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Supergirl EP Discusses Floriana Lima's Status, How It Might Affect 'Sanvers'

Fans of Supergirl‘s Alex/Maggie pairing probably won’t sense a downtick in the latter’s presence, even though Floriana Lima has stepped down to recurring status for Season 3.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour on Wednesday, after uberproducer Greg Berlanti partook in CW Seed’s uberemotional Everwood cast reunion, TVLine asked if Lima’s new status would be perceptible to viewers.

“I don’t think so,” he answered, noting: “Any character people love is not there as much as people want them there. [But] from my perspective, we will use her as much as we can.”

Shedding some light on why Lima is no longer a series regular (as she was upon being introduced in Season 2), Berlanti told TVLine, “She’s wonderful on the show, and she’s got some real ardent fans, as she should…. We wanted more of her, but she’s got other things in the hopper, other things she wants to consider.

“We’d love to have her back as much as possible,” he added.

Berlanti was mum on the specifics of what lies ahead for “Sanvers” — Alex (played by original cast member Chyler Leigh) proposed at the close of the Season 2 finale — but did say, “We got into [that romance] wanting to tell the story of Alex, because she is a lead on the show. And no matter what, we want to continue exploring Alex’s romantic life. As much as actors want to come play and with with us, [we want to do that] as much as we can.”

Supergirl returns Monday, Oct. 9 at 8/7c, now leading into the freshman military drama Valor. (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Jason says:

    If Maggie’s presence on the show is going to be seriously limited, then it would be best to end their relationship. Otherwise, Alex’s love life becomes an afterthought. Maggie was a good first romance for Alex, but it’s time they put Alex out there. Instead of handing her this cut and dry relationship, where they can make things as simple as possible, let her explore a bit. Consider something that’s not sewn up all neat and tidy. The actual trials and tribulations of dating, for someone who’s tentative and inexperienced. A great contrast to her confidence as a DEO agent. How about an honest to god, will they/won’t they relationship between two female characters on a mainstream show. Wouldn’t Lena be an interesting possibility? We’ve barely seen them interact, so let’s throw them together and see what kind of chemistry they have. There is a massive amount of potential in such a relationship. Butting heads at first. Layering in the tension. Something they could build over the course of seasons, instead of plowing through like a locomotive. Alex’s coming out was handled deftly and with great care. I would hate to see them suddenly take the easy road and present her sexuality as nothing more than some quota to fill.

    • Bran says:

      So it’s not enough for you to delude yourself with Kara and Lena, now you are jumping to Alex and Lena instead? Lena is straight. Alex and Maggie are lesbians and are engaged on the show. Their relationship is clearly not going anywhere. How confused one must be to believe they would ever give Alex another love interest when her one love interest is an iconic comic book character they don’t bother to develop. You people can get your wet dream fix elsewhere.

      • Jason says:

        Lena has never been defined as strictly heterosexual, remaining somewhat nebulous, so they can go any way they choose. I don’t feel Kara and Lena would make sense beyond basic friendship, because Kara’s preferences seem more defined. Also, it would seem to stretch credulity for both sisters to be in a gay relationship. Certainly Maggie is an iconic character, though I would argue that this particular relationship bears no such distinction. Had she remained a regular on the show, the writers could have attempted to overcome certain deficits in character depth. But that’s not really an option, so what are they to do. If she appears once in a blue moon, paying lip service to her relationship with Alex, who does that serve. Certainly not Alex. It becomes a totem for the show to raise and say, “Hey look! Here are our gay characters!” As representation goes, it checks the boxes, but it doesn’t really do much else. If we’re meant to be as invested in Alex’s journey as we are Kara’s, then shoving her personal life into a box that says “token lesbian stuff, open only when necessary”, is no way to respect what she’s going through. On the other hand. If they find a way to gracefully extricate themselves from the Sanvers ship, then the skies the limit. As much as Maggie is a fine character, she’s not nearly so important as Alex. After Kara, Alex is pretty much the most essential. So hamstringing her character growth for the sake of a ship that’s about to get obscured by the fog of limited actor availability, seems foolish. Now the idea of Alex and Lena is simply a matter of blue skying on my part. One of a myriad of possibilities. I like the notion, as I see the yin and yang of their natures as a potential point of sparkage. But they really could come up with anything. And that’s basically the point. Either Alex’s personal life is marked by endless potential, or it’s locked up tight, with little room for growth.

        • Bran says:

          By your “logic” J’onn, James, Mon-El, Winn and even Clark may very well be bi themselves since they’ve never been defined as strictly heterosexual. This is the CW. Having more than 2 lesbians on the show is more than they can bare so they can pat themselves on the back for doing the bare minimum.

