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The Originals Season 5 Spoilers

The Originals Boss Explains Finale's Happy (?) Endings, Praises [Spoiler]'s Cameo and Shares Hopes for Season 5

The Originals‘ fourth season finale could not have ended on a more bittersweet note — music pun intended.

TVLine spoke with departing showrunner Michael Narducci about the episode’s biggest twists, as well as what fans can expect — at least according to his educated assumptions — from the show’s confirmed (phew!) fifth season. But first, a quick recap:

Vincent’s plan to separate The Hollow into four parts, each inhabiting the body of an undead being with blood ties to Hope, was a success. (Freya nearly had to turn herself into a vampire to complete the foursome, but Kol showed up — at the last possible minute, naturally — to fulfill his Mikaelson duties.) Sadly, those bodies almost immediately went their separate ways, vowing never to reunite for fear of empowering The Hollow and allowing its return to our world.

And just like that, the Mikaelsons were scattered to the winds: As previously teased to TVLine, Hayley indeed enrolled Hope at Alaric and Caroline’s school for supernatural children in Mystic Falls; Elijah, after asking Vincent to purge him of his memories, started a new life as a musician, which Klaus appreciated from a safe distance; a newly single Marcel (sorry, Sofya!) surprised Rebekah in New York City; and Kol was last spotted visiting a jewelry store, after which he planned to (adorably, excitedly, etc.) propose to Davina.

But is all well that ends well? Narducci has the answers…

TVLINE | There were quite a few happy endings — or at least happy-for-now endings — in this finale, including Marcel and Rebekah moving to New York. Does this mean that Marcel has given up his claim to New Orleans?
As with everything in this show, are things ever absolute? Is there ever no hope of a return or a comeback? There was a scene that we cut, which I believe will appear on the DVD, where Marcel and Vincent have a conversation. We had to cut it for time, and it destroyed me. I was literally in tears, because I love both of those actors. It was basically them talking about why the witches would have joined with The Hollow, and maybe there were some sins of Marcel’s that had yet to be dealt with. Marcel says that it might be time for a new king, so he basically gives the keys to the person he trusts most with the city that he loves, and that’s Vincent. It was a great moment, and I was super bummed out that we lost it. So whether the writers are going to address that moving forward, I look forward to with bated breath.

TVLINE | While we’re talking about couples, Hayley and Elijah had a considerably less happy ending. Should we all mentally stick a fork in that relationship?
Well, I can’t speak to what will happen, only in terms of what did happen Hayley spent most of the show’s five-year time jump with her child, who is now a seven-year-old capable of having her own moral perspective and judgments. Now, Hayley takes a good look around and decides that she wants to provide a great environment that will allow her child to thrive. In Episode 4, she told Elijah, “We have to do better,” and in that moment, I think he knew that 1,000 years of bad behavior is tough to change. And with Klaus taking on the role of being a father, Elijah had to step up and fill the role that Klaus left behind. That was a horrible conflict for him to have to face, yet he did, and he paid a price for it. Even though she’s immortal now, Hayley has only lived about 30 human years on the planet. She has more access to her humanity, more capability of changing her habits and choosing to provide a better environment for her daughter. I don’t know that Elijah can change, which to me, made their situation untenable. Yet despite that choice, there were some moments in this finale where you understood how much they cared for one another and how difficult being separated would be.

TVLINE | In terms of people being able to change, what makes Kol and Davina — who got one of the happier endings — different from Elijah and Hayley?
That’s a great question. And as much as I loved that moment for Kol and Davina, I don’t know that he will change forever. It’s also important to keep in mind that Kol spent a lot of time daggered, and he got to live as a witch. For a brief time, his soul was reawakened to what it’s like to be mortal and to have access to magic. The ability to wield magic is a sense of purpose that was denied Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah. Kol might be a little different, but even with this new lease on life with Davina, he’s still a vampire. Whether or not he can commit to being the best version of himself, that’s all for the writers to choose how they want to move forward in the next season.

TVLINE | This next one isn’t really a question, but I loved seeing Alaric again.
We were very lucky to write a scene with Matt Davis and have him come film it. I was there the day we shot that, and it felt just like old times. He delivered an incredible performance. And I think it’s interesting that, on a show about the Mikaelson family, he had the last words of the season. It’s Alaric who says, “These kids are going to be better.” After everything this family’s done, it’s possible that Hope might not follow in their footsteps, which was a nice way to end.

TVLINE | And I assume Hope’s tuition will be free, considering that incredibly generous donation Klaus made to the school.
[Laughs] You’ll have to take that up with Alaric and Caroline. But it does seem fair, doesn’t it?

TVLINE | Speaking of that donor, he was standing pretty close to Elijah at the end. Was that allowed? What are the rules for this whole separation thing moving forward?
Well, there’s plot truth and there’s emotional truth. The plot truth is that Klaus probably should have stayed away from Elijah. If they remained in close proximity for any degree of time, elements of The Hollow’s spirit would probably reemerge and might even be able to regain entry into the world. But the emotional truth is that I believe some time has passed — enough time for Elijah to go off to start a new life — and Klaus just wanted to check in on his brother, the same brother who was always checking in on him. Klaus sees him, and I believe he wants to get some acknowledgement, but Elijah doesn’t really. Just a head nod, then back to the piano. So Klaus knows his brother has found some tiny moment of peace, and he’s able to now leave and get as far away from his siblings as possible with that knowledge.

TVLINE | You say “some time has passed.” Should we be thinking of that as a time jump?
Yeah, I think so. We didn’t want it to be stated exactly, because it frees you to do anything you want moving forward. But it’s certainly not the next night; Elijah seems to have established himself as a musician. Music is something for Elijah, just as painting is something for Klaus. I thought it was a nice idea that Elijah would go somewhere that means a lot to him. Some aspects of his identity still remain, and it took a little bit of time for Klaus to track him down. And now they have to be divided for good.

TVLINE | I mean, hopefully not for good.
Well, exactly, that’s the great joy of waiting for the next season. Without giving anything away — and without knowing what the writers have planned — and I would be stunned, and I will eat my words, if Klaus and Elijah never see each other ever again.

Fellow Originals enthusiasts, your thoughts on Friday’s finale? Your hopes for Season 5? Drop ’em all in a comment below after grading the episode.

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  1. Liz says:

    Ummm…. I really can’t explain how disappointed I was in this episode. I know they filmed this thinking it might be the series finale, but parts of it was rushed and others were drawn out. How they did this in one episode, I really don’t know. The season started off strong, but managed to fizzle out in the end. How they are going to save this show in season 5, no clue.

    • Ben says:

      It was soo poor and boring as a season finale.. and complete BS as the supposed show finale. No thrilling action… zero emotion… lame plot holes… the scary hollow end up been another dumb villain.. gosh…WTH happened with the exciting and unpredictable writting of the previous season?. This was just as bad as the TVD finale. I really hope that they don’t come back to give more of this the next season… ’cause seriously… the show DESERVE a cancellation after this disappointing-mediocre season that never got a climax.. and the hot/talented cast deserve more too.

    • luvprue1 says:

      I hated it. Once again Klaus got f over in the happy ending department. I’m so glad that Narducci will not be returning next season. I use to like his writing, but in the last season it became horrible, and preachy. As far as saving it in season 5 they probably won’t. I think season 5 will be the backdoor pilots for the new spin off featuring Hope Mikaelson. No Klaus, No Elijah , no Rebecca. Just Hope and Hayley and Vincent , who I no longer like.

      • I seriously hope not! A spin off of just Hope, Hayley & Vincent would be horrible🤢. If Elijah & Klaus left I wouldn’t watch. I can’t stand Vincent. The hollow is his fault. He needs to stop acting like he’s a saint. I agree with everything you said!😡

        • Angelica says:

          Well said

        • Audra says:

          I wouldn’t either. I don’t want the show to end!

        • Ella R Reed says:

          Why didn’t they put the Hollow in Vincent……Like you said it’s his fault. He don’t like the Mikaelson……

          • luvprue1 says:

            I wish they had put the hollow inside of Vincent, or superhero Marcel since he’s so powerful.

          • Gift says:

            lol Luvprue1 that i fully agree and I would have loved Marcel to be the stepgoat

          • LaTonya says:


          • if they put the hallow inside marcel It would have defeated the whole purpose of the ritual to trap it for a few reasons. 1) the hollow is within hope, so they must use the property of the hosts body to formulate another plan.(if you understand blood magic you will know what i mean) the blood of relatives and marcel is not blood related. The most powerful magic is blood magic in terms of magic lore (think harry potter and how the magical love of his mum helped defeat voldemot the first time)

            2) even if they did manage to put the hollow inside marcel it would be catastrophic because the host will now be in the body of the most powerful vampire in history. Most powerful witch + must powerful vampire = BYE BYE MIkealsons. And Although i dont want the show to end, it would make sense for it to end because it would make sense for the Vampitch, marcel to kill the Mikealsons once and for all.

