Power Season 4 Spoilers Tommy LaKeisha Sex Tasha

Power Star Talks Tommy/LaKeisha Sex (Shh! Don't Tell Tasha!)

Let’s have a round of applause for Power‘s LaKeisha, who not only cheated death at the start of Season 4 but now has a budding romance (for lack of a better word) with the guy everyone assumed killed her. (Can the woman rebound or what?)

If you watched the Starz drama Sunday, you witnessed a quick, hot hook-up — on the kitchen counter, mrrrow — between Ghost’s right-hand man and Tasha’s bestie, a scene actress La La Anthony says was among the most challenging material she shot this season.

“For me, it’s definitely sex scenes. There’s no way around that. They are not easy,” she tells TVLine during a press event for the series. Still, she adds, she was willing to make it happen based on the story details showrunner Courtney A. Kemp sketched out for her at the beginning of the season.

“I thought it was amazing. I knew the relationship between those characters would be spicy and complicated… and I think that’s exactly how it plays out,” Anthony says, crediting co-star Joseph Sikora for putting her at ease during the intimate exchange. “Those are not the most comfortable things to do,” she says with a laugh. “We made it work.”

Based on Keisha and Tommy’s comfortable morning-after conversation, it seems like their friends-with-benefits setup will continue — that is, as long as Tasha never gets wind of what’s going on.

“It wouldn’t be good” for Ghost’s wife to know, Anthony says, shaking her head. “Because they are best friends, but their friendship is very complicated, as well. LaKeisha always feels like, ‘Why her and not me? Why does she have this life, and why am I struggling and not have the things that she has?’ It makes for a very toxic, loving, complicated friendship.

Are you a fan of Tommy and LaKeisha’s new status? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Brian says:

    Like it

  2. Choc103 says:

    That’s a good look for the both of them. Like how they played that out💯

  3. Michelle Chase says:

    I love it. After the whole Holly situation, I think it’s great. Plus, it would be good for Lakiesha security wise.

  4. Tosha R Frazier says:

    Why not Tommy is really a good guy at heart plus he’s really into family. I feel like it’s a good fit.

  5. cindy says:

    Yes I’m a fan of Tommie and keshia. They have chemistry. I like the friendship aspect of it and how he is protecting her. They make a good couple. Keshia should also be his ride or die, like Tasha is for Ghost. Great writing pairing these two. I look forward to more Tommie and Keshia. Let her be the good, that he and all men look for in a woman. They are great together. A good balance for Tommie

  6. Joyful J says:

    Love them together!

  7. I only hope he doesn’t give her the Holly Special. I like having Keisha around lol.

  8. Angel says:

    Yes , I’m loving it

  9. Anthony says:

    Melos upset his wife in the Schecter with call Tommy but man it ain’anothing butnumber series of power Carmelo married you live getting mine rightful job come man

  10. Dee says:

    Yes for Tommy and lakeisha why not ??

  11. Sone says:

    Hell yea!..why not?..everybody needs some loving❤

  12. William Brown says:

    I think it’s going to start a beef between the two best friends.

  13. Darryl Dicks says:

    Yes let them hook up, they deserve each other. Good Tommy I wish I had your role forget ghost and his wife you deserve happiness.

  14. Sheikena Bradley says:

    Yes!! Definitely a fan!! I love Tommy and Kesha together!!

  15. linda K hall says:

    I love Tommy and Keisha together.

  16. Eben says:

    Is good 4 both y’all that’s Tommy & keisha.

  17. Maurice Hill says:

    Good for Tommy,I hope he don’t KILL HER

  18. T. Marie says:

    I knew it was going to happen. Tommy’s a freak and so is Keisha!!

  19. T. Marie says:

    It was bound to happen. Tommy saved her and Keisha was very grateful…..besides Tommy’s a freak and so is Keisha!! Should be good sex scenes!

  20. Sarah says:

    I love tommy and lakeisha fwb hook up.
    Tommy is awesome this season and La la looks great!!

  21. Jasmine says:

    I love tommy and Keisha hook up
    . I am a huge fan of Tommy and that is one Snow blizzard o would welcome to Texas

  22. Sarah Briggs says:

    Hell yes!!! I love love love this show and Tommy is one of my favorite characters, not to mention i LOVE TO LOOK AT HIS BODY LOL!!😜 I like Lala as well and it will be interesting to see what happens this season between her and tommy and her and her and tasha!! Cant wait to see more!!!! Oh and Proctor oh so cute and i think a very good story line this season please keep him on!!!!

  23. Tiffany montgomery says:

    I think they make a cute couple but in the mean time it help tommy get over holly.

  24. Tiffany montgomery says:

    Free james st patrick!!!.

  25. Anthony R. Gordon says:

    Good move for both Tommy n Keisha cause Tommy does like red heads and she needs a real nigga in her life plus she is a rider cause she learned from her bestie

  26. JaNet says:

    I love it!

  27. Bonne Spivey says:

    Keisha needs love too, why not with the guy she can turn to when her life depends on it, yea for Tommy and Keisha.

  28. Alfonso says:

    Absolutely it brings a spice to power and la la needs happiness to so does Tommy she’s a winner bruh

  29. Rolanda Y Wyatt says:

    yes I like it. Those are the things you see today it makes it more real

  30. Victor Fuentes says:

    Ghost office where the FBI Agent planned the pistol should be recorded by hidden camera that Ghost had in his office. That evidence is discover & he f

    • Charmaine says:

      James need to be free the other fbi agent with the lab top needs to be found before james is released james sidekick need to be follow so james knowns kenan is alive and ghost and tommy need to come back together and un cover the fbi agent who is the mole ghost needs to go back on top with tommy following angela need to start working with ghost and tommy ghost and tasha need to get back together

    • Charmaine says:

      Yes ghost should have a secret camara recording fbi agent angela needs to join with the group ghost needs to kill his sidekick who is running his club

  31. LT says:

    This show is stellar! Spread the word to your friends to get them to binge this one…so worth it.

  32. Gail says:

    They are great together love tommy and Keisha

  33. Cassandra says:

    I love the relationship!! Tommy is hardcore and Keisha is a ride or die chick!!!

  34. vr2swmn31 says:

    I kind of like the “Tommy & Keisha” thingy. Keisha seems like she will break though. I hope she doesn’t because Tommy is crazy!!! frfr. 😂 #SeeWhatHappenedToHolly

  35. mchellewilliams says:

    No, I dont care for Lakeisha’s new love interest, I denounced that, in s.3 I saw it coming. Rt before Holly bcuz they were both single, however, lakeisha was neva happy for Latasha, always. an ENVIOUS friend. Latasha didnt want her friend to get involved in the mess, their lives really were.Thats real friendship. As far as keisha getting a man. Why not get one not in the game. Drug money and its possesions come with consequences. Lakeisha who may not have any loyalty to the game dont value that she see( Stuff)She will snitch, tell too much, sleep around just to have the fame of it all. Latasha has. her livelyhood at stake. Lakeisha jus wants a man and some possessions. I neva liked her. I dont see Tommy loving her. Shes the girl rt now. He loved Holly. But she as well,, a woman who jeopardizes the business and the life long friendship btw the Rat pak 3) But was loyal. Lakeisha tells Tommy things Ghost doesnt want anyone to know. I dont like that. What ghost and Tasha share is btw man and wife, even if he cheated. The only person she hasn’t slept w is Ghost. Now thats really a real twist ain it.

  36. Yessss…Love seeing Keisha playing in da snow with Tommie..Love it!