The Originals Spoilers

The Originals Photos: Are Freya and Keelin Finally Making It Official?

The Originals‘ Freya and Keelin have spent all season dancing around their feelings for one another — sometimes literally — but based on a new batch of photos from Friday’s episode (The CW, 8/7c), their budding romance is about to reach full bloom.

The stressful hour, helmed by first-time director Charles Michael Davis, finds Freya enacting a “risky plan that brings her face to face with their latest threat [and] an unexpected twist leaves her life hanging in the balance.” But that’s not what I’m choosing to focus on right now.

No, my eyes are going straight to the above photo of Freya and Keelin, locked in a dramatic embrace. It’s unclear whether the photo was taken right before their first kiss, or right after it, but the looks on both of their faces speaks volumes about the long-awaited moment. (To be fair, I’m not 100-percent certain there’s a kiss… but come on.)

“Freya’s normally so focused on getting things done and putting her family first that you never get to see this emotional side of her,” Riley Voelkel told TVLine earlier in the season. “We’re starting to see her form a relationship with someone outside of the family, and we’re learning that there’s so much more to her than we knew. She has feelings and desires!”

Browse more photos from the episode — you can click here for direct access — then drop a comment below: How excited are you for “Freelin”?

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  1. Berrylicious says:

    Ugh… and it’s only Monday. How to make another 4 days!?

  2. juless says:

    Finally! love those two together… and freya really deserve to be happy

    • I Love The Originals says:

      No, she doesn’t. Like her siblings, she doesn’t deserve any happy ending because they’ll run over anyone in their way like a MX Rider at top speed, regardless of casualties or body count.

      The amount of innocent people they’ve killed for fun in the past–and will in the future– wouldn’t buy any of them a ticket into heaven once they meet their makers.

      The only innocent person in the family is Hope so far.

      • Joey says:

        Dont watch show.

        • I Love The Originals says:

          Can’t take critiques, uh? Well not everyone will agree with you or want what you want to happen to the chracters.

          I like the show, but that doesnt mean I want them to live happily after.

      • Esther A says:

        Hmmm, we aren’t talking about the ending now re we? Of Cause Freya deserves an happiness . She went through alot with no one on her side, doing whatever necessary to protect the only family she knows is not evil. Besides we watch the show for the originals. can’t wait for Friday.

      • Kimberly says:

        I respect your opinion, but at the same time, what you’re saying doesn’t really apply to Freya. Yes Freya has been alive for over 1,000 years but unlike her brothers, she was held against her will as a power source for Dahlia. Back then, anyone she may have killed which I assume is no one, she did under duress and fright. Not because she felt like it. Freya hasn’t killed anyone “just for fun” and by the looks of it, she never will. No she isn’t innocent, we both can agree about that. And no, she isn’t the nicest person but if you think about it, If Freya never reunited with her family and she was able to somehow break free from Dahlia on her own, she wouldn’t be as bad of a person as she is now. The Originals is about a family of terrible people who did anything and everything to get what they wanted regardless of the consequences and who was going to get hurt in the process. Over time, they try to become better people regardless of whether or not they can be redeemed.

        • Esther A says:

          The originals are a family who has lived a thousand years and I’m sure they tired to be good in the beginning but during the cause of time with a father like their own seeking to take their life would turn them into monsters. Besides they are only terrible people, monsters by necessity. If u cross them well u become a casualties their cause. Yes they do everything & anything to fight for family, to stay alive. Freya isn’t a bad person for wanting to keep her family save. (Davina was already dead, she just forcefully took the energy protecting her Leaving her vulnerable) that was hurtful but it was a choice. While keelin was kept captive by her but as soon as she began to understand why Freya did what she did and stop fighting there was no longer force in fact Freya treated her nicely. It’s their situation that makes them monsters.

      • AGW says:

        Exactly, Not all Mikaelson kills were for the sake of family. Kol and Klaus have killed simply for fun in the past. Elijah even said they were turned into Vampires but made themselves monsters (or something to that effect).

