Flash Recap Killer Frost

The Flash Recap: Future Shock — Savitar Is Really Revealed!

This week on The Flash, Barry & Co. were forced to face off against Caitlin aka Killer Frost, all building to the actual (audience-included!) reveal of who is nestled inside Savitar’s armor.

Coming off of Barry’s trip to 2024, Team Flash’s No. 1 priority was finding, protecting and nudging along Tracy Brand, the destined-to-be-great theoretical physicist who will invent a way to trap Savitar in the Speed Force… several years from now. But when they meet the scientist, she is a defeated, quirky grad student, ready to trade in her dissed dissertation on “extra-dimensional energy” for “Would you like fries with that?”

When it becomes evident that Killer Frost is pursuing Tracy as well — tasked by Savitar to “kill the girl” — Team Flash, led by a smitten H.R., take her under their wing at S.T.A.R. Labs, looping her in on her super-impressive, Nobel Prize-winning fate (as well as the scary-named baddies they are up against). Meanwhile, Cisco, after freezing twice when he had a chance to take down the ice queen — including after an ambitiously-CGI’d ice ramp chase through the Central City skyline — is confronted by Julian, who questions if Cisco will be able to do what needs to be done if the time comes. “I’m afraid of killing her!” Cisco barks back. “She’s my best friend,” and if push comes to shove, “I’d rather it be me than her” who dies.

When Killer Frost kidnaps Cecile, to trade for Tracy, Barry has a plan — except once they arrive at the warehouse meet-up, Killer Frost knows every sneaky trick Team Flash has planned, and more eerily every word that Barry will say. The stand-off leads to a showdown between Caitlin/Killer Frost and Cisco/Vibe, with the latter eventually emerging triumphant. Before Savitar shows up to whisk KO’d Killer Frost away, Cisco grabs a sample of her blood, which Julian hopes to use to reverse-engineer a cure.

Later at Joe’s — after he has (obviously!) come clean to Cecile about his Team Flash secrets, and finally echoed her “I love you” — something that Joe says triggers an epiphany for Barry. He speeds off to seek Savitar, declaring, “I know who you are.” Barry observes that the god of speed seems to know “everything about me, about Joe, about Wally, about Iris… our strengths and fears… how to use our love against us….” And that is all because Savitar “lived it,” Barry says. “You remember, when you were me.”

And on that note, Savitar extricates himself from his “strange metal” armor, and the person emerging is a late-model Anakin Skywalker-looking, scar-faced Barry Allen. “Like I told you from the beginning,” he grinned. “I am the future Flash.” But how? Who? (Time remnant?) And most pressing of all, why????

What did you think of the episode “I Know Who You Are”?

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  1. Mike says:

    What a stupid reveal. This season has been horrible. I think I’m done with this show. Here’s hoping Ezra’s Flash will do the character justice.

    • A.F. says:

      My first reaction was like yours. Lamest reveal ever.

      • Jacob Minger says:

        My brother and I theorized that it was Barry about a month ago. And I had it figured out by the end of last week.

    • Laura says:

      Agreed, it was awful and insulted every viewer’s intelligence. I was hoping for Ronnie, the symbolism of taking Barry’s fiancee when Ronnie lost his because of the singularity, and the fact that Caitlyn was so willing to follow made sense. This was cheap, lazy and trite; epic fail.

    • Ryan says:

      Youre tripping. Its gonna lead to an epic ending. Only way to stop a loop is to go back to where loop started… flashpoint… gonna have to stop himself from saving his parents, and the ripple effective will be fun to see

      • STFilmmaker says:

        Sorry but you’re the one that’s tripping. This left open a lot of plotholes. One, why would Killer Frost betray Barry only to be working for him? Why would he kill the woman he loves? Why would he want to kill Barry if he is Barry? How can Barry possibly defeat himself without killing himself? What was the point of him needing to leave the speedforce when it gave him more power than he has in the mortal world. Why would he try to kill Jesse Quick, a girl who he went through great lengths to help save in the previous season? Why didn’t the Speedforce just tell Barry so that he could be able to better deal with it? The list goes on.

    • Agree. This season is the worst season of Flash. Everything is so lame, boring and a mess. What stupid reveal.

