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Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Cast

Hawaii Five-0 Gives Kono's Husband a Promotion, Adds Two in Cast Shake-Up

Hawaii Five-0 in one fell swoop has effectively reconstituted its recently-depleted team of crimefighters.

Less than three weeks after the news broke that original cast members Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park (who played Chin Ho and Kono) were exiting ahead of Season 8, the CBS procedural has promoted longtime recurring player Ian Anthony Dale (aka Kono’s husband Adam) to series regular, while also adding to its ranks Meaghan Rath (Being Human) and relative newcomer Beulah Koale.

A trusted confidant and resource for the team, Adam Noshimuri will be recruited by McGarrett to officially work for Five-0, while Rath has been cast as Tani Rey, a hotel lifeguard who was kicked out of the Police Academy, despite being a first-rate candidate. (Word of the actress’ casting leaked last week as lookie-loos snapped photos of her filming scenes with Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan at a hotel pool.)

Koale will play Junior Reigns, a former Navy SEAL who has just returned from serving his country and asks McGarrett for a job.

Currently starring on CBS’ summer series Salvation, Dale’s previous TV credits include Murder in the First, The Event and Day Break, while Rath’s resume includes DirecTV’s Rogue and Kingdom, Cooper Barrett’s Guide to Surviving Life, Banshee and Secrets and Lies. Koale has had roles on the New Zealand series Common Ground and The Cul de Sac.

Hawaii Five-0 kicks off Season 8 on Friday, Sept. 29 at 8/7c.

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  1. Glad to see Ian’s not going anywhere. I like him.

  2. Kelly says:

    Not sure how I feel about this. Adam and Kono’s relationship has been through a lot. I hope they’re not getting a divorce. Hopefully it will be something like “Kono needs to do this because she feels strongly about this and I (Adam) support her even if it means being separated for a while” kind of storyline. Still pissed that Park and Kim were let go, though.

    • Brandi says:

      Hoping for the same thing to. Feel the same as you. I do like Adam and I’ll be glad to see more of him, but don’t want him and Kono divorced or anything major like that. As for the other too, we’ll see. They gotta fill the spots with someone.

    • Keith says:

      It’s a fictional relationship so doe it really matter?

      • PatriciaLee says:

        I have given up downers, so it would be a big deal with me. I only watch 5-O because it is a big favorite of the husband, after they killed off Chin Ho’s doctor wife. If they kill of or destroy the marriage in some silly got-a-go-and-get-somethingorother disappearance, I’ll work on the computer during the showing. Kono has been a delight on the show, and I am totally stunned at the brain-dead suits running CBS.

    • JenJ says:

      I agree. I’d hate to see them destroy Adam & Kono’s relationship, I’ve always wanted more of them. And I’ve been a big fan of Dale since I first say him in the series “Surface”. Glad to see him staying, too.

    • Dq says:

      They weren’t “let go”. They left. People leave their jobs over salary disputes in real life all the time. Wish them luck in their future endeavors.

    • James says:

      They were not let go. Borh them and CBS could not come to terms with their salary so Daniel and Grace decided to leave.

      But it sucks either way.

      • MMD says:

        Apparently CBS came within $5,000 (I’m assuming per episode) but they wanted parity and imho should have received it.

    • TheDuck0 says:

      Neither Ms. Park nor Mr. Kim were “let go.” They asked for more money than the producers were willing to pay and left of their own accord.

      I’m not commenting on whether or not they deserved to get more money: I’m just laying out the facts.

    • Lori says:

      I think they’re going to kill off Kono. It’s just speculation though.

    • Lee says:

      If I read right; Park wanted the same money as Alex, but only wanted to work 1/2 the time.
      I feel bad about Daniel Dae Kim; they should bring him back; after he takes care of the
      SFO special assignment from Abby’s old boss

    • Danno W. says:

      Park & Kim were not let go. They didn’t get more money than they were offered & walked.

    • Bumpy says:

      The relationship I’m “upset”, about is McG and Catherine not making it. Nobody else has fit with him since.

  3. qriffic says:

    “We’ll hire actors of color, just so long as we don’t have to pay them as much!”