          “Had she remained a regular on the show, the writers could have attempted to overcome certain deficits in character depth.”They didn’t do that while she was a regular. Not even once. Had she remained a regular, they would have done the exact same thing they did last season. By having her occasionally on the show, they are, as Berlanti said, obligated to use her as much as they can when they have her around, which is what they do to ALL recurring characters on the show, be it Lena (she was recurring last season), Lilian, M’gann and even Cat – all of them are more developed than Maggie.

          Again, you are completely and utterly deluded if you think they would ever give Alex a new love interest when they have her engaged to a very under developed Maggie Sawyer. The Arrowverse’s treatment of their LGBTQ+ characters who either have their sexualities used for sweeps (Sara) or their relationships offscreened (everyone else) should bring you back to reality.

          • Jason says:

            I never said they “would” break up Maggie and Alex. I’m only speaking to what I believe they “should” do. As to those other characters you feel could fall under the auspices of an undefined heterosexuality, most have been more clearly defined. J’onn was a family man who’s subsequent relationship was also with a woman. Mon-El has been shown to be a bit of a ladies man. James pines for Kara while dating Lucy. I could buy Winn as bisexual the most easily, but he clearly seems to have a thing for bad girls. When he’s not pining for Kara, that is. We’ve seen one past relationship of Lena’s, but much of her nature remains mysterious. This is purposely so, as the writers want to keep the audience in doubt about her motivations. It has the secondary effect of keeping other aspects of her personality in limbo. The reason so many people have taken to the idea of Kara and Lena is that there is a definite undercurrent of tension at play. The actors have played into this more than the writers, but it’s certainly there. Given that Kara is highly unlikely to travel that road, it seems to reflect more on Lena’s disposition. Lena is an ambiguous character, so why should her sexuality be any different.

          • Bran says:

            You seem to be running out of excuses to give. Being a father/having been married to someone of the opposite sex doesn’t grant you a heterosexuality card. Being a ladies man doesn’t grant you a heterosexuality card. Have you ever met a bisexual guy? Having being written as only being specifically in a relationship with one gender doesn’t grant you a heterosexuality card. Alex was never written as being into anything other than men and has talked about past relationships with men in season 1 and came out as a lesbian. Neither Alex or Maggie were ever written as ambiguous. Lena is ambiguous because she’s a Luthor, the same way villains are often ambiguous because they’re villains.

          • Jason says:

            I’m not really sure what you’re trying to get at. You seem frustrated about something but I’m not entirely sure what it is. Are you upset that Maggie is being sidelined, or are you upset that they made Alex gay? You seem to be angry over the assertion that most of the characters could be defined as heterosexual, but equally upset by the notion that Lena’s sexuality could be more ambiguous. Do you want everyone to be gay? Or no one to be gay? As far as what was said of Alex’s sexuality in season 1, there really wasn’t much of anything. She had no relationships to speak of, and her romantic history seemed to be somewhat limited. They get into this when she comes out Kara, basically saying that’s she’s felt unfulfilled up to that point. Unlike the other characters, her personal life had remained somewhat veiled. Turns out there was a reason for that.

          • Bran says:

            Um, neither? I’m proving your “she’s ambiguous, so her sexuality could be too” argument is bs – you know, with actual facts over wishful thinking, which is what you seem to be doing. Alex was presented to be much more experienced than Kara to the point she talked about ex boyfriends and gave her advice about men. Plus, had the show stayed on CBS she would no doubt have something with Maxwell Lord. I used the Alex argument to disprove your argument that the established male characters on the show can’t be bi with the same reasoning you’re saying Lena can be. You’re the only one confused here.

            My argument remains the same as my original argument: Alex and Maggie are both lesbians and this being The CW, their “quota” is full. Anyone believing they will introduce or reveal another non straight character on the show is deluding themselves. Your choice to live in the dream land.

  2. Jen says:

    I like Floriana Lima, but I find Maggie pretty boring tbh. Hoping this actually leads to a more compelling romance for Alex.

    • David says:

      Agreed. Great actress but lackluster character that seems one-sided and all about the job. Alex is already like that so I hope they’ll bring in someone new. Maybe someone with such a mundane job (clerk at the DMV) that it contrasts well with Alex’s adventures.

  3. Nelle says:

    “she’s got other things in the hopper” and yet all we see her doing when she’s not filming Supergirl is getting drunk with her friends. It’s August and she hasn’t been cast in anything else. What is this secret/invisible project they speak of so much?

    Right she is in valuing herself. Maggie deserves better and so do we.

  4. Ana says:

    It’s okay, they’re pushing her to the background of the history. I wouldn’t expect otherwise. I love Floriana Lima’s acting, as well as Cutler’s, but their relationship is so stable and I want them to keep it that way. Altough, there’s a blurry yet important line between the character and the actress, and it’s not fair to judge if someone has other plans in mind – even if it’s literally doing nothing for an while. I just don’t want them to destroy the relationship between Maggie and Alex as a excuse for less screentime together. It would be as awful as the comic’s Maggie Sawyer with Bette Kane on the New 52.