    • avin says:

      maybe theres another side of story..barry woudnt want to kill iris anyway..so maybe,there is a reason

  2. Muffy says:

    We already knew it.

  3. Dean Michaels says:

    So this show really was only awesome for a season and that was s1. Good to know.

  4. MiaB says:

    What’s going on with the writing? Why was there almost no interaction with Iris this week? Why was this reveal dragged out so long that everybody knew it was Barry by the time it aired? They only have a few more episodes left in S3 to clean up this mess. I hope they do.

    • Patrick says:

      What made the show great in S1 was that the show was light and fun, with tons of humor. And that is very hard to write on a sustained basis. Writing humor is hard. Writing drama is easier than humor. Writing melodrama is easy. And that is the CW’s calling card. Virtually every show they’ve ever aired eventually descended into cheap melodrama focused on romantic relationships. It is easy to write, and easy to pull on the heart strings of shippers to drive SM discussion and/or ratings. I loved season 1 of Flash and Arrow. Arrow was a dark, gritty, realistic take on what would happen if someone donned a mask and started distributing vigilante justice. Then it tuned into Team Arrow and romantic interludes, and it sucked. Flash was a fun take on what would happen if a good hearted guy got super powers and was helped out by a team of quirky geniuses. It then descended into hokey reveals and relationship drama.

      • Jim says:

        What Patrick said.

      • AnnieM says:

        Sad, but so true. I hope this doesn’t happen to Legends of Tomorrow, which has become my favorite of the three. I also hope TPTB can fix The Flash, and make it (mostly) fun again.

        • Patrick says:

          Don’t count on it. Making it fun again will be too time consuming and expensive. And just hard. They can have a hard job or an easy job.

  5. jrex says:

    Jaw dropped even though there were some rumors as well as a similar comic storyline.

  6. Bob says:

    Lol firgured also they have been doing a lot of flash rebirth this season

  7. Cobra says:

    Great episode.

  8. Robert45 says:

    I didn’t realize it was future Barry but have to say disappointed with the reveal

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I don’t know if it is Future Barry per se, but maybe one of the remnants he created that Savitar didn’t kill…? A remnant gone rogue? (But if he was a remnant created to fight Savitar, how did Savitar exist for the fight if the remnant didn’t yet…? #HeadHurts )

      • Kathleen says:

        Frickin’ time travel

      • Tania says:

        You aren’t the only one. This is worse than the Lost finale!

      • Butch says:

        Maybe he is the remnant that was created at the end of Season 2 that helped defeat Hunter Zolomon . He doesn’t appear to be much older than current Barry and that might explain why his face is messed up. However he wouldn’t have been there to repeat all the dialog the Killer Frost knew, so maybe not.

        A bigger question is what would cause Barry want power so much that he is willing to kill Iris in order to cause his past self to go down a path that creates Savitar?

        Why didn’t Barry from 2014, not to mention everyone else from 2024, tell Barry that he was Savitar? Does that mean Barry is not going to tell Team Flash?

        • Butch says:

          That should be Barry from 2024 not 2014.

        • Butch says:

          Actual I had forgotten, 2024 Barry told Barry that he never knew who Salvitar was. Was he lying or are they going to say he was mind wiped to forget.

        • Paul durso says:

          Nope. . It was the remnant that sacrificed himself in the race against zoom in the ring. He was trapped. And “lost his mind, many many times” so now he has to kill IRIS in order for him to stop her holding him back

          • Zachary says:

            Can’t be the time remnant from S2 since Savitar revealed he lived this, the time remnant was not there to live it. a future time remnant is more likely but i don’t think that is the case either

        • Ky says:

          I have questions too? when Savitar spoke through Julian he said ‘your future self trapped me in eternity’ is the philosopher stone the speed force trap created by Tracy brand? When did Barry turn into Professor X? I’m trying to understand how Savitar/Barry is able to mentally manipulate & create illusions. How was he able to entice Julian to find the stone with his dead sister; then, Cisco with his dead brother, &Wally when he freed him from the speed force? This is why i was hoping soooo badly Savitar wasn’t Barry, But i knew it when Savitar stated ‘I am the FUTURE FLASH.

