fear the walking dead season 3 preview dave erickson interview

Fear the Walking Dead Boss Previews 'Harder' Alicia, 'Ruthless' Travis and Some 'Incredibly Violent' New Enemies

When AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns for Season 3 (9/8c, Sunday, June 4), you may not recognize its core family.

Madison, Travis & Co. are still played by the same actors, of course. But “now they’ve been knocked around quite a bit,” showrunner Dave Erickson tells TVLine. “They went from the boat to the hacienda to the hotel, Nick went to the colonia, and what they’ve seen is that everything in this world is impermanent. Every time you try to get a hold on something, it goes away. So moving into the season, the group is far more assertive and stronger.”

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Which makes them as formidable — and, ironically, as vulnerable — as Rick and their other counterparts on The Walking Dead. “Travis has become sort of the apocalyptic warrior,” Erickson previews. “He’s far more ruthless than we’ve seen him be before. And that’s going to ultimately compromise him and the family in ways that they didn’t anticipate. Having killed Andrés, Alicia has been knocked back a few steps… but starting around the fifth episode, she gets to a place where she becomes a bit harder and becomes more of an ally to her mother.”

Speaking of whom, in the wake of the dramatic two-hour premiere, Madison is “going to double down and abandon anything resembling mercy for a time,” the EP says. “For her, in this world, you have to sell a piece of your soul to survive. And as we move through the season, Nick and Alicia are going to see that and come to understand what drives her.”

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fear the walking dead season 3 preview dave erickson interviewEarly on, her focus will be on securing for the family a place among the survivalists at the Otto clan’s ranch — a neat trick, considering that among the new group are characters that are “incredibly dangerous and incredibly violent,” Erickson admits. “There is an ugliness that pervades this ranch and an ugliness in [patriarch] Jeremiah Otto [played by Deadwood’s Dayton Callie] and his youngest son, Troy [Teen Wolf alum Daniel Sharman].

“So it’s a somewhat tenuous existence for them,” he continues. “But they’re going to find a toehold and take control of their circumstances. The fundamental question is, how dirty are they willing to get?”

Apparently more than dirty enough. “Madison is going to suffer for some of the choices she makes,” Erickson teases. “Not to say we’re going to fragment our family again by the end of the season, but there’s going to be a tension between them that didn’t exist before, because of the things that they’re going to deal with over the first half of this season.”

So, are you looking forward to Season 3? Haters notwithstanding, hadn’t the show gotten pretty damn kickass by the conclusion of Season 2? Hit the comments.

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  1. Uno says:

    When you guys talk about strand… Ill care again.. Until then…

    • AngelWasHere says:

      Same and tbh I’m only watching this show out of boredom till the real show comes back.

    • Rubin says:

      Unless they make his character stupid like the others. Maybe they could just move Strand to the main show and bon voyage everyone else.

  2. Wrstlgirl says:

    Whoohooo, I’m ready!!

  3. Bryan87 says:

    Personally, I could do with a little less Nick this coming season. I have a really hard time warming up to that character and the choices they’re making for him, storywise. At the same time it would be nice to have them follow through on having Alicia step up more, give her an actual, meaty story this time. Also looking forward to whatever’s going on with Strand and the promised insight into Madison’s state of mind.

    • Rubin says:

      Are you crazy?! We need her killed off and fed to the zombies like the majority of the pathetic cast who can’t act. The only even half decent person is Strand. Alicia Clark is one of the dumbest if not the dumbest girl I have seen in this entire franchise and on my tv in general. She is embarrassing and people literally only like her for her face. She can do modelling instead or something because some of us want a quality spin off for a quality show, not druggie and Miley Cyrus wannabe. This show seems to be targeted towards children and easily pleased children at that. When they kill off most of the cast, then I will be satisfied. But if not, may as well kill the spin off for all it’s worth, trailer trash tv.

      • Sam says:

        Mmmm she is not a single patch on her character Lexa in the 100 and this character that she plays is very shallow and unlikable and requires a lot of pouting but little skill. I have seen the actress in other movies ans stuff and apart from Lexa which was gold, she plays nearly the same type of character in everything, a shallow pouty teenager. She seems to be a bit of a one trick pony, shame, I was hoping she would get better because I loved Lexa in the show the 100 but saying this was a huge let down is an understatement and I tried to persevere.

