The Originals Recap

The Originals Recap: Kol'd as Ice, Not Willing to Sacrifice His Love

I’d like to say two things about Friday’s episode of The Originals: First, it was easily the finest hour in an incredibly strong season. Deeply emotional and completely relentless, it was simply the show at its best. Bravo, all.

My second thought: If you were at all surprised by the fact that Kol decided to betray his family, I encourage you to revisit Season 3… of The Vampire Diaries. Kol may have inherited the Mikaelson jawline, but from the moment he entered the TVD-verse, he hasn’t exactly been down with the whole “always and forever” thing. So with Davina still linked to The Hollow, you bet your sweet glowing totem he’d do whatever it took to keep her safe.

Unfortunately, his secret brilliant plan — to throw his family off course while he enlisted Hope’s help in severing Davina’s link to The Hollow — didn’t stay secret for long… and was never actually brilliant to begin with. After stomping out the totem, Klaus would have done the same to Kol’s skull had he not invoked the name of Her Holiness Cami O’Connell. “What if it was Camille?” he yelled. “What if you could bring her back?”

And with that, Klaus let Kol go, allowing him and Davina to drive off into the sunset moonlight. But this is still The Originals, so that happy ending didn’t last long; the episode’s final moments revealed that The Hollow has possessed Hope’s body.

EX MARKS THE SPOT | Part of Kol’s plan involved using a dark object to trap Marcel and Rebekah under one roof, forcing them to confront something much more terrifying than The Hollow: their feelings! Their conversation began, as so many do, with Rebekah calling Marcel’s new squeeze a trollop. And it ended, as they also often do, with someone burning the damn house down.

And only on The Originals would you hear a couple argue like these two. Can you imagine telling your ex-girlfriend, “We were in love for two centuries, and now we’re starting fires just to avoid each other”? Or what about lashing out at your ex-boyfriend because you found out he was literally trying to kill your family while you rested in a magical coma? Though I wish Marcel had formally broken things off with Sofya first — come on, he’s a gentleman — I’m still happy that this fight ended with a kiss.

PAINFUL PASTS, UNCERTAIN FUTURES | Across town, Hayley and Freya encountered their own unique set of difficulties in their mission to take down The Hollow. After going unconscious, Hayley “awoke” in her happy place — and while I’ll admit to audibly gasping at the sight of a non-dead Jackson, I also knew that this pretty picture was too damn good to be true. And it was. Had Klaus not smashed the totem, Hayley would have been choked to death by a vision of her dead ex-husband.

Or was it him? The fact that Hayley’s vision assumed Elijah’s form in its final moments was deeply disturbing, as was her subsequent speech “to” Jackson in the bayou. (Was she talking about Hope? Is she going to send her off to attend Alaric and Caroline’s school, as executive producer Julie Plec hinted to TVLine back in March?)

Freya, meanwhile, was fully conscious while battling her inner demons, which took the form of a dying Keelin to exploit Freya’s fear about her new girlfriend’s inevitable demise. And as much as I’d love to sit Freya down and tell her everything is going to be all right, I can’t do that. For one thing, this show has a history of murking those the Mikaelsons love. Also, I don’t have magical powers that allow me to enter my television. Yet.

Additional Thoughts…

* It’s a shame that handsome and/or beautiful faces aren’t among The Hollow’s weaknesses because — and keep in mind that I watch a ton of television — The Originals might have the best-looking cast in the business.

* I hate to admit it, but I kind of slept on the Josh/Davina relationship the first time around (i.e. before she died for a second time). I guess, like so many characters do on this show, I didn’t appreciate what they had until it was gone. But they really do have such a beautiful, enduring friendship. I didn’t cry, but I got reeeeeal misty-eyed when she thanked him for visiting her grave. … In other news, does anyone have a copy of Practical Magic I can borrow?

* TV shows have a long history of crapping out once kids are added into the mix, but The Originals is actually thriving as a result of Hope’s arrival. For one thing, she forces these tortured characters to actually explain how they feel. Out loud!

* Not only is Summer Fontana a phenomenal young actress, but she also gets the best lines. My personal favorite was her response to Klaus when he tried to put her to bed while Elijah was being resurrected: “I don’t like to sleep when things are happening.” (Me neither, girl. Me neither.)

* I also loved Kol’s line to Hope: “You are remarkably well adjusted.”

Let’s talk: Did you love this episode as much as I did? (If so, what was your favorite part? And if not, why not?) Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Gilded Lady says:

    I definitely agree on the best looking cast, and considering CW’s rep for pretty casts, that says something.

  2. Uno says:

    So davina comes back and doesn’t even mention Marcel.. Who basically put the mikaelsons on ice after they killed her… And was visiting her as well… Smh

    • Esther A says:

      Right, he was being a drama queen for nothing.

