Fall TV Preview

Fox Fall Schedule: Empire, Gotham and Lethal Weapon on the Move, Marvel Mutants Paired With Lucifer

Fox is the latest broadcaster to unveil its schedule for the 2017-18 TV season, and herewith is the major headline: Cookie is moving into TV’s family hour.

This fall, Empire will move into Wednesday’s lead-off position (from 9 pm, where it’s been since launching three seasons ago). Quasi-companion series Star will follow Empire at 9 pm. 

Also of note: Fox is creating a DC Comics/Marvel mashup on Mondays, pairing new X-Men-esque drama The Gifted with Lucifer; Lethal Weapon is being relocated to Tuesdays-at-8, where it will lead into The Mick and Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Gotham is shifting to Thursdays-at-8 alongside Seth MacFarlane’s new live-action series The Orville; and New Girl‘s seventh and final season is being held until midseason.

Joining New Girl at midseason is the previously announced return of The X-Files as well as new series THE RESIDENT, 9-1-1 and LA TO VEGAS.

All told, the Fox schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS, click for details.

8 pm Lucifer (new time slot)

8 pm Lethal Weapon (new time slot)
9 pm The Mick (new time slot)
9:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine (new time slot)

8 pm Empire (new time slot)
9 pm Star (new time slot)

8 pm Gotham (new time slot)

8 pm Hell’s Kitchen
9 pm The Exorcist 

Fox Sports Saturday

7 pm NFL
7:30 pm Bob’s Burgers
8 pm The Simpsons
9 pm Family Guy
9:30 pm The Last Man on Earth

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: APB, Bones, Making History, Pitch, Rosewood, Scream Queens, Sleepy Hollow and Son of Zorn

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  1. The Rookie says:

    They changed everything! Great for Criminal Minds to have Star instead of Empire at 9:00pm. Should keep ratings at the same level as this season. And yes, I believe CM is staying at the same slot.

  2. WS says:

    At least Gotham is moving so it isnt opposite any of the other DC series.

    • Brian says:

      We don’t know CW’s schedule yet.

    • Dysturbed says:

      With Gotham now having five DC series, there seems to be a decent chance that at least one of them will be airing at that same time. Sure Supernatural currently occupies that time, but that show tends to move around. We’ll find out soon.

    • Thank God, my Thursdays will be Gotham/Arrow. Now FOX should have left Lucifer at 9 [Conflicts with the CW’s Supergirl], and their total TV fustercluck on Wednesdays [good thing I got a new laptop so I can watch Riverdale on delay, no way I will pass on the Empire/Star combo], this will cost me my Hulu subscription fee to catch up on my favorites.

  3. The Rookie says:

    In what slot will they place X-Files? Which do you guys think makes more sense? I am not sure

  4. Mary says:

    Well, Fox may have screwed up my viewing schedule for Tues & Thurs at 8pm. There’s three network shows that I watch on at the same time and I can only DVR one. There’s no way NCIS or Grey’s Anatomy is going to be moved which means two of my shows are toast.

  5. fernando933 says:

    I knew Star was going to be on the fall, knew Gotham would go to Thursday but didn’t know it was without lucifer but good for lucifer being lead in material. I also knew lethal would move to Tuesday’s. All in all this is a way better line up for FOX least see if they can bounce back

  6. Jason says:

    Tuesday is my eternal nightmare. I’ve always had to leave something off the dvr. It’s looking like this year will be no different.

  7. fernando933 says:

    Once again ABC, Fox, & NBC confirms will be fighting off on Tuesday’s at 9/8pm

  8. Lucy says:

    Do I have to wait midseason for “The Resident”??? Sigh.

  9. LM says:

    “Son of Zorn” was a great show, that was apparently too unique for network television.

  10. Joey Padron says:

    Good Lucifer is moving to a earlier time, good pairing with Lucifer and The Gifted on Monday nights. Good The Mick and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are moving to 9 pm hour and won’t get beat by The Flash and NCIS anymore in the ratings. Hope Gotham will do well on Thursday nights, I’m gonna miss the show being on Monday nights hopefully this means the show won’t be on longer breaks anymore for new shows midseason. Hope Ghosted does well following The Simpsons.

