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Shadowhunters Recap

Shadowhunters Recap: Sebastian Finally Arrives in Season 2B Premiere (Plus, What's Next for Jace and Clary?)

Shadowhunters resumed its second season on Monday, throwing more curveballs at Clary and Co. than you could shake a stele at.

Let’s start with one of the biggest developments: the long-awaited arrival of Sebastian Verlac. Played by Game of Thrones‘ Will Tudor, the mysterious British Shadowhunter spent all of his screen time helping a strung-out Izzy kick her addiction to vampire blood — and if you doubt the purity of his intentions, allow me to congratulate you on your healthy sense of suspicion.

Per Isaiah Mustafa, Sebastian’s true motives will “start to come out” over the next few weeks, and although he admits that Luke “isn’t really clued into anything,” he says that the two characters do have “a little interaction down the line.”

And then there’s the “Clace”/”Climon” love triangle, which became even more complicated this week when Clary learned that she’s, in fact, not related to Jace. Though she was understandably pissed at first — especially since the news came from Valentine, rather than Jace coughing up the deets willingly — Clary eventually came around, telling her non-brother that she just needs some “time to process” the news and assuring him that they’ll “figure things out” together.

As for that process, Mustafa tells TVLine it’s “safe to say” that storyline will be dragged out for most of the season, if not beyond. (And in case you missed our earlier interview, Mustafa is firmly on #TeamClace: “There’s a pull that Jace and Clary have — a magentic pull — and why deny that?”)

Meanwhile, Clary and Simon are basically living out a Fault In Our Stars romance, wherein neither of them knows how long he’ll be able to keep walking in the sun. “What if I suddenly burst into flames?” Simon asked during the premiere, to which Clary replied, “Don’t think about that.” (Right, because telling someone not to think about something always works.) As if that wasn’t enough, Simon also had to deal with Raphael pestering him about his newfound abilities, an interrogation that’s far from over.

Last, but certainly not least, Monday’s premiere introduced viewers to a new baddie, a greater (and I use that word loosely) demon named Azazel. Identified by Magnus as one of the princes of hell, Azazel was apparently responsible for introducing war to mankind — so, you know, he’s got a history of troublemaking.

Of course, Azazel saved his greatest trick for the episode’s final moments; as a gift to Valentine, who remained in Shadowhunter custody, Azazal arranged for a little body swap with Magnus, allowing Clary’s father to escape through Alec’s boyfriend. (Hey, if you’re going to summon a prince of hell, you have to expect a few consequences.)

According to Mustafa, “things are getting much darker” in the second half of the season, with Azazel’s misdeeds being merely one part of that.

Your thoughts on Shadowhunters‘ big return? Hopes for the rest of 2B? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. Alyse says:

    I hope the love triangle isn’t dragged out past this season! This season is taking stuff from the second and third books. In the books after finding out they aren’t related, Clace get together in book three. So I’m hoping by the end of this season that’s worked out.

  2. wgsecretary says:

    I only watched a few episodes last season but decided to watch the season premiere tonight. I will not be coming back. Too much is different from the books, and not in a good or logical way. I really enjoyed all of the books and am currently on the second book in The Dark Artifices series. It’s a shame the show is diverging from the books a lot more than necessary for a tv adaptation.

    • Andy Swift says:

      Yeah, if you’re looking for them to stay to true to the books at this point, I think that ship has officially sailed. I feel like they used the books as a solid jumping off point, but did their own thing from there.

      • Tai says:

        Agreed. I tried so hard to like the books but they just never grasped me. The story is solid but the writing… meh. But the show took the story and made it’s path. I’m really enjoying the journey so far.

    • Nellie says:

      Understandable — this show isn’t an adaptation of the books; it treats The Mortal Instruments more as a source of inspiration than source material. I still think the books could have made an interesting show, but Hollywood clearly doesn’t agree, as both the movie and show veered wildly from the series.

      I’m a little sad about that, but I actually like the show a lot, despite that really rough first season. This season has really found its footing, and I’m surprised at how much I’m enjoying it. I’ll never love it as much as the books (Lady Midnight and Lord of Shadows — wow!!!), but I’m actually more interested in seeing where they go in this new path. For me, the more different it is, the easier it is to enjoy because I’m not constantly thinking about how it’s a pale imitation of the books.

      But then, I’m also a comic book reader, so I’m used to on-screen adaptations that are nothing like the source material!

      • wgsecretary says:

        I know! Lady Midnight was so good! I’m about halfway through Lord of Shadows and it’s really good so far, too. I just don’t enjoy watching something that I know could be really good if they stayed true to the source material. From what I’ve seen, the show is a hot mess. I wanted it to be good so badly because I was so excited about it being a show when I first heard about it. Oh well. At least I still have more books to finish for what I consider to be the real story. It’s sad when some great books are made into great adaptations and then other books get very poor treatment. Maybe I’d feel differently if I’d stuck it out in the first season and seen improvements. I just wanted to see the story I know and like unfold and they aren’t doing that.

      • Kim Norman says:

        Lady Midnight was soooo good!!! Really liking Lord of Shadows so far too. Really liking the Dark Artifices much more than the original books. I don’t think the third one comes out til 2019 :(((

    • notyourtypicalmundane98 says:

      Unlike the movie which definitely stayed on track right?????? wrong. Its an adaption. dont like it dont watch it simple solution!