      • Paul durso says:

        It was the remnant that sacrificed himself when racing zoom in the ring. He was trapped and went mental.. Now he has to kill iris to stop her from holding him back and becoming savitar

        • Zachary says:

          Can’t be the time remnant from S2 since Savitar revealed he lived this, the time remnant was not there to live it. a future time remnant is more likely but i don’t think that is the case either

      • Craig says:

        … wow, you’re really going to be shocked when it turns out Grant Gustin has actually been Tatiana Maslany this whole time. Damn, the girl has range. #NextSeasonReveal

      • safistikaytdlayd says:

        This whole reveal makes my head hurt!!! What version of Barry Allen would ever want to hurt, much less kill Iris???

        • Mel says:

          I think it’s Future Barry from a way more distant future than 2024. This guy had no hope whatsoever.. until Barry brought the team back together. Somehow I feel this should’ve ended Savitar. Anyway I really hope season 4 returns to a lighter funny show based on a geeky funny team rather than the daytime soap it has turned to. Also hope they write their female characters better next season. Caitlin and Iris are only there to serve the development of the male characters right now. Can’t wait for Caitlin Frost

          • 100% agree. This show was so much fun at S1, it had dark moments, with goofy moments, it had a good equilibrium. Now is so boring, confuse and a mess. Also yes, they really need to create better storylines for both Iris and Caitlin.

          • Jesse says:

            Idk, I kind of hate Iris as a character. Like, she’s essentially worthless in terms of contributing to team Flash. Her character only exists as a source of melodrama. I will be happy if the writers kind of shy away from her. I think Barry was better as a character before he and Iris got together.

  9. Drew says:

    I like Scar Faced Barry Allen’s hair more than present day Barry’s hair.

  10. Carlene says:

    No surprise there! We knew it was Barry, what happened to us being blown away with the unpredictable reveal. NOT! I am very disappointed in the writing of this episode. Anyone but Barry would have been worth the wait!

    • Da Bomb Diggity says:

      Oh shut up

      • Brody says:

        No I agree we knew for so long it was Barry this a slap in the face

      • lalaland2013 says:

        Your reply for someone who disagrees with you is ‘shut up’? Classy. Sorry, but you’re in the minority, this was so obvious and ridiculous, it borders on offensive. Now if you didn’t pick up on it, you may want to stop telling others to shut up and start wondering how on earth you missed it

        • Dhsksjdisj says:

          You’re going to repl,y to someone who doesn’t agree with you in a paragraph? Classy

        • Drew m says:

          Ok I agree that the reveal may have been obvious for some people, but to say that he’s in the minority may be wrong. I’m not positive how many people comment on this site but I can say it’s not nearly as many people who watch the show so I don’t think it’s accurate to say he’s in the minority. I do agree that it was kinda obvious tho:)

  11. TvPeong says:

    There is no version of Barry Allen that will kill Iris West.

    • Karen Aiello says:

      Right! That was my first thought! I’m interested to see how they explain that.

    • Paul durso says:

      But there is…

    • KCC says:

      My guess is killing Iris in front of a past version of himself is a way to get past Barry to do something the future Barry (aka Savitar) refused to do, like alter the timeline again. Savitar’s goal is to force his past Barry self into doing it as a last resort to save Iris. She’s the only thing in the world that would make him go as far as he has to in order to avoid becoming Savitar.

  12. Naseem says:

    I would be on board with the fact that Barry is savitar, but why would Barry kill iris?

    • luke says:

      Pre-destination paradox. He needs to kill Iris to become Savitar, or without it he wont exist.

      • James says:

        Only problem is, Savitar would’ve had to Exist to be able to go back and kill Iris. So your theory is invalid.

        He is the one that kills her. So how can her death make him exist?

    • erhan says:

      in order to be created im assuming, maybe iris death is what causes him to reach so called god level.

    • Lex says:

      So Barry becomes Savitar because Iris dies, but Savitar is the one to kill Iris, so Savatar is happy with the thought of Iris dying, so he’s willing to kill her, even though her death is what makes Barry turn to the dark side? Those are some completely f—ed up motivations there. It makes my brain hurt.

