The Odd Couple Officially Cancelled After 3 Seasons at CBS

Oscar and Felix, consider this your official eviction notice.

CBS has formally cancelled The Odd Couple after three seasons, TVLine has learned.

The writing had been on the wall for the Matthew Perry/Thomas Lennon-led sitcom for months. Back in November, the network opted not to order an additional back-nine episodes for the series’ third season, capping it at just 13. What’s more, co-star Yvette Nicole Brown has already moved on; the Community vet is a series regular on ABC’s new comedy The Mayor.

Based on Neil Simon’s original Tony-winning play, which went on to inspire a 1968 film as well as the beloved 1970s ABC series with Jack Klugman and Tony Randall, Perry and Lennon starred as the latest incarnation of classically mismatched roommates Oscar Madison and Felix Unger. Yvette Nicole Brown (Community), Lindsay Sloane (Sabrina, the Teenage Witch) and Wendell Pierce (Treme) co-starred.

Are you upset by the cancellation of The Odd Couple? Surprised a formal announcement took so long? Chime in below.

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  1. Van says:

    In other news, the sky is blue

  2. Jennifer says:

    Sadness. I really liked this show. I thought it was really funny. But … c’est la vie.

    • Argy says:

      Me too. I rarely find shows I like but loved this one. Every episode was funny and I looked forward to it every week. However it became like Rules Of Engagement where you never knew if it was going to be saved or not. Characters were so great together. Sad.

      • Christine says:

        I liked this show, too. As well as Rules of Engagement! It’s true, not knowing for sure if some of these shows are returning. Now the seasons run so differently, used to be Sept.-May. Now I’m not sure half the time when they start and end. Or it seems as if a season of a show just about started and then all of a sudden it’s ending.

    • Darlene says:

      the show was excellent totally stupid move to cancel it

  3. maryellenfaustini says:

    Very sorry about the cancellation. Liked the show very much.

  4. maryellenfaustini says:

    Very sorry about the cancellation. Liked the show very much. Nice relationships among the actors…😑😑😑😑😑😑

  5. Terri Spoonemore says:

    Why cancel the odd couple? They are so funny! Whats wrong with this picture!!

    • Patrick says:

      Given the actors involved, this show would have been ruinously expensive to produce. If it is a big hit, fine. The costs will be recouped at some point. Break even now, with a river of money at some point in the future via syndication. It isn’t a huge hit. That means mounting losses in the short term, with no future river of money.

  6. Kevin Tran says:

    Good move by CBS for cancelling a “crappy boring sitcom” in The Odd Couple.

  7. flowerduh says:

    I’m surprised it made it past season 1

  8. Kris says:

    This they cancel but Colbert is still on?

  9. GuessWhat says:

    if you’re keeping track, four stars of ‘COMMUNITY’ have lost their newer shows in the past week. WOW!

    • Daya says:

      I’m not a fan of Community, but it doesn’t take one to see what a burn that is. OUCH!

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        ‘Cept, you know, Yvette already has a new series (ABC’s The Mayor). Alison Brie is star of Netflix’s GLOW. Gillian Jacob’s Love has already aired Season 2. Atlanta creator/star Donald Glover is off winning awards and shepherding Deadpool series for FXX…….

    • Big Cheddar says:

      Hey – the Seinfeld cast went through the same thing after their show was cancelled, so the Community cast is in good company.

      • Christine says:

        Seinfeld wasn’t cancelled. Originally Jerry Seinfeld was going to stop the season before but decided to do one more and end it while still on top. Yvette has also made appearances as a reporter on the Young & Restless. I liked this new Odd Couple ( also grew up watching the original), disappointed it’s cancelled. I love Matthew Perry and this was a great cast! Very funny! I loved that Garry Marshall played Oscar’s father and they had a tribute to him after he passed. His sister Penny Marshall was on. Those were great moments! They also had a photo on the wall by the apartment door of ‘Oscar’, ‘Felix’ & Oscar’s Dad. Sorry to see this show not return.

  10. Adam says:

    I’m wondering if comedy Monday is going back to just 8-9 next season? Scorpion worked well at 9. And they honestly don’t have enough decently rated comedies to fill 4 hours a week.

  11. Banks says:

    Matthew Perry needs to stop playing different versions of Chandler… Im mean his shows keep getting cancelled

    • dan says:

      Matthew Perry was the weakest element of this show. There was good chemistry between Thomas Lennon and Lindsay Sloane, and Yvette Nicole Brown was good in a supporting role while Wendell Pierce was just ok. The producers made a mistake in breaking up the Felix/Emily coupling, but even keeping them together wouldn’t have been enough to make this show successful. Honestly, I’m surprised it lasted this long.

      • J. Norman says:

        I agree that the best aspect of the show was the Felix / Emily pairing.
        but, to be honest, I had already started to abandon this show prior to them breaking them up and essentially reducing Lindsey Sloane (Emily) to a recurring character.

    • Christine says:

      I don’t remember the others but Oscar Madison was a completely different character than Chandler. I wish things were working out better for Matthew Perry. I don’t think he’s done a movie in quite awhile and those didn’t seem to do well.

  12. Alex Breakaway says:

    Can Matthew Perry catch a break. At least made it to 3 seasons, more than we can say of Go On, Mr Sunshine and Studio

  13. Daya says:

    I loved it, but I also know when something gets narrow renewals for a couple of seasons that it’s going to go sooner rather than later.

    At least they gave us a satisfactory ending (if I remember right).

