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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Fuller House, Good Fight, Big Bang, Supernatural, Once and More

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Question: I’m having Walking Dead withdrawal already. Help! —Nick
Ausiello: Help is on the way, Nick — literally. Ahead of Season 8’s Saviors/Scavengers-vs.-Alexandria/Hilltop/Kingdom war, AMC’s monster smash is casting two new recurring good guys: Dillon, a sexy, blue-collar twentysomething whose survival skills include sarcasm, and Abbud, an innately likable Muslim American whose nerves are, let’s say, jangled, because he’s flown solo for too long in zombieland. Of the pair, the former is likelier to survive the looming conflict — not only does Dillon sound like a less jerky Spencer, but the casting notice for the roles hints that the actor chosen might get picked up for subsequent seasons.

Question: Will we see Rumple and Belle in Once Upon a Time‘s musical episode? —Phyllis
Ausiello: Series co-creator Adam Horowitz told Matt Mitovich that for reasons that are extremely spoilery, Gideon’s mom and pop will be “laying low” during the musical wedding episode, airing Sunday, May 7. “They’re not out in the open,” he said, “but we will definitely see Rumple in the episode.”

Question: Will the Once Upon a Time finale have “some” closure to it in case things don’t work out in the negotiations? Not only do the characters need happy endings, but this girl wants some too. —Alicia
Ausiello: Asked and answered.

Question: Anything about John Barrowman’s return to Arrow? —Rory
Ausiello: Only that A) he still slips oh-so-easily into the lair, and 2) he stands to be either friend or frenemy to Team Arrow as the Prometheus arc hits its climax. “The last time Oliver and Malcolm saw each other, Malcolm helped them at the end of Season 4 — but he also went after Oliver’s son in the middle of Season 4,” showrunner Wendy Mericle reminds. “So always with Malcolm, you never know where you stand. You’re always a little bit off balance even if you think he’s on your side.”

Question: Should we be worried about The Flash‘s Joe surviving the season? —Chris
Ausiello: More pressing, you might worry about him surviving a sticky situation with girlfriend Cecile in the next episode, amid all the Killer Frost drama. “We have a little situation where she said the magic words” — I love you, for the uninitiated out there — “and Joe wasn’t able to say the magic words back,” Jesse L. Martin shares. Based on this brand-new photo, Joe may want to get clear on his feelings and quick!

Question: Any scoop on the NCIS: New Orleans season finale? —Semaj
Ausiello: A little birdie with very loose lips tells me that we will meet Investigative Computer Specialist Patton’s ex-wife in the closer.

Question: I was a huge Drake and Josh fan, so I freaked out over John Stamos’ photo of Drake Bell on the Fuller House set. Is he going to be in Season 3? –Allison
Ausiello: Sorry to burst your bubble, Allison, but I’m hearing that Bell was merely visiting the set, rather than filming a guest spot (or even a cameo). Alas, you’ll just have to re-watch his episode of Grandfathered for your Bell-Stamos fix.

Question: Does the fact that Diane and Kurt got back together in the Good Fight finale mean that we’ll be seeing more of Gary Cole in Season 2? —Robert
Ausiello: “That is such a good question for the showrunners of Veep,” exec producer Michelle King hedged with a chuckle when I posed your question to her. The good news? As fellow EP Robert King notes, “He was doing Veep while we shot Season 1 and we were able to skirt around that and use him when we could. So we’re intent on making that work again.”

Silicon Valley Season 4 Episode 1Question: Any chance Silicon Valley will finally pull the trigger on a full-blown Richard/Monica romance? I know it’s not that kind of show, but I still find myself pining for them. —Carrie
Ausiello: “Sadly, there’s no Richard/Monica this season,” Thomas Middleditch reveals. But — and this is a big, potentially hairy butt — the actor teases that “there is a little bit of sauciness” in his alter ego’s future, before outright confirming, “Richard has full blown sexual adult intercourse with a new” love interest. How much will we, um, see? I think it’s safe to say that we don’t go full HBO,” Middleditch assures me, “with t–s and d—s everywhere.” BONUS SCOOP: Dinesh is getting a new sweetheart, too!