  13. Diggory says:

    So the Reverse Flash was right all along

  14. Tara says:

    Well, Barry was not my first guess at all for some reason that surprises me quite a bit actually. I was just running through his stabbing Iris in my mind and thinking wow…

  15. TvPeong says:

    The next episode has a lot of explaining to do
    Why would future Barry want to hurt present Barry, when he is essentially hurting himself, and he (future Barry) knows the pain of the damage, so there is no reason, as yet, as to why he wants to inflict the pain.
    How does this all tie in to the Sorcerer’s Stone from the first half of the season.
    Why would Caitlin follow future Barry but attack present Barry?
    Why didn’t 2024 Barry know who Savitar was since 2017 Barry now does?
    Why did Savitar wait until now to try to stop Tracy since he would have known who she was and what she was able to do?

    • Finn says:

      Im answering your question on why 2024 Barry didn’t know.
      Let’s divide this into two timelines, each with differing events.
      Timeline 1- The Timeline where Iris undoubtedly dies. In this one, Barry somehow didn’t think about going to the future and therefore Iris dies because there’s nothing they could’ve done to save her(besides the scribbles on the drawing board)

      Timeline 2(The one we are one now)- 2017 Barry went to 2024, got some crucial info from the team there, went back in time, deduced that Savitar is the true Future Flash and now 2024 Barry knows. Just pretend that 2017 and 2024 are concurrent with each other.

      • Daniel says:

        So basically he just updated timeline 2 therefore the future can be changed and is changing.

      • Mel says:

        I agree with that theory.. However, I feel there might be some terrible job done on the writer side if we presumed Savitar is indeed Future Barry…
        If going to 2024 changed timeline 1, then Future Barry (Savitar) would not know the conversation he would have with Caitlin at the docks given that Future Barry (2024), did not know to look for Tracy Brand in 2017. Barry (2017) only looked for her because of Future Barry (2024), which mean that 2024 did not look for that person in 2017.. Which mean that in timeline 1, Savitar did not know about Tracy, nor did any of the Barries
        (I feel every time travel becomes too heavy when this kind of contradiction happens and that you are stuck with such levels of meta-character)

        • So here is my theory:

          1) Savitar-Barry is the Flash that disappears in the Crisis. He realizes he’s too weak to fight the great fight, so instead of sacrificing hims elf (as people thought) he decided to follow Eobard’s thinking, wich is basically get himself to go faster way before he supposed did. He realizes that the only way to do that is to go back to the point where everything got screwed (post Flashpoint). So he goes back, defeats the real Savitar (since he’s the older version it’s quite easy) and assumes his identity by getting into the suit.
          2) Why kill Iris? First, he knows that the only thing that can make himself run faster is to put the woman he loves in danger. In real danger.
          3) But he does kill Iris, some will say. Well, the first tryout didn’t work much, he realizes that it goes wrong for two reasons: First, Barry tries to use Wally to do the work for him (which Savitarry and the Speed Force knows it’s a crutch) so he gets Wally to be locked in the Speed Force, so this Barry can realize he’s the one who needs to go faster; Second, the phisicist that helped him is not ready yet, but since he needs to get things running earlier, he needs Barry to go to the future, which he didn’t the first try, which is why Savitarry actually brings a foe from the future, who knows about Savitar, knowing that would give Barry the push he needed.
          4) Savitarry never killed anyone. He got close, he hurt people very bad, but he never really killed anyone, and he gave Wally his powers, cause he was supposed to get them, and Wally will be a important part in the Crisis. He could have killed a lot of people, but he only threats Barry… He’s trying to keep part of the past, but manipulating the results. At the same time, he’s helping Caitlyn, he says that she needs to accept and own her powers to control them, which is probably the only way to get the good Caitlin on control, besides, he makes a point to her, that even though she says she’s Killer frost, she never kills anyone, he’s trying to make her to control her destiny, without her realizing that’s what he’s doing, cause if she knew someone was trying to help her, she would avoid them.
          5) Barry can’t kill Savitarry, cause if he did, he would be killing his future, which is why Savitarry wants the trap to be build, so he’ll just be thrown into the SpeedForce. Remember, he didn’t kill the physicist when he had the chance, because he needs the team to succeed. Besides, if his plan works, he’ll be changing the timeline, and the future Flash to face the Crisis will actually win the fight, and he”ll become just a remnant.
          6) Now, how he knows all that is going to happen, if he comes from a timeline where it didn’t happen? Well, I’m gonna assume that his memories are changing and acumulating with every turn of events, since his past self is still living, and only when he becomes a remnant his memories will stop changing. Until the changes in the future are set in stone, the memories aren’t set. Remember the episodes of the Legends, when Ray and Nathan lose their abilities, cause their past selfs change, and only when the past is corrected they get those back? That’s the same happening.

