the voice recap performance finale season 12

The Voice Season 12 Performance Finale Recap: This… Means… Four

Going by your voting in the poll that followed last week’s recap of The Voice, Chris Blue should have this contest in the bag. Going by the most recent iTunes rankings, it’s Lauren Duski’s to lose. Either way, we should get a winner we can all be happy with (even if their winning means we’ll only ever hear of them again if they return to the show to plug a new single). There was, of course, a chance that Jesse Larson, whose spot Hunter Plake probably should have, or Aliyah Moulden, whose spot Brennley Brown probably should have, could pull off an upset. But that chance was so slim that we could just sit back and enjoy Monday’s finals performances. And how were they? Read on…

Original Single
Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake), “Never Be Lonely” — Grade: C | The youngest contestant ever to make it to the finale sounded a bit off as she began her retro-pop-tinged toe-tapper, then struggled anytime she was called upon to use her lower register (which, on this number, was rather a lot). Catchy as hell — I’ll be downloading the studio-sweetened version — but neither her best, nor a winning, live performance.

Jesse Larson (Team Adam), “Takin’ It to the Streets” — Grade: B | There was really nothing wrong with Jesse’s performance of the Doobie Brothers classic. But, aside from his guitar-playing, there also wasn’t anything especially remarkable or memorable about it. I kept finding myself distracted by the glorious background vocals, which is obviously the last thing a singer could possibly want during what he hopes will be a starmaking performance.

Duet With Coach
Chris Blue (Team Alicia), “Diamonds and Pearls” — Grade: B | At first, as Chris and Alicia sang sweetly to one another, listening to this team-up felt like the sonic equivalent of opening a treasure chest. Then, good God, Coach Keys kinda went off the rails, and the two of them never quite synched up again. And what was that screechy note she hit in the middle of the song? She seemed so off to me that she actually managed to take away from her artist’s performance.

Lauren Duski (Team Blake), “The Dance” — Grade: A- | Performances don’t get a whole lot more poised and polished than Lauren’s rendition of the Garth Brooks ballad. Blake made a point of saying what an important song his artist was doing, and America is likely to make a point of saying via their votes that she more than did it, she did it justice. As Adam said to Lauren, “It’s getting boring how great you are.” She just brings it, time and again.

Duet With Coach
Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake), “Dancing in the Street” — Grade: B | Jeez, the show was really having trouble with its sound mix Monday, wasn’t it? (Maybe that was what threw Alicia off?) Blake certainly sings loudly enough to be audible over the band, yet both he and Aliyah seemed to be fighting to be heard. What I could make out sounded pretty good, though — and live, this golden oldie played more to the teen’s strengths than did her original single.

the voice recap performance finale season 12Original Single
Chris Blue (Team Alicia), “Money on You” — Grade: A+ | During Chris’ recording session for his Bruno Mars-meets-the-Bee Gees hit-to-be, Alicia told him, “You are ready!” And on stage, he replied via his performance, “Damn right I am!” Like, he was so very on, I had the urge to turn my chair around from the first line, as if it was a Blind Audition and I was a would-be coach. One-hundred percent awesomesauce!

Duet With Coach
Jesse Larson (Team Adam), “Let’s Go Crazy” — Grade: B | It was ballsy enough for Adam to tackle Prince’s epic, but to stick Jesse with it, after his so-so-at-best Time cover? That was just mean. Mind you, this was no train wreck of a performance by Jesse. He acquitted himself nicely. But “nicely” is sorta damning with faint praise when you’ve just covered a Prince scorcher like this. Again, Jesse was more impressive as a guitarist than a vocalist.

Duet With Coach
Lauren Duski (Team Blake), “There’s a Tear in My Beer” — Grade: A | Would it be sacrilege if I admitted that I actually liked Lauren’s vocal better on this number than on the much-ballyhooed “The Dance”? Yeah, Lauren kills on a ballad — this is not news. But here, she not only sounded flawless, she was as much fun as a six-pack without that nasty hangover.

the voice recap performance finale season 12Original Single
Jesse Larson (Team Adam), “Woman” — Grade: A | On his bluesy Chris Stapleton-penned single, Jesse sounded laid-back and in his element. As the song built, he rose to the occasion, turning in a restrained but highly effective performance. He still didn’t have the charisma of a Chris or the purity of voice of a Lauren, but he was so in the zone here that he made me think perhaps I’d been too stingy in my praise throughout the season.

Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake), “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours” — Grade: B+ | Hmm… was it mic/sound issues that made Aliyah sound off early on? Given that this kinda retro soul is her sweet spot vocally, and she sounded growly and great on the rest of the number, I’m gonna guess it was mic/sound issues. But was it just me, or was she straining so hard that it seems inevitable she’s gonna wake up tomorrow with a sore throat?

