Timeless Spoilers

Timeless @ Comic-Con: One Mother of a Villain and More Season 2 Preview

Timeless, NBC’s miraculous comeback show, celebrated its surprise un-cancellation/Season 2 renewal during its San Diego Comic-Con panel on Thursday.

As a reward for all the fans’ love and devotion, co-creators Eric Kripke and Shawn Ryan dropped some tiny teasers about Season 2. (The writers’ room doesn’t start up until September, with an eye on a spring/summer 2018 premiere, so not much is set in stone yet.)

“Lucy’s mom [played by Susanna Thompson] is going to be one of the major Big Bads,” Kripke previewed. “And Rittenhouse does have their hands on the time machine. That’s way worse than Garcia having his hands on the time machine. Garcia and the [time] team find themselves facing a common enemy,” so don’t be surprised if they’re forced into a “messy, fraught team-up.”

Kripke also shared that Season 2 will be “doubling down” on untold history, like the first season’s stories about minority, women and gay characters. “Everyone contributes to the history of this country,” Kripke noted. “That’s a good message these days… History is for everybody, and America is for everybody.”

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Read on for more highlights from the panel:

* Kripke was “totally, totally stunned” when the show was unexpectedly revived, he described. “We had been cancelled that Wednesday. We started to make peace.” Then came the phone call from NBC brass on a Saturday morning, leading Ryan to joke, “Why is NBC calling? To rub it in?”

Timeless Renewed Cancelled* Ryan has no complaints about the series’ shorter seasons. Considering the drama’s weekly scope, “this would have been a very difficult show in Season 1 to make a full 22 episodes,” he said. “In that regard, I was happy [with the shorter order]. Sixteen was about the max we could have done in Season 1.” And the sophomore run will have just 10 episodes, “which allows us to tell a really compact story. I’d like to make more than 10 in Season 3 or 4. For now, I’m glad to have the 10,” Ryan added.

* Will the time team ever travel to the future? “Never say never. But kind of never,” Kripke replied. “We look at it a lot more as a historical adventure than a science-fiction show, per se. It’s so rare that the future’s done well on TV.”

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* On Kripke’s wish list: visiting the Robert Johnson era. (Supernatural fans, of course, are well aware of Kripke’s admiration of the blues musician.)

* For all their raves about the season’s authentic costumes and their favorite eras — the Alamo, Lone Ranger, and Bonnie and Clyde episodes got shout-outs as the cast’s favorites — the stars also had some bones to pick with the historical wardrobe. During the Lincoln episode, “I had like 12 layers underneath [the outfit],” star Abigail Spencer shared. “We started in August, so it’s 105 [degrees] outside in Vancouver, and we’re in 12 layers of wool.” The show’s leading men are not immune to costume challenges, either. Spencer noted that while on most sets, it’s the high heel-sporting women who have a change of shoes nearby, on Timeless, it’s the men who have comfy footwear waiting for them. “The period shoes are very uncomfortable,” she explained.

Timeless‘ 10-episode second season is slated for a midseason premiere.

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  1. JasonBrownz says:

    All tv shows should be 10-13 episodes. Cable shows that do that get to the point and have less filler episodes. They also don’t show 6eps then break for 4 weeks, come back with 2eps, break for 3weeks, etc. it’s more than worth it to wait n binge watch network tv shows on hulu/Netflix commercial free.

    • Jason says:

      Many shows benefit from a shorter season, but I would disagree that all series should be that length. Procedurals are well suited to long seasons, as their larger arcs are doled out in smaller increments. Comedies tend to be a half hour, so even at 22 episodes, their total screen time only adds up to about 11 hour long shows. And I’d hate to go back and pick which episodes from any season of Buffy, X-Files, Lost, Star Trek: The Next Generation, etcetera, one would have to wipe from existence, so as to fit that narrow framework.

      • kmw says:

        I agree procedurals shouldn’t be shorter. The final season’s arc on Bones was rushed because they only had 12 episodes, it would have been better for them to have at least 18 episodes to finish their series. Also I agree comedies shouldn’t be shorter either. Look at the Roseanne revival. How can anyone get into that knowing its only eight episodes. Timeless will probably benefit from a shorter season but given how it made it back on the air with their anemic numbers it may not matter much

  2. Rick Katze says:

    The good news: We have a season 2. The bad news: It’s a winter replacement which means that it will probably replace some show not doing well in its time slot and they will then be in the same position.

  3. Very Happy this series has managed to fight another day. I really do hope it has the chance to grow and make it back for the long run. Some of you didn’t enjoy it, but many of us found it a worthy sci-fi, action, adventure, drama series. It’s compelling and comfy, If you haven’t watched it, pick up Season 1 and please watch Season 2!

  4. Joey Padron says:

    Good scoop about season 2 from their panel. I’m still so happy the show is back! I can’t wait to see it next year!

  5. davidztaylor says:

    I’d like to see them move away a bit from ‘famous’ historical figures. That would be my suggestion. I call it the Time Tunnel Syndrome. Just so happens, everytime they’d pass to another time, it was just in perfect time for something major. (Titanic, etc). I’d rather see it be more of a mix like Quantum Leap did. I think some of the strongest stories that had the first season involved ‘regular joe’s’ of the time period. Less Abraham Lincoln, more concentration on a butler or a tailor, as a broad example.

    • Kristina says:

      Totally agree. I love the show as it is, but I definitely think some “smaller” stories would really add to the fabric of the show.

    • DJ Doena says:

      I loved Quantum Leap. The problem with your idea is that it may clash with the show’s premise. Rittenhouse wants to change the past to further their agenda. An episode not centered on a well-known historical figure would need to explain how fictional person X no one’s ever heard of would have an impact on the timeline in a way that furthers Rittenhouse’s cause.

  6. Toni Landin says:

    I love this show, thrilled it’s coming back

  7. Shannon Ellis says:

    Looking forward to seeing timeless when does thw season start? It is a great way to share a little history with my kids. May not be all true but starts the conversation to history.

  8. Love the show i enjoy watching it with my girls it may not be true to fact but opens up the conversation of history events .when does the season start?

  9. Love the show. When does season start? My girls and i talk history. The show may not be true to history but starts the talk

  10. Love the show. Enjoy talking history with my children. Show is not true to point but starts the talk

  11. Kevin Tran says:

    Can’t wait when Season 2 of Timeless returns mid-season and I’m shocked about what went down at the end of Season 1. Also I’m wondering if there’s a chance Lucy’s sister is going to appear after she “vanished” in the pilot.

  12. Anne says:

    Ooo. I just love this show so much.

  13. BM says:

    These teasers are really making me excited! I love that they’re probably going to team up with Garcia. Would have been tiring if they had continued the way they did. You can use a villain only for so long before the need to evolve arises.

  14. EE says:

    So excited for season 2 :D

  15. spitalo says:

    i saw this headline and wondered why are they talking about an imaginary villain …not realizing that the show had been UN cancelled….i’m so psyched for this!!!

  16. Mac says:

    If we could just get more Susanna Thompson, that’d be great.

  17. Robin says:

    I am super excited about season 2! I really liked Timeless, and was so sad to hear that it got cancelled, and then thrilled that it got “uncancelled” How does that happen? You know what I don’t even care…I’m just glad it did! I don’t even mind that I have to wait til mid season to see it. I think the show has been done well..and I’m glad they have the extra time to work on storyline, wardrobe, sets, and everything else involved in making the show awesome. I have to say the group is funny together too. I really enjoyed their interview video!

  18. Rosendo Castilleja says:

    I like the show.I follow it every week,I love history,so this show is so cool Thanks for bringing it back!