      • Jane says:

        Yes, it was a bit strange, given that they didn’t use Marcel’s character for anything much in that episode, they could’ve locked Rebekah alone in that circle. But anyway, I’m not complaining, I liked Rebekah/Marcel kiss although I never particularly shipped them. But I just didn’t expect it with him going on and on about Sofia. And I was so happy Kol and Davina made it out alive, such a twist, usually they bring back dead just to create some drama and kill them again. I didn’t expect “driving into the moonlight” from TO. In some supernatural shows like the Charmed, the main guys always make it out alive and well, in TO it’s almost always drama and heartbreak.
        But I think Haylijah is making its way back next episode now that Hayley admitted that she’s also a monster. Like… Yeah, I was surprised she was so scared by what happened behind that door. It wasn’t that creepy or scary for TVD universe, just another vampire killing 10-20 people at once. Grow up, Hayley! :P
        But poor Hope, the kid can’t catch a break, first driving around with stressed out mum and her family in the caskets, then hunted by the evil and now possessed by it.

    • AGW says:

      That was just poor writing. It made no sense at all. Especially, considering the conversation Marcel and Davina had right before Freya sacrificed her. Davina seeks out Josh but doesn’t even call Marcel. He just recently had that conversation at the cemetery but she had nothing she wanted to say.

      • Gift says:

        Maybe she feels ashmed to face Marcel after what happened recently with her attempting to secrifice Klaus and try using Marcel for her dirty work. I’m sure in one of the last two episodes reminding they will make her call him or come to see him.

      • Kay says:

        That’s it! How could Davina leave without meeting Marcel, after all he had done for her, I just don’t get it.

  3. ruthie70 says:

    FYI Practical Magic airs on Pop TV on Sunday, June 11 at 11PM Central ;)

  4. Stacey says:

    I’m glad that Davina and Kol are alright. I kept on thinking, in that last KD scene, that the Hollow was impersonating Kol and was going to off Davina, sad that little Hope is her new vessel. They really should have had a Marcel and Davina scene, they are family to one another. Glad she had some scenes with Josh, I really missed DC. Based on Hayley’s speech and Julie’s podcast today, it’s basically confirmed Hope is headed to Care and Ric’s school. Hoping we get some Klaroline next season!!!

    • Gift says:

      I just want to see Klaus and Caroline together, it’s long over dew.

    • Jane says:

      After I celebrated Kolvina’s reunion, I read one of the latest JP’s interviews about Haylijah that left me confused. “But he beat her up,” said executive producer Julie Plec. “We realized at that moment they can’t be together anymore. And we killed a love story on that day. One that people who watch the show are probably rooting for. Narratively we were going down this path, but my conscience can’t advocate that kind of violence.” Are they really ending Haylijah because Elijah beat her when his conscious was off? They just reunited Kolvina and Kol actually KILLED Davina when he wasn’t in his right mind. I’m not really invested in Haylijah but, come on, double-standards

      • luvprue1 says:

        I read that too. They claim that they are ending Hayley and Elijah relationship because he was violence towards her, and they don’t want to send a message that it’s ok . However Kol actually killed Davina and they ride off into the sunset together. Elijah never harm Hayley in episodes 4X10 when Hayley go into Elijah’s past in time in which he didn’t know her…and it all take place in his subconscious mind. Yet that’s the reason Hayley is going to break up with Hayley . I think they are planning on getting rid of Elijah. The show is trying to get a younger viewings audience,and Elijah do not fit in . So they going to get of one, or both of the characters.

        • Jane says:

          I actually went to Carina’s (one of the writers) twitter to make some sense of that JP’s interview. So basically the problem isn’t the beating scene, but even before that Elijah was willing to kill kids and then killed those 4 harvest girls, etc. Plus Hayley realises that she’s also a monster but she just wants to do better, to set a better example for her kid and that starts with breaking up with a very dark and violent man who proved that he can’t change because his family safety is his priority and it requires him to do despicable things like be willing to kill children. Okay, I hope they make it clear in the next episode, because without reading those tweets I got impression that Hayley was shattered by him attacking her when he wasn’t in his right mind. And they made a big fuss over potential Haylijah’s break up after this episode not after the episode when he was willing to kill kids. So they got me all confused with their politics talks and this break up.

          • luvprue1 says:

            I applaud what they are trying to do, but on the other hand they will likely sink the show. The show core audience do not give a dam about politics. Plus I think having a major couple like Haylijah break up because she do not want to be the monster (she is a monster after all) anymore and do not want her child going up around the Mikaelson will result in loss of viewers. Not because it’s right, or wrong, but because it’s a repetitive storyline that they did in once before in season 2. Without Elijah and the Mikaelson Hayley do not have a storyline. So they are likely to write Hayley and Hope out in the season finale, then when ,and if they return in season 5 something likely to happen to Hayley and that’s where Caroline will step in. Maybe she will tell them Hayley died, maybe she will come to town to help Klaus with the kids. Either way, they kill Hayley’s relationship with the Mikaelson they would have to write the actress out of the show.