      • Bryan87 says:

        I’m fine, thank you very much. Rather bored by the same old, same old from whiny TWD fans who don’t seem to understand that no one is forcing them to follow this show and there’s no need to try and be a buzzkill for those of us who do enjoy FTWD.

        • Miranda says:

          My friend got us to watch it as part of a drinking game (because it’s so hilariously bad) and it’s true, most of the guys in the room said Alicia and Ofelia are hot but apart from that they wouldn’t watch. I enjoy the lols from it and comparing how bad it is to TWD but it is a crappy show on its own and why it got renewed is beyond me, I think with the new showrunners it can only get worse.

          • For those of you who don’t like this show, it’s just because you haven’t a clue what the show means. I love The Walking Dead as well but this show is so beyond it,this show has got far more substance&actual meaning. TWD, It’s more like the “Dummy” guide for those who have no clue what sublimation there is on tv, for example, shows like Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, these shows are written masterpieces, it’s sad for those who just see just meth&the Russian mafia. While FTWD is not to their level, if you’re bored, it’s bc you don’t really get the meaning of it, most of you don’t even get the meaning of TWD, I’ll leave it at that.

          • Jamie says:

            noemirmorgan I disagree with everything you just said. FTWD has no meaning and it has no originality. If you are actually trying to derive a philosophical meaning behind this, don’t. All it is is a bad carbon copy of The Walking Dead with a dysfunctional family depicted with bad acting ability, a poorly developed narrative, a bratty teenager leading a group of people and nearly whole episodes spoken in Spanish. It is a zombie show and a badly developed one at that with nothing original about it. The Walking Dead is much better and your argument holds no weight because in The Walking Dead we feel something for characters like Glenn’s death was a massive earthquake. With these characters, they are dumb and unlikable and we have no sympathy. The Walking Dead is much deeper than this and rather contrary to what you say, THIS is the dumb walk-through version. Even the video game would have translated as a much better spin off, the character Clementine’s death left people in tears and she has since cameoed in other games as a result. Fear the Walking Dead is pretty pathetic on all fronts and it’s sinking bit by bit as a result. I also would have liked a reboot of a better spin off like the video game instead of THIS.

          • Jamie says:

            PS, I can’t believe you are actually trying to compare shows like Breaking Bad to FTWD, there is not a shred of comparison…please no, Fear is just awful.

        • John says:

          Bryan it’s actually the opposite, people like you are killing our buzz, the millions fans of the Walking Dead who were severely let down by an atrocious spin of with bad characters, bad acting and baf writing. If it gets cancelled then they can do it better and get a surge in ratings rather than a steady decline as is currently the trend.

          • Bryan87 says:

            How self-obsessed can you possibly get that people enjoying a show you don’t like for whatever is “killing your buzz”? I honestly can’t relate to it. If I don’t like a show, I don’t follow it. Simple as that. It makes my life so much easier and I don’t feel the need to watch something just because of its ties to other media I’ve enjoyed in the past either.

            It’s this continued obsession with something you don’t like that makes people like Tamy joke about the fanboy mentality. AMC is currently happy with the ratings, it seems, otherwise they wouldn’t continue to renew it. You’ll just have to live with that for now.

          • Dannii says:

            Of course people are watching it because it has ties to other media, it has The Walking Dead in its name!! The showrunners have also teased a crossover multiple times. That’s something that many fans of the main show are understandably afraid of. It is still on decent ratings but I think the general consensus is that it is going downhill. That doesn’t bother me really because for me, I think it is just ok. I don’t really understand how anybody can bond with or obsess over these characters, Fear the Walking Dead is light viewing, it is the equivalent of the added bonus on the dvd. I don’t know why you and others are upset, granted you might like some part of it whatever that may be better, but Fear the Walking Dead was always going to serve as nothing but a filler and it certainly isn’t anywhere close to an all time winner. If it ended, I don’t think many would be crying, put it that way.