Original Single
Lauren Duski (Team Blake), “Deja Vu” — Grade: A+ | Wowza… From the first note, brilliantly set apart by a spare arrangement, Lauren reminded us — as if we’d forget! — what a world-class voice she has. Not just a pitch-perfect performance but one that revealed what a promising songwriter she is, too. Gorgeous and haunting.

Chris Blue (Team Alicia), “Rhythm Nation” — Grade: A | Nobody in the contest this season puts on a show that can touch what Chris does — he’s not only the most kickass of singers, he moves like he was born on stage. (Which maybe in a way, he was — it’s certainly where he comes alive.) Yes, vocally, he suffered a little here, owing to all that dancing. But he wasn’t just the episode’s ender, he was a total showstopper.

So, who did you think gave the night’s best performance? Who’s your pick to win The Voice Season 12? Vote in the poll below, then hit the… oh, you’re already in the comments. Carry on, then.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lois Benton says:

    Alicia messed up We McDonald’s duet in the finals last season too.

    • Linda Porter says:

      I came to make the same comment! Alicia is wonderful but what is up with that?

    • loisbea says:

      I replied to your comment before watching the show on the West Coast. Having watched the show, I don’t agree that Alicia was off, but then, I’m not a big fan of Price (blasphemy!), so what do I know? If you can, I wish you’d remove my original comment.

      • Lizzie says:

        In my part of the West Coast, Alicia was off. One of the most frustrating things about all of the vocal competition shows, and particularly The Voice is whatever goes on during these live shows – the sound is always messed up, the mix is totally off, the band and usually the backup singers are just too loud. If the entire show wasn’t about singing, it could be forgivable, but it is not when they mess up the performance of the contestant by not taking care of the show’s responsibility to provide quality sound in the performance space, and in what they send out to people’s TVs at home.

  2. Dave says:

    Wow. I thought that was the worst show of the season. Everyone sounded off. Maybe it was just the audio issues. Maybe it was the song choices. Either way, I was super underwhelmed.

    • Team Can't Vote for the Save says:

      Overall, I enjoyed the show tonight; however, the sound issues were horrible and took away from some of the performances. Aliyah, especially, with less stage experience than some of the others seemed to be thrown off by the sound problems. It showed in her face and she lost some energy. She won’t win, but she’s adorable; and, she will only get better.

      I thought Alysia and Chris’ duet was a disaster. Blake just quit singing during Lauren’s duet. Jesse’s was all about the guitar riffs.

      Before I get off track here… the sound this season had been a huge fail during each show. No one needs to hear the band over the singers. The show needs a new producer or director; one who knows what the heck they are doing!

      • Alice Scheibelhofer, Chilliwack, BC says:

        Absolutely agree about the band overpowering most, if not all, of the singers. My husband and I are in our 80s and thought perhaps it was our diminished hearing that was causing it but glad to hear we’re not alone.

    • OrionOnion says:

      Crap sound all season. You could ‘t hear the voices. So stupidly ironic.

  3. kevstar69 says:

    Lauren is Ok, but where is the variety? Wish she could have done the Fleetwood Mac song The Dance instead of another country tune.
    People are always complaining when R & B singers play the same old tunes, but when it’s country music, it’s sticking to your strenghths.
    I get bored with one genre of music. Why don’t they?

    • davmon says:

      Lauren on The Dance, a country classic, was a solid A. On duet, Blake started great, then seemed to forget to come back in, while she soldiered on, a bit breathy, but mostly held it together–B. She
      Did her own song Déjà Vu which she delivered beautifully, considering it seemed imperfect in construction, with extended run-ons—A-. I have her a horse’s nose behind Chris; but if enough voters were unimpressed by his 3 upbeat tunes, then Lauren will win.

    • Because Lauren wanted to stick to her roots and I admire that! Coach Adam has messed up many singers taking them out of their genre and giving them songs so far from what they desire to sing!!! Let them sing where their hearts at! Why mess them up!! Afterall if u can sing u can sing ok. But how many country singers do you hear singing songs that just dont fit their style take Blake!!! For instance- but yet winner in Country Music. Now some younger in Country music sound Pop but Wow that Lauren has got something soecial to bring to Country and I cant wait. From The Dance!! To Tear in My Beer The Real Hank Williams! She was Great. 💖💕country & 💖💕Lauren she should have won because she is best all around. She can sing Anything! But lived that she stayed true to her genre!!! We havent heard the last if her

  4. Johnson says:

    I thought Aliyah might have a little chance to contend, until Blake picked that High School Musical old rock yesterday radio song Signed, Sealed, Delivered for her last performance. . .

    Chris Blue got the best spot in the rotation, singing last when the tv audience is more in numbers, so will probably win. . Jesse got to the final 4 by sing-off and probably finish 3rd or 4th. I liked Lauren the best, hoping she’ll win with my votes

    • Wyatt Morris says:

      I think Blake did Aliyah wrong. He picked better songs for Lauren.