  14. Iakovos says:

    If a weak sitcom falls in the process of crafting a new season… I was never a fan of this reboot and am surprised it lasted as long as it did. Good talent but this vehicle just did not appeal. Maybe Oscar and Felix can hook up with 2 BROKE GIRLS and the Eye can revive YES DEAR!

  15. Ronnie says:

    I also have to say that Matthew Perry was the weak link in this show.

  16. az80sguy says:

    Hopefully, this will mean Thomas Lennon as Leo Getz will be making a few appearances on “Lethal Weapon” in season 2!

  17. I really wanted this to be a hit for Matthew Perry. I just don’t understand why he picked this re-tread of a re-tread. I tried four or five episodes, but it never grabbed me. It seemed like Perry was trying too hard.

    • TV Gord says:

      He did more than pick it. He championed it, redeveloped it (some of us think devolved it) and took it to the network. He thought it was going to be his big return to series television.

      I think he has now come around to the realization that his talents belong elsewhere. He’s doing Broadway now, with a show that he wrote. Hopefully, that will bring him some fulfillment. After this dreadful version of The Odd Couple, his embarrassing attempt at Teddy Kennedy in that miniseries, he really needs to cut his losses and go away from TV for a while.

  18. DebHulley says:

    I liked the show. So why are thy cancelled?

  19. Maria says:

    I’d love to see Thomas Lennon in another show. He’s very talented.

  20. edward says:

    liked the odd couple. better than man with a plan or kevin can wait

  21. Television says:

    What isn’t cancelled is what I want to know? That will take up a microsecond of time to read. Blink and you miss what is renewed. This is so stupid, if the tv stations keep cancelling everything, why bother to watch stuff in the first place? So I can see 1 episode of 1 show?

  22. George H. says:

    Surprised it lasted 3 seasons. It was awful. Tried watching it once, but Matthew Perry’s over the top overacting got annoying fast.

  23. lindsay says:

    Literally forgot this was even a show.

  24. Mark says:

    I’m surprised it took this long. The show was hit or miss, but I would have come back for more.

  25. Catherine says:


  26. haldrey says:

    Of course I am upset, it was a great silly-funny comedy show and we do need more of them and less drama. Yvette Nicole Brown was more like an extra, not really needed and easily replaceable.

  27. lighthouse69 says:

    Totally devasted! Haven’t stopped crying since I heard!😭 CBS doesn’t know good comedy if it smacked them in the face! You just lost a viewer! #Boycottcbs

  28. Anonymous says:

    3 seasons? I thought this trash got cancelled after season 1.

  29. LMF says:

    Odd couple cancelled again. How many times does it take. I liked it. Sure beats some of the ones on now such as superstore, great news, great indoors..oh well but still once is enough. You can cancel, uncancel but cancel and cancel..huh?

  30. Nancy says:

    This is a excellent show. It ridiculous that anything that isn’t reality or NCIS,gets cancelled. The primary channels are worthless.

  31. Chas says:

    The show was ok, good Monday night filler,I would have rather seen that liberal hack Colbert go but it is what it is. I DON’T watch his ridiculous show anyway he is as worthless as Samantha bee. Kinda wish cbs ended the series with better closure but oh well.

  32. Darlene says:

    Not surprised but I would love to see Matthew in a good fit series…he’s good and funny, just needs to find his niche.

  33. Gail Allen says:

    So sorry to hear that CBS has cancelled The Odd Couple. Perry and Lennon were perfectly cast as Oscar and Felix. I saw Perry in his play, The End of Longing, yesterday in NYC. He is such a gifted actor.

    • Frank sanborn says:

      I agree with you..he should try and get with chuck lorre or add him to another cast thats doing well. But i think the play is gonna keep him busy awhile

  34. Scott Thomas says:

    I loved the show. So sad to see it go. I hope the cast will find work.

  35. keith b stidham says:

    This really stinks. Once again another great fun show is cancelled while other shows that don’t make me laugh once stay. I don’t get it!!

  36. Betty A Childress says:

    Loved the Odd. Couple. Come on, bring it back. Please

  37. Frank sanborn says:

    I really liked this show. The issue i find was the time slot on the east coast. Also what the show gos up against on other networks. Abc has tuesdays and Wednesday’s locked up on comedy. Networks should try and do fridays again. Not everyone goes out on a friday, most wanna relax after a long week. Should’ve put it on before blue bloods. Or maybe see if the show could go too abc in imaginary marys but sad its gone. Tv network people should start taking comments instead of ratings on alot of these shows.

    • Argy says:

      Agree. Fridays would’ve have benefitted from it. People usually leave work early and maybe go for a drink but 7pm on would be free to enjoy such a show.

  38. Terry Stippick says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about the cancellation of the Odd Couple. I am praying to God that they don’t replace this good show with yet another Reality Show. I really enjoyed the Odd Couple and I’m sorry it’s gone

  39. Joey pellegrino says:

    How isn’t anyone supposed to get invested in a show that has 2 different air dates, it’s always on thrusday then mid through the season, it switches to Monday with back to back episode, you guys cancel an established show, what r u guys expection 100 million views, I don’t understand why u guys green light what u do and cancel what u do

  40. J says:

    I absolutely LOVED this show! I was really looking forward to the new season and am devestated that it has been canceled. Few other shows have caused me to laugh so much!

  41. Mona McLain says:

    NOT AGAIN !!! Another real good show canceled

  42. Jean says:

    Another case of a show failing to find an audience because their audience had such a difficult time finding the show
    I loved the show when I could find it.

  43. Darlene says:

    definitely the best comedy on TV And they have to cancel it?

  44. Maria says:

    I am very sad and by the cancellation of this great comedy