Is Castle Too Chaste? Is Kalinda a Killer? Reid Off His Rocker? Did Blair Hit a Low? And More Qs!

revengechuck300_RVWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Once Upon a Time, The Good Wife, Castle and Criminal Minds.

1 | While amusing, wouldn’t TBS’ Wedding Band benefit from being trimmed down to a half-hour show?

2 | Is Revenge‘s Americon Initiative renting dark office space from The Ring on Chuck? Also, was Ashley’s tryst with Conrad the least shocking intel Emily has ever squirreled away?

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3 | In retrospect, couldn’t Once Upon a Time‘s Cora and Hook have used the rehydrated magic bean to get to Storybrooke right after raiding the beanstalk? Also, is it hot in this fairytale land jail cell or is it just that Aurora/Mulan scene? (Really, Phillip who?) And how was Emma and Snow’s first order of business once back home not a shower and change of clothes?

goodwife2754 | What do we think Kalinda’s Plan B was with regard to making Nick disappear on The Good Wife? And settle a TVLine dispute: Did she off him? And @mspenn1013 asks via Twitter: “How delicious was the scene when Zach told Alicia the condom search was conducted by Jackie?”

5 | Can someone on Homeland tell us what FaceTime-like, video-chat app Brody has for his Blackberry? And is it really that easy to skulk around the home of the VPOTUS?

6 | With Season 3 of Boardwalk Empire behind us, what’s the verdict on Bobby Cannavale’s performance as Gyp Rosetti — A) tremendously entertaining camp, B) way too over-the-top villainy, or C) a perfect blend of both? And how relieved were you that Richard made it out alive?

7 | Dear How I Met Your Mother: Barney and Patrice? Really?!

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8 | Did it strike you as out-of-character when Bones‘ Booth referred to Brennan as “Temperance” and not “Bones” when she was crying over the boy’s skull? And were you pleasantly surprised at how well the see-the-action-through-the-victim’s-eyes angle worked throughout the episode?

gossip2759 | To Gossip Girl we ask: Who the heck is Bruce Caplan? Better yet, why are you devoting one of the show’s precious final hours to him? Also, does the picture to the right represent Blair’s lowest point yet?

10 | What’s with Castle‘s chaste “Caskett” kissage?

11 | Is The Voice‘s Christina Milian physically incapable of beginning her “social media” segments with anything other than the phrase, “Hey, what’s up, Carson?”?

12 | Why is no one giving Hart of Dixie props for crafting multiple, compelling love triangles while staying true to the characters?

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13 | How awesome was it that Don’t Trust the B… flipped the old “sex in a restaurant kitchen” cliché by cutting to the face of a horrified cook as Chloe and her “martini goggles” hook-up went at it?

P14 | Which Private Practice parent — Cooper (“Girls are awesome!”) or Charlotte (“What am I gonna do with three girls?”) — had the best reaction to learning the sex of their triplets?

15 | Was Parenthood‘s Max-free episode in response to this column’s grumble from last week? Also, who else groaned, “Nooooo!” as soon as tipsy Sarah turned the hotel hall corner and bumped into Mark? (Are Sarah’s relationship decisions starting to become as troubling as Lorelai’s?)

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16 | Looking ahead to Season 6 of Sons of Anarchy, who will we take more pleasure in seeing get their comeuppance — Clay or Gemma?

17 | Couldn’t Arrow have stretched out the Oliver/Helena arc for longer than two episodes? And why is everyone on TV so obsessed with Confucius’ famous saying (“Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves”)? Revenge, Fringe, Dexter and now Arrow have uttered the quote!

18 | Was Suburgatory‘s snow-capped, Damien Rice-backed kiss between Tessa and Ryan perfection? And how funny was his Hulk-like freak-out about being adopted?

CrimMindsReidMW19 | Is there any tiny chance left that Criminal Minds‘ Reid is imagining his girlfriend? Could the same thing that caused his headaches be pressing against some temporal whatnot in his noodle, thus causing vivid hallucinations? (Sure, she “left” him a gift, but did we ever see the identical books together? Then again, the hostess did say a “girl” dropped it off. Hmmm.) And did this week’s episode, with the “puppeteer” UnSub, rank in the Top 20 Most Disturbing Ever?

20 | The candles. That dress. The hair. The Stepford Wife disposition… Did you think Nashville’s Juliette was angling to make her beau say “yes” to something a bit more carnal than a marriage proposal? Also, how does two adults hugging qualify as a “salacious” and potentially campaign-ending photo scandal?

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21 | Since when did Vampire Diaries‘ Caroline become possessed, soulless, paranoid Buffy Summers circa Season 4’s “Living Conditions”? Also, can the show stay in the 1940s? Those costumes were gorgeous.GHtypo

22 | When did General Hospital start spelling “Connie Falconeri” like this (see photo)? Would it  have been that inconvenient for the director to yell “Cut!” so that Kelly Sullivan could take another stab at spelling her character’s name correctly?

23 | Considering the general “kumbaya” vibe of Glee‘s New Directions, wasn’t it strange to see not a single member of the group show the slightest bit of concern about Marley’s budding bulimia problem being the cause of her Sectionals collapse?

24 | Wasn’t Stephen Collins’ Scandal newsman kind of a snore? Why was he a one-man operation for such a global story? And don’t get us started on his bland taglines for the coverage, when in the real world a network would go with a catchy “Fitz Under Fire!” or the like. Also, did VP Langston’s power grab play too similar to the one on Political Animals?

25 | Should splicing Justin Bieber into a commercial with Edmund Gwenn’s Miracle on 34th Street Santa be a punishable offense?

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!