          • Jane says:

            Interesting idea, but what would be the point of writing Hayley as a “feminist” character just to kill her after she makes a “feminist” decision? It will be like making Freya bi to show how LGBT-friendly they’re just to kill Keelin (of Freya) off.
            I think even though they’ve always said that Klaus and Hayley will never be romantic, JP loves love-triangles too much to at least not to hint it when Candice joins TO. And on the background Elijah will be working on himself to be a better man for Hayley just to die in the process.
            Alternative, less likely version, is that JP will go Haylaric, Alaric is a much better man than Elijah, he’s mature, a parent like Hayley, they can make him immortal and here we go. Elijah punished for being so mean and Hayley gets a happy ending with a better man.

          • luvprue1 says:

            Alaric does not have any luck with women. All his girlfriend/wives die. So if he is was to date Hayley she will be in Mystic Falls, and the show take place in New Orleans. So she will be gone. … or she will die like all of Alaric’s girlfriend.

  5. Vicky says:

    This is such a strong season and love the pop ups of the dearly departed. Strong villains, strong acting and a gorgeous cast. I can’t believe only 2 more eps left.

  6. Tina says:

    Omg with the Camille mentions. I am so over her. She died can we move on now? Also, this family should have child services called in them. That child is in nothing but danger from her own dang family. I can’t wait for Julie to take back over. The over the top nonsense from nardouche bag is on my last nerve. I want this show to be about Klaus and his siblings again. Klaus was barely in the episode! This series need a reset for season 5 or it will be their last one.

    • Stacey says:

      I agree about the Cami mentions, blah. Her character ruined last season for me. Overall I think this season has been pretty strong, definitely much better than seasons 2 and 3. I agree about the lack of Klaus, hopefully he’ll have more of a presence in these last 2 episodes! Poor Hope, though it seems they’ll be sending her to Care and Ric’s magic school!

      • jbj says:

        While I tend to roll my eyes at Klaus’ Cami obsession, I grew to appreciate her relationships with the other characters. In particular, Leah and Yusef were my favorite scene partners after Daniel and Phoebe.

    • Ella says:

      I wish The Originals got to do more than ship stuff honestly. Kol comes back and it’s all about Davina. Rebekah’s apparently only here to start up a late love triangle wit her Marcel and Sofiya. There’s a thousand years of history to drawing from an it’s disappointing that they don’t even try. The Cami mentions don’t bother me. She serves the same purpose in death as she did in life – she’s the carrot to push Klaus to make better choices. I’ll take a quick name drop over one of those drawn out scenes where she spits out remedial psych analysis and they try to convince us prolonged eye contact = chemistry.

      • Esther A says:

        well for me, Cami has done her job and is dead now, I prefer she not be mentioned. Klaus should be able to make better choices on his own whether it’s his riot on his family or those who are dragged in. Klaus should now make his choice without a hold on by Cami. If we recall, Caroline was the first one to lay the foundation of his humanity, saying if he was capable of love, he had good in him. I am sick of hearing Cami’s name.

        • Ella says:

          I agree. I never thought we saw anything *new* from Klaus with Cami, it was all just a rehash of things we’d seen with other characters – Caroline, Stefan even Damon. But this show likes to credit her with changing him so I’m just saying that I expect the mentions. I kinda expected more and am just glad they’re not attempting to tell us she was special every ep like they did when she was on the show.

        • luvprue1 says:

          Well maybe they planned on bringing Cami back. I feel that same way about Davina (she is annoying to me) they kept mentioning her. Character act like she was the best thing since slice bread. But she was no longer on the show. Then bam. She back. So now that Davina back she , or Vincent will probably try to bring back Cami.

          When they got rid of Jackson,Cami and Davina I was hoping that they would bring in some more new characters.

          • Jane says:

            They did bring a new character – Hope and it’s Hope centered episode. And just because Davina survived that episode doesn’t mean she’s staying. They already “brought Cami back” through Klaus’s visions, just like Jackson through Hayley’s illusion. So they covered all come backs this season. Two episodes left and I expect more characters dying rather than anyone coming back

      • Gift says:

        sadly the show has become all about ship stuff and all that. This show deserves better and can do more that. And pls, Camille can go to rest now. she holds no important. klaus​ only recalls her when her name is mentioned.

        • Ella says:

          I don’t mind ships at all but it should be like seasoning, not the steak lol. I mostly watch the show for Klaus and he was barely involved in the plot so I was pretty bored with this ep.

      • Stacey says:

        Could not agree more! So sad that they are using Bex and Kol as LIs only!

    • Nic says:

      I just started watching over the summer so I don’t know what showrunner or writer is responsible for what but I too wish the show would go back to being mostly about siblings and less about huge threats and romantic relationships circling around and around. If they’re going to put people together just do it already!

      • Esther A says:

        right, it’s seems they are only capable of giving the originals love interest that will change their character. why can’t their romantic interest accept them for who or what the are. isn’t that true love? please I want more of the originals and less of the rest of the cast.

    • Esther A says:

      I’m thinking when Hayley said I know what I should do, she is going convince Klaus to send Hope to magic School in mystic falls.

    • Gift says:

      Hahaha certainly agree TINA but which child protective services will come after the oldest vampire in town. The child needs to go to magic School and let the show return to being all about the originals again.