            I hope the producers and writers are reading all our comments because I have a bone to pick with them.

            er…I dont get it. Surely the hollow or any with could rip out the heart of an original. If they could make them choke on blood. Why let them live? You need to create a story behind that. So many times they hollow had the chance to rip the heart out of their bodies. (dont get me wrong i dont want them to die but at least create a story that makes sense to explain why it is immpossible to rip out an originals heart. Would it grow back?

            Also does marcel have a heart, seeing as it was ripped out in season 3? did it grow back because nothing can trully kill a vampire only a stake to the heart? (hint hint) so Everything heals and regenerates even a vampire heart that has been ripped out.

        • Gift says:

          I concur

        • Denise Huber Wetzel says:

          I agree if Klaus, Rebecca and Elijah left so would I there family bond makes the show.

        • Denise Huber Wetzel says:

          The Orginials are supposed to be the most powerful and indestructible vampire family that stuck together no matter what destroying any and all that dared to harm or challenge them. It wasn’t a teenage witch that drew me to this show if I wanted that I would have watched the vampire diaries (which never interested me)

          • luvprue1 says:

            Exactly! That is what draw many people in. Julie Pled keep trying to make witches happen. She did Secret Circle, then she tried to do a spin-off base on The Heretic that never got off the ground. It wasn’t pick up. Now she is trying to do a spin-off base on teen Hope. But she’s going to introduce the backdoor pilot as The Originals. I don’t think it will work. I think they should have allowed Hope to remain 7 and allow Klaus to raise his daughter. They promised Klaus’s redemption through his love for Hope, yet we only got a few episodes of them together. Klaus miss half of Hope’s life, now he’s going to miss 10 years. So he only spent 3 years with Hope at the most.

          • Nicky says:

            You know i could not agree with you more…I became interested in this show because the main characters were introduced as the first of there kind…they brought intensity..weakness…love…hate to the show that had me watch it even when i really didnt have the time of my reasons for watching was the cami and klaus relationship…it took the writers 3 seasons for them to kiss and then nothing…it doesnt add up their story line ended prematurely and it seem undeveloped..
            ..and if they were to give any credit to Klaus he always have a backup plan…something in place that would preserve her…the character never seem to take no for an answer…that was bs..and how convenient that freya could not come up with some idea that would atleast preserved cami until a cure was found…in the end we saw that cami didnt want to die… well with me as understand that a lot of viewers would like to see karoline on this set but for me…i gravitated to this show because because of the intensity klause and his sibblings brought and the ease that cami gave him

        • Bryant Ward says:

          I agree!! 1000 times over! It is ridiculous that Vincent acted like this isn’t all his fault and the originals are being selfish for wanting to keep their family together. He didn’t pay a price at all. Vincent losing his wife and kids was a consequence. Only people to lose in the in was the originals

      • Jane says:

        Narducci loves Marcel, the character he created. Narducci lifted a 200-yr-old vamp up to the point, where Marcel now COMPELS the oldest original and his bite can kill them. Narducci has never committed to the way TO were written in TVD. This is why I’m happy Narducci’s gone.

        • John says:

          Yeah. Narducci sunk the show. His writing sunk it into getting a half season.

        • Gift says:

          Jane I am damn happy! if that compulsion thing stick I will really be mad. I’m glad Narducci is gone.

        • luvprue1 says:

          You can tell Narducci love Marcel. He love him so much he forgot the golden rule of television writing. Which is never let your secondary character over shadow your leading man. Klaus and Elijah are the leading men, Marcel should not have been more powerful then them.

        • Hermes_1992 says:

          Narducci leaving the show is the best thing that could happen

      • Hallie says:

        But he didn’t klaus ending was he was able to put someone ahead of what he wants which is something he couldn’t do in TVD . They didn’t know they would be back but JP knew it would be either another season or a new show both which included klaus but klaus HEA is him being able to let the people he loves find there own happiness and find his own by not relying so much on elijah

      • Avious says:

        I don’t think I would be able to watch it without the Original Family! For once I would love to see Klaus get a happy ending.

        • Dana Williams says:

          Totally agree he has been redeemed he’s a great father and brother my goodness he sacrificed 5 yrs with his daughter to save all of I
          His family and again he loses this really is going to suck if they don’t fix this

        • Jean says:

          Your exactly right, if they can bring Davina back for Cole – maybe for Klaus’s selflessness they’ll bring Cami back for Klaus 😁, if they don’t find a way to bring back this family I do not want to watch this show again. Their love for each other makes this show.

          • Candice Conner says:

            I agree. It would be great to finally see Klaus get a happy ending. I loved him with Cami but I really think they should bring Caroline into the next season because she seemed to be his first love and it would be awesome to see them two together finally.

          • Vee says:

            Yeah I really want him to be with Caroline because of when he told her that she would have many loves but he would be the love of her life or last love idk I just know it was something like that. But that’s when I started cheering for them to end up even when he was with Cami.

          • #TheOriginalFan says:

            I really want Klaroline to happen but is Caroline still over from her husbands death? (Stefan Salvatore) If she comes into the 5th season I doubt she will be ready to either marry or date anyone again or start a relationship since her previous spouse died. I also would love Klaus and Cami (Forgot what they would be called) because yet again he was so sweet to her like he was to Caroline. But idk just saying my opinions. 😂😂

          • Toe Knee says:

            I totally agree with that!

        • Gift says:


          • luvprue1 says:

            Yeah. I would have loved for Cami to have came back. That would have been an awesome gesture if Freya brought her back , or Kol got Davina to bring Cami back.

        • Staci Lynette Foster-Thompson says:

          I agree!! I want Klause to have a little happiness too.. But his character has caused allot of pain too; just cut him a break even for a little while 😂

          • Gift says:

            even if Klaus caused alot of pain, he has paid for it too. Being separated from his family and kept five year in a dungeon in horrifying pain so his family will live please he deserves to get his happy ending.

        • Kristal says:

          I so agree with all that you said

        • Melissa says:

          Omg this def broke my heart. I really wanted to see k have a happy ending but it he always gets the worst of it.

        • luvprue1 says:

          Me too. This is the second season in a row that Klaus didn’t get a happy ending. So are they saying that regardless of how much he changed , what good he do he never should be happy?

          The perfect ending for me would be that after Klaus leave Elijah we see Klaus meeting someone for dinner in a restaurant. The host tell him that she’s waiting for him. Klaus goes to his date and whispers in her ear from behind her. He ask her if she’s been waiting long? We never see his date’s face, just the back of her long blonde hair.

          • Gift says:

            That’s what they did to Stefan, that’s what they are doing to Klaus now. But its all bull, his character deserves happiness, since he got his power, he’s lived in fear of his father and the fear that the only family had left would leave him if the choose to love anyone else. All this turned him in to what he became. But Klaus changed a lot since mistic falls, Caroline, Hope, Camille, Hope. His redemption was sure and you could see true change in Klaus. He who never tolerated any who stand against him now fears even Marcel. I dislike this very much. He deserves Better and I hope this s5 isn’t about Hope, her powers or boyfriend, it should be the originals, Klaus, Elijah Rebekah, Freya and also kol. I want to see Klaus with Caroline or someone who makes him completely happy.

          • Jane says:

            They didn’t treat Stefan right from season 2 or so, they tried to hide it but Damon def was fav boy

          • Jane says:

            Jeez klaroliners and klamillers wouldnt shut up till premier of the new season! Haha And it’d give some kind of satisfaction that Klaus’s not completely alone. Brilliant idea! They clearly don’t know how to write cliffhangers, you should teach them!

          • luvprue1 says:

            I wish they had added a tease so that people would know that the show (and the characters) will be returning next season. That would work even if they are not planning on bringing back Cami, or Caroline… can turn out to be Freya, or someone completely new.

        • luvprue1 says:

          I would like that too. This is the second season in a row that Klaus got mess over in the season finale. I don’t think the writer liked the leading man. Julia Plec would never do something like that to Damon.

      • Cody jones says:

        That’s what you think yes the way it ended sucked but the way it ended it what’s going to make you watch season 5

        • luvprue1 says:

          I read the casting side role for episodes 5X01 and it’s a totally new show. So I am wondering if the original will even be in it. The new episodes is set in Mystic Fall, and so far it just Hope and Roman

          • Gift says:

            Maybe they don’t want to give to much details. I’m still hoping that’s not all it is.