        Keelin and Freya seem so rushed and forced to me. I keep wondering if Freya was a guy whether (this fall for my abductor) storyline would be as appealing to viewers. Keelin just seems way to eager to hookup.

        She also seems to have no life, friends or extended family of any kind.

        It seems a little suspicious actually.

        This woman must have had some kind of job or appointments to keep.

    • Serah Cheatham says:

      Yes Juless! Love Freya and Keelin and can’t wait for that kiss.

  3. Jason says:

    I would love for this to be the first, really serious and long lasting, gay relationship for a main character in the Vampire Diaries universe, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Up until now, only a handful of secondary characters have been given that privilege, and it’s never ended well.

    • Daniel says:

      Well aidan and josh lasted a whole season but thats probably as long as we will ever get with a gay couple in the tvd universe. Why julie?

      • Jason says:

        Josh is as close as they’ve gotten. But his character has always remained recurring and peripheral. Nora and Mary were the only real attempt Vampire Diaries ever made, but that was basically a one season experiment. Freya would be the first core character, elevating any relationship she’s a part of to a central position.

    • Esther A says:

      Of cause but she is not the lead, she can be killed at anytime don’t hold ur breath. I won’t hope too much.

  4. oke says:

    Yes, what a long wait. Can’t they just move it forward Pretty pls.. …

  5. oke says:

    What are u all so excited about? Fine I am a little excited too but comeon this isn’t what we really want to see, not this drama, I thought by now we would have seen hope use her powers. I’m seriously waiting for that. What is taking so long?

  6. Gift says:

    What I want to see is finally knowing the true form of the Hallow nd yes, seeing Hope use her powers. Kol nd Rebekah have been away too long, they should return.

  7. JCPrime1 says:

    Yay. Really excited for Freelin.

  8. Mari says:

    The problem I have with this is the way Freya treated Keelin – kidnapping her, using her, keeping her prisoner long after she got what she initially wanted. It’s gross to put them together. Bring in some other witch with a positive beginning. This doesn’t feel good or right in any way.

    • oke says:

      She understands why Freya did to her what she did. She admitted she would have done the same if she Still had family. People meet in the most insane nd crazy circumstances and fall in love so it’s not gross or impossible for keelin to fall for Freya. It’s crazy but totally interesting.

  9. Ryu says:

    Im happy for freya, but let’s be honest. Keelin doesnt know freya sacrificed davina…. I wonder how keelin is going to react once she knows the real freya….

    • oke says:

      She doesn’t know Davina nd I’m guessing it wouldn’t matter to her. Who knows what secret she’s got in her own closet.

  10. Jane says:

    7 eps and they’re already all over each other, which I don’t mind of course, but it screams Gia. Feels like they’re building towards some dramatic ending for Freya or Elijah. These two screwed up the most at the end of last season and this season Elijah has been strangely ooc and Freya suddenly got a LI, meaning a potential tragic death. Something is coming for these two Mikaelsons.

    • Esther A says:

      That is a thought, I read somewhere that there is going to be a major death and I hoped seriously it better be Marcel because what is an original without Nikolaus, Elijah, Rebekah……. But I do think Freya or Elijah might be in the chopping block.

    • Gift says:

      I hope not! I don’t want Elijah to die nd leave klaus. Of cause I can endure Freya’s death but not Elijah. Nothing can be permanent for this Mikaelsons, they always manage come back to life.

  11. Freya is not a gay character. I am so sick of these shows forcing straight characters into gay/bisexual storylines. Freya had a male lover, & got pregnant by him…now all the sudden she is freaking bisexual? lesbian? no. just freaking no. Do i have to be the one to say that Freya is not like her siblings? she was born around the same time they were, but she is actually her age. She was only awake one year a century and in the time period she was raised in being a bisexual/lesbian was frowned upon. I highly doubt that she would be a bisexual. this storyline was so forced, & i absolutely loathe it. I can’t wait for the day that bimbo keelin is killed off. seriously though. She is annoying, & this whole storyline makes no sense even if Freya is/was bisexual/lesbian. She kidnaps keelin tortures her, & threatens her, & four episodes later they are making out? really though? really? How is everyone else commenting so delusional? i just can not.