      • wgsecretary says:

        Wow…you’re pretty angry, Mundane98. Thanks so much for your common sense logic. First, I did not compare it to the movie. And I actually said I stopped watching it during season 1. So, clearly I know the “simple solution.” I wanted to give it another chance and checked out the season 2 opener. As I did already state in the original post, I’m not going to continue watching. Perhaps you should focus more on your reading comprehension than lashing out at a complete stranger for having the audacity to share an opinion on a comment thread. I hope whatever has happened to you in your life that has led you to be so angry resolves itself for you soon. I’d hate to walk around with that much anger. It’s wasted energy.

  3. Paula says:

    I have not read any of the books (and never will) but this sophomoric show is frustrating to watch. Only a very few competent actors in the cast and they unfortunately portray second tier characters. The so-called ‘lead actors’ were dull and stupiflying wooden in the first season whereas now they are laughably overacting. McNamara and Sherwood are so horrible and unbelievable both as a couple and individually. Freeform apparently signed them because they could get them at a rock bottom price (also Sherwood has a famous girlfriend who actively promotes this dreadful show!) Why do I watch? Loyalty to the incredibly talented and charismatic Harry Shum Jr. as Magnus Bane!

    • Lydia says:

      I haven’t and won’t read the series but I actually liked he first season ALOT more than this season. I binged the entire first season and considered it fluff right from the beginning so I was a lot more forgiving. This season from the very start has been clunky. There’s just so much dreadful overacting. There’s scenes and lines that don’t make any sense and both the Daddario and Sherwood are guilty of obnoxious face acting. They both do the stoic, pouty faces with furrowed eyebrows and the only way they convey emotion is by exaggerating those features. In what world would Maia be so easily forgiving of Luke after she begged and pleaded for him to not make her face her greatest fear. She was clearly traumatized and felt betrayed and yet they write her character as if nothing happened. She should’ve left but then they’d lose their only black female character. The detective seems like she’s from Internal Affairs And three of the many things that I didn’t get, why would Clary call out for Jace when she should’ve called for Magnus who could actually try to do something? Why would Sebastian burn his hand especially in front of Izzy and what’s the actual backstory for why he has British accent? They might film in Toronto but it’s supposed to be based in New York. How on earth would Sebastian be abandoned by Valentine and Jaclyn and end up in the U.K. and able to travel around the world. On who’s dollar/pound? Lastly how is Izzy who’s clearly so incapacitated she can’t get out of bed able to clean up enough that no one notices and get herself around the city and why would no one check the cameras for where she went after leaving the alley where they were absolutely sure she had been ?

      • Larisa says:

        The REAL Sebastian Verlac (not Johnathan) is from London Institute. That’s why he has to have British accent at least for now. My problem with this character is why his hair isn’t dyed black???

  4. Lena says:

    who asks for love triangles? they’re awful and over played out. I wish they’d do something original.

  5. Lucy says:

    The acting!! Oh my god the acting is a disaster!!!

    What was that opening recap: “My name is Clary, and I’m a Shadowhunter.” Who are you? Gladiator?? Pfff…

    I’m a big fan of the books and was already sort of prepared for different storylines, but the writing is making this show become something of a joke, which is a shame because the potential is there, in the story. If only they didn’t try so hard and the success of the show wouldn’t go to their heads..

    . In what world a group of teenagers would be able to just take a high level prisoner in order to bargain for a kidnapped hostage?? And oh yes, there was no hostage!

    . Speaking about Izzy, in what world would someone in withdrawal be able to put themselves together, with make up and hair perfectly made, and just walk out a heavily secured HQ?

    . Jace, Oh Dominic…crocodile tears was it? Bit too much don’t you think? Trying too hard makes you look like a child!

    . and Clary..everything about Clary looks fake, too forced, exaggerated bravery, pointless intensity in all the wrong moments. Worst character in my opinion. Sorry McNamara, you still have a lot to learn, not good even for a teen show trying to be an action show.

    Yes, I will continue watching for pure curiosity on where this is all going. But with no great expectations. and ah! take it easy on the teasers, I feel I’ve watched the whole season already just between 2A and 2B!

  6. Dominique says:

    wow, lots of angry book fans even though it was made clear from the start that the show wouldn’t follow the books that much. and i for one think the show is much better off because of it. the characters are more fascinating and flawed, the main character is much more bearable and lot of unnecessary stuff has been left out.
    i thought this was a very solid first episode back, i always find myself surprised whenever it ends, it never feels like a filler once.
    i figured azazel had done something do magnus; at first i thought he’d made him mortal somehow, but as soon as he came up to valentine, i knew he’d done a good ole body swapping. will be interesting to see how it plays out, although i hope it won’t be dragged out for the remainder of the season.

  7. Lysa says:

    I literally could not get pass few chapters of book 1 let alone there series. I heard the movie tanked. Therefore, the show is my last opportunity to enjoy this universe -and I love. First half of season 1’s acting was terrible but the story has always been pure. Glad the actors and production cast stepped up their games. The writing is stronger too.