      • Jane says:

        Lol this is why they don’t even bother to compel her a nanny like one Mikaelson suggested in that episode at some point. But it looked like Hope was all by herself when Kol came, so I guess at some point they figured “oh why bother, if she can’t protect herself from an enemy, a nanny won’t help her either.” So they just all left and carried on with their agenda for the day. The child is in desperate need for a boarding school, she’ll at least have friends to keep her company and call adult if she’s in trouble

        • Gift says:

          They are failing in their parenting job, I won’t even complain about Hayley because she is the world worst mother ever! They are going after the hallow forgetting the most important person and leaving her unprotected. If someone was with Hope, they would know in time what has has happened to the poor child. Now the hallow will​ use her to create serious damage and it might be too late when they find out the hallow has been inside Hope all the while

  7. Erick Voshel says:

    Best episode yet!

  8. I can’t say that this was one of my favorite episodes of the season. It was confusing, to say the least, and virtually void of Klaus and Elijah. Moreover, it is clear that Hayley is off on some tangent, now regretting her choice of Elijah over Jack and now seeing Elijah as pure evil in a very expensive suit. Damn, I really liked them together. Vincent was also sorely missed this week, again. Where is he anyway, and what is he up to these days? The only highlights for me this week were the scenes between Marcel and Rebekah, the Josh/Davina reunion and Kol and Davina, in one of those rare moments when they are both alive at the same time, happily riding off into the sunset. I have no idea how the Hollow managed to hijack Hope’s body, but i guess we’ll all find out what happened next week.

    • Amanda Baker says:

      This time Lol did kinda deserve a dagger at least. Everybody but his siblings knew about giving away the dark objects. Even his siblings and the Hallow knew the go to spell to unbind Davina from the Hallow and he choose to use Hope which the Hallow knew and that is exactly what made Hope volnurable to being possessed especially after she took Debonir blood from Haley to spell herself into Hope. The Hallow let Davina and Kol escape because they both had already served her unknowingly.

      • Gift says:

        I think you’ve made a very good point here. How else was it so easy and the hallow seems eager to die.

      • Jane says:

        It was pretty clear to them that Hope was the weapon that can kill the Hollow. It was only a matter of time till the hollow finds a good opportunity to strike the kid and her parents gave the hollow plenty of opportunities, leaving hope by herself all the time. Sure Kol played his part, but what can you expect from the reckless wild mikaelson if Hope’s own mum abused her magic like to save Elijah and what not and neglected her plenty of times throughout the season. I don’t think giving her away would stop the hollow but Klaus/Freya/Hayley being by her side 24/7 could’ve helped, Kol wouldn’t have gotten to her at least, he could’ve asked Freya or Vincent for help instead. Where was Vincent btw? Is he going dark somewhere and joining the Hollow? Can he be the next big evil or he’s gonna save the day?

        • Gift says:

          Well my thoughts, Vincent is getting high with magic. He is practicing again but maybe this time he will use it to defeat the hallow because let’s face it, he broke the hallow out. This is his fight. I can understand Freya and Klaus occupied with fighting the hallow and also trying to bring Elijah back but Hayley could have easily stayed behind and care for her child. Whatever​ kol did, it was expected of him.


    kol has always been the weakest link of the original vampires. unlike his pairs he is inconsistent & inconsiderate. we have seen how he is capable of putting his family in danger in mystic falls TVD.

    • tayslick09 says:

      Bex or Finn is the weakest of all, The whole familyy put their life in danger

    • Amanda Baker says:

      Finn is weaker thus still dead lol. Nobody cares he’s dead and nobody even mentions him anymore.

      • Gift says:

        I care and I wish the bring him back, all the originals deserves the staging including​ Finn

        • Esther A says:

          Why people don’t talk about Finn is because there isn’t much to say. He is either in someone else’s trying to kill his siblings orback to die. They haven’t given much to talk about. Hopefully they Will change that.

  10. zed says:

    The episode was great. You said it all- there is like no need for me to add anything to it, Andy- for once we are at the same page. LoL. And, guess what, no Elijah. And I didn’t miss him- omg- because he was the one I loved so much. This episode showed how all Mikaelsons can have their own sub-story going on and still be connected to the main story.
    Loved- loved Kol and so loved Davina going away with him. Bring on season 5- so we can see them back in NOLA, kicking *ss.
    I really loved that Hayley went to talk to Jackson- which goes to show that he is the one that is her soulmate. Finally she is awake regarding Elijah, but she still is clinging to a love that really is not – hence finding he excuse that she is a monster like him- so that love is ok then since they are equally bad. But, didn’t she want to do better?
    Rebekah and Marcel- oh yes! There is so much smoke there- bring on the real fire next season you two!!LOL
    The ending with Klaus tucking Hope in- and the spooky music- so horror-like- foreshadowing the bad that is to come. I don’t know why but it just reminded me of the final scene of the nightmare on Elm Street and those girls singing.
    Last thing- Marcel and Davina should have had a moment- saying goodbye- you, see, this is one thing with these writers- they miss on small, but important things like that. They seem to forget that us fans really pay attention to details like that.

