Grey's Anatomy Spinoff

Did Grey's Doc Audition for Spinoff? Surprise Supernatural Survivor? Once Rent Mystery? And More TV Qs

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Prison Break, Chicago Fire and Supernatural!

1 | Is any broadcast TV series doing daylight action/stunt sequences better than Hawaii Five-0? Or as regularly and with such scale?

2 | Once Upon a Time fan JR asks: “So Emma has been paying rent in downtown Boston for however many years…? Being a Savior must pay better than I expected!” Also, with Henry now living in Seattle, can we eventually expect a 3-way crossover event with Grey’s Anatomy and its firemen spinoff?

3 | On American Gods, wasn’t it tough to believe that all of those bank customers would’ve handed over their cash to Wednesday without checking into his story?

4 | The Leftovers is really fond of penis, huh?

5 | Don’t Veep‘s Catherine and Marjorie have more suitable men in their lives to donate sperm than Selina’s motley crew of staffers?

6 | How badly is NBC rooting for the Pearson family’s favorite team, the Steelers, to make it to next year’s Super Bowl? #ThisIsCrossPromotion

7 | Did Supergirl‘s Cat (played by Calista Flockhart) and Rhea (Teri Hatcher) ever settle on which of them deserves the title of “queen,” or is that still up for debate? (Also, can Flockhart become a series regular again? Pretty please?)

8 | Can anyone watching Jane the Virgin honestly say that they care about the Sin Rostro storyline at this point?

9 | For which thwarted Quantico couple were you cheering harder: Shelby/Clay or Owen/Miranda?

10 | Why did Freeform have to cancel Baby Daddy just as Emma was starting to talk/reach Olsen Twin levels of cuteness?The Flash

11 | When did The Flash‘s Barry (as Lyla) learn hand-to-hand combat? And wouldn’t he have moved a lot quicker?

12 | Would Prison Break‘s Sarah really leave son Michael with Jacob as she raced to Greece, seeing as her husband only recently (and barely) assuaged her double-crosser concerns? Also, has the revival’s location shooting been surprisingly effective?

13 | Considering iZombie‘s Major and Liv recently slept together, wasn’t it jarring to see Major so OK with Justin pursuing his ex-girlfriend?

14 | Did any Chicago Fire viewers feel any sympathy for Cruz? Did he forget it was his own actions, not Mouch, that got him into trouble in the first place?

15 | On S.H.I.E.L.D., would Mack’s Framework dilemma have been more gripping had the show developed his relationship with Yo-Yo more? And as amusing as they were, did Coulson and May’s repeated “bottle of Haig” convos undercut the finale’s tension some?

16 | Quick Handmaid’s Tale poll: Do you think Luke is really alive or not?

17 | If Arrow‘s Chase just wanted to leverage Oliver’s loved ones for his own freedom, why did he surrender in the first place last week? Also, had you forgotten that Quentin wasn’t wise to Earth-Two/doppelgangers yet?

18 | Blindspot fans, how badly did it distract you when Keaton kept pronouncing “nuclear” as “nucular” during the finale? Also, wasn’t Patterson’s breakdown about staying at the FBI resolved a little too quickly?

19 | Chicago P.D. viewers: If you never see Bunny again, will it be too soon?

20 | With only Lily and Joe left as “kids,” will Modern Family find a Cousin Oliver-y way to introduce a new rugrat? And could it have been more obvious that Haley and Alex would wind up blubbering at the graduation?

22 | Are you shocked that Supernatural‘s Mary actually survived the season?

23 | How many Grey’s Anatomy fans are thinking that, because we didn’t get a look at Megan’s face in the finale, the redhead on the gurney is going to turn out to not be Owen’s sister? Was Ben’s derring-do during the Grey Sloan blaze his audition for the firefighters spinoff? And why was Leah brought back this season to do… nothing? Lastly, no follow-up to the Alex/Jo storyline? Seriously?

24 | Who wore it better: Madam Secretary‘s Elizabeth or Scandal‘s Mellie?

25 | Wasn’t The Blacklist‘s Tom way too casual about opening that suitcase in a public place, considering it contained a human skeleton? Also, once you saw Mr. Kaplan remove a guy’s eyeball from its socket, weren’t you kind of relieved the show is moving to 8 pm next season?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cece says:

    19. Nail meet head! The Bunny/Erin storyline is so repetitive and with the same, outcome. Ridiculousness.

  2. Natalie says:

    I loved Downward Dog which tells me it will be cancelled. Everytime I love a show it doesn’t last.

