Power Recap: 'Til Death Penalty Do Us Part — Plus: Who Hooks Up?

Power Recap Season 4 Episode 2

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The chances of Power‘s James “Ghost” St. Patrick becoming an actual ghost just rose significantly.

In this week’s episode, the drug kingpin gets some very disconcerting news: The Feds have been approved to seek the death penalty in his prosecution for Greg Knox’s murder. And when a key piece of evidence pops up at Truth (how? We’ll get to that in a moment), we’re one step closer to dead Ghost walking.

Read on for the highlights of “Things Are Going to Get Worse.”

ZIP IT! | The morning after his beating, Ghost is limping and peeing blood. But Proctor is glad to hear that his client didn’t even try to fight back: That jives with the picture they’re trying to paint of him, one of a harmless businessman incapable of murder. Or, as the lawyer so eloquently puts it, “Shivving a motherf–ker is not going to help you beat this case.

Ghost thinks he’s got his legal defense all figured out, and it involves a certain lovely-yet-good-decision-challenged assistant United States attorney: “You need to tell them about our relationship,” he says, thinking that outing himself as sleeping with Angela will somehow help matters. Proctor quickly disavows Ghost of this idea, noting that bringing up the Valdes factor is “handing the jury a motive, wrapped in a bow,” and it’ll make the jurors ignore the evidence.

Over at the AUSAs’ office, Mak & his team have reached the same conclusion: Outing Angela as having bounced between Greg and James like a sexual game of Plinko ruins the credibility of everyone who knew it was going on… which is pretty much everyone in the office. It’s probably a good idea to note that Angie is never on board with this idea in the first place.

Besides, Mak thinks he’s got a stronger angle: “The story is St. Patrick and Egan. The story is St. Patrick and Ghost.” Oh yeah, remember how the Feds still have NO IDEA WHAT IS ACTUALLY UP?

NOT-SO-LOW PROFILE | Meanwhile, in jail, Ghost lasts all of two hours before slipping back into vicious villain mode. He fends off a fellow prisoner’s unwanted interest in him by swiftly, surreptitiously breaking the man’s hand; Tony, the old white inmate we met briefly last week, witnesses the whole thing with great interest. Remember, Tony’s wife is dying and the Feds are pressing him to give up info in exchange for getting out (and possibly getting cash?) before she passes. So when Tony’s lawyer fills a request and gets him some info on St. Patrick — including the fact that Tommy is his partner and they’re both from Queens — the old guy’s criminal antennae twitch a little.

Back at home, Tasha spends the hour warning the kids never to mention the name “Ghost” in reference to their father, physically attacking a paparazzo who shoots the family outside of the kids’ school and ferrying the family to the lock-up to see their pop, who cries when he sees them.

BEST FRIENDS FOREVER? | The tears are understandable: When the Feds search Truth, Mike sneaks off to Ghost’s office and plants the gun he used to kill Greg. After it’s found, Mak thinks he’s got his narrative: Ghost killed Knox to protect Tommy, who was working alongside him for Lobos, and that they were co-conspirators in his murder.

The charges mean a mandatory life sentence, Proctor says, and possibly the death penalty if the AUSAs can prove that Ghost and/or Tommy killed someone in commission of a drug crime. “I would strongly consider flipping” on Tommy if offered a deal, the lawyer advises Ghost, but Ghost maintains that he’d never do that to his friend (cough for now cough).

Also? Angela knows something is hinky and “too easy” about finding the murder weapon at Truth, but Sandoval assures her that everything makes sense. Suuuuure, dude. Keep tap dancing.

BOW CHICKA WOW WOW | There’s some low-level drama with Cristobal, one of Ghost’s guys, making some inquiries about working with Toros Locos. But when Tommy gets angry and wants to regulate, new distro Julio says it’s his job to handle. And he does smooth things over, but not before Marcus winds up with a shiner courtesy of Cristobal’s pal, Domingo. So Tommy takes things into his own, hotheaded hands and winds up running Domingo over with his own sportscar while The Commodores’ “Easy” plays in the background. (Side note: Good god, Joseph Sikora is on fire in this scene. The man’s comedic timing is gold.)

In other Tommy news, he and LaKeisha have sex in her kitchen, right up on the counter. If you at all noticed the two of them eye-banging each other last week, this should come as no surprise. The next morning, they have a brief discussion about how he’s the first white guy she’s ever slept with (HIM: “You ever play in the snow before?” HER: “No. The snow can be unpredictable. You never know how many inches you’re gonna get.”), then they both agree that Tasha shouldn’t know about their hook-up, which seems like it’s going to continue.

Later, after Proctor warns Tommy to lay low (because his spy in the grand jury alerted him to Mak’s planned prosecution), Egan gives his mom his car… oblivious to the fact that the Feds have placed a tracker on it.

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