Switched at Birth Preview: A Changed Bay, Mixed Tidings for 'Bemmett' and Baby Drama

VANESSA MARANOFans of Switched at Birth‘s Bay and Emmett, star Vanessa Marano has good and bad news for you.

When the ABC Family drama returns for Season 2 on Monday at 8/7c, the former couple will be on much better terms — but not exactly on the same page, she reveals below. The actress also talks about her unpopular stance on the relationship, the new guys in Bay and Daphne’s lives and Angelo’s baby-mama troubles.

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TVLINE | Has Bay gotten all that rebelliousness out of her system?
Yeah! Weirdly enough, Bay’s not the rebellious one this [season] at all, which is very different because Bay, as you know, is usually the more difficult of all the Switched at Birth characters. [Laughs] She and John Kennish probably are the most stubborn and set in their ways and don’t bend on anything, ironically enough. But she’s totally over it now… She’s studying. She’s listening to her parents. She’s being a good kid this season. But we’ll see how long that lasts. [Laughs]

TVLINE | She seems so at peace in the season premiere. She’s almost, for lack of a better word, cooperative.
I know! It’s weird, right?! It’s still the Bay we all know and love, but like a much more accommodating, well behaved, cooperative version of her.

TVLINE | After that lovely scene by the car in the season finale, where do Bay and Emmett stand?
She’s forgiven him, which is nice. But she wants to be friends. She’s not ready to be whatever they were again, and he is ready. So when you have one person who is ready and one person who’s not ready, something’s gotta give. I just don’t know what.

VANESSA MARANO, SEAN BERDYTVLINE | Is he staying faithful to her in the meantime, even though they’re not technically dating?
[Laughs] They’re not dating, so there really are no rules in their relationship. That’s what’s freaking Emmett out the most. He’s like, “Well, do I have to not date anybody then even though we’re not [together]? How is this whole thing working?”

TVLINE | Last time we talked, you said you like Emmett and Daphne together, and then Katie [Leclerc] told me she likes Emmett with Bay. Is that still the case?
That’s 100 percent still the case. I don’t know how Katie can still like Bay and Emmett together. I’m like the only person in America who shares this belief that Bay and Emmett should not get back together, because he cheated on her and that’s awful. But I’m the only one – cast [and] crew included and people who watch the show. So I stand alone pretty much. [Laughs]

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TVLINE | When I interviewed [creator] Lizzy Weiss, she mentioned a new character in Bay and Daphne’s world.
There’s a character named Teo [played by Stephen Lunsford], and there’s a character named Noah [Max Lloyd-Jones]. They’re both hearing kids at the deaf school. They’re both boys, so… Bay and Daphne love their boys. [Laughs]

TVLINE | So, love triangle drama?
I don’t know if there’s even a shape anymore for the amount of boys that Bay and Daphne have gone through. [Laughs] It’s no longer a triangle. It’s like a hexagon, octagon situation, carrying all the ones that they’ve had in common.

TVLINE | Is Daphne and Bay’s relationship going to get stronger?
We were so happy, Katie and I, because last season, it was pretty strong. We were friends, and that had never happened before! The last 10 episodes were like a big friendship. That may not be the case as this season continues. There’s definitely a bit of tension between them.

TVLINE | We also have to talk about Angelo and the baby bombshell. Is it definitely his?
I can’t tell you that! But I will say this: Angelo clearly likes taking paternity tests. This will be his second paternity test.

VANESSA MARANOTVLINE | What about the fact that he was rewarded all this money? It tends to change people, so how’s it going to affect the family?
With Angelo, that’s the whole thing. Money does tend to change people. Is it going to change him for the better though? He’s not a great person to begin with. He’s a person who’s constantly trying to change himself for the better. Everybody’s always on edge like, “Oh, well, how’s that going to go down? Can we trust him?” That’s the whole theme of the season. Now that he has the ability to give the girls the world, is he to be trusted? Or is that even more dangerous?

TVLINE | Is Bay’s relationship with him pretty unstable?
Yeah. It’s kind of all over the map, specifically because of that baby-mama drama. And Regina’s relationship with him [is] even more unstable. In fact, I’d say Regina’s actually the most unstable this season… Because of all the things going on with Regina – and there’s a lot of things going on with Regina – she’s having a difficult time with everybody, Bay included.