    • Ann says:

      This pay thing is overrated. This show has two main leads, as it did in the original series, McGarrett and “Danno”. The other actors are supporting actors. Why should supporting actors be paid the same as the stars of the show? Sure, they might get about the same screen time on occasion, but the story and the stars are the two males. The best comparison I can make on this is the on the original CSI shows about a team of forensic scientists. It was always accepted that William Petersen and Marg Helgenberger were the two leads of that show. They were, afterall, the leader of the team of CSIs (as is McGarrett and Danno). The rest were supporting actors, even though the those supporting actors were in every episode and shared lots of screen time with the leads.

      • Coop says:

        Easiest comparison to Hawaii Five-0 may be NCIS: LA right now. I don’t know what their salaries are now, but LL Cool J and O’Donnell made more than the others from the beginning.

        • lrdslvrhnd says:

          LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell were also bigger names (still are, really). I don’t think the same can be said for H50, especially when it started (maybe more arguable now).
          IMHO, no matter how the show started… Kim & Parks were at least as much leads as Caan was in recent years. O’Laughlin was very clearly the lead, but Caan wasn’t equal. But if he was getting paid the same, then so should have Kim & Parks.

          • PatriciaLee says:

            It has definitely been a four Ensemble and maybe even a five Ensemble for years now, just like criminal minds.

          • RichieS says:

            It was reported that Kamekona, when asked if he wanted more money as well, told the producers ” Just let me at that unlimited buffet and I’m good to go, bro.”

          • Coop says:

            As someone that’s recently gone through the series, the order clearly goes O’Loughlin, Caan and then everyone else. I don’t know where it started, but the “they’re all on the show equally!” argument I’ve seen in the H50 article comments is just flat wrong. As is the argument that Steve and Danny haven’t been more important to the direction of the show over the entire run of the series.

            People keep saying “ensemble cast” like it’s supposed to mean actors/roles are equal and everyone should just be paid the same. Just isn’t true, nor realistic.There will always be lead and supporting roles.

          • Devin Davineaux says:

            And there is no “Hawaii” in Five-0 without Chin and Kono. That’s the bottomline. The show wasn’t called Haole Five-0, the adventures of Steve and Danno.

            And Alex O’Loughlin and Scott Caan are not strong enough actors to carry a show. O’Loughlin’s claim to fame was two failed CBS shows prior to H50. Moonlight and Three Rivers. And Scott Caan has pretty much ridden the fame created by his dad. He’s had a lot of supporting roles in movies, and that’s it. Daniel Dae Kim was a lead character in Lost, and Grace Park in Stargate.

          • Coop says:

            Devin: Kim was NOT a lead actor on lost. Same applies to Park in Battlestar Galactica. Supporting, starring roles.

          • mary says:

            The salaries are per episode. Caan may get paid more PER episode. But overall may not be getting as much in the end. Plus he does have the name. You’re right about NCIS:LA, O’Donnell had more than enough films on his resume. And more than enough people know the name LL Cool J. But I do see it as if the “leads” left, would the show survive? On NCIS: LA-no. H5O w/out O’Laughlin, I seriously doubt it. The others are fan favorites, but the show could still survive. Another example: Law & Order. The detectives & lawyers cycled in & out. But I bet Waterston was paid more than the others from the start(as well as a certain former senator).

          • badgerly says:

            Devin Davineaux: Alex’s previous two series may have ‘failed’, but not through any fault of his. CBS had faith in him. Steve is without a doubt, the leader of HF-0. You may like Kono and Chin more, and that’s your right. IMO, neither Grace or Daniel could carry a show. They are supporting players.
            The new characters could be intriguing, along with Adam as a regular. Maybe fans will be saying: Kono and Chin who?
            I hope Season 8 will be good, but that it will be the final season.

          • Devin Davineaux says:

            badgerly: It’s not about Park or Chin carrying the show. They’re not strong enough either. But the same holds true for O’Loughlin and Caan. They’re not established. They’re not Mark Harmon, Gary Sinise or William Peterson. They’re not even on the level of Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J on NCIS: LA.

            You ask someone who is Alex O’Loughlin, and they’re first thought is not going to be that he plays Steve McGarrett on Five 0. You ask someone who Scott Caan is, and they’ll probably say they’ve heard of James Caan.

