that without marriage her relationship is not enough?

        • Elle says:

          Will Brennan always have to have Booths approval where her money is concerned. Why does Booth not have to change. Of course, if he wants a grill it is ok.

          Booth is very controlling and I have not liked that aspect of the relationship. Why is it always her who has to change.

          • Tory says:

            Because her behavior is the most anti-social and un-people friendly of the two. He has given up a lot for her, tenants of his religion to be with her and so far he is doing it willingly. I haven’t seen anything that indicates she is going religious, maybe just more accepting that she doesn’t know everything in the universe.

        • Rita says:

          Why would you think that she’s going to wake up and suddenly believe in god? Give the writers some credit, that’s the dumbest route they could take. The near-death experience came right on time considering Brennan’s character development. The goal is to make her accept that she can’t let her life be ruled by rational choices and science, otherwise she will never be completely happy. Near death experiences have nothing to do with atheism, there are real studies about them. The original Brennan can’t live the life she’s living right now. Accept it, watch the episode and you’ll understand where they’re going with that storyline.

          • brandy says:

            I absolute love this show. I dont have cable so for the people who say they cant watch it the night it comes on or they day after or what not. Phewy on that. If you get Hulu you can watch it the very next day after its
            original air date. They have all the past seasons and everything.. cable smable. This show is too incredible to miss. I love
            the fact that booth and bones are finally
            together. Although I was disappointed in the way they first made love on the show. I
            kinda didnt even realize it until bones said something. Kinda sad. Been waiting and waiting and waiting for them to get together and then.. blam a let down. But im glad now that they are together. Possible marriage in the future and they still get to work together. Again. I love this show.

        • Phillip says:

          Well, maybe, just maybe… Change is inevitable. I mean c’mon, you have to realize that after 8 years, people change. Including tv characters. It happens and I agree with a lot of other people here saying that season 1 Brennan, aka the original Brennan, wouldn’t be compatible with Booth. Things had to change. In fact, every character on the show has changed to some degree. Heck, to even see Brennan start to change in season 1. The original Brennan wasn’t the same Brennan at the end of season 1.

      • taliesin says:

        Brennan suffers from Asperger Syndrome, which is a form of autism. Why she is what she is has little to do with her being lonely or lacking parents after age 15. You don’t evolve out of autism any more then someone who has lost a limb can evolve to grow it back.

        • Rita says:

          Brennan doesn’t have Asperger’s syndrome. It’s more complicated than that. A real case of Asperger’s would be Sheldon from TBBT (although it’s highly caricatured) or Zack, from Bones. S1 Brennan had hints of Asperger but it still wasn’t that.

          • taliesin says:

            You do understand that there are degrees of Asperger’s as there are more things? Think of it as a scale from 1 to 10, where 10 is the worst possible type, to 1, which is slight but still determines how you act and react to things. Brennan has Asperger’s. It might only be a 1 or 2 on the scale, but it’s still there and it’s not a condition you wish or love away.

          • paniccord says:

            As a person who actually has aspergers and is on the autism spectrum, I disagree and I don’t care what the writers say. I read Brennan as definitely being on the spectrum, and I personally relate to her a lot, especially with how she is socially and how she interacts and relates to. There aren’t many autistic-reading characters for people like me to relate to and identify with, Brennan is one of the few

        • LMills says:

          The writers have already confirmed multiple times that Brennen does NOT have Aspergers…

      • BonesForever says:

        I also agree very much with your assessment, Debs. And I was very touched in one of the previews for this episode that as she told her mom about Booth and Christine, she said, “I love them both very much, and I have to get back to them,” and then she tried to run right out the door. It’s lovely that she realizes how much they mean to her, and she’s anxious to get back to them. That’s a great kind of change, to recognize how much value she now places on the people in her life that she loves.

    • SnazzyO says:

      As the titular character, I would expect more character development from Bones than Booth. BUT, even if they are “equal” characters, I think Booth has changed a great deal since knowing Bones. Just this past week, when he reveals his entire will is a bachelor-era Post-It note, he sets about to fix it when Brennan points out this is wrong. He’s got a TON of Daddy issues and while a will may be a small item, it’s clearly something he’s avoided before. Yes, Brennan did drop 5 pages out of 169 of her will too — and change the ritual specifics — but hers was more about tweaking something rather than actually sitting down and dealing with an issue never explored in depth before.

      I see the show “Bones” as very pro-feminist. Booth went from being more backwards on this issue to really enjoying her strength. He got such delight out of Bones taking down the forensics clean-up guy. He had a VERY hard time with Bones running away, even though he knew it was logically the right thing to do and supported it, but he and Bones maturely handled it well I thought.

      Really, IMO, all the fears of them getting together resulting in some great loss to the show have not materialized. I find their personal issues to be much more thorny and handled in a compelling and balanced fashion. I’ve upgraded this show from DVR to live watching this season.

  12. Jessie says:

    I think Brennan is going to make changes in how she deals with Booth and being a mom. Being more open to new stuff. If you watch the sneak peaks she shoots down Booth’s idea of a family vacation. She is so controlling of Christine and any suggestion from Booth i.e. the carousel fight from ep 2, Christine won’t go to the zoo ep 4. … In another write up ED said that this ep will shine a light on Brennan’s behavior in the fight, makes her rethink. Imo

    • Amber says:

      I saw that sneak peak. Brennan needs a reminder that she wanted to take Christine to the museum. And going by her own logic it would be pointless as Christine wouldn’t remember. Double standards anyone?…..I totally get Booth’s frustrations with her. I do.