  11. zed says:

    There is also one more thing I have to bring out here regarding Hayley- her whole speech to Jackson at the wedding night also was about how she was scared, alone and pregnant when she got to NOLA, but then there was this wolf that came to her and she felt safe- I just-

  12. Lola says:

    I haven’t even watched the episode yet and I already don’t want to. It took me forever to watch the first episode with the gnat Davina. I don’t know whose more irritating Davins or Cami? I was thrilled with both deaths and I’m not interested in a resurrection for either. And no offense but DC can’t act her way out of a paper bag. No thanks. She’s all looks.

    And from what I hear Hayley regrets loving Elijah? Give me a break. He’s a damn vampire. Wolfpacks aren’t exactly innocent snowflakes and that includes Jackson. Now he’s going to be Martyr’d? No. It was Elijah who looked after her and loved her all first season while Klaus was off on his vamp tangent. It was Elijah who cared. If she doesn’t want to be with him, fine. But don’t try to rewrite history.

    • zed says:

      Well, actually, it was Jackson in his wolf form that looked after Hayley and saved her from those who wanted to kill her in 1×04 while Elijah was in the loft with Davina. Elijah looked after her as well, but so did Jackson, too.

    • zed says:

      And there is no rewriting of history there

    • Kolvina is Life says:

      OMG I loooooooooove that Davina is back and got the happy ending she DEFINITELY deserved.
      The best scenes were Hayley being tortured, never get enough of it: MORE please!!!

    • luvprue1 says:

      Davina is worst. As least Cami was there to be Klaus’s conscious. Camilla serves as Klaus’s humanity. Well I hope Davina and Kolkata took Josh’s suggestion at left town the show.

  13. Esther A says:

    The first thing I said to the end of this episodes is oh No! the hallow is now possessing Hope, this is fry pan to fire . At least we know kol will always be kol, he will never change. I’m glad Klaus granted him Mercy even though he doesn’t deserve it for putting his family at risk. Klaus has certainly changed. Just one episode and kol is gone again really why? He needs more screen time. I still love the family bonding and yah!! Elijah is back. Happy to see Jackson, A well played episode. But I expected more of kol.

    • Lydia Odey says:

      I knew he would Never​ change, it’s kol’s signature to betray his siblings that’s why he was always more like an outcast.

  14. Esther A says:

    you should watch this episode it’s not that bad promise. I don’t think Hayley regrets loving Elijah, she’s never really really admit to Jackson in some ways and he always saw her as pure or whatever. she only tired to say she had no right to judge Elijah when she herself is no different. she also admits her feelings that even though she chose to marry Jackson, she wasn’t​ able to let Elijah go thus admitting that she was wrong to drag Jackson into her life and all of it, leading him to an early death. she needed to make peace and that was all.

  15. Gift says:

    How disappointing, kol doing what he always does betraying his siblings. Glad Hope called him a stranger. what was the use of bringing Davina back, does she have a big part to play later or was it just because they wanted to? yes we love love but this is not a soap opera, the Telenovela or all about some romantic story, pardon me if I want to see kol doing more with his siblings instead of going around the world with Davina. Make their romances low key like u have done Freya’s and put them to good use on the show or else kol should stay dead and bring Finn who has had no time at all to bond with his family. Let him get to understand their relationship more.

    • zed says:

      It is some kind of horror opera- in my opinion. Lol

    • zed says:

      And yet we had Elijah and Hayley love opera pushed onto us all the time- why shouldn’t Kol get some fun and loving.

      • malbano720 says:

        @zed Amen, I concur, and yes. @Gift, I respect your perspective, but The Originals is on the CW which has a targeted audience. This targeted audience craves star-crossed love in the fantasy world that is all about impossible things happening. There is going to be elements from the soap opera genre because there is always going to be some type of “relationship” onscreen. With that said, The Originals is based on a family that revolves around survival and power being vampires. Soap operas such as Dynasty, the Young & Restless, and Grey’s Anatomy are based on families too. I would argue that The Originals is a prime example of a soap opera with the family dynamics of inter-family struggles, taboo love, and tragic deaths.

      • Gift says:

        Zed, love and fun has been all about kol’s character, at least he should be given more than that to do. At this very crucial moment in the Mikaelsons family, he should give more hand and not add salt to injury. of cause it’s not a crime to love but it is if you risk others or make it all about that love.

        • Really??? Betraying his siblings?? Like it is so different from what klaus used to do. Might I remind you that all the siblings have been daggered at a pint by one who they are all supposed to jump and protect?? How come everyone feels kol should protect his siblings, what have they done to help him, it was only Davina that helped him so therefore it should be Davina>>michaelson

          • Kolvina is Life says:

            YAAS! Preach, artistthub2016!!!!!!
            I love Gift, but right now I respectfully disagree with his opinion.
            Davina was hell bent on bringing him back from the dead risking her own life many a time, meanwhile his family was bickering over what brand of wine was tastier as he was being tortured by The Ancestors endlessly!!!!!
            Rebekah was second in trying, but little effort was shown from her end onscreen.