          • Bryan87 says:

            I’m not upset, though? At least certainly not in the way you imply. I’m enjoying the show while it lasts and if it ends it ends. Happens all the time, tv shows eventually run their course. What I still don’t get is why people who don’t even like it are so obsessed with it and I still haven’t gotten a reasonable answer to that, but well… whatever makes people happy, I guess.

        • Tam says:

          There is no bunch as whiny and entitled as the straight fanboys, simple fact.

  4. ? says:

    And, as usual, I will endeavor to care while I wait for Strand to be on screen.

  5. Justice says:

    This show is doomed with the new showrunners coming. They suck. This show should be cancelled ao that amc can focus in getting the original walking dead back on track.

  6. mrmcgee says:

    I’m not going to go as far as saying kick ass, but in still watching. I’m still not as attached to these core characters but we’ll see how this goes.

    I still love the idea that FTWD could’ve been more of an anthology series with mini arcs or episodes dealing with the early outbreak in dissrent settings. Our have every episode have an opening act like the one that showed what happened with the wedding party.

  7. mrmcgee says:

    Has it been established whether or not he’s coming back?

  8. John says:

    I sincerely hope this pathetic spin off gets cancelled because then hopefully they can recreate one that actually does the Walking Dead franchise justice. The characters I don’t care for, the acting is bad the narrative is bad the decisions are stupid. It sjould not have been renewed. Cancel or kill the cast and go back to the drawing board.

  9. T.j. Carter says:

    Wow…people really hate this show!
    Ok, I just started watching TWD last year through Netflix. I started somewhere with the Governor (whatever season that is and wherever that takes place…I do intend to go and watch all of the seasons at some point) ….after reaching the season 7 midpoint with the intro of Negan I learned of FTWD. I ordered the two seasons through Amazon and did a binge of about 18-20 hours watching the first and second seasons…(whew, now that we have all of that out of the way–just stating what type of watcher I am)…

    I personally like the spin off. I don’t need to really compare it to TWD (even though I think that is natural). Seems good enough to me that it is the same universe and same “rules”. Different set of circumstances (West coast family, blended and dysfunctional), shows beginning of the apocalypse and society’s breakdown. Adds “international” flair (taking place in Mexico and the US). Episodes aboard the Abigail were totally cool to me because it addressed the situation from sea. I think it sort of answered the question for all of us who have thought to ourselves, “hmmm…I would just get a vessel of some sort and stay at sea”. “what could go wrong?”

    The bad acting (to me) is just the interpretation of these characters. I have never seen 100, so I didn’t know that “Alicia” is playing the “same” role as she always does. I just take the characters at face value. They seem like “everyday people” caught in this mess which is as “realistic” as it gets(to me)

    I also think that because this show does not follow a “story” from comic books or another novel, that we have no idea where it is going and that gives it a certain originality that you can’t totally get with TWD.
    Maybe I just like zombie apocalyptic themes and unlike a movie (which is over in two hours) the ongoing timeline just makes it great.

    For the most part, I am NOT a TV watcher so maybe I am not the best judge of a show like this…but I am looking forward to season 3 and beyond.

    • Jazz says:

      I don’t have much faith in this spin-offs future in all honesty and I can see why people hate it. It gets slow to the point of boredom. I don’t like Alicia either, she’s moody and annoying, making her the face of this is really laughable. That is actually a sensible point someone raised, sometimes I get confused as to who or what the target audience is supposed to be, despite the name it is clearly not TWD fans. I would say this is for younger people too. And the acting is atrocious. Madison has a plastered on face. Alicia well…insignificant moronic teenager leading the pack now…wtf, IS it because she’s pretty? And don’t get me started on that drug addict brother Nick. To be fair he started off slightly promising but just ended up going so downhill. The storylines are not great. They are in Mexico and 3/4 of one episode was literally in English subtitles. Again wtf NO!! So yeah, I understand why people are frustrated and want it redone. I don’t know if I will continue on because the fact that Alicia seems to be the face of it now is really meh and I am not one to watch a show for looks alone. I haven’t seen The 100 but I know a lot of people came to see her on this because she played someone called Lexa and it turned out to be a royal let down. I came for TWD and baby Voldemort but I was really let down too. It is hated but it’s also easy to understand why. If it didn’t have The Walking Dead still in its name, I think people wouldn’t take it so personally but TWD is the baby of many and nobody wants those producers teasing a crossover with this garbage again. People are trying to use the excuse that they are separate….these shows are unwillingly tethered to the hip and so are the fanbases (unwillingly). Hope that clears up the confusion.