  3. Scott says:

    Neal was born three season finales ago and is still an infant. Emma’s Boston rent pileup doesn’t cover that many years, even with the one year jump to end season 3A

  4. Patrick says:

    23. Obviously they brought up Leah early on so that it wouldn’t seem forced to have a friend for Jo to hang out with next season. Otherwise next season it would have been just Jo and Ben for the boards (And any other thing). And Ben and Jo…not the best pair to develope

    • JM says:

      Their boards should have taken place last season. The Greys timeline is so confusing. They should be fellows already, but for some reason they delayed it even though it’s been about 6 years.

      • Rook says:

        True. Plus wouldn’t it help the saying Richard said about interns or residents, something like only two of them would make it through the program.

        • JM says:

          With Murphy back, it still is technically two. Along with Ben still being there. But regardless, I hope to see Stephanie again. She had a rough start but got better.

          • fiberlicious says:

            The actress playing Stephanie is getting her own show in the fall, so I don’t think she’ll be back.

  5. LK says:

    11. Barry didnt have his powers due to the meta dampener at Argus… and Oliver trained him in combat back in the 1st season I believe.

    • Nichole says:

      This. The real question here is isn’t King Shark a meta in this continuity? So why was he a factor with the dampener?

      • Dacia says:

        King shark wouldn’t have powers but he’s a shark so natural shark abilities and strengths. If he bites you it’ll still hurt or kill you.

  6. Penny says:

    #25 – definitely will be interesting to see how it does at 8. Blindspot was too dark for that time slot and now they are moving another darker show in the same time slot? I don’t get it.

  7. B says:

    Mellie FTW

  8. CC says:

    23. It is probably Owen’s sister because there is more drama for Nathan and Meredith, if she is alive. They probably didn’t want to bring in Bridget Regan just to show a redheaded woman on a gurney. Similarly, a couple of years ago, at Derek’s funeral, they showed the back of a dark-haired, curly haired woman, that was supposed to Cristina. They didn’t bring in Sandra Oh for that.

  9. Vicki says:

    19. The Bunny / Erin storyline is so overdone on Chicago PD . Honestly at this point I couldn’t care less if Erin stays or goes .

    • Lena says:

      Agree, which is crazy because I love Sophia but her character is just drab now

      • cuius says:

        Given that Wolf Films are currently running a docu-series “Inside The FBI: New York”, and Dick Wolf is on record saying, “I’ve always wanted to do a scripted FBI show, it’s been a dream of mine for years.” – Sophia may not be back in the PD but in a new series – “Chicago FBI”

  10. David Bloom says:

    Mary might have ‘survived’, but she’s going to make Sam’s time in the cage look like a ice cream social.

  11. LADY_in_MD says:

    #2-I wondered that too like who has been keeping up the apartment and paying her rent for all these years?

    #8-So OVER IT! And can they just get rid of Louisa or at least have her get a backbone and stick up to the woman who 1)killed her father, 2)kidnapped her nephew 3)killed Scott 4)who knows what else she has done behind Louisa’s back

    #10-I really wish they kept the show on I would love to have seen Diley be parents and all the shenanigans that would come from it.

  12. Hannah says:

    10. Emma really is ridiculously cute, especially now that’s she talking (and proving how she really is Ben’s kid lmao). I don’t want Baby Daddy to end right now!

    19. Bunny overstayed her welcome about 2 seasons ago (remember when she nudged her daughter into alcoholism when her friend died?).

    23. I figured we didn’t see Megan’s face because they didn’t want to bring Bridget Regan in for a 3 second, non-speaking bit in this episode. I feel like the bright red hair was supposed to be pretty indicative of who it was – red hair that bright isn’t common enough in the world, let alone in the US Army, for that to be a coincidence. Plus, Teddy saw and ID-ed her already…

  13. Annie says:

    On Grey’s Anatomy: I thought Leah had come back to the hospital? is she still on the show?
    Can we NOT have a love triangle between Meredith/Riggs/Megan? We’ve already seen her compete with a red-haired. Get someone new to Meredith.
    Maggie and Jackson? I thought she was worried about him as a sister. If there were any actual tension, I’m pretty sure only April detected it.

  14. skrable2 says:

    18. “Nucular” wasn’t as bothersome as NCIS’s Bishop alternating between “Para-GWAY” and “Para-GWHY”

  15. Ange says:

    #24 neither. The dress was not that cute.