            There is no “Hawaii” in Five-0 without the Chin and Kono characters. And that’s been the fact since the pilot. You look at all the promo photos for the last 8 years, and it always showcases the four of them. Not like NCIS, who only showcases Harmon in main promo photos, or LA where LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell are featured. Even CSI NY, where Sinise and Kanakaredes were featured prominently, fully implying they were the two leads. The fabric of the show was the ensemble cast. And that’s because O’Loughlin and Caan can’t carry a show. Otherwise, why not call the show Haole Five-0.

            And I don’t like Chin and Kono anymore or any less that Steve and Danny. But the show is not as successful as it is for 7 seasons without those characters carrying the weight. They’ve been there since the pilot. Especially the last few seasons, when Danny was a no show in episodes. Hardly noticed he was missing. And that’s a tribute to the fantastic job that Kim and Park did.

            Classifying them as supporting characters is lumping them in with Jerry Ortega or Max Bergman. Those two are supporting characters in every since of the word.

          • badgerly says:

            Devin Davineaux: You can make all the arguments you like about Daniel and Grace’s importance to the show, but it still all boils down to screen time. As I mentioned in another post in this thread, Grace wanted parity with Alex, though she had requested less work time for the last two or three seasons. Maybe CBS didn’t want the bother anymore.
            Regardless, if the new cast members fit in well, her and Daniel’s absence will have less of an effect.

          • Devin Davineaux says:

            Badgerly: The new cast members are not going to come close to filling the void left by two long standing regulars who had been there 7 seasons. You ask long-time viewers of this show, and there Chin and Kono will be remembered long before any of these new characters.

            And Scott Caan also asked for less work time, and he got it, and was still paid the same. And he’s gone whole episodes being a no-show, and he’s had less screen time in the past few seasons, compared to Park and Kim. So Park can’t request the same thing and get equal pay?

            Like I said, this is a sad way for this show to go out after 7 good seasons. And I wouldn’t be shocked if the 8th season doesn’t get cancelled midseason due to declining ratings.

            It’s an insult to label them supporting characters. Jerry Ortega is a supporting character. Catherine Rollins and Max Bergman were supporting characters.

          • Absolutely right!

  4. Donnie clark says:

    Koala doesn’t fit in. Ruin the show just for political reasons.

  5. M3rc_Nate says:

    Wait, so Rath is playing a former Navy SEAL? Interesting…

    • Eric H says:

      No, she’s playing a lifeguard who was previously in the police academy while Koale is the former SEAL.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Exactly as I keystroked abovewards!

      • M3rc_Nate says:

        Thanks. Thought they were going to really push it and have a female be a former SEAL. Don’t get me wrong, they can technically become SEAL’s but that just started and none have even applied yet, having a “former” SEAL implies being a veteran who has been discharged.

  6. Jim says:

    Boomer is the only reason why I sometimes watched this show. I bet I’m not alone, either.

    So good luck with this move, fellas.

  7. Joey Padron says:

    Glad Ian will be staying on the show. I’m gonna miss seeing Adam and Kono together on the show. Happy Meaghan will be on the show, I love her. Interesting to see how Beulah will do since this is his first TV show. I am gonna miss Chin and Kono on the show so much.

  8. Cassandra Greene says:

    I say things look pretty promising! I like the storyline for the characters. I must say I am hopeful for a good S8 for H50! I hope the writers don’t disappoint!! I am also glad that Anthony is still in. He’s been in many series and they haven’t been able to survive. This is the longest that I know of. He’s talented and I’m glad to see they kept him in rather than cut him out.

    • Matt says:

      Hopefully this means they can spin Kono’s departure as a deep cover mission leaving the possibility of future appearances open. They already have the set up with her pursuing the trafficking ring so it would not be a stretch. In much the same way they can have Chin take the San Fran job with his new family and keep a return open even if it is just occasional guest slots.

  9. Amy Wegner says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised with this news concerning Ian Anthony Dale. After hearing that Kono was gone, I sort of figured that Adam would just disappear. Maybe we’d see him in the premiere telling the team that Kono’s not returning, but other than that, he’d just never be seen again.

  10. Ronda Hubble says:

    So on Hawaii Five O, I always thought they didn’t have enough Hawaiian or Asian people to make it now authentic. Now they are hiring two African Americans? Naw, I’m not buying it! Won’t watch.