    • Jamie says:

      But that’s the problem. Contrary to what you think, this show is actually more processed than McDonalds. There is nothing fresh or original about it. It only is where it is today by “borrowing” the title of one of the most popular cable franchises. The production team was largely “borrowed” from that show too. But the real issue: there is absolutely nothing original about the narrative. If you think moving it to Mexico and having nearly an entire episode in Spanish has been successful for it’s “international flair” (Mexico btw??), think again. Also, every narrative has been done before, mostly paralleling as a bad copy of TWD meets a bad copy of z nation. The boat sequence for half a season was mindnumbingly boring and unnecessary. It doesn’t take a genius to know that that pack of idiots wouldn’t last and it was dragged out, zombies can swim…hurray?? Again this was done way better in World War Z, much more entertaining and logical boat sequence there. I can’t even begin to tell you how frustrating it is but to see some people so accepting of it just because of its stolen name. Which brings me to another thing the show “borrowed”. The majority of the actors fanbases. Most of these actors were factored in because of how much they bring to the table as most were successful in something before. Alicia, Kim Dickens, the new Teen Wolf and Buffy actor and yes even a few Harry Potter diehards for Nick have all flocked to this show to see their favorite actors, not because they admire the story. I heard at one of the earlier FTWD events with Alicia, the audience spent most of the time asking questions about her beloved character on her other show and basically, it wasn’t what you would expect.So therefore that’s another thing this show has cleverly done. So overall I have to say that saying it is original as a means of liking it…well it’s not original you know…it actually copies and borrows a lot of things. It is what I like to classify as a leech show really, ok but just not good really. Izombie is pretty good though. If you like zombie stuff I would highly recommend that.

      • Well Jamie, you clearly have no idea what I mean, no offense respectively, but your response is not what I meant at all, but not very many,actually very few people do but that’s OK bc that’s how media works. If you notice, I chose not to elaborate what I meant, under the premises that posiibly not one person understood. Anyhow I always appreciate another’s feedback.

        • Jamie says:

          I am glad you saw this one because I don’t think you actually can argue with it, it is borrowed, it is unoriginal it is poor quality in comparison, it is losing viewers for a reason and it in no way should ever be compared to amazing shows like Breaking Bad, that’s just stupid. It doesn’t have meaning, all it is and ever functioned as was a filler and an unsatisfactory one at that. I’m annoyed because of its laziness, TWD spin off should have been so much better. As I said, even the video game Trumps it by a mile. Anything that’s in Fear was done a thousand times better in something else. The “glimpses of inspiration” people think they are seeing are actually stolen fragments from other things, plagiarism almost with no repercussions.

  10. The problem with the Walking Dead franchises is that zombies, over time, get old. (And smell. Seriously, they really start to stink.) So the franchises bring in more live human bad guys, they get more and more over the top each time, until finally somebody like Negan comes along and your disbelief suspenders fall off, you roll your eyes and you change the channel for good. What about all the ways people have to learn to survive in this new world? Where are they getting water? How is the food distributed? Is there any news? What’s happening in Europe, Asia, the rest of the world? There’s a lot of questions that haven’t been answered here. I really hope FTWD can explore more of that before it gives in to the Negan Syndrome.

    • Jazz says:

      Well considering the showrunners that ruined TWD are coming over to Fear because the previous one jumped ship, I would say don’t have high hopes. I am really disappointed with it tbh, I thought it could have done much better but it as just…bad.

    • And I definitely wasn’t comparing the shows, I was just pointing out that there’s some things going on in the FTWD that definitely got substance, if you at all understand what I mean. For example Negan might be a correlation to our newly elected president in TWD. In FTWD, there’s definitely meaning as to why it’s based in Mexico&the the meaning of the border, the meaning of the characters, especially Nick&Strand. I realize that others just don’t really care too much about meaning so that’s why I just left it at that.