Question: Josh has every right to be mad at Liza on Younger, but I have to know if there’s any hope for my favorite couple on TV. –Julie
There’s always hope, Julie, especially since we’ve got (at least) two more seasons to spend with the Younger gang. That said, Season 4 will introduce us to Clare, a sexy, age-appropriate Brooklyn bartender who falls pretty hard for Josh. In other words, if Liza wants to win him back, she’s got her work cut out for her.

Question: Scoop on the final episodes of Season 4 of The Blacklist, please! Will all members of the task force survive this season? — Aly
Ausiello: Though series creator Jon Bokenkamp is staying mum about who survives May sweeps (or doesn’t), he says the final Season 4 installments are “massive in scope” and will put just about everyone in danger. Agent Ressler, in particular, will find himself vulnerable when he teams up with a former colleague (played by Without a Trace alum Enrique Murciano) and proceeds to head to the heart of an investigation he probably should have avoided.

Question: Anything on the final three Big Bang Theory episodes? —Stacey
Ausiello: As you know, Penny’s ex Zack (Brian Thomas Smith) returns in this Thursday’s ep and makes her a job offer she might not be able to refuse, which, naturally, turns Leonard into a nervous pile of jealousy. “Penny doesn’t like certain aspects of being a pharmaceutical sales rep, like flirting with doctors and fudging the truth about side effects,” explains showrunner Steve Molaro. “Zack offers her a chance to head up the sales division of his menu company. She has sales experience, she worked in a restaurant. It’s kind of an ideal job, except for the part where she used to sleep with her would-be boss.”

Question: I’m dying to know about Chicago Fire! Got anything good as we near the end of the season? —Julia
Ausiello: Well, here’s one thing we can rule out for “Dawsey” this season: a baby. Asked if the couple will have another discussion about expanding their family, exec producer Derek Haas replied, “That’s going to continue into next season. But for now that storyline has kind of been… dropped isn’t the right word, because it’s always there. But we’re not going to go there as far as, like, [making it a] cliffhanger.”

Question: Got anything on Supernatural? —Sudha
Ausiello: If you’re thinking Mr. Ketch has developed feelings for Mary and might spare her life and the lives of her boys, think again. “With Mr. Ketch, there’s a really strong dividing line between personal and professional,” executive producer Andrew Dabb says. Although the Brit “does kind of respect and admire and like” Dean and Sam’s mom, “he’s been conditioned his entire life to follow orders. So for him to take a stand against following an order like that, it would be really a drastic change to his character. I’m not saying it might not happen, but he is not the one with a very obvious soft underbelly. When the chips are down, he’s going to revert to what he’s very comfortable with, and that’s doing as he’s told and killing a lot of people.”

Question: I’m dying, waiting for Nashville to come back! Got any scoop? —Linda
Ausiello: The CMT show is looking for child actors to play Gunnar and his brother Jason (R.I.P!), which makes me think the troubadour might flash back to his own childhood as he considers his status as Scarlett’s (possible) baby daddy. Also, Nashville is casting a women’s self-defense instructor for an upcoming episode: Might one of Music City’s lovely ladies be using Rayna’s (also R.I.P!) experience with her stalker as a cautionary tale?

Question: You’ll probably skip past this question because you never really talk about this show, but got an Elementary scoop? —Doug
Ausiello: Skip past? Pshaw. More like run toward. This Sunday’s episode promises to be a big one for Jon Michael Hill’s Detective Marcus Bell, whose girlfriend has been physically assaulted and remains unconscious. “Of course, all eyes are on her ex-husband Roy,” previews executive producer Rob Doherty. “And Marcus is understandably upset and angry and wants to be part of the investigation.” However, “an emotional cop tends to make mistakes,” the EP notes, so “while the police are conducting the official investigation, Sherlock enlists Marcus into a separate and perhaps more compelling investigation into Roy.”