  11. Casanova34 says:

    I assume that Empire has a mainly female demo watching it??? I wonder if moving Lethal weapon outif that 8pm to slot which presumably had a higher male demo will help Arrow find some of the viewers that it lost this season. Maybe

  12. John Stein says:

    What about Wayward Pines?

  13. MCJrFanwithKids says:

    NO ETA on Masterchef Junior? I had understood they filmed two seassons back to back – the one now airing and the next one.

  14. Jared says:

    Hopefully now Empire and STAR can do a crossover with one another for next season.

    • Regina Johnson says:

      Empire. & $tar are one and a million with a much larger male audience then female trust me 😀.
      Having there program do a back to back will be great and captivaying to their audience.

  15. Fio says:

    What about shots fired… I’m sorry but I’d much rather have empire or leathal weapon lead into Shots fired or maybe the xfiles? But shots fired is a show that needs to stay on the air.

    • Regina Johnson says:

      Empire & especially $hots Fired talks and tells about the real eveyday past and present life in which “BLACKS”
      still live “IN……INN”

  16. Lola says:

    I don’t like Gotham being moved.

    • KLS says:

      Don’t expect high numbers in the Th @8pm slot.

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m not jazzed about that, either, but at least it’s not cancelled, or bumped to midseason. Although with all the shows it will be airing against in that Thurs 8pm slot, it will really be quite a fight for survival, way moreso than if it had stayed on Mondays, I think. :-/

  17. Rob says:

    This schedule, like NBC’s, is such an effing disaster.

  18. Michael Summerset says:

    I don’t know if I’ll watch The Gifted. I’ve reached my limit for superhero shows. And I have to wonder if the market isn’t saturated as well.

    If they have some problems that the characters must confront (like SHIELD) then it could be decent, but if they spend all their time focusing on the lives and problems of the individual characters then it could fail.

  19. Vicki says:

    Rosewood needs to stay

  20. I thought some of these had already been cancelled.

  21. BIRDSEED says:

    they can do whatever they want. SLEEPY HOLLOW was the last show i will EVER watch on FOX.

  22. I am shocked about Rosewood not coming back….. :( Empire should have stayed at 9pm

  23. Elaine Clifton says:

    Why is Fox messing up a good thing I loved Gotham and Lucifer together?

  24. Adam says:

    Trying to figure out who FOX’s ‘core watcher’ is. They’re trying to cover every genre and can’t seem to do any of it well. Meanwhile, their cable cousin FX, is chewing gum and taking names with both their comedies and dramas. Smart moving Empire up an hour though. Too bad they didn’t do it when the demos where in the 5/6’s.

    • AnnieM says:

      They’ve been throwing stuff at the wall hoping for something to stick for so many years now, I think THEY haven’t figured it out yet. lol. If The Simpsons ever ends, they might just implode.

  25. kmw says:

    I knew FOX was going to pull apart Gotham and Lucifer and while on the surface Lucifer being with The Gifted makes sense, however Lucifer isn’t strong enough to be in front of it. Lethal Weapon is. And LW going to Tuesday? I hope it works out but given that they held decent without Empire it might be ok. FOX finally moved Empire but for Star its a year too late for both of them. Gotham might be ok on Thursday but Orville is going to get creamed. And Friday and Sunday are what I expected FOX to do. Lets hope this schedule works out for FOX

  26. Nicholas Louis Marcelletti says:

    What a crap schedule especially Empire

  27. pecola says:

    Any updates on Shots Fired?

  28. Doris Bell says:

    This may be a stupid question, but why is Amy Acker blonde in this? She has always been brunette, from the first time I became aware of her as Fred in Angel. She looks better as a brunette. So, why?

    • Television Scout says:

      Blondes have more fun? (probably one of the producers of the pilot wanted a blonde for the role, so you do watch you’ve gotta do to get the part.)

  29. Bianca says:

    I’m pretty sure that moving Empire to 8pm will damage the ratings, but hopefully it’ll help Star. It’s a good show and so compatible with Empire. More people should be watching

  30. Jon Freeman says:

    So, I’m supposed to watch Heels kitchen, instead of Rosewood? Not gonna happen.

  31. jeanna says:

    Yikes! Has CW come out with their schedule yet? It looks like a real battle for that 8pm slot. Flash looks OK though.