  16. Shar says:

    #20 – we are supposed to believe that super-dads Mitch & Cam have not read any of Lily’s report cards to figure out she’s smart??

    #24 – Mellie wins although I think Luna’s dress was more presidential.

  17. Television says:

    1. Hawaii Five O- I don’t understand the question.
    7. Supergirl. I get why Calista left the show, so lets move on and not bring her back, cause I just now got used to her being gone from CatCo.
    10. Baby Daddy. This is one of the best shows out there, comedy wise. I don’t get why they cancelled it. Emma is so cute and I like her little one liners. The whole cast is so good together which is rare. I watch the reruns all the time to fill in the empty space between episodes/seasons. Please pick this show up on a different channel if need be. We need more of this show.
    11. The Flash is a great show and gets better each time.
    15. Agents of Shield. I don’t really get why YoYo would have such influence. I thought they were casual couple, didn’t really see them as a couple. I get why Mack would want to stay.

  18. Mary says:

    7. Bringing Cat back and having her in scenes with Rhea (even if not in the same room) I’m wishing that Teri Hatcher to be a regular too because their exchange was great. Rhea would be a better foil for Cat than Maxwell Lord was in the first season. Keep Rhea and lose Mon-El.

  19. Victor says:

    #8 [Jane the Virgin]: The Sin Rostro storyline is the only one that actively interests me on the show, the other ones can be very hit-or-miss in my opinion….

    #22 [Supernatural]: I haven’t seen the finale yet, but YES! I was expecting her to die in the first couple of episodes, the in the first third, then by mid-season and I could never believe they kept her on the show. (I’m very thankful for that though!)

  20. jlopie1 says:

    #1: NOBODY does movie-version stunts on a small screen better than H50! They even replaced stunt coordinators mid-season this year, and the action never skipped a beat! ( I didn’t say they were necessarily realistic, but they are fun to watch!)

  21. Callie says:

    SHIELD: Henry Simmons really sold it during that scene but I have to agree. It doesn’t feel as strong as it could’ve been, let’s say, if it was Daisy who tried to get him back like how he tried to save her in the end of season 3, or if it was between Jemma and Fitz. The Coulson/May thing didn’t only undercut the tension, it’s already getting boring… If I have to listen to them talking about that bottle of haif again… just get together or don’t. No LMDs or ex-husbands stopping them now.

  22. westwingwolf says:

    8. I would have gone on not caring one way or the other about the Sin Rostro storyline if Michael had lived. But because he died as a result of Rose’s actions, I want it over with. There is nothing more they can do with that character, and Luisa becomes more of a doormat by sticking with her. At some point, Luisa has to make the sane choice of being loyal to Rose or being loyal to Rafael; she can’t choose both because I can’t see Rafael being disloyal to Jane by remaining loyal to Luisa if she remains loyal to Rose. No matter which way it goes, that family is going to fall apart if Luisa doesn’t end things with Rose.
    13. That was jarring, but I think at this point Major & Liv know it can’t work out with them as long as Liv is a zombie. They don’t want to deny each other the chance of happiness.
    14. Cruz was causing his own problems at that point. And he certainly could have tried hard to make things work out for himself with the hearing instead of relying solely on Mouch to fix it. If everyone on Squad lives, I wouldn’t be surprised if Severide chose Kannel to stay over the way Cruz was acting because he brought it on himself. However, if Mouch survives, I suspect he’ll be sticking with that retirement or choosing some kind of administrative position that keeps him close to 51. In that case, I can see Cruz taking a spot back on Truck.
    19. So done with Bunny, but I fear this will not be the last we see of her until there is a case where she turns up dead.
    23. I think we didn’t see Megan because Bridget Regan was busy filming for Jane the Virgin or something else. If the Sin Rostro storyline finally ends, there will be a good chance we’ll see her on Grey’s Anatomy. Or if she is not available, they’ll recast the role. There’s more storyline to be had if it is her than if it isn’t her. As for Ben, that’d be the 2nd career change for him and 3rd career we’ve seen him have. I can certainly see that causing issues for him & Bailey if he does. I’d completely forgotten about Leah. When was the last time we saw her? With all the build up about Alex & Jo in the beginning of this season, it does feel wrong to leave it there, but I suspect that it will pick back up to complete the storyline when they are able to have Jo onscreen.
    24. To steal from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, how about who wore it the same? (Though because of their stances in the pictures, it does look better on Mellie, but when watching the shows, I thought it looked nice on both of them.)