    • Kelly says:

      Actually Rath is half Indian and Koale is of Samoan descent which would fit in perfectly with the Hawaii-based show. Don’t know where you got African-American from.

    • Maria Quinn says:

      I’m not sure where you get they hired 2 African-Americans, @RondaHubble. Ian Anthony Dale (plays Kono’s husband) is Asian (Japanese) American, if I remember correctly; I read it in 1 of his interviews. I’m not sure of the ethnic heritage of the new girl (I thought I heard she’s Canadian though), nor am I sure of the new guy’s ethnicity either but he could have some African/African-American in him (he has an acting credit in either New Zealand TV or film though, so he might be New Zealander/Asian-Pacific Islander).

      • grazelled says:

        I know Anthony Dale’s mom is a Japanese immigrant and his father’s side of the family is English/French, just looked info on him not too long ago for another show.

    • Brooklyngirl says:

      Meaghan is of Indian/Jewish descent born/raised in Canada and Buelah is of Samoan descent born/raised in New Zealand. Where ever did you get African American from?

    • Geez, Ronda Hubble, you must have had a “near stroke” when they hired Chi McBride! No, the new cast members are of other ethnic backgrounds! Hope you’ll be okay, now! This Black viewer has been an Alex O fan since Moonlight, and as such, has watched since the start of this reboot! I’ll miss “the cousins”, hope the new arrivals will do well, and plan to “hang with” H5-0 til it ends!

  11. Mary Sanders says:

    All I want to know is who’s going to replace Grace Park as Kono and Daniel Dae Kim as Chin Ho on Hawaii 5 O

  12. LMF says:

    I Like Adam and also hope its a good story line, He will be an asset. Liked him in a variety of shows such as CSI, Criminal Minds, Bones, 24. Burn Notice ( loved this show) etc. It could be interesting..we shall see but it looks positive to me. I will miss grace and dae kim but it looks like its a done deal so we have to move on.

  13. lrdslvrhnd says:

    I’ll be curious how they handle Kono leaving and Adam staying. I hope they don’t do a “Kono got killed off-screen” thing to leave open the possibility of a return. Say, during Sweeps, when Kono conveniently needs some help tracking down the child slavery ring. And the current target happens to be in San Francisco…
    I could see them deciding that since Kono is going to be on the road, on the move, not in one location, etc… that it’d be better to have Adam stay put in Hawaii than join her. *Without* threatening their marriage.

  14. Mark Heil says:

    I won’t be watching next season. Losing my two favorite characters and making my least favorite a regular. I’m also sick of Danny & McGarrett’s bickering.

  15. JoeP says:

    Rather than compare their salaries to the 2 obvious leads, O’Loughlin and Caan, shouldn’t the more apt comparison been McBride? IMO McBride’s character has developed into something on par with Kim and Park’s characters–each has had his/her own story lines (McBride for instance with the busting of one of his best friends for the murder of the friend’s wife. Oh there was also a story where he and his family were followed into the jungle by assassins). Is McBride making more than Kim and Park? If so, then they have something to complain about. But if not, then they just blew career making roles.

    • Devin Davineaux says:

      McBride’s character is no where close to Chin and Kono. Grover is from Chicago. Chin and Kono put the “Hawaii” in Five-0. They’ve been on the show since the pilot and if you look at all the promo shots for the show, it’s always all FOUR included.

      And Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park came onto the show as the more accomplished actors, with one having been a lead character on Lost, and the other on Stargate. Alex O’Loughlin had two failed CBS shows on his résumé, and Scott Caan has only had supporting movie roles. Neither one of those guys are strong enough actors to carry a show. That’s why they needed Park and Kim to have the ensemble cast.

      • Nicole says:

        Devin, are you just copying and pasting your answers at this point? I love Kim but he had less air time than O’Loughlin and Caan. I know someone will come with the argument that he was on every single episode and he was but I am talking about minutes on screen not total number of episodes. Even with Caan appearing in 5 episodes less per season he still has more minutes on air over the 7 seasons than Kim and by far more than Park. O’Loughlin, obviously, has more airtime than all of them. Since they left I have gone back throughout the season and there are some episodes where Park only appeared in 2 scenes and for a total of 7 minutes. There are some episodes that Kim only appears in 4 scenes and for a total of 16 minutes. In every episode that O’Loughlin and Caan appear they are in almost every scene only missing 1 or 2 scenes at most. That means they also film longer than any of the other cast members. More work should equal more pay. In any other job it would!