          • 7) Savitarry got the Scar when he traveled back to the past, since the Speed Force had been very clear before about him not going back, they sent a Time Wraith after him, who he was able to evade, but did leave him with that scar.

    • John says:

      I’m thinking that Iris will die and then barry will travel back in time to try to find the philosopher’s stone in order to become faster to go back to 2017 to save iris from savitar but in doing so the philosopher’s stone might corrupt him or something turning him into savitar.Seems a little too far fetched but whatever its fictional so why not?

  16. Alichat says:


  17. peterwdawson says:

    So this Barry got trapped in a boiler room fire or something?

  18. Sonyetta says:

    Why would Barry kill Iris makes no sense. Not happy with the writing. I hope the rest of the season plays out better than this episode.

  19. Hector Larraga says:

    It’s a TV show. Get over it. Some of us found it great some not. People are always going to find something negative and complain. Why are you still watching if you say this season has been horrible? TV shows will never ever live up tp eaht you read in the comics. It’s adapted for television…keyword ADAPTED.

    • A.F. says:

      For me at least it isn’t about adapting the comics. It is just lazy writing that you could see a thousand miles away where it was going to get. They have allot of explaining to do now, but that explaining didn’t work last season with Zoom and they had way more episodes open back than.
      Also you can like a thing and be critical about it, that process is called thinking and positive criticism.

    • Lex says:

      I don’t think it’s a problem with adaptation; it’s more a problem with pacing the reveal and having the reveal be so underwhelming. Whatever was in the comics is a moot point because this is just bad TV.

  20. Ashbash says:

    I’m wondering if Savitar is original timeline Barry(the one that existed before reverse flash went back in time and changed the timeline). Original timeline Barry supposedly disappeared in 2024 which according to the comics was Barry disappearing into the speed force and going 1000 years into the future thus leading to the wonder twins and Bart Allen’s existence, but what if reverse flash and current Barry severely changing the timeline trapped original timeline Barry in the speed force instead of sending him to the future causing him to go bad

    • Ryan says:

      Yes! I was thinking along these lines as well. What if Savitar is the Flash that disappeared, from the newspaper article. He got trapped in the speed force, which drove him crazy & to think he could be a speed god if only he hadn’t had love and Iris and the others distracting him. So he decides he’s going to go back to 2017, a point in time where we’ve already established he’s maxed out on speed and not getting faster, and kill Iris, the love of his life, thus triggering his transformation.

    • Lynne says:

      This! Please make it this! That makes a little sense as to why he would kill Iris, which I’m still trying to figure out why he would in the first place, this is the logical reason to me.

      • Mike Gathige says:

        Savitar killed Iris. In ep 18 the magician dude said that savitar broke Barry more than any other bad guy.Savitar said he had been trapped in the speedforce.When wally was there, he got a bit broken himself. In the speed force time doesnt move and if what happened to wally happened to Barry, it surely was enough time and suffering to drive him mad enough to kill Iris,right?

  21. Asia says:

    This reveal was so lame. So many people guessed this, and I was hoping that the writers would be more creative. So apparently, Savitar traveled back in time to turn himself into a broken man? For what, seriously? Also wasn’t there a message from Barry in 2056 in Legends that they also showed in the crossover episode? It just doesn’t make sense.

  22. Tania says:

    Disappointed! That’s all.

  23. Speedfreak says:

    Ha I called it way back in November that Savitar is Barry
    Like he said “I am the future Flash”, that’s what convinced me
    Still trying to work out how and why but excellent reveal

    • Paul durso says:

      It was the remnant that sacrificed himself when racing against zoom in the ring. He got trapped and “lost his mind many many times” and so has to kill iris in order to become savitar. It’s all explained 2 episodes from now. But iris will die. . (whether she stays dead is a different matter)

      • Zachary says:

        Can’t be the time remnant from S2 since Savitar revealed he lived this, the time remnant was not there to live it. a future time remnant is more likely but i don’t think that is the case either

  24. James D says:

    Hold on a sec, didn’t the producers say we wouldn’t see it coming, and was future Barry not the first fan theory out there. nuts to that. what stupid reveal. I’m begging the writers of this show to please stop the “big reveals” and evil speedsters next season. One, they aren’t any good at it, and two, it ends up being practically the same season over and over again. I’m disappointed which really sucks because at this point Flash was the only CW Hero show i could stomach watching anymore.

