The Originals: Riley Voelkel Previews 'Turning Point' for Freya and Keelin

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Freya’s icy Mikaelson exterior is finally melting on Friday’s episode of The Originals (The CW, 8/7c) with a little help from the strongest potion known to man: tequila!

“Freya never gets to go out,” Riley Voelkel laments to TVLine, adding that she’s thrilled about her character’s budding social life. “She and Keelin go out drinking this week, and being able to have one night — just one night to celebrate the next step — is huge for Freya. She deserves to be able to do that more than anyone.”

Though she can’t provide any specific details about how the two might be growing closer, Voelkel confirms that Friday’s episode marks a “turning point” in their relationship: “There’s obviously a connection there, of some sort, and it’s not for nothing.”

Voelkel says she’s “glad” that fans seem to be warming up to the idea of Freya and Keelin’s companionship, adding her own voice to the chorus of people thrilled to see Freya’s vulnerable side finally coming out to play.

“Freya’s normally so focused on getting things done and putting her family first that you never get to see this emotional side of her,” Voelkel says. “We’re starting to see her form a relationship with someone outside of the family, and we’re learning that there’s so much more to her than we knew. She has feelings and desires!”

Looking back at Freya’s antics at the beginning of last season, Voelkel notes, “Even the few guys she brought home, there was never really a connection beyond that night. So to have someone who can be a real friend or a real teammate is huge for her. She’s used to being on her own, so she’s not expecting it.”

Your thoughts on Freya and Keelin’s “connection”? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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