      • Sharon Hahn says:

        I totally agree! What was he thinking when he had her sing Signed, Sealed, Delivered when there are so many other songs best suited for her and her age?

        • Albert Giesbrecht says:

          Blake didnt want her to win.

          • Sharon Hahn says:

            I agree, he had two on his team in the finales and all he kept repeating was ‘she’s only 15’. I could tell he would rather Lauren win cause she was all country!

      • Sharon Hahn says:

        I agree, he had two on his team in the finales and all he kept repeating was ‘she’s only 15’. I could tell he would rather Lauren win cause she was all country!

        • Well I think Blake was referring to her being 15! As a WoW factor. Like WOW only 15 & shes improved from blind auditions to this?’ And she did. I did not like her at first ( singing) but oh what a sweet smile and boy she got so comfortable on stage for 15 lol didn’t she!! She developed so much before our eyes. We will hear more of her as well. But I just think Lauren had it! That Wow special thing singers have and nit sure she even knew it. But she grew too. She should have won! Hunter was a great singer think about never sang anywhere but church!! And then Tte Voice?! 🙃

    • davmon says:

      Aliyah started shaky on her opening cover, but got her groove=B. On duet, she outshone Blake by 2k miles—A+. Her Signed Sealed Delivered was too much bouncing around stage rather than a great vocal; she was pitchy & out-of-pocket—C. I have her in 4th place—for this night and body of work. But what a sweet delightful kid.

  5. Dee King says:

    Chris blue was wow. He needs to win the voice.

    • davmon says:

      Chris’ numbers were more complex in phrasing and melodic structure than those by others. His original Money On You was dynamic & innovative for 2/3, then fizzled into too much redundancy—still A-. His duet w/Alicia of the Prince song was an imperfect blend; but he was good—A-. His cover of Rhythm Nation was great, as much for his dance moves and vocal control as his phrasing—solid A. Should be enough to win—along with his 1st place body of work. But a lot of voters may have expected a soulful blues number to close the deal; without it, he may not win.

    • Beergut 39 says:

      Don’t care much for Chris Blue,yes he puts on a good show,but being The Voice it’s all about singing and Chris Blue fails in the respect.

  6. This Guy says:

    Chris Blue is on another level.

    • davmon says:

      I thought he might’ve needed to do one of his exquisite renditions of a soulful classic from Otis or Al or Smoky or Sam or Marvin to pull enough enough votes. Instead, it was all upbeat with a tilt toward performance & away from his delectable vocalizing. That may cost him. He shoulda been first in this thing, rather easily. The song choices may have off-put some voters, so that Lauren could sneak in. But she slipped some on her 2nd & 3rd songs. So I have him ahead by a wee margin. Of course, they have been 1 & 2 overall for weeks. I can be happy with either one. But I seem to have him 2nd behind Lauren. I believe both have a real chance to have decent careers.

      • MamaLis says:

        You hit it BINGO on the head, @Davmon. Chris was pulling way ahead earlier in the season and now Lauren is definitely neck-in-neck. Unfortunately, Blake strategized like a sharpshooter for the last show while Alecia made unfocused mistakes. She seemed to forget that viewers fell in love with Chris – primarily – for that”delectable,” emotional voice, and oh yes, he can perform. Not the other way around, which is how she played the final show.

        Oh well, we will soon find out! In either case, both are deserving! :-)

      • davmon says:

        Sorry, I screwed up on my edit. I do have Chris first and Lauren second. But I can guess a lot of voters are going to dislike the absence of a soulful classic in his mix; whereas they will be unconcerned that she has not diversified her mix for the entire season. Still, it is about voters and their taste. His upbeat performances may have served up too narrow an audience of voters….And so long as they are 1 and 2, I can be happy.

        • Ladybug1002 says:

          I too have hoped for a a more soulful smooth groove from Chris that showcased his dynamic vocal abilities. Maybe a Temptation or Smokey song. However, he is vocally talented and a wonderful performer.

        • MamaLis says:

          Once again, astute & observant. You hit the nail on the head! :-)

      • Sam says:

        Lauren was # 1 and #2 on ITunes. Has been ahead of Chris all season on Itunes she will win

        • Troll says:

          Just checking itunes at about 7:40 pm today, Tuesday, Lauren has 3 songs in the top 10. If she doesn’t win, the show is rigged.

    • Beergut 39 says:

      Agrees,another level,but what level?I find him boring,just doesn’t have it for me.

  7. JMark (formerly JM) says:

    Chris and Lauren are so much better than the other two, and it will come down to these two tomorrow. I like them both and hope that Chris wins, but I won’t be too disappointed if Lauren wins. Unlike other years, when a singer on Blake’s team has won, this year Lauren actually deserves it, and she proved that by writing such an excellent song. Still, have we EVER seen another singer put on a show like Chris Blue just did tonight??? I don’t think so, and that should count for something. I know whose concert ticket I would buy.