  32. Pam says:

    I like Fox pairing Star with Empire. I do not however like Gotham being on Thursdays. Won’t be watching that live anymore I guess if ABC keeps it’s TGIT schedule intact. Greys Anatomy has my loyalty. I wish Gotham would have stayed with Lucifer on Mondays.

  33. Ally Oop says:

    Darn. I was hoping The Resident would get a fall debut. I’m still watching Empire and Star and The Mick.

  34. Oh – so now Fox is changing “Lethal Weapon” to Tuesday nights at eight. I guess the network wants the show to FAIL – since hat is the same time as “NCIS.” So stupid. They couldn’t do enough to crucify “Rosewood.” Guess their thinking is that they can’t have too many actors of color in their schedule :-O Don’t think I’m kidding, either. I was right to support this second-rate network SPARINGLY.

  35. Bella says:

    They’re moving Lethal Weapon to compete against NCIS? That’s insane. They have the same audience. It was perfect where it was. I’m mad.

  36. Tracy Wassman says:

    I am very upset with FOX they have removed Sleepy Hollow (which is so wrong) and moved Lethal Weapon opposite NCIS on CBS. I think that FOX is trying to remove good shows and only keep the crap that they want to show!! I understand about Bones it had been on for over ten years, but Sleepy Hollow was just starting to get on its feet again, they give a show a chance and then throw it away as it improves!!

    • BIRDSEED says:

      couldn’t agree more about sleepy hollow. s4 was not as good as s1 but it was light years better than S2 & S3. it’s a shame.

  37. Miss Kay says:

    How could you not bring Rosewood back!! Whats a friday night without Villa and Rosie

  38. Deneen colston says:

    rosewood need to come on before empire how can u guys to this to rose wood

  39. Empire at 8? They are really going to be changing the nature of that show, cutting back on the sex and cussing; and forget the Jamal relationship storyline. They are sacrificing Empire trying to build up Star. Too bad. Both will lose.

  40. Jonas says:

    As a non-american viewer who isn’t up to speed on the rules as to what’s allowed in which time slots: is the move to 8 pm going to impact Lucifer at all?

    • AnnieM says:

      It probably won’t affect the content much, if at all, since it’s on a broadcast network (rather than cable). The US broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, CW) haven’t really observed the old 8-9pm ‘family hour’ tradition in quite some time. In fact, NBC announced that they were moving ‘The Blacklist’ to 8pm Wednesdays, and it’s one of the most violent shows on network tv.

  41. Willie Mae M. Presswood says:

    Why do you want to cancel Rosewood, perfect line up, real always a need to know what’s next to come… everyone are fantastic in their roles and Rosewood is Stein look alike for my son.. yes….my son…

  42. Beachitgirl says:

    Looking forward to the fall season. But am hoping that the new time won’t affect the writing of Lucifer. It is one of the best written shows right now and has a wonderful feel to it. Would hate to see that change.

  43. datdudemurphy says:

    Lethal Weapon up against Flash?
    Guess, I’ll be watching Flash on the CW app.

    • AnnieM says:

      I found out an interesting thing – using the Roku app, they have commercials. But if I watch something on the actual CW website, no commercials. I wonder why that is. ::shrug::

  44. lame says:

    Great, lethal weapon against the meat grinder, ncis, terrible move.

  45. JeffO says:

    I cannot believe Scream Queens is NOT coming back sighhhhhhhh

    • Chanel # 12 says:

      Same! The updates they gave at the end of last season made me feel it was the end, but then when the Red Devil made a comeback, I was hoping for more.
      That was the ONLY Fox show I watched. Oh well, Chanel Oberlin will always hold a special place in my heart, and vernacular.

  46. Jim J. says:

    “Gotham”: Another series thrown against “The Big Bang Theory” and is willing to take away some of “TBBT”‘s viewers…

  47. Ryan says:

    Anyone know if Orville was that blind item about a show so bad, they couldn’t get rid of it?

  48. Awww! I love “Rosewood”! So, why are you’ll taking it off? This’s one of the best Series, that you’ll have ever made! Please, keep it for me, and others who love watching this TV Show.

  49. JLP says:

    So very very dissapointed with the line up NOT INCLUDING ROSEWOOD!!!
    That was one of the BEST Series ever aired on Fox.
    Please consider returning Rosewood to your line up. PLEASE!

  50. Bobby Terry says:

    Pitch and Rosewood not returning,that’s not good love those two shows disappointed