Question: Is The Leftovers going to bring back its opening theme song before the end? Or is it gone for good? —Christopher
Ausiello: Sadly, Iris DeMent’s haunting Season 2 theme “Let the Mystery Be” has been retired. The pattern set by the first two Season 3 episodes — wherein a completely different piece of music (including the Perfect Strangers theme) played over the opening — will continue through Episode 8. That’s right, we’re getting eight different opening title sequences in one season. As exec producer Damon Lindelof explains, “Because we changed the title sequence between Seasons 1 and Seasons 2, we wanted to do something different [in Season 3]. So we said, ‘What if we treated the opening title sequence like an overture?’ There’s a way to thematically introduce the episode to come just by changing the title music every week.” Lindelof hopes the unique approach will discourage viewers from doing something he admits he does himself. “I love the title sequence for The Americans, but when I watch the show I fast-forward over it because it’s been the same for five years now. So we were like, ‘How do we stop people from fast-forwarding over our opening titles?'”

This AAnd That…
Carrie Coon and Regina King’s spirit-lifting turn on the trampoline in Sunday’s Leftovers was a lot less fun than it looked. “Regina hurt herself,” Coon tells me. “I popcorned her and she came down hard and twisted her ankle.” Ironically, going into the sequence it was Coon everyone was worried about. “I had ACL replacement surgery in January so everyone was being very careful with me,” she shares. “Everyone was so vigilant about my knee and then she ended up getting hurt.”
One of the big streamers is circling a very limited revival of a beloved ’90s series.
At Monday’s Emmy season-themed Bates Motel finale screening and and Q&A, I asked Freddie Highmore what he would’ve had engraved into [MAJOR SPOILER ALERT] Norman’s blank tombstone. The actor paused, smiled and responded, “Norman Bates: He was a nice guy.”
If you, like me, are obsessing over Empire‘s unlikely pairing of Becky (Gabourey Sidibe) and Thirsty (Andre Royo), then you will be quite pleased to hear that showrunner Ilene Chaiken also “loves them more than life itself.” And you will see proof of her devotion to the duo in the Fox drama’s two-part season finale.
♦ Good news on the Bubble Series front: Per multiple sources, at least half of the shows featured here are very likely to return next season.

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  1. Columbus says:

    I thought that Bell’s girlfriend was killed – not just assaulted?

  2. katlynneylon says:

    Any chance Fuller House is going to semi-ground itself in reality any time soon? I want to like it, and sometimes I do, but instead of playing with realistic stories and real emotions (like Stephanie’s infertility that gave us great moments), they keep stacking on the ridiculous and pepper in the occasional emotion. The actors and the show are so much better when it plays a little closer to real life. I don’t mind the fun, but they’re missing the Full House of it all.

    • Cheryl says:

      I agree that the more realistic story lines are the best. Whereas Stephanie as a kid mostly just annoyed me, she has become my absolute favorite character because of her recent story lines.

  3. arlielaurie68 says:

    Please let New Girl be in the coming back column! We can’t lose BOTH Deschanel(s) in the same season!!!!!!!!! Also, same thought with The Originals- losing them and TVD would really suck ;)

  4. Dev says:

    Gahhhh! Which 90s series!?!?!?!?

    • Reba42 says:

      2 of the actors from Family Matters posted a pic together this morning. Maybe?

    • ToyCannon says:

      Maybe Roseanne? As long as they ignore the last 10 minutes of the series finale.

      • While we have the eraser out, let’s just wipe out that entire last season as Roseanne’s dream after a spoiled loose meat sandwich. Roseanne is even crazier now than she was 20+ years ago. I can’t see her agreeing on storylines that would do justice to classic Roseanne. After all, she has claimed in the past that the last season (where she had much story control) was her favorite. Also, both Healy brothers would be either out (Glenn Quinn died years ago) or very reduced (I don’t see much beyond a cameo for Johnny Galecki).

      • ToyCannon says:

        I called it! It is “Roseanne”.

  5. kelly says:

    Would that beloved 90s series be Beverly Hills, 90210?????