        Due to the fact that they had less time on air they really don’t deserve residual either. The type that gets residual is the Friends cast that each filmed the same amount of time and were a true ensemble cast. Another point that no one has bothered to bring up is whether or not Caan is even paid for the episodes he doesn’t appear in. If he doesn’t that means the pay increase for Kim would have had him making the same in season 8 that Caan is making.

        Before anyone starts saying anything I am from a minority but I believe in fairness. If the two leads were from a minority instead of being white males we would not be having this discussion and their decision to leave would have been solely chalked up to the fact that they wanted more money and they didn’t get it. At the end of the time I don’t think they deserved the same amount of money especially as O’Loughlin. He’s the first to film and the last to wrap. Like I said before more work equals more pay.

        • Devin Davineaux says:

          I’m not copying anything. You look at the main promotional work for this show since the start, from posters, to videos, to the season DVD releases, does it show just Caan and O’Loughlin. Is it centered around those two. Last I checked, all FOUR have always been included. The show does not live up to it’s namesake without Chin and Kono.

          I’ve watched all 7 seasons, from the pilot episode. And I can say that Park and Kim have pulled even, and in some cases, even surpassed Caan in screen time. You’ve seen Kim have just 4 scenes lasting 16 minutes. I’ve seen Caan 5 scenes that last less than 10 minutes. In some episodes, his character is only around at the beginning and end of and episode, while Park and Kim, along with Steve, are doing the heavy lifting.

          And who is Alex O’Loughlin? Ask anyone, and the first thought won’t be Hawaii Five-0. And take away the notoriety of his name, and who is Scott Caan? A guy with a lot of supporting movie roles, and that’s hit.

          I don’t like Park and Kim anymore or any less than O’Loughlin and Caan. But there is no show without them and the ensemble formula. And if Caan left, the show would still survive. With Park and Kim gone, the show nosedives. And it’s a pitiful way for the show to end.

        • PatriciaLee says:

          Don’t forget that Kim had been on one of the biggest TV shows, Lost, for over 100 episodes. I never watched it, so I’ve been a little slow to pick up on why he is worth the money. Actually, he was a bigger star than anyone else on Hawaii 5-O when it started. There is no way he does not deserve the extra pay, forgive me, I mean equal pay. In fact, all the fans of Lost must have tuned in to Hawaii 5-O just because of him, at the beginning. Park had a substantial role in Battlestar Galactica. That fan base followed, I am sure. The more I think about it, I am shocked by CBS’s mishandling this whole thing. Someone dropped the ball, for sure.

  16. I’m sure CBS is saving money, which is all they cared about, for the last season it will be on.

  17. Stacy says:

    ” Rath has been cast as Tani Rey, a hotel lifeguard who was kicked out of the Police Academy, despite being a first-rate candidate.”

    Just as Park was cast an an ex-pro surfer who was now in the police academy; her first scene was also in a swimsuit.

  18. kittycat925 says:

    Still not happy about Kono and Chin leaving but I have always liked Ian Anthony Dale as an actor in other roles as well as in “Hawaii Five-0”. My best to everyone on the upcoming season!☺

    • PatriciaLee says:

      I’m a huge fan of Dale’s character and I am so glad he is staying. But I want him AND Kono. Hear that suits?

  19. George says:

    How are they going to explain Konos’ leaving,to her relatively new husband,Ian Dale…who gave up his families business,spent time in prison,only to get released and his wife is gone ?? CBS should have just put on their “big-boy-undies” and paid Kim/Park what they pay McGarret and Dano….

  20. Linda says:

    Won’t be the same. Love this show but not without the ones leaving
    Probably won’t watch

  21. When you’re over 50 & home on a Friday night… or 42 & have no life. Zzz…

  22. TS says:

    I hope they don’t divorce Adam and Kono. I have a feeling this will be the last season. Maybe they can get Daniel and Grace to come back for a series finale if it is the last.

  23. Carlos Lee says:

    Big fan of the show. They can do what they want since it is the last season for McGarett anyway.