      • Jamie says:

        People made jokes about the Mexico thing but you are looking into it too deeply and giving the franchise more credit than it deserves. The Mexico thing I imagine was coincidental because it would have be planned long before that with the main failed attempt at an attractive factor being a dramatic change in scenery. Most people hate that it is set in Mexico and even if it was done on purpose as you say, it’s not enough to make up for the fact that the characters and story is largely 2 dimensional although I see why you thought it might be doing a Breaking Bad. And as for Negan, this definitely was a coincidence, Negan’s story was written in the comics long before Trump and it sticks to the comics really well so again, I don’t think it was that clever and you’re right, I don’t think it makes much difference but I respect your interpretation.

        • Well so you know, if you watched the Simpsons, Trump actually was president on an episode 16 years ago, as well as many interviews in the 80s,90s, where he speaks about this very subject. You’re still missing what I mean, or not getting me, & these shows are made to be read into, if that’s you what you choose to do. Your responses are the exact responses that most of the world would have, but everything you see on TV, it has DEFINITE meaning, & there’s a reason why the content is the way it is. In your defense, the content is made in a way where the majority will or CANNOT notice exactly what I am speaking of. And this is ok, I hope you don’t feel that I’m offending you, you don’t seem to be. You refer to it as looking into it to deeply, however, if you understand what I’m speaking of, your opinion definitely would be different. Once again, I appreciate your feedback, but you still aren’t getting anything of what I mean, & that’s ok.

  11. Dannii says:

    The trailer for this… I don’t get it.

  12. Well Jamie, you clearly have no idea what I mean, no offense respectively, but your response is not what I meant at all, but not very many,actually very fee people do but that’s OK bc that’s how media works. If you notice, I chose not to elaborate what I meant, under the premises that posiibly not one person understood. Anyhow I always appreciate another’s feedback.

    • Jamie says:

      The most important type of meaning any dramatic show should capture is meaning of the heart and that is something that is really lacking in Fear because the characters aren’t characters people can bond with and therefore can’t relate to either. Any other show would have plunged straight away for this bad set up only for the fact that it has The Walking Dead name. But if they can’t even get the basics right come season 3, that’s no good.

  13. Mike says:

    Y’know, sometimes I wonder whether we’re just getting trolled – after all the chaos and upheaval behind the scenes when TWD set season 2 on The Farm, these guys decide to play with fire and set the spinoff on a similar location?
    Hopefully they learned something from their predecessors’ mistakes and don’t leave their characters spinning their wheels for half the season.

    • Jamie says:

      Mike I like it, it actually is a great interpretation of the spin off in general. But as for the characters with their wheels spinning and the show learning from TWD mistakes….well them thing is in Fear the characters never had wheels to begin with and it can’t really be a show that will learn from another’s mistakes when it has been making so many of its own. I said it before and I’ll say it again, Fear lacks in the narrative and it lacks in having any sort of heart that you can even care for anything or anyone in it as a viewer. They should have done better

  14. John says:

    Everybody who hates the show,suck a big fat one. If it’s really that hard for you to watch, don’t watch it! Let those of us who enjoy it and want to give it a chance do so in peace. I would never compare it to the walking dead, only the title. The walking dead is the greatest show ever and nothing compares. So let fear stand alone and do it’s own thing. I wouldn’t want to watch the same plot lines only with different characters, rewashed and served cold. Let the show be it’s own. I guess it’s hard for some people not to compare the two because of the title but I watch the walking dead for the walking dead and I watch fear for fear. Keep it separate. No one is forcing you to watch.

    • Serena says:

      John you can’t not compare the two shows. And you are completely wrong, Fear doesn’t stand on its own in any way, it leans too heavily on The Walking Dead as its crutch. I agree with what others have been saying, it isn’t original, it had potential but was ultimately a huge let down. It’s part of The Walking Dead Universe and that in itself bothers a lot of people. I agree that a reboot is necessary because it is going downhill and it is a bad show. I can’t understand how people stomach it as is. From The Walking Dead, I expected far better. Sorry but it gets a thumbs down from me too.