    • sarah t says:

      I doubt it’s BH 90210 given the fact that it just got a reboot a few years ago. My guess is Family Matters. Possibly on NBC since I believe that’s where it ended up after it got canned at ABC

  6. Kay says:

    “One of the big streamers is circling a very limited revival of a beloved ’90s series”

    Crossing my fingers for Boy Meets World!!

    • Angela says:

      They show reruns of that show on a couple channels as it is, though (I’ve seen it on MTV2 and the Teen Nick channel sometimes), Would it be news if if’s a show that gets rerun on TV already? I dunno.

      • Rob says:

        What are you talking about? This is about a revival, not a rerun…?

        • Angela says:

          Yeah, I know that. My point is that since you can watch that show anytime there’s a rerun on TV, and especially since the cast already essentially reunited when “Girl Meets World” was on TV in recent years, I just don’t know that it’d be big news if they decided to do a revival of that series. I just think the fact this is noteworthy news might be because the show is one that a) doesn’t get rerun a lot on TV, thus causing people to miss it more and want a revival of it as a result, and/or b) whose cast may not have done much together since the show ended, thus making it all the more exciting that they’re reuniting for a revival.
          Mind, I may well be completely off, too. Just a theory to put out there, was all.

  7. Robin says:

    Possible Writers strike has me worried.

    • T.W.S.S. says:

      Me too. I remember the dark days of the 2007 strike, we can’t go back there. #neverforget

    • Nicole says:

      The writers strike, while it sucked, gave them a chance to take a step back and rethink stories that might not be working. I’ve always felt the stories that came after the strike were better. The strike was a blessing in disguise.

      • Nichole says:

        That depends on the series. It definitely had the opposite effect on some series. Heroes is the first that comes to mind. While season 2 did not have the same momentum as season 1, I felt that they were building toward something and telling a story. Then the strike happened and they began to listen way too much to the fandom and doubt themselves. So they just scrapped it all and came back with the trying to please every idiot commenter on the internet cluster you-know-what that was season 3. Some series got lucky with the second half of their seasons feeling rushed, but for the most part (at least with the shows I was watching at the time), it definitely was not a blessing.

      • Paula Stiles says:

        I agree. Supernatural desperately needs a step back and a rethink. And preferably some new showrunners and writers. I’m also seeing a lot of writing fatigue in other genre shows, where it’s actually worse.

  8. Brian says:

    Interesting tidbit about Thirsty and Becky. Thought it was just me that enjoyed watching them together.

  9. I hope it is Shield, Elementary, The Originals and Brooklyn 99 that get renewed!

  10. kate says:

    Is Leonard going to be really annoying me or will I be annoyed at the writers for the sheer fact that we have established several times over the past ten years, no matter what she says about her high school days, she doesn’t cheat. But the fact of the matter is, over that same time, we have seen Leonard cheat, like first, with the doctor that Howard initially picked up, then he kissed and was willing to go further with that girl while he was dating Priya, and he kissed that girl on the boat trip while dating Penny.

  11. Who Dat Diva says:

    I would love the 90s show to be 90210 and the timing is just right. 25 year reunion anyone???

  12. Steve F. says:

    Fingers crossed that one of those five shows returning is Agents of SHIELD – these last few weeks have been quite compelling!

  13. Who Dat Diva says:

    I would love the 90s show to be 90210 and the timing is just right… 25 year reunion anyone???

  14. Jana says:

    Michael, please put all us #Blindspotters out of our misery…

    Would you say it is more or less likely that Blindspot is one of the “half of the shows featured here…,” that will be renewed for Season 3?

  15. Steven says:

    “One of the big streamers is circling a very limited revival of a beloved ’90s series.”

    PLEASE BE CHARMED! And I the only one hoping for a Richard And Jared hookup on Silicon Valley?

  16. Samantha says:

    Michael, im pretty sure Drake is directing an episode of Fuller House

  17. Olivia says:

    I’m rooting for AoS, Blindspot& Quantico.