  5. Agent 86 says:

    Sounds good. Season 2 focused far too much on romance – Kara and Mon-El, Alex and Maggie, J’onn and M’gann, Winn and Lyra (?) and Jimmy and Guardian (although, that was more of a self-love affair).
    I’m happy for romance to take a back seat in season 3 and for the show to focus on … superheroics since it is called Supergirl after all. Sadly, I think they’ve already confirmed that in addition to ALL of the season 2 romances, they’re adding even more by trying to split up Jimmy and Guardian with an interloper into their strong, if narcissistic, relationship.

    • Marc says:

      But the network suits probably like romances on superhero shows. It pulls in audiences that want to watch melodrama. It also makes the characters more identifiable with audiences. They have relationships just like normal people do. That said, there’s no reason why you can’t show relationships using recurring characters and focus on superheroics other than the issues of being able to contract actors to play the roles 10 or 15 times a season. We see it a lot with the spouses/partners of supporting characters: Reiko Aylesworth on Socrpio, for example. If the character is regular, rather than recurring, and the actor is paid to appear in every episode (not always the case for series regulars such as Willa Holland on Arrow), there is pressure on the writers to insert the character in the main plotline (fewer Supergirl scenes at Catco? Give Winn a job at the DEO) or to write gratuitous scenes because the actor is being paid anyway (as happened with Natascha McElhone on Designated Survivor in a few episodes this season). This isn’t always the best creative outcome.

  6. ScottJ says:

    So what? Its perfectly possible for characters to have family that you never see. We don’t see every minute of every day of their fictional lives.

  7. Margot says:

    The Alex and Maggie relationship is easily the best thing about Supergirl as of late. They seem to be aware of its importance so that’s… good? But they also should acknowledge what is wrong with it and that Maggie as a character needs proper development. You can’t blame an actress for wanting better when fans want exactly that. If that means less focus on romance and more focus on the action and the Danvers sisters relationship, so be it. Diggle and Lyla are married and have a kid on Arrow and we see her less than 10 episodes every season. We don’t only see her as the wife, we see her as a developed character with a storyline tied to the plot. They can, could and should do the same with Alex and Maggie and no one will bat an eyelash. The problem is I don’t think fans trust the idiots in charge to make it count.

  8. Carla Krae says:

    When all the talk about your show is about a secondary ship instead of the main character’s superhero journey, you’re doing something wrong. If you just looked at the internet re: season 2, you’d thing Supergirl was about Alex Danvers and her girlfriend.

  9. Not for nothing, but this is a superhero show, not a show about a superhero’s sister’s love life.

    I found that the Alex/Maggie story took away from the reasons I watch the show, which is well, the superhero part. I want to see Kara fight villains and stand for truth, justice and the American way, like her cousin. A non-powered, original character’s love life is about the last thing I care about. That’s a different show. Season 2 was hurt by it.

  10. T.W.S.S. says:

    I don’t understand why people think this Sanvers marriage will actually happen. Alex and Maggie JUST started dating. Would it shock anyone if they called off their hasty engagement? Speaking of broken engagements, Olicity and WestAllen still aren’t married, and they were at least friends long before they started dating and talking of marriage. Even Kendra and Ray were together for two years before he proposed, and that relationship ended (thank goodness). Not to mention Eddie and Iris’s engagement.

    And marriage in the Arrowverse hasn’t been great. Ronnie died literal hours after marrying Caitlin. Curtis is going through a divorce. And there are quite a few widows, widowers, divorcés, and divorcées in the verse. Thank goodness for Lyla and Diggle, though, who are on their second marriage to each other.

    • That’s true, but you have to remember that every season of Supergirl is like a year, confirmed by the writers too. And in the SG/Flash musical crossover Kara did say Mon El had lied to her “for 9 months”. So overall, by the finale, Maggie and Alex had known each other now for a year. I definitely would have waited, but being engaged after a year isn’t rushed in my opinion, they don’t have to get married immediately, but from the way they’ve been written, they seem serious about their romance.

  11. Kennedy says:

    The only romantic relationship that has ever worked on the show. Period. I’m glad they’re not touching that one with a 10 foot pole. They should focus on changing what DIDN’T work instead and boy is that list long.

  12. K says:

    One of the few good things about S2. And tbh, if not for Alex I probably would have dropped this show already. I really wish Maggie could get explored more outside of Sanvers, but not holding my breath on that one. She has potential to be a really fascinating character, but this show would rather focus on bland white dudes instead.

  13. rogvortex58 says:

    Isn’t Maggie supposed to be with Batwoman?

    • Martes says:

      No? Aren’t you aware the characters on this show are from a different Earth? Our Maggie isn’t comics Maggie and comics Maggie and Batwoman broke up anyway. Batwoman is with Renee Montoya.