Shadowhunters Star Teases the Rebirth of Clary's Love Triangle, Shady New Characters and More in Season 2B

Shadowhunters Season 2B

Runes are all well and good, but when Shadowhunters returns on Monday (Freeform, 8/7c), viewers will be reminded that there’s no more powerful symbol in this world — or any world — than the almighty love triangle.

Now that Jace knows the truth about his lineage — that he’s neither Valentine’s son nor Clary’s brother — he has a big ol’ decision to make: Will he share the news with Clary, allowing her to reevaluate her feelings for him, or will he keep his mouth shut, allowing her to enjoy her (seemingly) picture-perfect relationship with Simon? Either way, don’t expect Luke to intervene as Clary’s surrogate father.

“Luke sees the direction Clary is going in, and he wants to make sure she doesn’t do anything that might get her into the kind of trouble she’s not equipped to face,” Isaiah Mustafa tells TVLine, “but in terms of her love life, the only thing I think he’d really tell her is just to be true to her heart. Whether she’s having feelings for Simon or Jace, at least be honest.”

(For what it’s worth, Mustafa says he’s firmly on #TeamClace, explaining, “I think Simon will learn that going from being friends to being in a relationship isn’t necessarily what he expects it to be. There’s a pull that Jace and Clary have — a magentic pull — and why deny that?”)

Of course, Luke will have his own problems to deal with in Season 2B, including a nosey new partner who proves to be a “little thorn in his side. Alaric was curious [about the supernatural world], but he almost didn’t care, whereas this new partner wants to know everything … and she’s going to keep pushing until she gets an answer that satisfies her.”

And speaking of newcomers, how can we talk about Season 2B without discussing the long-awaited arrival of Sebastian Verlac? Before we continue, check out a sneak peek clip of the mysterious new British Shadowhunter:

Mustafa can’t reveal anything about Sebastian’s motives for coming to New York — spoilers, people! — but you can’t stop him from singing Will Tudor’s praises as an addition to the cast.

“He’s just so good, so inspiring to watch,” Mustafa says. “He brings such a level of professionalism to the job. He takes it extremely seriously, but he’s still able to have fun while he does it. I’m constantly gaining insight into the craft just by watching what he does. We’re so blessed to have him.”

What are you most excited — and potentially worried — to see in Season 2B? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.