          • Gift says:

            And I wonder why that is, kol has never given his siblings a reason to bring him back. He is constantly, and continuously implicating issues​ for his siblings, it’s better not to have him around because you don’t know what next awful thing he would do. This season was a chance to prove himself in a different light, make his siblings trust , stay loyal to him. Maybe if he makes an effort his siblings will too. No one is against​ him being in love with Davina. Look how they were all ready to fight for Elijah and brought him back because he is resourceful, trusted and loyal and Freya is also having that effect on Klaus now too. Kol needs to improve only then will his siblings improve with him.

          • Really and wat exactly has his family done to help him? if you watched VD, we have seen when the family is in trouble and kol falls in line to protect, in TO when klaus just lost his sire line didn’t kol fall in line, when they needed him to fight their mom eventually didn’t he fall in line. Kol and Finn actually have no reason to help the michaelsons, kol dies everyone is sad but cool Elijah dies and heads must roll. And which would you choose: a girl who actually works with the Devils even when you told her not to deal with them just to resurrect you or a family who if you make a choice for yourself would dagger you, which of those is more of family. And besides how has klaus changed?? Bex told him to hear kol out but klaus would forever remain that guy who feels a dagger to any one not in line is just, so how exactly has he changed again??

          • Lydia Odey says:

            artistthub2016, Klaus never betray his siblings. In his own way he did what he did to protect them. I’m not justifying his actions but Klaus will be Klaus. And Kolvina is Life, Davina had to fight to bring her love back making kol very lucky. But at that time kol’s siblings where occupied and battling a necessary evil. There was no time to waste bringing someone​ who could make issue difficult for them. Besides Rebekah was the one who made a promise to bring kol back not the others.

          • And what did Rebekah tell him in this episode about him always justifying his actions with a “to protect family”??

          • Lydia odey says:

            Whatever Klaus does he is the enemy, he is always seen as the enemy even when he is trying to them from making a mistake. Klaus was right about her feelings clouding her judgement with it involves Marcel.

          • Lydia Odey says:

            Klaus was right about her feelings clouding her judgement when it involves Marcel.

          • Kay says:

            So damn true! After all he and his family killed her, so they should bear the responsibility of bringing her back.

          • cjk51 says:

            Didn’t his family just save his life at the beginning of the season?? Klaus was tortured for 5 years so Kol would be linked and alive in Freya’s dream world! Rebekah had the spell to bring Kol back when Aya daggered her, stole the spell and convinced Davina to side with the strix by using that spell to resurrect Kol!! Kol was the one from the beginning who always wanted to go off on his own and he does. I still remember Klaus’ rage when Jeremy killed Kol. I hate it when they fight.

        • AGW says:

          I could totally see Klaus trying to by time to serve his own purpose.

          I could definitely see Elijah making a similar choice to save his precious Hayley.

          I think Kol believed saving Elijah and unlinking Davina could both be done.

          Afterall, when Kol was dying they didn’t seem that bothered. Davina mourned Kol more than anyone.

          Klaus daggered him for the slightest thing even placing his concern for Marcel over loyalty to Kol.

          Davina was the one always loyal to Kol not his siblings.

          Why should he owe them anything they don’t owe him?

          • cjk51 says:

            The family has been together for 1000 years, Davina has known Kol off and on for maybe 1.

  16. oke says:

    Are you really trying to put Rebekah and Marcel back together, why? is it that Rebekah is not capable of meeting any other man she might love or Marcel moving on for once in their life? I don’t like their relationship, I never liked it. Let them move on. Maybe this is just ways of distracting one from that power Marcel still has within him mentioning in every episode he is not a threat to the originals. I still want Marcel return to a normal vampire. But I also want him part of the family again. what part does Josh play anyway? it’s really a waste of screen time. Freya, Klaus are doing great on this show, Freya finally made a place for herself in the originals family. Does kol really have no potential in the show, does his story have to revolve around Davina? A better job was done with kol in TVD. to say I was looking forward to this episode.

    • Lucy says:

      The stupidest bit is that Rebekah is all “it’s life or death, let’s burn the place so I can save Elijah and Hayley” then when Marcel goes “what’s the rush” they stay for god knows how long just to waste time and seem like Rebekah has a storyline for returning (Pretty much all her storylines in The Originals has been about her romance with Marcel, Claire deserves better).

      She acknowledged that she was running out of time and instead of burning the place straight away like she wanted to, she decides to stay longer, possibly putting Elijah and her family in more danger.

      • zed says:

        Rebekah is all about her family and trying to find the right guy all through the centuries. Remember in one conversation with Klaus or someone else on TVD where she says that she is the girl who always keeps falling in love – don’t remember exactly. And she so desperately wants her own family and the one true love. That’s Bex. But I agree that they should giive her more than just that. Let her save the day for once. And Claire has been a reoccuring character, unfortunatelly. So, I hope there is more about her in season 5, but I love her and Marcel together. In season 1 there was amazing chemistry and still they got it.