  25. Paul says:

    Ugh called it months ago. Disappointing.

  26. Keslen says:

    The reveal of Savitar as future Barry was so lame. They could (and should) have put literally any other character inside that armour and it would have been much more satisfying.

    On a side note: you’re either consistently misspelling Sisco’s name or you’re often referring to a mystery character named Cisco who has yet to be mentioned on screen. Either way, you need to stop.

  27. Ash says:

    I wasn’t expecting it was Barry at all. Any why would the future Barry wants to kill Iris?

    • Paul durso says:

      He needs to kill her to stop her from holding g him back. Remember sanitary went mental in the speed force “many many times”

  28. Ryan says:

    In the last episode with Barry going in and out of the future the ending clip with savitor coming from the suit and I had my mind set on Ronald (Ronny) what a let down.

  29. (timidly) Did anyone else convince themselves for about 10 seconds there that Savitar was going to be a Joe West who’d fallen apart after Iris’ death? No? Just me? OK.

    • A.F. says:

      Jason I hoped for something like that. I really was rather desperate for them not taking the easy and rather predictable route of future Barry.

    • ayoni02 says:

      It ain’t possible for that to happen, how can Joe be savitar because of Iris death and still go back in time to kill her himself

    • AnnieM says:

      That thought crossed my mind once or twice this season, too, but I had an even harder time trying to think of a reason for Joe to kill Iris than Barry.

  30. Angelfan says:

    Yep. Exactly who I’ve been expecting it to be for week

  31. Jason says:

    Why would you make your hero a villain? They’ve ruined Barry Allen

  32. DG says:

    I am so confused! Should I have read the comic books?? Is it really Barry? Can someone break it down for me please?

    • Brody says:

      From what we know right now it is a future version of Barry. The comics wouldnt really help you Barry does come back as a villain for himself in the comic but it is better done and different from the show. You will have to wait another week to fully understand

  33. pistolblue07 says:

    They could have made him look a little older, maybe a bit buffer with a beard or something. It seems like his future selves keep getting younger and younger.

  34. says:

    something is weird…if everything is happening the way it is…including finding tracy, when exactly does she build that trap since they got her NOW, as Savitar already knew. aWhich means she won’t build it now after all? Or will something change?? Oh and how about future emo Barry saying they never found out who Savitar is, when clearly, they do. Is that a change? Another thing, WHICH future Barry are these??? How can emo Barry and Savitqr both exist? Is Savitar from a different universe’s Barry?? Is it possible there are two or more Barrys running around, the time remnants?? Future emo Barry DIDA say time remnants were created but Savitar killed mostr of them, most is the keyword. Also, when ffuture emo Barry gave Barry Tracy’s name, what was he thinking? He lived it, that wasn’t a change.How would that help now since this is all anticipated?

  35. Dunde says:

    The Future Barry is The Hound Flash!

  36. Jay Walton says:

    I don’t understand why alot of people are questioning why 2024 Barry didn’t tell 2017 Barry who savitar was. The show has basically told us time after time that the future can always change. Current Barry didn’t know who savitar was when he traveled to 2024, therefore future Barry didn’t know. I’m sure if he were to make a trip back there after learning savitars identity 2024 Barry would also know. I’m confused of why savitar would kill iris to become “godly” Barry Allen has never been obsessed with power like the numerous speedsters before. Maybe in the future he comes across and enemy so powerful that is becomes necessary to reach his God like state. Even then I can’t imagine any version of Barry killing iris. No matter what happened.

  37. Ayush says:

    It’s not as straight forward as every body predicted!! The future Flash that Barry met in 2024 is totally different in appearence…Compare with the Savitar version!….. Their looks are different…It’s like Savitar is a different version all together…It’s neither the emo-version of future Barry nor the present one! Very likely the Time remnant! or a version from different timeline!…If things were soo predictable we wouldn’t have a season 3 or a season 4 renewal either…so before you could come to conclusion with your Conjectures!! Wait and watch… we’re all wrong!..It’s Barry from the future but not “The Flash”!