          • luvprue1 says:

            Well for one it’s set in Mystic Fall. Hope misses her dad. There are 4 new characters. (Actually more but they are only refer to in the sides) she miss new Orleans, and most of all she miss her dad. There is no mention of Hayley, nor anyone else. I really think the Originals will not be in it, just mention.

          • Liv says:

            Thank goodness, you have ideas of mystic falls being brought back in that would be fabulous. All they need is some past and motivation and that should give it good finale

      • sw says:

        I agree, terrible preachy writing.

      • Candace Shaw says:

        I hope your wrong but afraid your right? I agree with all you have said.

    • Mark says:

      This is the right ending, you can’t just keep raising the bar of villainy and then solved it with the death of someone, it’s getting boring. I can’t see anything wrong in this episode.

      • luvprue1 says:

        If we wanted a show about the good guys we would have been watching superhero, or something like that.
        But this is a show about the most powerful originals family. It is supposed to be told from the villain’s point of view. Most of the viewers watch because that was premises of the show. Klaus’s redemption comes from Hope. Hope was their redemption, and their humanity. Now they are taking that away. So what is season 5 going to be about , now that Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca is gone?

        • Felix the Cat says:

          Listen luvpruel I could not have said it any better. That was supposed to be the whole premise of the show. But for the past few seasons Klaus had been reduced to a whimp with everyone appearing to be stronger than him. What is the purpose of the show, the title and the premise it was based upon if the family can be intimidated, dominated and destroyed? I KNEW for a fact that based on the writings of Julie Plec and Narducci this show would have be destroyed the same way that Plec et al destroyed TVD.

        • Gift says:

          Another reason I agree with, I hope they don’t want to focus on hope in that magic School because that is just cheating!!! I didn’t agree to that before I start this show. I really liked that always and forever bond they made with each other. It made story authentic and fun to watch. Family should be unbreakable and a family like theirs should stay together.

          • luvprue1 says:

            Exactly! But by the time the Originals return in season 5 Hope will be 17 . Which means that Hope will not be in Magic School anymore . So we won’t be seeing that unless it’s a flashback. I also don’t think we will be seeing Caroline . Unless we get a graduation scene and Klaus shows up. If they didn’t do a stupid time jump, and tvd didn’t kill off so many characters. We could have had crossed over in season 4, which would have been better then the Marcel and Vincent the righteous brothers show.

          • Gift says:

            hahaha that is funny, I really hope they do something better next season.

          • Jean says:

            I agree with “Always and forever” the bond those siblings share make the show worth watching! The other 3 remember “Always and forever ” so they good fight for Elijah to remember! And between Their sister the witch and Davina ( with the Harvest Girls – with an older powerful Hope and her besties, Alaric and Caroline’s twins ) they could come up with something to go against Vincent and fix the Hollow problem! * by putting the Hollow in him and disbursing his bones and entrusting them to 4 different families to be hidden forever! ( By one of the group finding out all along that Vincent’s plan was to get rid of the Mikaelsons to have New Orleans for himself, to be King of New Orleans ) make next year strong like in previous years, make the fans proud! and some reason another you can’t you cannot bring Kami back like you did bringing Davina back for Cole, then perhaps let Klaus and Caroline fall in love because by then she’ll already love hope! The Mikaelsons are best when fighting together for a good cause. And what better cause then fighting for each other?

          • Gift says:

            The Mikaelsons are best when fighting together for a good cause. And what better cause then fighting for each other? well said Jean! I also love them together, they may have their differences but which family don’t. They’ve stick together and fought together. They are at their best when they stand together. I was glad to see that kol honored that pact in the end.

          • Merry newman says:

            I didn’t agree with that either I started watching the originals because of the family and I just think the show about witches would be so entirely boring and I did not like Vincent from the beginning I believe he also just wanted to get the Michaelson’s out of town so he could take over I want the original family back together where they belong

        • Rena says:

          Just because Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus all had endings in the season 4 finale doesn’t mean that their not going to be on the show. With the time jump that they will be doing with Hope, she might defeat the Hollow or find a way to have her family back. I mean she is a powerful witch.

          • luvprue1 says:

            How? The Originals can’t even be in the same room. Plus Marcel compel Elijah to forget his family was a slap in the face to all the fans who watch the show over the years

          • Gift says:

            I find that part Marcel Compelled Elijah to forget his family and love very stupid and I felt ery offended. The originals have been made wick because of Marcel why make matter worst ? But I do know hope is a powerful witch and she would to see her father again so she won’t give up until she can free them from the hallow.

      • AGW says:

        This was a Great episode.

        I Loved everything about it.

        I felt a lot of things happened that needed to happen. The premise of the series since the pilot was the family, especially Klaus finding redemption because of Hope. That is exactly what we were given in this finale.

        That was Elijah’s initial intention in the pilot.

        In many ways the siblings have a very codependent, enabling relationship. I think they need some time apart while not under threat.

        Season 5 should be very interesting with the time jump and Hope becoming a mature witch. I am interested to see the changes in Klaus and Elijah.

        • Gift says:

          I agree but one can’t help but feel bad for Klaus. He didn’t get anything out of it. Yes he saved his daughter but his was fear of being alone came true. I accept that they need to be apart to put things in prospective for themselves but I expected more for Klaus.

          • AGW says:

            I do feel bad for Klaus but I also feel hopeful. I think he needs this time on his own and he’s not running from Mikael or anyone. Mikael instilled so much fear in him.

            I do wish they included the deleted Marcel and Vincent scene for continuity.

            It would have made his turning up in NY. less random. Marcel needed to leave New Orleans as well.

            I think his extreme need to be on top was to prove himself worthy to Klaus. I think he is just as afraid of being alone.

            I think Klaus finally set him free of that.

            Perhaps, he can finally find peace with Rebekah.

            There are so many similarities between Klaus and Marcel.

          • Gift says:

            correct! I am not a fan of Marcel but that speech with Klaus made me begin to maybe kinda like him. Yes he is alot similar to Klaus and he need to hear Klaus say he was proud of him and also say family as always. it’s definitely not bad. But they’ve opened another door that an original can be Compelled by Marcel mix with magic but I seriously hope not. That will make me really mad

        • Keisha Williams-Edwards says:

          I loved this finale. Elijah shined bright when he burnt those witches. Klaus stole my heart when he said ‘Hope…….I love you” and ran. I knew he would have stayed close to Elijah. I liked the fact that he gave away his memories to protect his family. Overall a good finale. All i wanted differently was 2 hours instead of 45 minutes.

          • Malina Coopwood says:

            I enjoyed the finale, even though it made me double check that they were renewed another season. I like that it left so many possibilities open for season 5. I hope that if a spinoff is made of the show that it’s with Marcel and Rebekah.

        • Neely says:

          Remember hope was referred to as possibly the most powerful witch in history. Wouldn’t that make her stronger than the hollow? Stronger than the ancestors? Why can’t she concoct some new spell to place the hollow somewhere else and re join her family in season 5?

    • Jane says:

      The finale was emotional and I liked it given that there is another season coming. BUT it freaked me out that they wrote this kind of finale not knowing if they get another season. Because if it actually was the ending to TO, I’de be completely heartbroken. Klaus got just a few months with his kid and now they’re separated again. The show is about him! Why not put the fourth part into Hayley and send her off. He already made a sacrifice like that in S03, now it was Hayley’s turn to take one for the team and if they made Klaus so weak because of the kid, they should’ve at least let him stay with his kid.

      • Gift says:

        You know everyone was excited about klaus interacting with his daughter and how sweet he was with her but everything got boring in time because of how klaus and Elijah were now loosing their charm. It would have been a real heartbreaking if it ended here. I’m glad we have another season hopefully more but it’s what is written in the next season that matters now. will it help boost the show or kill it completely.

        • Jane says:

          I take this ending as a finale of S04, but if it was finale of the show, it’d be such a letdown. They do like bittersweet finales, don’t they :) I wonder how they’ll deal with Kolvina, given that she is supposed to be mortal. And I wonder if they try Hayley/Alaric pairing

          • Gift says:

            yea I did notice them they seemed​ nice I guess, there is a possibility there and I would love nothing more than to get Hayley out of the way completely so that Elijah will fall in love with someone else. Hopefully​ someone who adores him the way he is.