    • Billye says:

      Chris Blue is just a all around performer. I think he is just a better artist this year. Sure he is a R and B singer however he can sing gospel, pop I believe he has a little bit of country as well. Toy

    • Rosanna Kazanjian says:

      Me’s the kind of proformance that energizes and gets me to stand and cheer. Love him!!

    • Lorne says:

      That’s easy…if you like excitement buy a ticket to Chris’s concert. If you have insomnia buy a ticket to Lauren’s

      • Albert Giesbrecht says:

        If you meant to say excrement, then we are in agreement.

        • Lorne says:

          Not sure what show you were watching, but I was watching a show called the Voice. That would be the show where a dynamic young talent named Chris Blue burst into the public eye like a supernova, giving performance after performance worthy of the Grammy stage. His combination of singing, dancing and stage presence is incredibly rare on talent shows such as these. Shocking, really.

          Returning to your opinion, my best guess for your “excrement” opinion of Chris is as follows:

          You are devoid of the ability to feel rhythm and soul in music

          If that’s not the case, then perhaps it relates to politically incorrect issues other than music? But I don’t want to turn it into a discussion on that. There’s enough of that kind of hatred in society already.

          Or perhaps you’re simply an internet troll looking for attention? If that’s the case then I guess it worked, because your ridiculous opinion on Chris got my attention

          • Kbella says:

            Very well put. I hope it’s just a matter of musical taste. I liked Lauren a lot too but she was kind of boring to watch.

    • Sharon Hahn says:

      I know it’s all about the ”voice” but I believe you have to show you can perform and connect with your audience as well. Standing in front of the mic to sing and never leave the spot every single time just doesn’t do it for me. Chris outdid Lauren and Jessie in that respect and even though he didn’t do a soulful slow song as I expected on the final night, he still outdid Lauren by a narrow margin. I think the voters just didn’t want another country singer when there was an opportunity to choose one who could do more. I’m so happy that Chris won!

  8. David says:

    Were we listening to the same thing? Lauren forgot the words on her duet with Blake and he bailed out the song. C- at best. Loves her original song however.

  9. David says:

    Were we listening to the same thing? Lauren forgot the words at least twice during the duet. Blake bailed her out. D+ at best for lack of preparation. Did love her original.

  10. Smokey says:

    I think “Ghost in this House” was Lauren’s best song of the season, which is still #45 on the Country charts, from last week……………………………… An early itunes view, tonight, shows Lauren and Chris already top 10, with Aliyah and Jesse both within striking range to hit top 10. Maybe it will come down to the duets, if they count, and total itunes sales for the term of the season……………………………. I think Lauren will find a better apartment in Nashville after the show, whether she wins or not.

    • Worm says:


    • davmon says:

      Jesse was very good tonight on songs & phrasing; but resonance is too thin to win. On Take It to the Streets—B+; on duet Let’s Get Crazy—A-. On Woman, his original, he was terrific—A; it was the best of the 4 originals. I have him in 3rd for the night and on body of work.

  11. Angie_Overrated says:

    I can’t say I was too excited watching these performances. They weren’t terrible, but they weren’t amazing either.
    I did enjoy a few of them. Rhythm Nation was a daring choice that mostly worked. I think Chris should win, which of course means that he will not win.

    • Smokey says:

      Nothing really knocked-me-out either, but Lauren is always pleasant to listen to. Chris is the best performer, but I enjoyed Aliyah as much or more than Chris and liked her original song the best of the 4………………………….. All 4 of them are now top 10.,,, but Lauren is in the top 10 twice (both of her songs tonight) …………………………..and in the top 200 eight times tonight, with her other songs climbing-back as people discover her music.

      • Biobo says:

        Yeh, I liked Aliyah’s original too! Talented little lady! She will be heard from no matter how things turn out here…

      • Biobo says:

        Lauren is now #1 with Deja Vu, #2 with The Dance… Chris is #3 with Money on You, Jesse #6 with Woman, and Aliyah #9 with Never Be Lonely…
        If iTunes is the determining factor, then looks like Lauren will be hard to beat! She’s also #18 with last week’s Ghost in this House!

        • Voice Fan says:

          Lauren Duski was the star tonight. I loved all three of her performances. She is my favorite to win and the way her songs are burning up I-Tunes, I think she is going to be a hard one to beat. In the finale, all the I-Tune sales count back to at least when the live shows began and might even go back to the auditions. Tonight she has 10 songs in the Top 200 overall chart so her fans are downloading many of her songs again. Chris has a few songs but no one has as many songs on I-Tunes as Lauren. Plus both of her songs are number 1 and 2 on the overall chart and country chart. As of 8:27 pm Eastern Time, Lauren’s songs, Deja Vu is number 1, The Dance 2, Ghost in this House, 18, Tear in my Beer, 23, Somewhere in my Broken Heart, 110, When you Say Nothing at All, 133, Lord I Hope this Day is Good, 156, Tell Me Why, 185, You Were Meant for me, 197, Someone Else’s Star, 199.