      • Suanx says:

        Wait, what? This is Bren showing Booth she will do irrational things to show him love. Irrational is right, storming off like a tween, showing him love….not so much. Do the writers even remember what they write from ep to ep? So frustrating to watch. So they replace the sexual tension with bickering over the raising of Christine. Oh yeah, that’s fun to watch. ugh

        • madbengalsfan85 says:

          You ever hear of the expression “Easier said than done”? We are talking tendencies that are hard wired into Brennan, and they won’t simply go away because Brennan says she’ll do irrational things.

    • Brainy Smurf says:

      IKR? Going by Brennan’s so called logic children dont need any experiences or be a part of family activities until they form memories to do so….WOW…. So just keep them in the house, indoors away from the world till they can appreciate things and remember! Snark. Oh dearie me Brennan….No wonder she projects onto Booth that she is a bad mom. That is her own fears and nothing to do with Booth.

    • Chelsea says:

      I think that is why the writers went down the route of having B&B have a fight over different parenting styles before she got shot, so it would tie in with her own issues with her own mom and being a good mom to Christine…. Though a fight before a traumatic event is too soapy for me and a tad manipulative just to make the shooting and her survival even more dire….. ‘Oh nos they had a fight, she could die before they make up and say sorry’ cue ending ‘I’m sorry, no I’m more sooooorry’

  13. Mary jo says:

    Anyone else thinking that Brennan and her mom scenes are going to work or not for you depending on how much cheese to can swallow? I mean Brennan going into the light, fighting the light, speaking to her dead mom, is it a ghost, is real or a figment of Brennan’s mind when passed out? Her mom having the answers for her, advising. It’s a all bit cheesy imo.

  14. Tina says:

    I am really looking forward in meeting Booth’s mom. IF it ever happens. Seems to me they talk a lot about it but it never comes to fruition. I fear it will get pushed to Season 9 now. *Sighs*

  15. sophia7470 says:

    I care a lot more about Booth’s mystery mom than I do Brennan’s – we’ve already met Christine Brennan, we know her story.

    Wish they’d focus on Booth’s past more.

    • Lisa says:

      Yes, please, anything is better than bickering over child raising. Guess Booth’s story has been pushed off to s. 9. One ep Bth is a really good man, the next he’s too stupid to raise Christine. One of these days, she is going to realize that child is his too, not just hers……..maybe.

      • E. says:

        I think that Brennan DOES realize that Christine is his child too, but because of her somewhat traumatic childhood, she’s having a hard time being able to not act the way she is. I know that she’s changed and all, but things like that don’t go away, and they will sneak back in from time to time. I think that her parenting style is just more of a habitual thing of hers due to, as mentioned before, her childhood, and how she ended up living her life after that; focused on what she thought was best.

  16. louise smith says:

    I love Bones I don’t always get to see it on TV but I get my paenter to record out for me as I do shift work. I can wait to see how this season unfolds . It is a show I how never ends. I watch it over and over. I have brought all the seasons. Please keep on keeping on.

  17. Elle says:

    When I look at the picture of B and B in the hospital, I think of the scenes with Booth and Cam when she was poisoned and Booth and Hannah when she was shot. He loves playing the white knight.

    Really hoping she does not turn religious and that she does not propose. Yes I have wanted to see the character evolve but not because she has to for Booth.

    • sophia7470 says:

      She almost certainly won’t turn religious and she almost certainly will propose.

    • Kay says:

      I haven’t seen Booth ask her to change, he has said on several occasions he likes/loves her the way she is. It not a sin to want to help your fellow man, as in being a white knight, last ep she said he was a very, very good man, anyone remember that?

  18. Anne says:

    I saw the preview. I didn’t see Booth criticizing Br’s parenting, I saw he wanted to go on a family outing and Br wasn’t interested, didn’t think Christine would remember a camping trip at 14 months but at 6 months she would have been enriched by a museum visit? Seriously??

  19. BonesFan447 says:

    Did anyone read this article? Emily stated…“As the season goes on, it’s a subtle change. It’s not like people are discussing it right afterwards, but I think it will be addressed in later episodes this season. … It shines a light on her behavior and maybe encourages her to change a bit.” This is going to be great episode! We get to see Booth and Brennan act like a couple who is not hunky dory all the time.

  20. D.A. Warren says:

    You don’t have a close brush with death and remain the same afterward. Change would be a usual result. Problem is sometimes the change doesn’t stick. Usually you value your loved ones more, but Bones does that already, so it might be a crack in here rigid belief system. She has had to let Booth have his religion, it is totally tied up in who he is. She might begin to examine why. Bones if fantastic and unusual on TV because it has shown the development of an adult relationship, not the usual teen lustfest. Everyone on the show is honest about needing love but they know it’s not easy or equal. Can’t wait to see Booth’s reaction to this story line..

  21. LUVBONES says:

    I believe Bones begins to accept that there are things that can’t be explained, but are real and meaningful. I believe that she begins to free her “little girl” joys of life again with Booth and Christine and that eventually this leads to her seeing a life with them, a marriage is just fine! I hope this is the case. I really want them to stay in love, continue to grow together as they always have done, and get married. They just have to!!!!!!!!!

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