    • LORI SILVANO says:

      No it’s not..peter Lenovo responded to me on Twitter..i said Mahalo. For a great s7..looking forward to s8 & beyond..hopefully with Alex. He responded right away..and I quote ” thanks. And yes to Alex and beyond!” So the already havfe a deal set…past S8 and Alex is staying…….

      • kmw says:

        Just because he may have tweeted that doesn’t mean its so. Five-O I would gather by now is expensive( which is why Park and Kim didn’t get raises among other reasons). I doubt after this hullabaloo over Kim and Park that their ratings will warrant another year. CBS hasn’t and wont renew Five-o until they want to even if Alex has changed his mind and is set to return for another year. Tweets mean very little in terms of a show going on( how many times did Bones star David Boreanaz tweet he was leaving and then he didn’t? A lot actually). I will admit that keeping Kono’s husband without her is weird but maybe it will work and maybe Lenov’s tweet will turn out correct but I am not holding my breath on that one

  24. TVLineCommenter says:

    two Asian actors leaving a show because they were paid less? gee didn’t see that coming

  25. Ange says:

    How is it you get rid of this character’s wife and promote his portrayer to series regular. Makes absolutely no sense.

  26. Alice Watson says:

    Having Adam as part of the team could work – I’ve never liked the Adam/Kono story but only because I found the whole running from the Yakuza thing boring. I like both Adam and Kono but not when they’re a couple. They can easily keep them married and happy with little comments like “Adam’s just got back from his two weeks with Kono in Montana” or Adam walks in and they say “Did you get Kono to the airport OK?” – just drop hints from time to time that they still see each other.
    As for the two being “let go”, I think Grace was always going to leave after last season. Maybe enough money would have made her stay but she pretty much said she wanted to try other things. Daniel seemed to be more on principal – no raise/I walk and I’m hoping neither side burned that bridge so badly that they can’t get him back for one or two guest spots especially in the final episode of the season which might be the final for the show.

    • badgerly says:

      Alice Watson: There was a farewell send-off for Grace, from the cast and crew at the end of last season, so yes, she was already leaving. For someone who requested less screen time the past few seasons, to be with her family, it seems nervy to me, to expect to be paid the same as the lead actor who is always available. I don’t know Daniels’ situation, but what they offered him was pretty darn good.

  27. Mark Kohls says:

    I find it hard to believe that Hawaii Five-0 will continue to get enough marketshare, without the Chin and Kono characters, to make the show successful enough to warrant carrying it forward. Over the years the network and writers did an Excellent job of creating a strong “O’hana” cast bond, and now to save a few dollars are destroying it. This void may not be successfully filled.

  28. Mark Kohls says:

    I find it hard to believe that Hawaii Five-0 will continue to get enough marketshare, without the Chin and Kono characters, to make the show successful enough to warrant carrying it forward. Over the years the network and writers did an Excellent job of creating a strong “O’hana” cast bond, and now to save a few dollars are destroying it.

  29. sarah says:

    With Kono gone what roll with Adam have? Will they break then up or will he just casually mention her from time to time? I like Ian Anthony Dale so glad he is staying but I wonder how they will make it work.

  30. Am so gonna miss chin and kono, but do like Adam. The new guys have some pretty big shoes to fill . Scott and Alex please don’t go anywhere, I’m a huge 5 O fan and that kind of news I WOULDN’T want to hear.

  31. Julie says:

    I hate changes I’m a huge fan of Hawaii 50 why change the cast members i like kono and her cousin why can they stay i don’t like changes keep things the way they are I’m very disappointed i hope alexoloughlin and James cann And the tall cop Lou stay on otherwise we will stop watching and I really love this show

  32. Sigrún says:

    I wanna se Steve (Alex)and Catherine( Micelle)married and have kids

  33. Kathy says:

    I won’t be watching Hawaii Five-0 anymore!!! One of my favorite shows!!! Two of the most important characters, can’t get paid??? It’s not like Law & Order Special Victims Unit!! Olivia is a strong character!! Steve & Danny can’t get it done!!!

  34. Denice says:

    You should bring Lori Weston ( Laura German) back. Her and Steve had so much chemistry and I felt like it could have really went somewhere and brought more viewers. It’s like they have unfinished business.

  35. Noel Whelan says:

    Grace park gone big shoes to fill

  36. spookym says:

    Ian Anthony Dale; it’s about time! This guy’s time has come.