  12. Awaxy says:

    I really enjoy all 4 finalists. However…if Jesse shouldn’t get points for playing guitar, neither should Chris get points for dancing, nor should Aliyah get points for being so darned cute!

    Overall, I’d rather listen to Lauren sing than any of the others.

  13. Awaxy says:

    Wow! Just looked at iTunes. Lauren has TEN (count ’em 10) songs in the top 200 including Nos. 1 and 2. You go girl!

  14. Mimi says:

    I think Lauren should win and hopefully she does. After all this is the Voice and she has the best voice of them all! She should win hands down but the best voice doesn’t always win, unfortunately! I’m still hopeful that America picks Lauren.

    • Ken says:

      Lauren is BORIIIIIINGGGGG! I mean REALLY boring! Her songs were snoozers!

    • Beergut 39 says:

      For sure,Lauren outshines the rest with her voice..Some like Chris Blue,yes he puts on a good show,but his voice is rather dull..Jesse is way better singer then Chris so I think overall I would put Chris fourth just because his voice is dull..

  15. Biobo says:

    Can’t see how anyone can honestly criticize any of these performers tonight, except that @#*€ sound man again! I thought they all did a terrific job. However, when it comes to splitting hairs, I think it’s still between Chris and Lauren. I like Lauren better for her voice, but Chris is one heckuva performer! Loved all the originals, but ” My Money is on You,” Chris… Great song! Should be interesting, maybe even surprising… Things were a lot more even than expected!

    • Johnson says:

      I think all 4 finalists have received a big boost in their potentials for work in music and related arts after the show. Lauren is the real deal. I like her voice as much or more than many Country female artists, present and past.. She’s special., I wish I could help her solve her “Deja-Vu” melancholy nights and give her those “never-be-lonely” feelings that Aliyah sings about.

      • Worm says:

        Congrats Lauren you are the next in the Blake train …there are no original voices all are great except “the youngest performer” although can sing but easily 4th…what void does Lauren fill but the new blonde in country..Chris has the most lead vocal talent charismatic moves and million dollar smile but most talented not necessarily voice is Jess

        • Team Can't Vote for the Save says:

          If you ever learn to use the necessary PERIOD in sentence structure, you might just make sense. What you wrote is just way too wonky.

        • OrionOnion says:

          Balke is looking for someone to unseat his ex-wife. LOL

    • Team Can't Vote for the Save says:

      I’m in agreement. Sound man has GOT to go… Total FAIL!

      I love Lauren’s voice but told someone tonight that I’d go to a Chris Blue concert. Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind a tie? Seriously, I am a fan of both equally.

  16. Thanan Kampholpan says:

    Lauren Duski is absolutely wonderful the way she sings vocally, performs perfectly, and looks beautifully stunning. She’s the real ARTIST.

    • Troll says:

      true. a lot of people who don’t care for Lauren, also would not have voted for Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson in their stint on Idol either. In fact, Simon was going to let Kelly go at one point in the competition, then later got on-board.

  17. jimmie says:

    lauren duski deserves to win with her sweet, refined voice. she is the kind of singer we have been waiting for. she’s refined and ready to go, for she can write her own songs.

    • Worm says:

      Great singer agreed but has country music been really sitting around waiting for her…Carrie Underwood story teller, Kelly Clarkson oh wait she is outta favor cause of her weight

      • Patsy says:

        Kelly Clarkson has been birthing her precious babies and is still a powerhouse singer who is beloved and awarded by all genres. She will be a Voice coach next spring 2018. Watch and you will see just what real talent Kelly possesses. Worm, your comment was tacky!

    • Ken says:

      I don’t understand why people like Lauren so much. Every season in this competition there is a blonde female country singer that everybody goes ga-ga over. She’s simply the latest. Give me some variety please. If she wins, we will never hear from her again. There is absolutely nothing special about singing.

      • Ken says:

        “There is absolutely nothing special about HER singing.” Really, she will just join the large group of blonde, young, pretty female country singers in Nashville along with Miranda and Carrie.

        • Collin says:

          And there’s usually pop singers, r&b singers and rock singers that people go ga ga over. It’s a singing competition! I’m guessing she’d love to be recognized like Miranda and Carrie. Millions of records sold. Multiple Grammy awards. Why wouldn’t she?

          • Johnson says:

            The voice , y’know, J. Chosen, and 3 or 4 of the women on the show earlier, were better singers/exceptional vocalists, than Chris Blue. He advanced by performing and getting excitement and movement and animation out of the song. If all this was done on the radio instead of TV, there would be some others in the top 4 along with Lauren. It’s as much or more a popularity contest as a singing contest.