        • luvprue1 says:

          I think it will kill it. Season finale usually leave off on a cliff hanger. Something that make you want to return. This did not. Plus it’s not the same show that we all fell in love with. We sign on to watch a show about a powerful originals family that can’t be defeated. But what did we get this season? Superhero Marcel, and
          Self righteous brother Vincent. The Originals can’t be in contact with each other except by phone. Marcel is still in control,and now he has the power to compel an original?! Even Elijah and Klaus couldn’t do that so why did they give that power to a secondary character…unless they are trying to make him a main main character like they did to Caroline once Elena left TVD.

          I think it will kill it. So far next season will feature a 17 year-old Hope and her boyfriend. Vincent and Marcel. There is no mention of anyone else. And since Hope will be 17 when the show starts I doubt we will get Klaroline since Hope will be out of Magic school. I will not be watching next season if the originals are not in it, and I don’t see how they are going to be in it if they can’t be around each other.

          • Gift says:

            hahaha, let’s not draw conclusions luvprue1, there is still alot of possiblity considering the way it ended. JP has a to rewrite history and the the originals come back as strong as before. Yea I like Vincent before because of his demonstration when he does magic but now I just don’t want to hear his name. His true intentions was to push the originals out of town and that was why he gave Marcel that serum in the first place using Marcel for his dirty work. I want to see how powerful grown up Hope is and I also want the originals back as a family and return their formal glory.

          • Jane says:

            In one of his latest tweets Narducci said TO can’t contact each other at all, not by phone or even send each other letters. He said it’s because the Hollow will tempt them at every oppportunity to reunite, play on their fears, love for each other and desires.
            I like Caroline as supporting character and klaroline as is my fav pairing but she always looked a bit jealous of Elena to me (my opinion), plus then we found out she wanted Stefan all that time on some level so I didn’t like how they tried to make her the new female lead and Steroline the new it couple like delena/Stelena were.

          • Agreed! The aging of Hope lazy & lame idea!! Her having a boy friend just stupid! We as a fan base audiance dont even know this new Hope! All I see on twitter from Julie Plec is lame rude liberal political America bashing! And now i am to watch her lame stupid new characters and ideas for my favorite cast and Show. Yes I am upset!
            I am not into a magic school in mystic Falls sigh. No not now!! As a fan i need time with character ect. Sorry i am not interested in new romance with Hope. I also dont care for Julie Plec liberal politics on twitter, It is the most destructive turn off. I watch to escape real life presures not read Julie Plecs political views all over social media TVD cast even started liberal crap as show came to an end i stopped following each one ! Its like all got too big for britches.I am not 22 or 16 etc fan I am not into their performed teenage drama. I am so torn about all this crap! Lookat Riverdale not doning well. I think Hope at school will be cancelled i think big mistake we are not getting another season of Summer fontana as Hope!! I am worried about Original Family sniff sniff briliiant final But Please write them back as a family Please Stay safe but hurry back to us!!!! Thank You for a wonderful season all!!!!

          • Gift says:

            Jane I get what you are saying but when you put it like that it makes her look somehow. Remember she saw Stefan first ,she liked him and she even began to plan their June wedding. she’s always had a crush on Stefan, her friend was only lucky back then she was the one Stefan liked and choose. see how that ended. Caroline was always true to her feelings. Her wick point was desperately wanting to find her own love but they all choose Elena before her except Tyler who chose his hatred for Klaus over her. yes she was a little bit jealous but that didn’t change anything about her. To me she was the right choice for Stefan instead of that backstabber Elena. They had to make someone the lead after Elena left and there weren’t going to just bring in a new face or paired Bunny with Stefan so Caroline was the save bet to push up as the lead. it would have worked if Stefan wasn’t always hangup on Elena and rejecting the poor girl.

          • Jane says:

            Stefan could’ve had a much happier ending with Elena then Damon seemed to have. I totally agree that there was no way back to Stelena after how Delena happened. This is why idea of Klayley before Klamille was okay for me, but Klayley after everything that happened with Haylijah is disgusting.
            As for Steroline, it was handled so poorly that I’m fastforwarding through most of their awkward scenes now (re-watching TVD s06). And I’m not being mean, I love Stefan and I like Caroline on their own. But still, the writers made it look like after everyone tried to convince Stefan to look at her, he gave in. And the fact that he left her and freaking had his fun with Valerie for a few years didn’t help. Can you imagine him being forced to separate with Elena and sleep with someone else before he gets back to his precious Elena? I can’t. SC was disrespectful treatment of Caroline and hardly made a happy ending for Stefan. So if they’d replace Elena with Caroline, they could’ve at least make Stefan genuinely fall in love with her rather than make him choose her as a good kind girl who’s always there for him. I can’t believe JP was planning this ship for so long because it was so poorly written.
            I’m pretty sure, if Stefan happened to have another strong convincing relationship with possible human future, he’d survive and they’d sacrifice Damon so Elena is left to live her human life without vamps. But as it was, killing Stefan was fitting because he was human and would never be happy with Caroline who loves being a vampire. SC contributed to Stefan’s death.

          • Gift says:

            Actually I see all you are saying there, I also did not like the pairing of Stefan and Caroline his character treated her poorly. there was no way anyone would believe he felt true love for her. That’s why I want her to be with Klaus, he was the only who truely loved, chose and saw her for what she was plus she didn’t destroy what we love most about Klaus while he was being pulled in by his humanity, he was still badass. I saw somewhere JP said she thought of Stefan and Elena’s happy ending together but didn’t or couldn’t make it happen because she left the show so…… I’m still disappointed that he had to die while demon lived, Demon was no way better than stafen and should have died too. At the end, the brothers loved each other more than they loved any woman yes even Elena. The best ending would have been both of them dying.

          • Jane says:

            Yes, the ending separated two brothers and it didn’t feel right. I actually shipped DE at some point and really wanted them together. But I think after they got together I realised that something much more genuine was broken to have this ship happened and a lot of DE was built on sexual chemistry, while SE made more sense in every way: they wanted similar things, they respected other people’s lives, they wanted to be human and they were dopplegangers. So at the end I though that it would be better if they explained DE somehow and ended with human SE and Damon sacrificing himself. But it was too late for that. At the end Damon didn’t look happy or at piece, it looked like now that he got his girl back but lost his brother, all he wanted was to find piece to be reunited with Stefan. And then the writers repeated this “girl between two brothers” on TO, I’m not sure why they find this scenario so sexy or whatever. I’m glad that they at least never went ahead with Klayley, but I’m pretty sure they’re “feeding” fans of this ship with Klayley scenes, there were a lot of them this season.

          • Gift says:

            They did do the Klayley part, the fact that Hayley has a child for Klaus will be sticma all through time. She is involved with Klaus and they have something Elijah would never have with her. Even if they end up together or they never do, its is a known fact that she is know by Klaus name I mean as the werewolf who gave birth to Klaus’s child. At first I just thought Elijah would be this person that just supports and care for her because of the child she is carrying for their families sakes but it turn into an (abomination) yes where I’m from things like this is a big shame. I don’t know how they plan to keep fans if they do away with the originals. Just Klaus isn’t enough to show his face in s5 we need Elijah, Freya, Rebekah, kol. Give us the old feeling. One fun thing about this show was one of their dead family members might just pop up at anytime to cause havoc and it was truely fun. I’m just so bored watching this now. I hope JP use this s5 to bring the show to its former glory. I don’t know if you watch empire but it goes like this Lucius is always creating drama and hurting his family and everyone around him but they still stand with him despite all, if Lucius and cookie are taken off the the show then empire is destoryed. who would want to watch, my point is all the drama the originals created, that Klaus created was what we loved most about the show. Do a spin off about Hope and her powers and magic school but leave the originals the way it of cause change a few things like Marcel’s power for one instead a fake spinoff you should just cancel the show. we don’t want to be cheated like that.

          • luvprue1 says:

            I agree. Making Marcel an original (and keeping him that way) makes the Originals not so original.

            So does anyone know who will be returning for season 5?

      • luvprue1 says:

        I agree with you Jane, Klaus should have at least got to stay with his kid.

    • Silviu says:

      Easy. Hope Will Rape The Hollow . Marcel will be killed for a few moments so that Elijah will remember everything . Then they all come back to new orleans as a big happy family , including Marcel ( who will marry BEX) .

      • Gift says:

        Like they will ever kill Marcel. But I’m sure Elijah will remember.

        • John says:

          Now that Narducci is gone, I hope they do. What makes a good show nowadays is you giving the selfish fans what they want….Klaus ruling everyone. Making everyone quiver. The Original family destroying everyone and nobody standing in their way. More alpha male.

          • Dana Williams says:

            Don’t kill marcel just take his power down a notch Klaus is king and loves Marcel

        • AGW says:

          Given the time jump and focus on older Hope, I wonder if Marcel will be in Season 5. Also, if the location will be Mystic Falls or New Orleans.