        • oke says:

          Rebekah might be the one that falls in love at every turn we get that but that doesn’t mean it has to be with Marcel. I was never intrigued by their interest for each other i even thought she had more chemistry with Stefan when in TVD it’s was said their part crossed and Klaus being Klaus did what he always did. Rebekah will never learn her lesson, it doesn’t matter what Klaus or anyone does, she will never learn and in the end she always find ways to blame Klaus for it. Will Marcel really leave Sofia to be with her or will he ever give up new Orleans to go away with her? His love for her was never enough then and it won’t be now. They both need to move on. despite what I think about kol and Davina, I think that is love. she is ready to give up everything and everyone to go away with him and he would betray his family to be with her.

          • Gift says:

            Rebekah herself wants family of her own but doesn’t even know how to go about it, whenever she is given the chance to start that life or make it happen she still comes back to where she started. when she was given the witch body, why didn’t she and Marcel start up then, they were in great terms. I think Marcel and Rebekah will never work. until the learn to accept that, they could keep going round circles.

      • Gift says:

        Lucy you are quite right about Rebekah, I don’t quite see the relivant of her part in this episode. She sometimes is a liblity to her family because of her stupid feelings​ for Marcel.

  17. Guesty says:

    Why is he not a series regular

    • ifeanyi says:

      I definitely want Marcel back as a normal vampire am tired of seeing him as superior to Klaus and his original siblings

      • Oke says:

        Thank you someone with my thoughts.

        • Lydia Odey says:

          Lol, is Marcel’s strength making people feeling he could defeat Klaus? Oh I don’t think so. Klaus with strength also has brains so it doesn’t matter what what beast Marcel is turned into he is no match for Klaus. He may have met Klaus in a situation where power isn’t all he wants so I’ll say Marcel is lucky. Klaus is at his worst and best when is angry and wants something.

  18. Guesty says:

    Don’t like the idea of klaus & Caroline beening together cause it will cause klaus to b good

  19. Barbara says:

    This season ,even without the Cami Klaus moments, has been so deeply written and beautifully acted that I’ve already researched most of it!

  20. Dominique says:

    a brilliant episode with so many things coming together. the scenes with hayley/jackson and freya/keelin were awesome, i was happy to see nathan parsons again, even if for only one episode. hayley will most likely TRY to send hope off to boarding school, my guess is this is what will happen to hope in the final episode of this season.
    and kol and davina… oh my i actually cried when they reunited near the end of the episode. i was so worried one of them (or both of them) would die again, that would’ve been severely disappointing.
    klaus’ behavior towards kol was disturbing. i have always been very sceptical about this “always and forever” nonsense, which i find to be highly unhealthy. their family is poisenous. they would do anything for each other, but they wouldn’t do anything for the people their family loves. i’m glad kol managed to get through to him by mentioning cami. i would’ve been extremely pissed off if klaus had killed kol.
    i’m happy elijah is back again! i’m curious what will happen next.

  21. Jane says:

    “Her Holiness Cami O’Connell” has done lots of good for other ships, apparently she saved Kolvina and made Klaus a better person for whoever he will meet in the future.

  22. Lorraine O'Brien says:

    I hope vet the hallow out of her before the season finali it was a good episode

  23. Yolonda says:

    I love this episode… so much selves truth that everyone had to deal with. The possibility of living without Elijah…which we know that wasn’t going to happen. I missed Mr. Suave myself and Hayley confronting her feelings for deceased spouse and for Elijah. Freya and Klaus had to deal with their reality of love. I do want to see Hope do more amazing things with her magic capabilities. I am looking forward to her meeting Caroline and Alaric twin daughters.

  24. ana says:

    I think I’m the only one whose never liked Caroline and I still don’t like her. I prefer she stays out of this show.

    • Lydia Odey says:

      Yes you are.

    • AGW says:

      No, You’re Not! I really dislike the idea of Caroline and Klaus. I don’t get it and I’m not feeling it at all.

      Caroline would be a fool and as bad a parent as Hayley to allow the Originals near her or her children.

      The Love interests of the Originals don’t ever fair well. Anybody, who isn’t a Mikaelson usually meets a pretty poor end.

      She and her girls could be endanger from the family itself or their enemies. Anyone who isn’t a Mikaelson is acceptable collateral damage as far as they are concerned.
      Being a family members girlfriend or lover hasn’t saved anybody’s life yet.

      Unfortunately Klaus would be more dangerous to her kids than Ripper Stefan working for Cade. These children should be Priority over their parents hookups. That goes for Caroline’s girls and Hope.

  25. Debra Sundby says:

    Seeing the old regulars is fantastic! They are what made the movie great too!

  26. This whole Hollow storyline is a cheaper version of TVD’s season 4 Sylas saga, from the all-powerful, getting into minds and showing up as whoever villain to the “necessary” sacrifices. The biggest difference is that the original retelling was actually scary, well-acted and the dialogue was written well. On the other side, it was nice to see Davina again, even if there were no Marcel scenes. That actress has grown leaps and bounds since season 1, I hope she ends up on a fun show next.

    • Lydia Odey says:

      Not true at all, the hallow storyline is not romotely anywhere compired to what you are saying and I mean it’s far more better and well written. They gave charm a run for their money but of cause charm still remains my favorite.