    • Gift says:

      Somebody had to say it! U must be really upset. I am just so intrigued on how they re going to explain her being a bisexual nd all. All I care about in this show is klaus, Hope nd how they get to defeat the hallow.

    • Se'rah says:

      Welllll, even in the time that Freya was born in, there were actually a lot of cases of bisexuality and homosexuality. No matter how it was frowned upon, it happened. Just because she got pregnant by a man means nothing. Freya is ready for love, she is always taking care of her family, hardly ever has down time, why is it so hard to believe that in her readiness to be loved…she would fall in love with a woman. Lets say it another way…Freya has fallen in love. The simple concept of love, it just so happens that the person she has fallen for is a woman.
      I will agree that the storyline seemed a bit rushed. But that is all. As for Keelin, she was immediately intrigued by Freya and her abilities as a witch, her beauty, but above all else her loyalty to her family or “pack.” She stated that in the end she understood why Freya did what she did.
      And finally, Keelin is anything but a bimbo. She is a strong, passionate, beautiful woman. She’s from a proud yet simple line of werewolves that chose not to be satisfied with doing nothing with her life. Hence her escape to a better life as a doctor.
      Question: how does that equate to being a “bimbo.”

    • I thought replying would be FUN. One big issue with the kidnap victim is that they normally do begin to identify with the kidnapper. So, as strange as it seems, it’s normal.In terms of Freya liking women, there’s usually an LGBT in every room you walk into whether they admit it or not. Mistaking someone for straight doesn’t make it so. Having been with a man doesn’t necessarily mean that a woman actually liked him. That’s where society gets it wrong. Lesbians aren’t like straight or bisexual women. Freya could be lesbian or bisexual. I love they did that with Keelin, it was hot. I also know that because of straight audience and straight male audience they generally kill or end a lesbian relationship, so people don’t have to look at them anymore. Freya is attractive – men want to see her with them. That’s why we see all these lies about lesbians on TV and this social pressure for real lesbians to be bisexual and fluid, which goes back to the point. A lesbian may be with a man and not like him at all. Much of society has no idea what is going on with them. Only what they WANT to be going on with them.

      • Jane says:

        If being with a man doesn’t make Freya straight, then being with a girl doesn’t make her lesbian or even bi. Nowadays people feel more open and free to experiment with their sexuality but the fact is, Freya had at least two male partners before that girl and there is no reason to believe that she wasn’t attracted to those guys and she was pregnant and wanted that kid.
        In fact her sister Rebekah was in more than one threesome just during her short TVD days, but Rebekah’s long lasting partners are all guys. So Freya too might be gay, might be bi or might simply be straight who had experimented with a girl. For some people it usually happens during their college days. Freya is just the right age for this given that she was awake one year every 100 years for centuries.
        And there is a difference between a prisoner falling for her kidnapper and a victim falling for her torturer. First is open for consideration, second is not normal, it’s sick and wrong.

  12. jade says:

    So many Freelin haters. Its understandable why you feel such animosity towards this budding relationship but let’s be real how many relationship happen over the usual circumstances. We don’t all meet our significant other on e harmony or at a diner. Their relationship has come a long way. Freya Has shown to be a very strong, intelligent woman. She’s also very understanding because of the world she grew up in, She’s a werewolf and said it herself she grew up in a society of violence and wanted to be better. Look at the world The Originals is set in. Its not realistic and so we shouldn’e haverealistic human expectations.
    The writers are finally exploring Freya as a character and not just someone in the background killing everyone to protect her family, be happy that she’ s finding love and happpiness. She deserves to have someone just like Klaus and Elijah. Some people actually just care about the characters and the show and not the bi/gay spin.

    • jade says:

      **Keelin has shown to be a strong intelligent woman. typo sry

    • Gift says:

      Jade this fact is true and I agree, in a real sense no one will fall in love with someone who kidnapped And torture them but this is movie u can tell a story any how u want It. Yes Freya deserves to find love like her other siblings with who ever she is written to. The problem is when telling her story of the past they should have given a hint of some sort to show she is also interested in girls. If they did then it won’t be all sudden. Everyone is complaining that they are just forcing the bisexual stuff in when in fact they have always portrait Freya as straight and only interested in men.