  38. Jo says:

    Really liked it, however still waiting for an explaination.Better be convincing

  39. Paul durso says:

    I knew we it was Barry 5 weeks ago and stated this on here. . The last 3episodes will reveal all and its more complicated than you can imagine and there is a serious plot twist which I guarantee will confuse everyone. . It’s to do with Joe. But I would t reveal anything. (as I said before, I know someone on the set and I know everything)

    • Branden says:

      I say with “Future Flash” being Savitar it in reality is Pre-Flashpoint Barry Allen who got trapped in The Speedforce when our Barry Allen went back in time to try and save his mother and even though our Barry went back and let her die it sent Pre-Flashpoint Barry into Speedforce where he Who lost his mind over and over again and the thing he kept seeing it was the death of his mother and after being trapped in there for so long in his eyes because the speed force time flies by in there it made him hate our current 2017 Barry Allen therefore he became Savitar set out on revenge because it’s almost like the pre-flashpoint flash never existed there for our Barry Allen took everything from

  40. Gift says:

    I suspected this but my jaw Still dropped. At least we know the future has changed. future Barry didn’t knw who Savitar was but now Barry does. They re going to find a cure for Caitlin and Tracy decides to stay nd help defeat savitar and Cecile knows everything about the Flash and kid Flash identity. Not bad.

  41. Mia says:

    The reveal that most of the fandom figured out weeks ago ><

  42. ndixit says:

    The people saying that anyone else being Savitar would be better are moronic. It literally would not make sense if someone like Eddie or Ronnie was Savitar. Yes, the fact that they held back the reveal for so long made the answer reasonably obvious but it is by far the most interesting of the possibilities because it can be mined for good drama if done right. Now whether they actually execute the explanation well is a different matter altogether.

  43. Ryan brown says:

    I knew it it wasn’t that much of a shocking surprise.

  44. safistikaytdlayd says:

    I am shocked and saddened by the reveal! I love the episode! It is obvious HR has some feelings for Karen and I love Joe finally removed his ring and told Cecile how he feels!!! Cicso kicking KF’s butt was great. Like many said it was pretty obvious it would be some different version of Barry (I am the Future, Flash, I am the Future Flash) Amazing how a comma can make a difference! I just really wanted to be shocked this year. While I was hoping it would be Ronnie(haven’t sorted out how that could be possible, but hey, you never know! LOL) deep down I knew it would be some type of Barry. I was hoping “Please don’t let it be Barry Please don’t let it be Barry”. I still love the show and want to see what the explanation is. If this is one of the remnants he created, why would a remnant hate Barry so much he would want to kill Iris?

  45. Disappointed says:

    Alternate timeline … The writers strike did happen and created this disappointing reveal

  46. Michael Bailey says:

    “Savitar is revealed in a plot twist Helen Keller saw coming…”

  47. The Carpooler says:

    Just watched this episode and raced here to read the recap and comments. Surprised by many comment, I really liked the episode and reveal. For me it was one of the best eps of the season. To each their own, I guess. Carry on!

  48. Kimberly Mlejnek says:

    All you I knew it Barry… Where were you last 5 weeks. When I heard everyone from a version of Zoom, Jay, Ronnie…The list goes on….. Only a few said Barry and of them most said pre-flashpoint Barry. If you dont like the show change the channel…. I love the show and would love to discuss this with real fan.

    • Brody says:

      People being disappointed doesnt make them less of a fan in a way it makes them more. When you think about a disappointed person like myself had to get very very excited for last nights episode and them be disappointed that it didnt live up to our hype

    • Lex says:

      You can love something and think critically about it. There’s no need to be condescending.

  49. David Sklar says:

    Hopefully a not so accurate prediction for Season 4 – the lame ending continues – How did Future Flash get the scar on his face? The relationship drama….blah blah blah…was hoping for a better episode…when writing season 4 make it a true surprise unlike last nights episode! Love the show but seriously Future Flash as Savitar was not a shocker to anyone :( Keep us on the edge of our seats!!! :)