    Regarding the Blacklist question, they better not touch Aram, Samar, Dembe and Kate. Of course the latter is a predictable one so of course it’s gonna happen (especially after finally getting some long overdue backstory). It would be a shame though, the latest ep was amazingly good.

    • JMark (formerly JM) says:

      Agree. I love Kate. Sounds like Ressler might bite the dust, especially since he’s been largely ignored this season. It’s a shame, really, because I think he could’ve been a very interesting character had they invested more time into him.

      • Allie says:

        Yep, they’ll do the predictable thing and Kill Ressler. It’s like they have no more creativity or ability to write good episodes. I just DVR for the Ressler parts and skip the rest of the train wreck. Now I hear they made Mr. Kaplan the bad psycho. Another great character that had way more potential and was/is wasted. I’m sick of Samar, it’s time for her to hit the highway.

  18. Chris says:

    I think the 90’s show being revived by one of the big streamers is “Party of Five”, since the show is streaming on both Netflix and Hulu!

    • Sheila says:

      But wasn’t the premise of that show that it was kids trying to raise themselves? A revival of that would just be them as adults. How would that be the same?

  19. Nty says:

    I hope Brooklyn 99, Quantico and TO getting renewed

  20. T.W.S.S. says:

    I see Cecile went to the Linda Park school of moving too fast. (See: “Your heart should ache for me.”)

  21. Angela says:

    “He was a nice guy.” Haha, I love it :p. That’s great
    Curious about this ’90s series being revived for a short time, too. Hm.

  22. matty says:

    I would love if the 90’s revival is either Dawson’s Creek or E.R. Something in my gut is saying it is time for an E.R. revival.

    • Colleen says:

      I wish. I highly doubt they’d be able to work getting either of those casts back together :( Someone else’s mention of Family Matters up above sounds much more plausible.

  23. kmw says:

    It is interesting about the limited revival of a 90’s series. I think that so many thinking it is 90210 just because it is their anniversary is amusing, although the very limited part makes it sound right. But I doubt that is the show. I know 90210 was a hot show then but was it really beloved? I don’t think so. There were so many good and beloved shows then it could be anything. Maybe Joss Whedon changed Sarah Michelle Gellar’s and some other casts minds about coming back. This is a good one to guess. As far as shows that ARENT going to get the hook for some fans that is a relief. I bet Agents of Shield, Last Man on Earth, Quantico, are for sure coming back. The others I am still not so sure

    • dude says:

      I know quite a few people that would argue it was beloved. I dont think it’s 9O21O cause they already had a reboot but…

  24. Allie says:

    The Blacklist is getting so predictable, so now they kill-off Agent Ressler? He’s the only interesting one left to watch besides Red. Can’t wait to see him kick some a$$ on a new show. I guess I’m the only one that has been waiting for the failed promise from TPTB that Ressler would indeed kick Tom’s a$$. Ressler was also supposed to have a big story…still waiting. And, I don’t watch anylonger, just DVR for the Ressler parts.

    I think this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen a show implode as badly as this one. And I can’t figure out why. It’s like they hit the self-destruct button for no reason except to make the Tom show.

    • ziggybr549 says:

      When they made it the Tom show it became frustrating to watch. I hope they keep Ressler and I hope Tom stays away.

  25. LIsa says:

    I can’t deal with these CW shows anymore. Malcolm is a super inconsistent character and the writers as a good thing instead of the lazy writing it is.

    As for Flash, putting money on Joe’s death is probably the easiest money you can ever make. Maybe, Barry might “die” and then Wally will be the new Flash for half an episode at the beginning of next season. But, I know for sure Iris won’t die, so spending half a season with the characters freaking out about it is somehow more boring than last season was.

  26. Tom says:

    Using different opening themes every time is great and fits the quirkiness of The Leftovers but it’s hardly a new concept. Murphy Brown used to do it decades ago.

  27. Cas says:

    I always liked Zack on TBBT, not with Penny but his character gave some good comic relief.

  28. Marilee says:

    I can’t wait to see if rick can somehow kill jadis I can’t stand her can’t wait for October