    • Kristy says:

      #8 – YES! I would careless about Sin Rostra had Rose’s gunshot not been what ultimately killed Michael. I need to see her in jail or dead because she cost Jane (and me) Michael.

  23. jml says:

    Ben better not move to the firefighter spinoff and leave his wife on the original show. Also, that guy has already changed carers once. Remember when he was an anastesologist?

  24. jml says:

    Maybe it was part of the curse that Emma had the apartment again?

  25. V.J. says:

    22. Well, if you wald have asked me in December or something like that I would have said “She is so dead at the end of the season”. But recently I have started to wonder and suddenly I wasn´t so sure about her dying anymore. I think it would have been to obvious and “the easy way out” somehow. (also, I really wasn´t that interested in another “SN is always killing of it´s female characters”-discussion so maybe I just hoped for her not to die although I don´t like her character)

  26. Candace says:

    23 – I would think that, except that Teddy saw Megan and said it was her. Teddy knows Megan well so that would be a pretty big mistake on her part.

  27. ScottJ says:

    3. I was only a little surprised that Wednesday’s con worked as well as it did. It is an old classic though, and Wednesday is pretty good at conning everyone. The snow would have helped – people just wanted to bank and run.

  28. N says:

    4- I love, but don’t understand The Leftovers!

  29. Lena says:

    #19 I literally don’t see what she brings to stories or character development, she’s like their go to when they need erin to feel worse about her job/life and it’s tiresome

  30. arial2 says:

    24 – Mellie, by far, even though I like Elizabeth more.

    25 – Technically, we didn’t see her remove the guy’s eye, just the preparations for it. I guess that makes it okay for 8:00, right?

    • fiberlicious says:

      Can’t believe no one mentioned how DUH it was to have the last confrontation on a bridge….with everyone 20 yards away from her…and her standing at the railing…. It was obvious from the first second of that scene what was going to happen – pretty disappointing from a show that’s so good at the unexpected.

  31. Larc says:

    23- GA writers rarely fail to inject a problem into every situation they can. So I think they will definitely throw wrenches into what is supposed to be the return of Owen’s sister.

  32. Cate says:

    I love Bridget Regan so I like the Sin Rostropovich story line. Yes the Mission Impossible mask is ridiculous but I like it

    I LOVED seeing Cat Grant again on Supergirl and her snarky wit has been missed. As long as they don’t kill her off cos that would piss me off big time!

  33. knd24 says:

    16. IT’S A TRAP!!! screams every bone in my body!

  34. Dominique says:

    15. i’ve been wondering the exact same thing for the past two episodes. they were not even close to ‘willing to die for you” in their relationship, yet that’s how they were presented. weird.
    23. it would be disappointing and beyond stupid if ben were to become a fireman. this is someone who gave up his career as anesthesiologist to become a surgeon, and now he would give that up as well to have a profession in something that frightens him? i surely hope not.
    also; teddy altman confirmed it was megan. it would be pretty bad if she turned out to be wrong about her own friend. not to mention cruel. i hope that’s not the road they’ll go down next season.

  35. Temperance says:

    3. Historically, Odin was always supernaturally persuasive.

  36. Tom says:

    3 | On American Gods, wasn’t it tough to believe that all of those bank customers would’ve handed over their cash to Wednesday without checking into his story?
    I mean, Wednesday’s been in the new world for what, something like eleven hundred years, give or take? He’s good at what he does.
    5 | Don’t Veep‘s Catherine and Marjorie have more suitable men in their lives to donate sperm than Selina’s motley crew of staffers?
    You’ve seen their world. No.
    6 | How badly is NBC rooting for the Pearson family’s favorite team, the Steelers, to make it to next year’s Super Bowl? #ThisIsCrossPromotion
    I don’t know how badly THEY’RE rooting for them. I just know few things would make me happier than a Seattle/Pittsburgh Super Bowl. Only a Seattle/Buffalo Super Bowl would make me happier. Oh wait, it’s trademarked and stuff, we’re supposed to call it The Big Game.
    20 | With only Lily and Joe left as “kids,” will Modern Family find a Cousin Oliver-y way to introduce a new rugrat? And could it have been more obvious that Haley and Alex would wind up blubbering at the graduation?
    Well, there’s Pameron’s kid. Also, for the love of the FSM, can they recast Joe? Please?
    21 | What did you think of ABC’s ‘Downward Dog’?
    11/10, would totally recommend it. I’m a dog owner and I loved it. Even if it wasn’t set in Pittsburgh.
    22 | Are you shocked that Supernatural‘s Mary actually survived the season?
    I mean, she’s a woman, so, her days are numbered. I’m still not forgiving them for Jo or Charlie. LARP and the Real Girl is quite possibly the closest thing I’ve ever had to a religious experience.