  18. Theresa says:

    Chris Blue is “the voice”

    • lili says:

      I gotta say Chris is an entertainer but I don’t really understand the comment he is The Voice. This guy has major pitch problems and I don’t see that he would be unique in R&B or pop. What niche does he fill that isn’t filled better by someone else?

  19. Robyn Williams says:

    Jesse it great!

  20. gospotlights says:

    I still say Aliyah didn’t belong in the Final 4. Hunter or Vanessa deserved it more. Aliyah is simply not ready for anything except a managed role on the Disney channel where she can be guided and molded and marketed to kids. She’s simply a kid with a world of potential, but there’s a lot of kids out there with a world of potential.
    I don’t really see the growth Blake has been talking about. Other than the production around her growing more elaborate, she’s seems basically the same to me.
    Chris Blue is definitely a performer but he’s not been consistent vocally (for a front runner), and he’s had moments where vocal restraint would’ve been more impressive. I’ve seen growth though. I’m not sure how old he is to really know if he’s got time to get to that next level or not. Someone 18 that was already this good could be the next Bruno Marz. Someone 29 this good is already pushing his ceiling.
    Alicia gave a great argument for him deserving votes though.
    I was kind of tuned out on Lauren’s duet but I thought I heard her miss a line and Blake help it along. But that song has some funky phrasing and isn’t necessarily vocally tight as a duet song so I might’ve not heard what I thought I heard.
    Vocally, though, once again Lauren was solid and very good. She sounds like Trisha Yearwood to me and I’m surprised nobody has mentioned that or they didn’t give her a Trisha Yearwood song.
    Jesse… And then there’s Jesse… Vocally, Jesse has also been consistent. He’s also unique and, contrary to what some have said, a great singer. He’s not a pop star as Adam has said, but he’s a talented musician who knows how to use his voice as an instrument as well.
    If you want something to key off of, listen to the band closely when the contestants are singing. The good singers infuse the band with a little extra energy. They are like a leader out there. The band is always good, but a good singer is like a good leader and inspires the band. The band naturally rallies around the singers who bring that little bit extra talent and polish. …and energy…
    So that said, Jesse and Lauren have been the ones to do that most every performance. Especially, Jesse with his uptempo numbers.

    At this point in the game, it won’t matter who wins. If someone has ‘it’ then someone that matters will see it. So nobody is getting robbed if they don’t win, even though I’m sure someone will make that complaint. I tend to think Lauren has the best shot at commercial success. I think Chris Blue winning would be like the most popular kid in the school winning the science project blue ribbon with a volcano while the nerdy kid with his real life Star Trek transporter gets second place. Jesse? I just can’t picture a commercial role for him. I wish he’d written his own original song to have a better handle on whether he could shape and mold his talent into commercially viable music. I see him as a sideman (guitarist) who might be able to give the star a break while they head back to the greenroom and Jesse gets a cover song or two to sing.

    I wonder if Aliyah and Lauren split the Blake vote and negate the Blake advantage making this a contest between Jesse and Chris? Surely not….?
    Aliyah should be last. She shouldn’t even be still here.
    The next question is do Lauren and Chris split the vote and allow the Jesse fans to bring the underdog to the front?
    That would be Jesse’s only hope. And I don’t think it’s impossible.
    It’ll likely be between the always consistent and ready Lauren, or the flashy and popular Chris Blue. And I could really see it going either way.
    If Chris wins it’ll be a popular win, but not a lasting one. Much like the forgettable Sawyer Fredericks (sp?).
    If Lauren wins, she’ll be the best chance in a while of seeing a winner breakout a bit. While she’s country, she also has the ability to simply do an adult hit ballad with crossover appeal. But, should Chris win, it’s not going to change Lauren’s chances at commercial success at this point. The door is open for whoever at this point, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th to get their foot in the door if anyone important thinks they deserve it. They aren’t secrets any longer.
    My guess is Lauren wins though. Her consistency and the Blake factor will carry her to the win.

    • Normandy says:

      No one who has ever had to be instant saved to make the finale has ever finished better than fourth (or third when there were only three finalists).

    • lili says:

      Last night I said that Lauren reminded me of Trisha to my husband. The way she can sing and it not sound only country. I mean Trisha performed with Pavarotti and did a command performance for the Queen of England.

  21. Robert Baraga says:

    Lauren has the stage presence and elegance that female singers have had. She reminds me of a new version of Loretta Lynn.