      • jade says:

        Hi Gift…I guess if I did look at it from the other viewers perspective it can seem forced. If I would be angry with anyone it would be Keelin for lusting after her torturer and not Freya or their relationship or the writers. Tv is always trying to satisfy both straight and the lgbt viewers. And CW has been doing great with that so far.

        But how many shows have done something along those lines. Straight girl falls for lesb/bi woman. Almost every show or movie that decides to represent the lesb/bi community aye. Some take it as far as to involve a bf or husband. Its now a cliche. So I guess I feel like this dramatic effect over Freelin is a bit ridiculous. I also think some of the people complaining are straight and just want her to be with a man. Using her past male lover as justification for their complaints of the “forced” nature of the freelin shipping. People fall in love with people everyday, regardless of gender. Some women spend their whole lives married to a man and suddenly find themselves attracted to one random woman and vice versa. See so I don’t think a hint was necessarily needed.

        But hey if its what the other viewers need, I hope they throw in some backstory for Freya to keep the peace. She barely has any

        • Gift says:

          I don’t know about others but I can speak for my self, I am straight, I have nothing against the gay relationship anyone can fall or Love whoever they choose to I really don’t have a problem . What do have a complaint about is just telling a story and not completely telling it well. I for one don’t care about who Freya date. I only have one reason for watching this show it’s to see the originals mainly klaus and Hope. They still have a chance to make this Freya story right. Not everyone might like it but if the story is right no one will have to complain.

      • Skye Evans says:

        It’s not forced. I am a lesbian in real life and according to the other people I was portraid as a straight girl to. No signs of me being a lesbian. Besides lets face it Kol knew. “I just figured you fancied the ladies.” Aside from that maybe Freya just found out about her being bisexual. Don’t forget that she was awake for only a year and then fell into a slumber for 100 years, each time over and over.

      • Jane says:

        Somehow it reminds me of Bonenzo, like they were two completely parallel characters for seasons till out of the blue the writers cooked up a couple out of them and gave us 1 episode with flashbacks to justify this ship. Oh well, I liked Bonenzo all and all but wasn’t that invested in it. Same with Freya suddenly falling for a woman. A few hints here and there that she might be into girls would be nice. This is why I don’t really care about Freelin, to fast and random, but I don’t mind them either. Best TVD and TO ships were the ones that were built slowly and organically, with actors who had natural on screen chemistry. Not just 1 ep with flashbacks or a prisoner suddenly falling for someone who tortured her a few episodes ago, because Keelin understood that the torturer had a reason to do what she did. Crazy. Just another random ship for the sake of it, they can’t write these shows without ships and last season they lost Kolvina and Klamille, so here we get Freelin instead, and I guess usual “we shouldn’t be together” and death-related drama is coming with it. I really feel like these countless ships should have been more of TVD thing, there was no need to pair every original with someone, even Kol, the wildest original turned Romeo. And if the originals so easily fell in love over the centuries they would be completely different more caring people who can love easily, not the originals that we know them to be, ruthless, selfish, feared and hated by everyone. If you think about it, their 1000 story of family of monsters doesn’t really tie well with how they were shown over the seasons of TO, a bunch of love sick fools who just want be loved and accepted. Pff

  13. Eli Hobbes says:

    <4% of adults are gay. Yet Hollywood's lefty want us to accept that they are everywhere and need to be artificially inserted in every program. I don't mind seeing gay folks. I don't mind it being shoved at me. I suspect most viewers feel the same.

    • Serah Cheatham says:

      The fact of the matter, is that while the gay population is smaller than the heterosexual population…we are here. I think in the case of Freya and Keelin, the story has been wonderful and not over the top. And there is a wonderful chemistry there. I don’t think overall that Gollywood is trying to throw it in everybody’s face, but everyone in this world knows several gay people….ya just might not know they’re gay.

  14. I love their romance.. We need more season!!!!