          I suppose Freya could free Elijah of Marcel’s compulsion like Davina freed Josh and Cami of Klaus’.

          This is the one storyline in which I see potential for Marcel and Elijah ever reconciling.

          I do think having Marcel back in the family would make the Originals that much stronger. Along, with the added bonus of Davina as Kol’s Wife.

          They can finally be that One Big Happy Frankenstein Family Davina mentioned in Season 1.

      • luvprue1 says:

        I hope they do kill Marcel. .. or rather just take away his powers to kill an original,and his powers to compel an original.

        • AGW says:

          I hope Marcel keeps his powers. There is absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t.

          Esther wanted to take back the power she gave her children and end their vampirism and immortality.

          What’s the difference?

          The Originals were created by powerful magic. Powerful magic also enhanced Lucien and Marcel. They became a new stronger Kind of Vampire.

          The Hallow created the Werewolves. They were a threat so Esther turned her children into Original Vampires. The Originals were considered a threat so the Ancestors created a much stronger Enhanced Vampire.

          Marcel has as much right to keep his power as they do.

          Especially, if he is willing to coexist with them.

          Hope may be able to make them immune to his venom and compulsion. But Marcel should be able to keep his strength and abilities.

          Personally, I kinda got sick of Klaus and Elijah bullying Marcel one minute. Then calling him family and using emotional blackmail the next.

          The Originals have slaughtered innocent people for the slightest reason. But Vincent is the worst because he comes off as self righteous.

          You seem to say the writers did all the fans a disservice with this storyline. But, can you really speak for All the fans? I’m a fan and I loved this episode.

          • luvprue1 says:

            I disagree . Your secondary character should never be more powerful then your leading men . A self righteous Vincent is more suit for a show about good and evil, or hero vs villain. But this is not that kinda of show, and never had been. The whole purpose of the show was to see the Mikaelson perspective. There is no heroes , nor villain because the Mikaelson are both the heroes and the villain.

            In season one Marcel was the bully. Killing innocent witches and werewolves. I have been watching this show since episodes 4X20 of TVD. This for the people who like the villain. A lot of people , and I mean a lot want the show to go back to the way it was. I think they should kill off both Marcel and Vincent and put the show back to the way it was when the rating was high.

            Hey they killed off Cami, and I liked her. But she never took focus away from the lead characters .

          • Gift says:

            AGW I disagree with you and agree with Luvprue1. Marcel got that power out of his greed for power but the originals got their power out of the love of their parent at that time. This show is about the Mikaelsons, the original vampire and their fights. it’s nothing to do with Marcal . That power has to be taken away or make the originals stronger than him. That way or no other way. Marcel becoming stronger destoryed this show.

          • AGW says:

            Tv shows evolve all the time. The Originals ratings have never been as high as TVD.

            Marcel was the catalyst for Klaus coming to Nola. He has a huge backstory with the family.

            You can’t compare Cami or any other non-family member to Marcel’s relationship with the Originals.

            Except, Hayley as Hope’s mother.

            Whether you like the character or not doesn’t negate the story being told.

            1. Klaus raised Marcel and considered him family since he was 10 years old.

            2. Marcel was a human raised by this monstrous family who ended up spending over a century with them.

            3. The Rebekah love relationship and subsequent betrayal.

            4. The fight for New Orleans.

            5. Marcel’s Revenge

            This is all important because the writers are coming from the POV of Marcel being family.

            Like it or Not!

            He is not, nor portrayed as just some secondary character.

            The Originals is a spinoff but please consider newer viewers watching it as a stand alone piece. Because the writers have to consider them.

          • AGW says:

            Gift, It’s a free country everyone’s entitled to their opinion.

            No one has to agree with me. I’m simply stating mine.

            I saw the last 4 seasons and Marcel’s involvement as the writers coming from the pov that Marcel is family.

            It was practically the last thing Klaus said to Marcel.

          • Gift says:

            Im just saying since we are all having a pleasant conversation here. You are entitled to your own opinion and I am also entitled to disagree. Its just a conversation, it doesn’t change how strong you feel about your opinion.

    • John says:

      Yes, while I can say I am a little disappointed because this whole season could have easily gone 22 episodes, the episode was pretty good itself. You make do with what you have to work with. The actors could of done better in a few scenes. Like Marcel or Klaus could of dropped a tear in a few scenes. Overall, this season was not well thought out and that was all on Plec and CW. Their already speculating another 13 episodes next year. They say Julie Plec is in charge this year instead of Michael Narducci. I say bring back everyone from TVDs too. Nowadays no one cares if you die. Everyone comes back to life in the Hollywood world.

      • bdtrooper says:

        Not sure what show you were watching, but both Klaus and Marcel got a little watery-eyed in their last one-on-one scene together. It was pretty emotional, as were a number of other scenes as well. Great job by all the actors.

    • Dana Williams says:

      Totally agree

    • Jilly says:

      I think klaus should be able to see hope again and they bring Finn back to life so tht the hollow will be able to be put in Finn

    • MaryAnn says:

      I felt it was very disappointing. How does separating all the siblings in the end make for a happy ending. And Elijah not in a suit. No thank you. Haley and Elijah should have been the ones to be together.

    • Briana Gutierrez says:

      100% agree. Complete disappointment.

    • Cody jones says:

      That’s what great writers do just know season 5 will be as great as the rest

  2. Ella says:

    Yeah, that was lacklustre. Pacing is a real problem for this show sometimes. There was so much over explaining and monologuing in the first 3/4 (and was it just me or was the pretentiousness of the dialogue choices jacked up to an insane degree?) and then the resolution felt rushed. I kind of think compelling Elijah is silly. What happens if an old enemy recognizes him? He’ll have no clue what’s happening. Also, the tragedy of them having to be seperated is kinda dulled by the fact that it’s the 21st century. People conduct long distance relationships thanks to the power of the internet every day. If Klaus can drop 3M for Caroline’s school why can’t he get a couple of fancy flat screens, some webcams, and a Skype account and see his daughter that way every day?

    • Shaun says:

      my thoughts too,it’s not so tragic as they meant it to be.

    • Sam says:

      If upvoting were a thing I would do it 1000x. I am so glad we are getting a season 5.

    • larry says:

      Lol… More of why its a plot, and Elijah is allowed to remember everybody else bar his Sibblings. I actually would like to see Hope grow and rid her family off the curse. Moreso, she is their only hope.

      • Ah that’s a brilliant idea, I commented that Freya will find a way. Hope learning at the school though could be fun. I picture Hope off growing up with the twins. The 3 witches taking on the world. Spinoff style. I liked the actress that played hope, so depending on their age jump, I’d love to see her return. And yes, Skype. FaceTime. Davina, Freya, and Marcel can visit too.

        I just remembered, does Marcel even know Davina is alive?!?! I hope all the deleted scenes chopped up in this finale are shown some day. It was obvious the plot had a rewrite when they got s5 confirmation.

        • luvprue1 says:

          Nope! If Marcel knows that Davina is back it was probably mention off screen. But neither Josh, or Klaus had mentioned Davina to Vincent, nor Marcel. …I want to know if Davina still have her powers?.

          Everybody got a happy ending but Klaus. Klaus is the main main character. It’s his journey. That the main person who should have got a happy ending. They could have at least brought Cami back.

    • K.Smith says:

      Oh my God, I can’t tell you how much I love this comment! I thought I was the only that had problems with the dialogue. It’s like they opened a thesaurus and just picked out the most posh words they could find. The beginning had so much exposition. It was crazy! I didn’t really get the compelling Elijah thing. Does he know who his siblings are? Yes so many times to the last part. FaceTime is a thing. You don’t have to be together. Even texting. But maybe they’ll use the excuse that they might try to find each other if they do that.

      • luvprue1 says:

        I absolutely hated Marcel compelling Elijah. Marcel should not be more powerful then any other original. If the Originals didn’t have the power to compel another original then Marcel should have that power neither. I truly hope if they kill off a character next season I hope it’s Marcel…and maybe Vincent .

        • Jane says:

          That I agree with. Natducci completely lost control and let his preference to take over. If he stayed for one season longer, TO would just drop dead just by looking at Marcel. Nonsense. I’m so glad Narducci is gone

          • gift says:

            hahaha i completely agree, I can’t even stand it right now. I’m do pissed.

          • luvprue1 says:

            I’m glad he’s gone too. Now maybe the writers will turn their focus back on their leading man, and his brother. This season hasn’t been as good as it had been in the past. I think mainly because they had went so far away from the story they were trying to tell, which was the story of Klaus’s redemption through the love of his daughter, and his love of his family. I would loved to know how Kol and Elijah got along. I would like to see how Finn and Kolkata got along. How come Kol and Finn left instead of staying and burying their mother? There is still a lot of story to tell.