  37. TV Gord says:

    I am not a dog owner, and I loved it. I’m the youngest in my family, though, so I have a sneaking suspicious that I WAS the dog in my family. :-) ;-)

  38. Haddy says:

    23 – They probably just couldn’t get Bridget Regan for the finale. And I’m guessing the lack of closure for Alex/Jo is mainly due to the actress’s pregnancy, but there was really nothing at all about it which was… annoying. This has been going on for more than a season.

  39. chuckiechk says:

    10. theory among some Baby Daddy fans is it was cancelled because of them picking up the black-ish spinoff. not sure what the reason is, but it came out of NO WHERE

    • Hannah says:

      If it was just about picking up the black-ish spinoff, then why wouldn’t they cancel Young & Hungry instead? Doesn’t Baby Daddy have more viewers? That can’t be the only reason.

  40. Joann says:

    I was hoping someone would bring up the who wore it better! Frankly I think Melly looked stunning!

  41. Brock says:

    23: Teddy revealed it IS Owen’s sister. She knows her. Jo’s real-life pregnancy took her off the board, sadly. I felt for poor Andrew though, barely had a story all year and was in a mask in his one scene in the finale. :( Leah’s tale was to develop the Richard Webber tale which took over almost all characters’ stories and gave a lot of tension. She thrived elsewhere, questioning his teaching.

  42. Brock says:

    23: Teddy revealed it IS Owen’s sister. She knows her. Jo’s real-life pregnancy took her off the board, sadly. I felt for poor Andrew though, barely had a story all year and was in a mask in his one scene in the finale. :( Leah’s tale was to develop the Richard Webber tale which took over almost all characters’ stories and gave a lot of tension. She thrived elsewhere, questioning his teaching.

  43. ekolint48 says:

    11. They explained in the ep that Lyla’s facility had some kind of technology to dampen meta’s powers (I was asking myself the same thing when Snart and Barry were rushing out of that vault before I remembered this). But, the hand-to-hand query is valid given we’ve only ever seen him train to get faster and develop his abilities from that standpoint.

    13. He was with Liv longer than Ravi and Peyton were an item and Rav is still way more hung up on her than Major appeared to be over his relationship w/Liv. Given the intensity of what transpired on his almost deathbed, it would seem things are still unresolved b/w them to me.

  44. Kevin Tran says:

    6. I wouldn’t bet my money on the Steelers if they’re going to make it towards the Super Bowl.

  45. Jon Willis says:

    23. There was no follow up for Jo and Alex in the finale because the actress who plays Jo is out in Maternity leave

  46. angela riley says:

    No follow up on Alex and Jo and then how Shondra gonna get me akk ezcited having April and jackson sleep together, have no follow up and now supposedly he and Maggie like each other (ewww! Stepsiblings!)

  47. kirads09 says:

    #4 My ?’s about the Leftovers (besides well – EVERYTHING) – where were Laurie, John and Michael when Matt was about to be essentially gang raped? You would think they would’ve stepped in to help him. Also, is the animal killing really necessary to the story? (kangaroos, dogs, a lion) – I find it disturbing. But maybe that is the point.

    #18 – I honestly thought Patterson was going to quit. I am so glad she didn’t but yes, it was glossed over some. But maybe it will be revisited next season.

  48. seawing says:

    So, Cat was able to recognize James, by he eyes, through the slit in his mask, but doesn’t recognize Supergirl when her whole entire face is visible. Please, how stupid is that?

  49. Moshi Moshi says:

    10. You are so right! Why did they cancelled Baby Daddy?!?

  50. cjeffery7 says:

    16. i read the book in high school but i have completely and utterly failed to remember anything other than the broad facts of the characters and location. i have a bad feeling though that the luke thing is a hoax to see how loyal or not she is. that said, in the eyes of the leaders of gilead “ofglen” (alexis bledel) was worth JUST enough to not straight up kill her. so i guess June still has that going for her? *gulp*