Flash Future Spoilers Iris Dead

The Flash's Future Shock: 'Barry Is in Shambles' After Losing Iris

When The Flash resumes Season 3 this Tuesday (The CW, 8/7c), Barry Allen will take a trip into the future to make sense of a disheartening bombshell dropped in the present.

Because in dealing with the time-travelling, Earth-hopping villain Abra Kadabra, Barry learned that Savitar will indeed be Iris’ — and in turn his own — undoing. And yet the magic man never did let slip the sinister speedster’s identity. As a result, and increasingly desperate to find a way to avert Iris’ death at Savitar’s pointy hands, Barry travels to 2024, hoping to find answers. What he finds first, though, is his future self, still shell-shocked by Iris’ tragic, brutal death.

“You see this older version of Barry Allen that hasn’t really ever gotten over the death of Iris West,” Candice Patton shared during our recent visit to the superhero series’ set.

The Barry of the future “is a guy who has lost everything,” Grant Gustin told TVLine while standing adjacent to the Flash’s time tunnel set, which for this episode was made to look dusty, desolate and in disrepair. With a nod to that mess, “Barry looks pretty similar — he is in shambles,” Gustin said. “He does not look good.”

Devastated by losing the love of his life, this Barry is “totally alone” until his past self arrives, setting the stage for double the Gustin. “It’s a lot of scenes with Barry and Barry, and they’re pretty emotional scenes from both sides,” says the actor.

For Gustin — who briefly played opposite himself during the series’ first visit to Earth-Two — tackling an older Barry wasn’t quite the same as when Stephen Amell from sister series Arrow played a much older, grumpier (and pudgier) Oliver Queen on Legends of Tomorrow. Future Barry is “about eight years older, which in a way made it more challenging for me, because it wasn’t like, ‘This is my grizzled, older self,’” he noted. All told, “They were some of the more challenging scenes I’ve done — if not just this year, in the whole series, because I’m my own scene partner.”

Gustin does get to work opposite other cast members in the 2024 scenes, as Barry “meets up with the older version of Cisco (Carlos Valdes), who kind of leads him through the future to see kind of where everybody’s at.” And understandably, Barry’s was not the only life rattled by Iris’ murder. One need look no further than the stills of the intrepid reporter’s father Joe (Jesse L. Martin), at her future gravesite, to feel the weight of a father’s loss. Said Patton, “Everyone is changed because of it.”

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  1. Emily says:

    Aww, they need to get their butts in gear and save Iris!

  2. Diana says:

    It’s always interesting to see other versions of characters. Can’t wait!

  3. Lauren says:

    The episode hasn’t even aired as yet and I’m emotional. I just really want this storyline to wrap up too much sadness I need barry to have a win before the finale. So here’s to hoping he finds the answers he’s looking for, save the love of his life and end with them sat on their comfy couch planning their wedding. Basically save iris save the world.

  4. Mimi says:

    Poor barry, no way will he ever get over Iris’s death. This episode looks like it will be an emotional rollercoaster, seeing the West family without Iris is gonna be heartbreaking but I’m sure grant, Jesse and keiynan are gonna bring it. They better save Iris at all costs.

  5. MiaB says:

    I’m starting to worry they’re really going to kill Iris off. I hope they take a good look at Sleepy Hollow before they decide they don’t need the lead female character anymore.

  6. Carni says:

    I’m so emotional right now and this is from just reading this. I need Barry to find a way so that he can work together with Iris & the rest to prevent her death! This is too much and I’m not ready for it.

  7. Butch says:

    Maybe Barry’s mother is Savitar. All that killing her, then unkilling her, then killing her again was too much.

  8. Sounds like a mash-up of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol. Cannot figure out whether the identity of Savitar is a character already known or not–why was it so important for Barry to find out who is the real Savitar?

    • S Lig says:

      Savitar is obviously a speedster. (Or one that has only really appeared since).
      To know who Savitar is means Barry can take him out before they become Savitar.

  9. Carla Krae says:

    I wish I cared. This season is meh. I loved season 1.

  10. datdudemurphy says:

    This season has not been kind of blah….I kinda hope Iris dies, just so that something happens.

  11. Chelsea says:

    This is heart wrenching Iris and Barry have been each ofhef’s constant since their mother left them, I can’t imagine what life would be like for each other if they were to lose one

  12. Mary says:

    I’ve aged just feeling the pain and sorrow of waiting to see what unfolds. Love the show. Patiently waiting.

  13. “double the Gustin”
    Can’t wait!

  14. grabetsi says:

    I’m already emotional and th episode hasn’t even aired yet, I’m gonna be a mess next tuesday

  15. ndixit says:

    This season’s elemental problem is that by making the whole story about saving Iris, they basically have isolated the audience that really doesn’t care for the character. I just can’t get myself to care whether Iris lives or not because Iris hasn’t existed much outside of being a girlfriend and a daughter. Now if Barry had glimpsed a future where there was more wrong then just Iris dying, it would have been more interesting.

    • Mo says:

      Wally’s in a wheelchair, Joe and Cisco are clearly a mess, Savitar previously said he would destroy Central City. More IS wrong than “just” Iris dying.

    • doran says:

      From the ratings, it doesn’t seem that the general audience minds. Anyway, Iris is the second-most important character in this story, and is integrated with every aspect of The Flash’s story, past, present and future… so if you’re expecting that to change, you should find another show.

      • Mo says:

        ‘Iris is the second-most important character in this story, and is integrated with every aspect of The Flash’s story, past, present and future’
        That’s the problem. And the general audience also thinks this season is the worse.

  16. lordofluck says:

    I so hope they fail and Iris still dies would make a great twist.

  17. Mo says:

    I hope we get to see some present-day Iris, but I’m ready for emo Barry mourning his love.

  18. Pete says:

    Savitar is Eddie

    • S Lig says:

      Hmmmm could be! But he wasn’t a speed force character when Barry went to save Wally from the speed force.
      Though it could be future Eddie after he gains powers from Julian as he is able to link with Savitar.
      I think Savitar is Julian… but they could still make Eddie the curve ball.

  19. Chris says:

    I have this horrible feeling that they’re going to stop Savitar from killing Iris at the point they keep flashing forward to, only for her to die on hers and Barry’s wedding day. Like I’d want to be mad if that’s what happens, but damn it would be a good twist.

  20. A says:

    I Always wanted Barry and catlin together. Never wanted iris and Barry. Please just die iris.

  21. Nwede Kingsley says:

    Pls, I want more interesting previews of the flash.

  22. Gift says:

    Get over it nd save Iris men! She matters Alot.

  23. Oke says:

    I’m really going to stop watching if Iris dies. I can’t see Barry with anyone else just like in smallville I couldnt see Clarke Kent with anyone else than Lois lane. That’s why never liked the character Lana. So pls don’t take this show from me writers Pls!