  22. loisbea says:

    The best Voice Top Four ever. Hey, don’t be mean to Aliyah. She is the most adorable contestant this show has ever had, and she will be the one you are hearing about in five year’s time. She has the makings of a mega-star. The duet with Blake was a double dose of cuteness, as Blake is adorable himself. Lauren will be a country star, and I don’t know why, as it is really rude to Gwen, but I keep seeing her as a half of a couple with Blake. She is smart and so talented, and really so lovely, in voice and being. She’ll probably win. I can’t begrudge her that, but she’s not my top choice. Jesse is my man, just so much fun, and his recordings are are addictive. He’s great. But my number one choice is Chris Blue. He can sing, he can dance, he can sell a song, he can perform, he’s got charisma. What’s up with this guy? It’s like he’s been genetically engineered. He’s perfect. I hope he wins.

    • Ken says:

      Loisbea: me, too. Chris is the real deal. He has star, entertainer, recording artist, uniqueness written all over him!! He is the one that we’ll be hearing from in the next few years. Aliyah IS adorable, and once she gets some experience, she is going to be a very big teen idol with her own TV show, magazine covers, and the whole nine yards.

  23. analythinker says:

    I’m curious. Everyone who likes Jesse Larson here, what’s your age range?

  24. Tom Anderson says:

    The show is called “The Voice” and Lauren Duski clearly has the best voice and will deservedly be the winner this season, especially after her performance of “Deja Vu” which is #1 on iTunes.

    Chris Blue will come in a relatively close second in voting, which he deserves and maybe he would deserve to win if the show was called “The Dance” instead of being a singing competition.

    While I am not a huge Blake Shelton fan, I respect his sincere comments after Lauren’s final performance, as opposed to Alicia Keys screaming like a maniac after Chris Blue’s performance.

    The only thing good about Chris Blue’s final performance was he is a very good Bruno Mars copycat but I think one Bruno Mars is enough in a music industry that needs more real singers.

    As for the other 2 performers, I’m not sure why they are still even on the show as they never had any chance of winning, but I guess somebody has to come in 3rd and 4th place on the show.

    • Voice Fan says:

      Tom Anderson, you echoed my sentiments exactly and said it better than I ever could. With her pure voice, Lauren will stand out in country music where Chris Blue will be a copy cat of Bruno Mars and others just like him who spend more time dancing and looking dope as Alicia would say than actually singing..

    • Troll says:

      I flip the channel for a couple minutes, after each performance is done, can’t stand any more of the coaches blather, Lauren wins, Chris Blue 2nd…. as time goes by, Lauren will sell far more records than anyone else in the top 4 this year

  25. Janice says:

    Chris Blue has shown throughout the show, that he can sing anything at anytime. The variety of his performances demonstrates the ability to do it all. The other singers are great in there own way. However; there songs sounds are similar from week to week. Where is the variety. I this business you need to be able to reach all audience across the world,regardless of one,s genre of music.

    • Johnson says:

      we will see Lauren on some of the Country Music shows, there are many throughout the year. She will be signed and have a niche in Country music, probably tour with Blake or another main artist. She won’t become a “big star” like some of the female artists that had a hit record or 2 by the time they were 23, but she will be visible in her genre of music.

  26. Lloyd says:

    The music videos for all 4 were cringey with the unnecessary lyrics on the screen. Lauren’s maybe the least of the four, because the lyrics were not as cheesy as the other three’s. Jesse’s looked best visually, butt the lyrics were just terrible.

  27. CD Her says:

    Without a doubt Duski stands above the rest. Congratulations!

  28. Mary says:

    Chris Blue…”blue” it out of the box tonite…so superior of an all around performer to any of the others. Lauren does have a pretty voice but I’m sooo sick and tired of country singers..they all sound the same..if u put Dolly Parton, Reba MacIntyre and Lauren Duski all together in a blind audition they would all sound the same and u wouldn’t b able to distinguish one from the other. Chris Blue is so now and not boring like the country girl is. For future reference there should b a “Country Voice ” show so those of us who hate country music don’t have to watch it!!!!

  29. Mary says:

    Chris Blue…”blue” it out of the box tonite…so superior of an all around performer to any of the others.

    . For future reference there should b a “Country Voice ” show so those of us who hate country music don’t have to watch it!!!!

  30. Gwen (not Stefani) says:

    I’m rooting for Lauren, and I think either she or Chris will win. They’ll be the top 2.

    I like Jesse and Aliyah, but they’re just not going to win – in fact, my gut says Jesse will somehow end up in third place despite being instant saved last week. We’ll see.

  31. pdwalt says:

    hate to say it but by the end of the show – a lot of people were probably on the news channels (and might have missed the last quarter of the show)

  32. Ethel says:

    Lauren is ahead of Chris in this voting? WOW, just can’t see this happening although she is good, Chris is the total package and lights up the room with his singing

  33. Peggy says:

    Once again I am in the minority but the only song I downloaded was the duet between Blake and Lauren. LOL! I didn’t care for her original song since it sounded like all the other “country” songs out there that I don’t buy. I also wasn’t impressed with her version of “The Dance”. I don’t think that song is as powerful without the video behind it.