          • Gift says:

            Yes I do very agree with you luvpure1, They went far from the story they were trying to tell. I also would love to see how the siblings got along. You know I’m also curious about the brother that died. There is alot to tell.

          • luvprue1 says:

            I agree. I was pretty much sick of Marcel this season. But I was more sick of his king of New Orleans boast. Klaus gave him New Orleans back in season 2 . So when he say he’s the king of New Orleans it sounds like he’s trying to convince himself.

          • Gift says:

            Quite true

    • Omg I love this!! So true! I would feel so much better about it all if this what they did. 😡

    • Fabrizia says:

      The dialogue has actually been toned down this season comparing to the past, when Klaus would get into constant hissy fits and Elijah would use SAT words just because.

      Regarding Elijah you have to remeber that his old enemies are the people that he turned during history (as seen in season 3 with the Strix), and they are all dead.

      Maybe the characters kept in touch, but it’s not like being together for real.

  3. Shaun says:

    The Hollow went down way too easy.Kinda sucked all the tension from this.Good end points though.

    • Mark says:

      The ending was emotional, brilliant, focused on “family”, you just can’t repeat the same thing every season when the enemy is too powerful that someone has to die and they moved on. The show needs to focus more about the Originals (like this season), not the Originals’s enemies and the ending also leads us to countless possibilities in season 5, anyone who says that they have no idea how to save the show in season 5 needs to open their minds to something larger than the size of a peanut

      • derek says:

        I agree with you. The whole premise of the show is “Family” what lengths will you go to protect them and this season demenstrated that perfectly. This episode brought me to tears and I’m glad that was not the series finale cause then I would have been very disappointed

        • luvprue1 says:

          It might as well have been the series finale. With the original split up and not allowed to be around each other. What will season 5 be about? So far the only character that they had mentioned for season 5 is a teenage Hope, and her new boyfriend.

          • Gift says:

            This just reminds me of smallville when lex build a suit that can absorb green Kryptonite and Lana wore it. After that she could no longer be with Clark Kent (Superman) anymore, she had to leave and never come back. I found that disappointing that to happen before Clark realized​ that Lois was the right one for him disappointing! They didn’t have​ to go this way with the originals. yes they should have somewhere to imprison the hallow like use the ancestors weren’t they the ones​ who imprisoned the hallow before? There is not enough justification to keep the Mikaelsons apart. It’s Michael Narducci way of saying burn in hell and good bye fans!

          • Chris says:

            Small minded. If you think the writers can’t come up with something decent or even had something in mind when they finished this one you should probably just stop watching the show.

    • derek says:

      But the hollows not down. Still alive and well. They didn’t defeat it just contained it.

  4. Gilded Lady says:

    I’m glad no one died…but ugh. What kind of plot contrivance are they going to have to come up with to make a season 5 even work? They can’t have an entire season where they’re just talking on the telephone or skyping to one another. And I’m torn on this ending. One the one hand, I suppose it’s some level of karmic justice (the family that tore so many apart now forced to be apart), but on the other hand, given that we route for them…this would have been an incredibly depressing series finale because they can’t be killed. They’ll still be around another thousand years from now and can’t be in proximity to one another. Phone calls and video chats aren’t the same as actually being with that person that you love.

    I’ll peek in on Season 5, but I’m glad this one has been put to bed.

    • Ella says:

      Part of why it doesn’t really work for me is that, given how many times we’ve seen the Mikaelsons come out on top, I really don’t buy that this is forever. Skype and phone calls can tide them over but pretty much all the major players are immortal and it looks like their separation will be shorter than a lot of the periods Kol and Rebekah were daggered for.

      • Gilded Lady says:

        It has to be. Like I said, you can’t have a show of split screen montages

        • Ella says:

          Honestly, I think they’ll wrap it up pretty quick. It’s their pattern. The Guerra wolves went down in the premiere in S2 and they had all the Mikaelsons up and running in like 2 eps this season.

      • luvprue1 says:

        The Salvatore brothers always came out on top . For 8 whole years. That why The Vampire diaries last so long. Same thing with Dexter. Dexter is a serial killer ,and the show ran for 7 years. In that 7 years he solved murders, but he killed people too….and the show so no need for him to get caught. So I saw no need for the originals to be punished. Hell, if the writers felt that way they should have punished Marcel for all he did to the witches when new Orleans was under his rule. They should have punished Vincent for provoking the hollow some years back. They should have punished Kol just for being.

        • Gift says:

          This exactly my problem with some people here. Not every crime gets punished. Yes, The Mikaelsons​ they’ve been horrible over the years but they changed and are doing better or at least trying. They don’t have to be punished more than they already have.

    • luvprue1 says:

      Exactly!! I want to know if the writers who wrote that was mad at the producers? It was bad enough we got an entire season of self-righteous Vincent, and Superhero Marcel ,then they put Hayley back in to whiny mold. We hardly got to see Klaus and Hope. There were absolutely no scenes at all of Elijah and Hope (I wonder why?) And now Klaus can’t have his daughter, or his family? I would have preferred for at least Vincent, or Marcel to die.

    • K.Smith says:

      Except for a few moments in the beginning, this season has disappointed me. I’m kind of glad this finale gives people the option to duck out with a clean break, since it was intended to be the series finale. I made the mistake of sticking around with TVD after Season 6, so I think I’ve learned my lesson. I’ll wait until it gets closer to premiere date to decide, though. My main question at this point is how are they recruiting people for this school?

      • luvprue1 says:

        We won’t find out. By the time the Originals will return the show would have jump ahead 10 years. Hope will be 17 years old and no longer at Magic School. So will not get to see Hope playing with Josie and Liz. We are unlikely to see Caroline. We probably will not see a familiar face unless it’s Vincent, or Alaric.

  5. Shelley McDonald says:

    The finale was heart wrenching. I’m happy that it appears that there is some happiness and peace for some of them, but the thought of always and forever being over permanently….too sad.
    My hope for season 5 is that time has passed, Hope is much older and since she is “possibly the most powerful witch the world has ever known” she will find a way to destroy the parts of the hollow and reunite her family. Perhaps Elijah will have become more of what Haley needed having been free for some time.
    Sooooo relieved there is a season 5.

  6. Tina says:

    Well Nardog is finally done! At last! We can get some episodes that are fast paced and exciting! Come on Julie, don’t let me down. This has to be the slowest movie show on tv. Also let Klaus be with his kid. The constant seperation from each other is getting repetitive. I look forward to season 5 and if I get some Klaroline I won’t even be mad. ;)

    • CF says:

      “This has to be the slowest moving show on tv.”

      I guess you’ve never seen a Tyler Perry show before, huh? LOL.

    • luvprue1 says:

      Thank you. I am glad he is gone too. Now maybe we will Klaroline, although I prefer that Klaus be with Hope. Maybe Freya can find away to remove the hollow out of her siblings. If they don’t won’t to bring back Hayley and Hope. Maybe Davina could magically become pregnant by Kol and go to Freya for HELP . She has the baby and all the originals bound with it. But they all move on too . Klaus move on with a new girl who more like Cami (I would say Caroline, but I doubt it) We find out that Rebecca move on from Marcel , and Elijah got a new wife, who has a child. So when Hayley comes back she do not know where she fit in .

  7. Adam says:

    I just want to see how the Mikaelsons will survive on their own. I really love Rebekah and Marcel together. I’d just wish Rebekah were a more frequent character in the show. It was a bittersweet end. Kid of a series finale, but I can envision a few spinoffs with Hope and the other kids from Alaric and Caroline’s school. I loved Marcel and Rebekah rocking NYC. Next adventure will probably be Klaus trying to fix the whole thing and getting Elijah back.

  8. Lyndy says:

    Ok so I have not watched a single episode of this season, hoping to binge watch all of it sometime but am right in assuming that Davina is back from the dead….

  9. Cristi Williams says:

    Please keep The Originals! We’re running out of great paranormal shoes. Bring back The Vampire Diaries…Find something to turn into another amazing series.

  10. Marsha darrington says:

    I thought the episode was boring and the hollow was taken down to fast and they cant talk on the phone terrible episode

    • luvprue1 says:

      I think the worst part is Marcel and Vincent who both have done horrible things in their past set in judgment of the Mikaelson all season. They might not have killed as many people but they are worst because they think they are good.

      I also hate that Marcel have the ability to compel an original. He never should have been made an original. I actually liked Lucian better then Marcel .

  11. Linda m says:

    Please come back for a another season!!!!! I need this

  12. Sharon says:

    Super disappointing episode.

  13. Lynn says:

    I’m not sure what happened to this show. I used to love it but sometime last season I started losing interest. The Hallow was a boring big bad this season. I was on vacation and missed two episodes and never did get around to watching them and I probably won’t. Let’s hope having a new person in charge changes the show for the better.

  14. Katie says:

    I’ll be honest: When the Hollow was split between the four siblings, everybody left but Klaus stayed long enough to make sure Hope was okay, told her he loved her and her crying out “Dad!” after he left just broke my heart. I started crying so hard. I was so pissed that Kol had Davina and Freya had Keelin while everyone else seemed to get screwed. To see Marcel compel Elijah into no longer remembering that bond with his siblings and not to remember his love for Hayley just sent me into sobs and even more anger. But then the light at the end of the tunnel: Rebekah being surprised by Marcel in NYC, Hayley talking with Alaric while watching Hope interact with kids like her, Elijah seeming happy playing his music and I didn’t even begrudge Kol his impending engagement to Davina. But I still feel horrible for Klaus. Poor guy can’t even get close to his siblings, not being able to be with his daughter, that sucked. After calming down and thinking back on the episode, I thought it was pretty good but because of Vincent’s high-handedness and holier than thou attitude, along with Klaus getting the worst of the deal, I gave it a B. My two favorite parts were when Klaus trapped the Hollow’s acolytes in the church only to have Elijah burn them alive gave me a twisted sense of satisfaction while my other favorite scene was when Klaus made his “confession” to Marcel in front of Cami’s grave. I thought it was beautiful and sad at the same time. Can I just say that Joseph Morgan killed it tonight? For God’s sake, give the man an Emmy already! One of the most underappreciated actors of our time. Two more things: I would think that they would at least communicate on the phone plus Freya doesn’t have the Hollow in her so technically, she could visit Hope as well as Hayley in Mystic Falls plus she could visit Klaus, Beks and Kol. The other is I wish we could have seen that scene between Marcel and Vincent that they had to put on the cutting room floor. Darn it! I’m exhausted just from the last ten minutes of the finale! I can’t wait for Season 5!

    • Holly says:

      I can’t agree more! I swear I sobbed like a baby this entire episode. All these people on here commenting negatively about this episode because it wasn’t “action packed” but the whole season was full of action. There’s more to this show then fighting and killing. I’m so excited to see how season 5 begins.

    • Everything you said! Yes!!

    • Lady Ayumi says:

      Beautifully said… My fave part was when Klaus was visiting Cami’s grave and Marcel was there, too…

    • Tonya says:

      I totally agree with everything you said! I cried like a baby..I love this show and I’m sooo glad there will be a season 5.

    • washcutt says:

      I’m in agreement with you too. I just finish rewatching this eps again this morning and LOVED It. I understand just a little of the disappointments, but I enjoyed this finale a lot. I don’t understand the bad mouthing of Vincent(who is one of my favorites). I love the happy ending cause WE know ALL HELL is going to break out next season. Imagine the story they will tell of their separation.

    • Toni says:

      You said everything I was feeling. Now I’m exhausted. Lol

  15. I’m not sure what all of the complaining is about. I thought it was a great finale with a poetic end. It would have been a fantastic series finale. I was glad they defeated the Hollow quickly. Because it wasn’t about The Hollow. It was about “always and forever.” That was what they had to ultimately defeat. It was the theme of the entire series. Otherwise, we would have had about 5 minutes to resolve everything in the end if they had just focused on the Hollow. And there were too many things to resolve especially since they weren’t sure about a season 5. I appreciated the time Narducci took to bring closure to the different characters and relationships. Which I’m sure helped bring some closure to himself.

  16. Phoebe Tonkin says:

    I was so gassy the whole episode and shook my head AF.

  17. Dorothy says:

    Omg i loved the finale of the original I cannot wait for it to come back somehow I believe they all will end up back together again don’t know how they’re going to work that out but I cannot wait I am excited about it just waiting for it to come back

  18. Brent Wright says:

    I think the show is well written, the charters are great but was sad a few were taken off the show.
    I hope that a Season 5 can be aired.
    Would be happy if there could be
    seasons 6 and 7 sometime in the future .

  19. Susan Moore says:

    I would like to know which characters will be back for season 5.

    • luvprue1 says:

      I would like to know too. So far they haven’t mentioned anyone coming back for season 5 besides a teenage Hope and her new boyfriend. I think this will be a backdoor pilot for the spin off. But there is no mention of any other characters.

  20. Tina Hyde says:

    Probably the most emotional, seemingly final ending we could have hoped for. I nearly panicked thinking I was losing another great show (still mourning the loss of Vampire Diaries)! I will say I am thrilled there will be another season and am elated that the producers are considering another spin-off! Thank you for not letting the fans down! Bravo!!!

  21. Liza says:

    WOW! So. Many. Tears. What a heart-wrenching episode! I absolutely loved it! I feel so bad for Klaus first missing 8 months of Hope’s life when Rebekah took care of her and then five more when he was being tortured by Marcel. I hope there is not too much of a time jump next season because I want Klaus to be able to see her grow up. I was thrilled to see Alaric and that Hope went to the school in Mystic Falls!

    • luvprue1 says:

      First he missed 8 months of Hope’s life. Then 5 years of Hope’s life because of Marcel. Now he wasn’t in her life a full year before Vincent’s plan tore them apart. So he doesn’t get to see his daughter grow up. It like the writers really do not like Klaus, nor Elijah, or he loves Marcel more. We will not get to see Hope at magic school since when the show returns Hope will be 17, and no longer at magic school. It would have been better if they sent her away, and each of them was allowed to visit. I truly didn’t like this season.

  22. Marcela Fink says:

    This finale was actually well done considering at some point the discussion of being the series finale was out there. As far as what is to come, I think there are a number of possibilities We can only hope to see more of Alaric and Mystic Falls as well as all of the Michaelson siblings.

  23. Maria says:

    So excited for the next season, hopefully we won’t be made to wait as we were made to wait for this last season. Love the Originals, keep them alive.

  24. Yameca Simms says:

    Im going to be honest I cried. I love the Originals as a whole. I just wish Fraya could have found a way to keep them together from her Mom’s Grimwars. Overall I’m sad that Klaus and Elijah are alone.

  25. Yameca Simms says:

    Please make them whole again. Please come back for another season. I don’t watch much TV but I live for the Originals.

  26. Jasmine says:

    I actually cried. This is my favorite show and it ended both tragically and beautiful. Can’t wait for the next season.

  27. Kelley Sisco says:

    Love, Love, The Orginals and its talented cast! I this season finale was so well written it left me crying and happy at the same time. Can’t waite for season 5! Please don’t end the series..

  28. Jac says:

    Best episode ending ever !!! I love this show and I truly “Hope” it comes back because it has so much more life to give to the already beautiful dead beings it gives life to!!

  29. The episode left me crying and sad. You cannot seperate this family. It’s heartbreaking to see Elijah all by himself. He deserves more. There must be a way to reunite them.

  30. zaagaad says:

    So klaus not with Hope again? Magic school is overated ! If mikaelaon should break their vow – always and forever? How this origibals copy and easy to dupe regular vamp offer better solution? There is a lot kid in new orleans and dont forget there also coven in there. And if hope should go ? Why klaus not going with her daughter? Because this will make klaus and hayley live together ? Which i.think forbiden for!

    • Shaun says:

      Are you dense?Klaus has part of the hollow in him,can’t go near Hope at all.

    • luvprue1 says:

      It’s stupid. I hated the whole hollow in each siblings storyline. I think Klaus should not have wound up alone again. It too repetitive, and the writers treat him very crappy . He’s their main character. He should have gotten a better ending

  31. Deborah says:

    Please say someone will eventually reverse the whole Elijah ending. His character is loved because who and what he represented.

  32. Lacey says:

    I,thought it was a great episode… even caught myself tearing up a few times…. spoon good, can’t wait to see what they do next season

  33. Anonymous says:

    Had me in tears. Go figure….compassion for vampires! I HOPE for the 5th season.

  34. M says:

    I thought it was quite good. Didn’t see Freya’s willingness to become a vampire coming — and then thought it would have kept her character realistic if there’s a significant time jump in S5 (as to why she hasn’t aged at all over possibly 10 years).

    Klaus’ confession to Marcel was very moving. Joseph Morgan was amazing through the whole episode.

    Elijah losing all his family memories was very sad — and the ending with Klaus checking up on him really got me. It had clearly been some time (Elijah’s hair was much longer), and I loved that Klaus at least had to look in on him. For all the talk about Skype and phone calls — Elijah wouldn’t be part of them.

    Inevitable that Hope would go to Mystic Falls. Love the idea that she will be the one to somehow defeat the Hollow and reunite her family. How will they bring Elijah back, though? He has to come back. Anyway, I’ll seriously miss Summer Fontana playing Hope. She was fantastic — much better, I thought, than the adult actresses who played the Hollow and Sofya. She will definitely be someone to watch as she grows up.

    So glad there’s going to be another season.

  35. Aleica says:

    It would be awesome to see what happens with Hayley and hope in mystic falls. In hopes of a new stable life and relationship? Will the show time jump to hope being able to have full access to her powers ,? And what about Klaus where does he end up in season 5? IM SO EXCITED THERE IS GOING TO BE A SEASON 5

  36. Nina says:

    I love LOVE. I want to see Elijah and Hailey beat the odds. I want to see Klaus and Elijah tight. I want all Freya and all the family together for Kol and Davinas wedding. I want to see a 20ish Hope with her new found power and a way to destroy the hollow and reunite her family. Looking forward to the next season! Always and forever.

  37. Step says:

    Love it! You can feel the heartbreak of the siblings being seperated.

  38. This season is most likely its worst thus far. While TO is always able to deliver good finale’s, this entire season was so damned boring and such a rehash of so many plot points they’ve already visited. Frankly, this should have been the series finale. I dont know where they are going to go from here. Also, I dont understand why H/E have been nominated as this doomed, tragic BS. With JP in charge next season, I dont know how much worse this is going to get. Argh. Such greatness reduced to this.

    • luvprue1 says:

      It was the absolute worst season of the Originals ever. They seem to have undone everything that made the Originals, and the show special. This season focus way too much on Marcel, Vincent and Hayley. Then they had all the characters talk about how awful the Originals were. How much better Hayley was then them. How much better Vincent (self righteous prick) was then them, and how Marcel keeps them in their place (I did want the hollow to kill him at least) . They tried to make the audience be a shame for rooting for them. For not caring that Elijah killed the harvest girls. For not caring that Freya and Elijah use Davina. ….BUT I DON’T CARE! It wasn’t like anyone was emotional invest in the harvest girls. I liked Vincent better when Finn was inside of him. I only like Davina when she’s off with Kol , and I think Marcel would have been better if he DIED a hero. Key word “died”. I also think it would have been ok to kill Hayley off then we would have had to deal with Klaus dealing with a grieving Hope. Elijah dealing with Hayley’s death.

      • Mariann says:

        I agree with you, but I liked the first episodes tho. But Vincent, Hayley and Marcell just plain out annoyed me with their better than you attitude. If Marcell dies Elijas compelling will fade so here’s hoping

        • luvprue1 says:

          They annoying me too. Superhero Marcel, self righteous brother Vincent and wishy washy Hayley was the ones that needed to die. This season was mostly about them. I think that is what the show will be next season. I hope not. But if it is, I won’t be tuning in.

  39. emily says:

    Felicity Smoak is an ugly whore

  40. Charlie says:

    Was an awesome way to end season 4 because it leaves alot to think about for season 5. Got abit teary eyed for the sibblings have to split to seperate the Hollows power but i reckon somewhere in season 5 , Hope will draw them back together again and defeat the Hollow herself

  41. Oscar Schmarr says:

    Please make a season 5. Vampire diaries ended, I don’t want this show gone aswell!

  42. Joey says:

    Just make sure there is a season 6789 and 10

  43. Robert Booker says:

    Should have been longer

  44. Carrie Ramay says:

    I watch the show bcuz I like how they’ve always stuck together. I hate the way they took it.

  45. Loved it! But I have to say, I didn’t like the 13episodes. I originally thought this was the last season and that’s why it was shorter. (As other shows have done that.). I was ecstatic when I learned there will be a season 5. Did they plan 13, knowing there would be a fifth season I wonder? Either way, I doubt they are, but I hope next season is longer. If not 22, maybe 16 or 18. As others mentioned, the season was choppy and rushed and didn’t always flow like the other seasons. I’m not going to be as harsh as others, I still enjoyed the season. Hopefully without the ambiguity of cancellation, the writers can add more depth and arc in s5. I’m a latecomer, binging TVD and TO in Spring/Summe 2016. So my perspective is skewed. As I didn’t spend the last 7-9 years watching. It does suck now waiting. But the show is worth it. I enjoyed TVD, but I really like TO more. Klaus’ character is dark and twisty, and fun to watch. Mistake after mistake, but mostly all out of love and devotion to family. I miss Cami but her cameo was a nice surprise, as was Davina coming back to life. I was happy to see Marcel as part of the family again. I wasn’t a fan of their fued. However, it all made for good tv. And like others have said, I look forward to a spinoff of the school. (Fingers crossed.) The twins and Hope as three powerful witches! I’d love to see the young actress who played Hope continue as Hope as she ages. She did a fantastic job debuting the character. My heart breaks that she can’t be with her daddy. Maybe Alaric will play an uncle type role for her. Lastly, can’t they all Skype or FaceTime? They can’t physically be near each other. But Freya, Davina, and Marcel can visit them and bring Hope gifts or whatever. Holidays via video chat etc. They don’t seem like a tech savvy bunch, but maybe they should get with the times! The purpose of the dramatic spilt wouldn’t have meshed if they all said, I’ll email ya… talk soon. The idea of them being free of their bond is a good one though. Now they can come back together by choice, not obligation next season. Freya will find a way!

    • Jennifier says:

      That would be so great if there was a spinoff of the school and had some of the TVD characters in it as well. Love TO and also did the same and binge watched both TVD and TO just started the end of last year and got hooked. Hope next season has a bit more episodes so more interaction of characters can happen with less jumping around. It squishes too much into too few and makes you wonder too many pieces. Maybe like 18 episodes would be great. BUT I still love it and will watch till the end 😊

  46. Love The Originals!!! Please come back with season 5. You have to. Most shows are ending after 4 seasons. Please continue this series. It’s awesome! You can’t leave it ending like this. You have to come back in season 5 and hopefully continue on from there! It’s a winner!!!!

  47. Red Snapper says:

    I thought it was a good finale, not the best but good. The season overall was just okay though. I figured they’d be sending Hope to the magic school and am bummed that there was no Caroline. However, I probably would’ve been upset if there had been some Caroline and she didn’t share a scene with Klaus. I’m hope next season is better than this one and not so lackluster. Also, to all the people commenting that they hope TO is back next season, did you not read the article? It’s stated in the first paragraph that it was renewed for a 5th season.

  48. DOUBLENOSKI says:


  49. sarah andrews says:

    I thought the season its self was good but the finale I hate that hope is separated from her father they have already missed so much time I would like to Prepose an idea to keep always and forever I think they should trap the hollow in a prison world like they did for kai in vampire diaries and if you don’t think you have enough power with fraya and hope remember that devina was resurrected and haliey could always ask bonnie to help out

    • Gift says:

      Good one I think that would be a perfect beautiful solution. I think is whole separating thing was just a ploy to destory their always and forever as if that was bondage. Now that is out of the way let’s see what they bring in S5 .

      • luvprue1 says:

        Wouldn’t that be interesting if we find out that they didn’t each have to take a piece of the Hollow? Supposed Vincent knew another way , but didn’t tell them because he wanted The Mikaelson out of New Orleans? …now I’m wondering what the real reason Marcel left new Orleans?

        • Gift says:

          right, I will suggest Klaus or Elijah have buried alive because that is the best punishment for Vincent if he cheated the originals in that way

  50. DOUBLENOSKI says:

    I Feel Sorry For Klaus,he Seems To Be The Only Left Alone,hayley Has Hope,Elijah Is Happy With Music,Rebekkah Has Marcel,Freya Has Keelin, Kol Has Davina, But Klaus Has No One After Everything He Is Left Uterly Alone, They Better Fix This Next Season.

    • AGW says:

      I think the point is, that was Klaus’ greatest fear. He did so many terrible things trying to ensure that he never ended up alone. That’s why he daggered his siblings, killed their lovers and lied about Esthers’ death. That’s why he was so controlling and tyrannical.

      Now, he has to face his fear and overcome it. I think his love for Hope will allow him to do just that.

      • Gift says:

        He might learn more about himself and what kind of person he has become. it’s good he gets this time before they all return together although I don’t think they will ever be together as before again. This chance will let them build a life for themselves and not need siblings, family anymore. Klaus needs to conquer his greatest fear. Before he can move on and make his own life.

    • SP says:

      He will be with Caroline!