  27. Veronica says:

    My only comment, excellent, excellent, excellent. I’m sad there is only 2 episodes left.

  28. Vyshys Venom says:

    Ok, I hate to say I saw something like this coming. Ever since returning to New Orleans, the entire Mikaelson clan has pledged to protect Hope but they all leave this young, powerful, untrained super-witch alone waaay too often. Ignorance is not an excuse either, Freya already told the family that Hope is the key….why would you leave the key unguarded, unsupervised and dangerously uninformed? Now, how long do you think it will take before one of the family realizes what has happened?

    • Oke says:

      exactly!!! they know the hallow is after Hope and she will try by all means to succeed why leave the child unprotected, why not cast a protection spell? they’ve done that constantly in the show. The very moment it’s needed most, they ignore the fact. why did Freya not cast q spell to keep the hallow out of the house, that way she can never get in. Bad parenting Mikaelsons.

  29. Lydia Odey says:

    Kol the unreliable brother, alway giving klaus a reason to stab you. But all is well that ends well right. I still have my doubts though, kol and Davina getting their happy ending isn’t going to last for long. I believe as this show being what it is, it’s not going to end well for them. Kol might suddenly​ decide to rush back into town for his siblings that is if he has any loyalty left for them and might end up dead or perhaps Davina. Anyhow, it’s not going to end well. It’s just a thought of cause.

  30. luvprue1 says:

    This episode left me with a few questions:

    Freya said that in order to bring Elijah back that they must kill the hollow, or someone else. She said there must be a sacrifice in order to bring Elijah back. Freya was able to bring Elijah back, so who died? (Note:They didn’t kill the Hollow)

    When Davina returned did she still have her powers? The hollow was known for killing witches and taking their powers. So when the hollow brought Davina back did she still have her powers?

    Josh heal Davina, was that before , or after the hollow was killed?

    The hollow is hiding out in Hope’s body. Why did she chose Hope instead of Davina? Is Hope more powerful then Davina?

    • Lydia Odey says:

      But they killed her flesh I think that’s what counts for the sacrifice. Either way it seemed like it’s all the hallows plan.

      • luvprue1 says:

        Well it could be because they killed her flesh, or it could be because Davina died when she was connected to the hollow. Then Josh healed her. I just realized that when Hayley walk in to stab the hollow, the hollow was right in the middle of doing the spell to take over Hope’s body.

  31. luvprue1 says:

    I think this episode was awesome. I love seeing Jackson again, although I wasn’t a fan of him and Hayley’s relationship. However I did like him and Freya bonding . I was surprised that Hayley didn’t figure out that it wasn’t Jackson sooner since I always thought Elijah was her happy place. I really didn’t care too much for the Marcel and Rebecca scene especially considering that Rebecca is setting herself up for a heartbreak. After Marcel had lock Klaus up for 5 years then refused her request to release him, I felt that she should be totally done with Marcel. After all that prove that he didn’t love her. I truly think that Marcel is using her. After all it was a week ago Marcel was proclaiming his love for Sofya, and this week he’s kissing Rebecca?! I think Marcel either need something from Rebecca, or need her to do something for him. Marcel mention that Sofya haven’t woke up since the hollow was in her body. We also haven’t seen Vincent since Marcel gave him back his grimoire. Hmm? Is Vincent working to defeat the hollow?, or could he be working with the Hollow?

    Freya said that in order to bring Elijah back that they must kill the hollow, or someone else. Freya at that time was thinking of sacrificing Marcel. Freya was able to bring Elijah back, so who died? (Note:They didn’t kill the Hollow)

    When Davina returned did she still have her powers? The hollow was know for killing witches and taking their powers. So when the hollow brought Davina back did she still have her powers?

    Josh heal Davina, was that before , or after the hollow was killed?

    The hollow is hiding out in Hope’s body. Why did she chose Hope instead of Davina? Is Hope more powerful then Davina?

    • Lydia Odey says:

      Of cause Hope is more powerful than Davina that goes without saying😀. If hope gets the amount of training the hallow or Davina has I think she will be all powerful and unstoppable. Even right now she doesn’t know all about her powers yet.

  32. Guest says:

    I hope they just end Haylijah for good and write. This was by far the most illogical episode of the season and way too shipper garbage. Carina needs to get another job. *Fingers* crossed Phoebe finally decides to leave or they write Hayley for good and she dies in the finally. Hope can stick around but, Hayley is unbearable and all her dramatics is dragging the show down in terms of, well, everything. Rebel needs to die and Rebekah sitting around in circle when she had the solution was absolutely stupid. Hayley and and Freya (two very killable member of the family) running into the house WITHOUT finding the totem first was beyond dumb. If Kol is going to revolve completely around Davina – he can stay gone. Freelin is meh but, makes me cringe nonetheless. Let’s hope Hayley dies or is written off and S05 will NOT revolve around a desperate struggle to protect Hayley and Hope with episode after episode shipper nonsense.

  33. Selena Roberts Mcmichen says:

    Truly awesome and had me feeling torn with the always and forever…knowing they can never be together ever again! Can’t wait for next season to begin!