    To me Chris Blue should win but I think it will be Lauren.

  34. Jules says:

    The show is called The Voice! That means that contestants are voted on their voice, not the ability to dance on stage! Lauren Duskin should win it but I think Chris Blue will get the votes because of his dance moves.

    • Lizzie says:

      Chris’s dance moves are pretty great, though. Either Lauren or Chris could win, and I would be okay with that.

      • Jules says:

        You missed the point! The programme is called The Voice, not So You Think You Can Dance!

        • Lorne says:

          Jules, Jules, Jules. Actually, it’s you who misses the point. If these televised singing competitions such as The Voice and American Idol were only about who has the best voice, then Pia Toscano would have won her season of American Idol instead of finishing in 9th place. The true winner of these competitions should possess a combination of vocal ability, stage presence, charisma and the “it” factor. With that being said, Chris absolutely blows away Lauren. Let’s be honest here. Lauren has a pleasant pure country voice, but her stage personality and performances weren’t very exciting. Lastly, Jules, please watch Chris’s performance of Superstition on YouTube one more time. Case closed.

  35. Ellen Gilbert says:

    In the end the country singer gets the most votes so I’m pretty sure of the outcome. I’m hoping Chris Sale pulls this out but have my doubts. Of all the country singers who have won in the past I actually think that Lauren is the best of them.

  36. Ethel says:

    I just watched the show again. Lauren’s nose ring was a total distraction to me. I kept staring at her nose and forgot she was singing

  37. David Altman says:

    I am almost certain that it was mike issues that affected Aliyah’s last performance (or at least how the performance was heard) and possibly several other performances as well. I wish wired mikes were an option.

    The consistently best sound quality for musical performances on TV that I’ve found (other than classical) is at the CMAs. I wish The Voice could do it as well.

  38. Susan Jurist says:

    Thanks for the recap. I didn’t watch the show, but after reading the recap and listening to the preview, I downloaded “Tear in my beer.” That should be her/their first single. First time I ever downloaded a song from the Voice.

  39. Lauren is the sure winner as far as I’m concerned. She has a flawless voice and very touching! Love her voice and even if she doesn’t win, we can all be rest assured that we will be hearing from her soon.

  40. Anon says:

    I want Chris to win but i also dont want him to win because that Voice contract is trash lol.

  41. OrionOnion says:

    Lauren Duski can never put any oomph into her singing. The Dance should have had more intensity. Gorgeous tone, but always so ho hum.

  42. OrionOnion says:

    Seems it will be another boring Blake and country music win. He’s smart, gotta give him that.

  43. goodbuytruck says:

    Aliyah has not quite grown into her pipes, and did not work hard enough on projection in her lower range. Will likely find success on the acting stage rather than the concert stage.

    Jesse actually allowed the guitar and background to overpower his voice… which was a correctable mistake, considering the strength of his voice.

    I agree with Kevstar: Lauren can do more than country. Nice single. I think she was hurt by the choice of “The Dance” simply because of the style of the original artist… which cannot be replaced.

    Lauren, if there is any chance you read this, I would love to see you without the facial jewelry. There are many faces, male and female, that are set off well and truly well expressed by a particular piece of jewelry. Yours almost expresses a sneer, which neither matches your persona nor your performances. You are beautiful either way – and it could be just be my faulty interpretation.

    Chris is a performer who is ready for this generation of short attention span listeners. He keeps the attention focused. I think

    • goodbuytruck says:

      he beats a very game Lauren to the line. Chris made his coach look poor with her embellishments.

      Hilarious timing with my phone’s freezing up :)

      I am good with either Chris or Lauren. Voted for Chris.

  44. Juke says:

    I actually liked Jesse’s original song the best of the four, which surprises me. They were all good, though, and all better than their covers. Chris’s cover of Rhythm Nation slayed, but I think he would’ve been better off, strategy-wise, with something with God in it. Just not sure Rhythm Nation is enough to get people to vote for him, even if it is in the last slot. Note that Lauren was 4 and 8, the other two pimp spots. They were giving her the biggest push and she hardly needs it. Yet another Blake champion… Yawn.

  45. goodbuytruck says:

    The advertising parasites are absolutely awful on this page.

  46. OrionOnion says:

    Just watched some of the songs again. It seems to me that Alicia has surpassed Miley in terms of bad, contestant-stabotaging song choices.

  47. Awaxy says:

    I’d go see a double bill of Jesse with Laith Al-Saadi!

  48. Lorne says:

    Just watched the Blake/Aliyah duet. Blake dances with the grace of a pregnant, three-legged horse! Dude got no moves!

    • glen says:

      His moves are about as impressive as his vocals. I will never understand how this guy became the biggest star in country.

  49. Sharon Hahn says:

    I thought that was a poor choice for Blake and Aliyah to sing together. What about something in the way of Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers??