Scandal Episode 100

Did Scandal's 100th Have a Point? How Did Riverdale Forget? Impossible Girls Gig? Wasteful Originals? And More Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Originals, Homeland, Scandal and The Big Bang Theory!

The Originals Jason Dohring1 | Was it worse when The Originals cast Jason Dohring and gave him nothing to do, or when they finally found an interesting storyline for his character and then killed him off in the same episode?

2 | What are the odds that Saturday Night Live host Jimmy Fallon does a bit making light of his controversial, playful mussing of then-candidate Donald Trump’s hair?

3 | In Once Upon a Time‘s famously trailing-behind-reality timeline, could Hamilton possibly be a thing yet? And how at this point has no one found away to detect the absence of a heart in someone?

4 | Jenna Fisher is so adorable on Match Game — can we get the Office alum a new show already? (Meaning, one that holds onto her.)American Crime

5 | American Crime‘s fertility-challenged Kimara is totally going to adopt would-be teen mom Shae’s baby, right?

6 | Would Homeland‘s Quinn really go into a showdown with highly trained mercenaries without wearing a bulletproof vest? And how did him driving Carrie and Keane a few blocks down the road actually get them out of harm’s way?

7 | In what world would Girls‘ Hannah be offered a university teaching job (with benefits!) based on a few online columns she wrote? And why wasn’t Ray at Shoshanna’s engagement party?

8 | Did The Arrangement need to include at least a little line about Megan’s agent Leslie having her baby between episodes?

Bates Motel9 | Bates Motel viewers, did you get a distinct Fargo vibe from Monday’s episode?

10 | How did not one but two different Scorpion geniuses mangle a saying by clearly declaring, “The gig is up”?

11 | Did Prison Break‘s Michael instruct the pizza delivery guy how to fold an origami tulip and write a cryptic note in his own blocky handwriting? Why was Kellerman so weird about Sara drinking out of a water bottle? Also, is this week’s biggest stretch of credulity that little Michael’s school drop-off lane travels clockwise?

12 | Should iZombie have frozen some of those delightful teenage girl brains for a second helping?

13 | Switched at Birth fans, was Travis journeying to Japan with Emmett, not Bay, a most unexpected, unconventional love triangle twist? And really, without rushing things, how could Bay have possibly broken up with Travis and reunited with Emmett in the span of one episode?Underground

14 | Was this Underground credit the week’s biggest understatement?

15 | On Empire, given Cookie’s reference to Lucious being holed up in his house “like the Mad King,” can we infer that she’s a closet Game of Thrones fan?

16 | For an aircraft that size, shouldn’t Grey’s Anatomy have cast more than two flight attendants? Also, how is it that Nathan never got looped in on the plane crash that killed two doctors (including Meredith’s sister) as well as claimed Arizona’s leg, and led to the hospital being renamed?

17 | Was Scandal‘s Mellie/Cyrus kiss somehow grosser than that time Huck spit in Quinn’s face mid-makeout? And since Episode 100’s daydream occurred in Olivia’s mind, with no one else sharing in it… what was the point?

18 | Is a problem with “What if…?” episodes such as Scandal‘s that the “flashbacks” draw attention to past cast cuts that perhaps weren’t on the best of terms?

The Catch19 | Did The Catch‘s Alice borrow this sweater from The Killing‘s Linden?

20 | How is it possible that Riverdale‘s Betty doesn’t know when Jughead’s birthday is? Not only are they dating, but haven’t they known each other since they were kids?

21 | It’s easy to keep The Big Bang Theory‘s little Halley hidden away in cribs and carriers when she’s an infant, but what is the show going to do when Howard and Bernadette’s daughter is old enough to walk and talk? Also, was it odd that Thursday’s episode gave a shout-out to NBC’s Jimmy Fallon versus CBS’ Stephen Colbert (or even James Corden)?

Hit the comments with your answers – and any other Qs you care to share!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wrstlgirl says:

    5. The upcoming adoption on American Crime seems so obvious I’m almost thinking it’s not gonna happen.

    11. I literally cracked up laughing at that tulip delivered by the pizza guy. Really?!?! But I love that they brought the gang back so much I can overlook the crazy things.

  2. Ana says:

    #3. The writers on OUAT have no idea what story they’re telling much less what timeline/timezone/date it’s set in.

  3. Chrissy says:

    1. They literally cast him as a prop for the unpopular Cami/Klaus relationship and since Cami was a prop for Klaus, they got rid of the dead weigh, i.e him and her. This season is so much better without filler relationships or filler episodes. They should have short seasons all the time, it helped their writing game.

  4. LK says:

    Switched at Birth producers clearly don’t know the japanese baseball season… which is essentially the same as ours.. so it will be over before thanksgiving and Travis could come home for the holidays.

  5. Aeol says:

    Really, Nathan had NO CLUE about the plane crash? I know it’s been like 8 years in Greys time, but that’s why his new best friend has a titanium leg, for crying out loud.

  6. SB says:

    #16 Isn’t it odd that Maggie think’s the hospital is named after her mother Ellis Grey and not Meredith’s sister Lexie Grey. She stated in her first episode that the hospital was “named after her birthmother”, when she told Richard who she was. Now I understand him not correcting her in the moment (he just found out he had a grown daughter), but how could she not know. She’s supposed to be some kind of kid genius, right? And I know Alex told her about the plane crash, but I doubt she put two and two together, to realize the hospital is named for Mark and Lexie.

  7. 12 | Major on teenage girl brain was cute as a one-time thing but I don’t really want to see it again.

  8. Amy says:

    #12, so much, yes!

  9. skrable2 says:

    17. It reminded me of the alt-universe episode of Bones that was in Booth’s mind (and Brennan’s book) after his brain surgery

    21. Not promoting a CBS show was odd, but you have to admit … Raj would be a Fallon fan

  10. Chuck says:

    It was pretty clearly explained that no one but Archie knew Jughead’s birthday. I’ve known plenty of people since I was a kid and I don’t know their birthday’s until they pop up on Facebook.

    • Gospino says:

      Betty and Jughead are good friends. Betty is also the sort of person who would care enough to know her friends’ birthdays, clearly. Plus Archie knew Jughead’s birthday. Logically, Betty should have known it and she isn’t thoughtless enough to depend on Facebook to tell her when her (boy)friend was born.

  11. Brian says:

    #9 I was thinking of Fargo too as I watched this week’s Bates Motel. lol

    #17 And I think or hope the point of Olivia’s daydream was to wake her up to finally move forward and to make the right decisions professionally and i’m guessing personally. I came away thinking White Hat Olivia was on her way back.

    • drhenning says:

      that snow certainly did it.. I am curious how Bates is wrapped up.. looks like Season 3 of FARGO has snow back… When they did Season 2, not much snow fell during filming… but it was so great, I didn’t care… looking so forward to Season 3 this week!!

    • Ram510 says:

      17) I think you hit it right on the nose. I think this was a wake up call for Olivia. Her best friend almost died and now she has a chance to right a wrong and save Cyrus. I think her whole attitude will change and will get back to the white hat. And who knows it could be somewhat of foreshadowing for her and Fitz in the end

  12. drb999 says:

    In the Once Upon a time universe Hamilton came out earlier than it did in the real world. That’s what one of the producers tweeted. Really they just wanted to do the 5,984,501st Hamilton reference so the fudged the timeline. No big deal. Fictional worlds don’t have to match our own.

  13. Alichat says:

    6) Well I think he’s done it before, but in this case, where would he have gotten a vest? Unless he had one in that bag of guns he stole or snatched one from the police at the exploded house. And I think the idea was to get Keane out of the kill zone, which happened to be that building and that section of road. Once he got them out of that area, people came out and, inevitably, with their smart phones proved he wasn’t out to assassinate the PEOTUS. What bothered me about all of this was that he didn’t duck. He had to know the glass wouldn’t hold with all of those bullets. This gives me the impression that he wanted to die. I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case. Then to be shown that he died for Keane who turns into a lunatic, that just makes it worse.
    12) YES! We must have another episode of Robert Buckley as a teenager!
    16) I wondered that myself. There should have been 4 to 6 flight attendants on that plane. And can’t they get to the cargo area? I had always thought there was a way for someone to get down there if needed. Also, there is no way Nathan was left out of the loop on Mere’s plane crash. The hospital is named after the two doctors who died, and Owen’s wife was one of the crash victims. I find it hard to believe he didn’t know something about it.
    18) I was noticing that too. There’s no way to flashback and not call out that you couldn’t bring back certain actors.

    • Ram510 says:

      18) scheduling conflicts? Idk

      • Alichat says:

        Hmm…..perhaps for Henry Ian Cusick, but I think the comment was specifically alluding that due to the way he exited the show, it wasn’t really a simple thing to bring back Columbus Short for the flashbacks.

        • Fabrizia says:

          Olivia never started OPA and therefore never met Harrison and Stephen Finch (Abby was a friend since college). The Grant children were never really part of their life anyway, even more so with daddy dumping their mom and marrying his mistress after 6 months. Olivia would not have access to Reston without any political leverage.

  14. Caroline says:

    Well, I loved the AU Scandal, then again I love Olitz. I think the haters are the Jake lovers. I don’t know why TVline is so down on it too. Sheesh.

  15. Television says:

    13. switched at birth. i’m glad bay and travis are together, perfect couple. emmett is a cheater and a jerk for what he did to bay.

  16. Ram510 says:

    I see nothing wrong with Scandal’s “what if” episode. When done correctly “what if” episodes can be fun and a lot times are bound to happen when a show goes over 100 episodes (just waiting for Modern Family). When Switched at Birth did a “what if” episode it was praised and seen as arguably one of the series best. I’m not sure why Scandal is receiving such mixed/negative reviews. Geez this show can’t catch a break

    • Carol says:

      If TVLine and others did not get the point of the Scandal AU episode, then it is because they are being deliberately negative.

      The beginning and ending scenes defined why Olivia’s AU was needed. Olivia had to realize that Defiance could not be repeated and she had to make the right decision after being on the dark side for so long.

      Sometime, I get the impression that TVLine is only interested in Mellie centric episodes. No one else seems to get positive attention from them.

  17. Stacy says:

    16. I don’t buy for a second that Riggs wouldn’t know about the plane crash. The hospital is called Grey Sloan, and there’s no way he hasn’t googled Mer by now.

  18. DarkDefender says:

    16. Nathan was on a total freeze out by everyone when he first arrived at Grey+Sloan. Him and Mer have only had sex, pretty much and IRL, I doubt people would bring up that awful memory of the crash to a stranger.

  19. Tom says:

    2 | What are the odds that Saturday Night Live host Jimmy Fallon does a bit making light of his controversial, playful mussing of then-candidate Donald Drumpf’s hair?
    I’d say there’s a fairly good chance
    4 | Jenna Fisher is so adorable on Match Game — can we get the Office alum a new show already? (Meaning, one that holds onto her.)
    That would be nice yes. She certainly would not have been right on Man With A Plan. It’s not a terribly horrible show, but she would not have been right as the character they wanted her as
    7 | In what world would Girls‘ Hannah be offered a university teaching job (with benefits!) based on a few online columns she wrote? And why wasn’t Ray at Shoshanna’s engagement party?
    A world where people like fan service happy endings
    21 | It’s easy to keep The Big Bang Theory‘s little Halley hidden away in cribs and carriers when she’s an infant, but what is the show going to do when Howard and Bernadette’s daughter is old enough to walk and talk? Also, was it odd that Thursday’s episode gave a shout-out to NBC’s Jimmy Fallon versus CBS’ Stephen Colbert (or even James Corden)?
    I mean, they kept Mrs. Wollowitz off camera, I’m sure they’ll find a way to do it with Halley. As for the Fallon thing, that did sort of cross my mind, I chalked it up to CBS itself not actually producing the show.

  20. Spence says:

    Hopefully BBT will be cancelled before their daughter can walk and talk

    • suzi says:

      I believe the show has already been renewed for two seasons, and most two year olds are walking and talking, so…sorry. Time to change the channel.

  21. Kevin Tran says:

    6. this was a great idea if Peter Quinn would have use a bulletproof vest in order to save Carrie and Keane.

  22. N!loofar says:

    Quinn death was the worst in recent tv history, no funeral even for a few seconds. UGH Carrie is horrible life ruiner now, how is that remotley entertaining? Just unending misery
    She freaked out more when John Redmond died with a huge piece of glass in his neck, Saul had to pull her away. Why are they making her so disgusting? She only cried at her own picture “Oh poor me, another one dead” Psychopath are supposed to be charming in TV to cancel their awful actions.

  23. Gilded Lady says:

    1) Given that he was wasted last year, I wasn’t sad to see him killed off. Better than wasting more time on him!

  24. murley says:

    20. This also applies to Betty never meeting Jughead’s dad. They grew up together and clearly FP knows Betty’s mom so how did she meet him for the first time last week?

  25. kirads09 says:

    #20 What that episode of Riverdale taught me is that I need & want more Skeet Ulrich in my life.

  26. 5.) I’m thinking that an adoption like you have in mind would represent a conflict of interest, and thus will not happen. It won’t be the first or last child she’s seen go into the system. And this isn’t a show titled “American Happy Endings,” after all. :\

  27. fatalsin says:

    #15 Possibly or could be referring to Henry VI who was often referred to as the mad king..

  28. lrdslvrhnd says:

    10) They probably thought it was like a Back to the Future “jiggawatt”.
    21) They kept Howard’s mother off-screen for several seasons, why not his daughter? She’s just always in another room… or behind the couch… or all the kitchen islands… etc.

  29. Sharpie says:

    1. Wasting Jason Dohring in any sense is always a mistake. The only reason I suffered The Originals was to see him shine, as he always does. The man is a rare talent and I cannot wait to see him on iZombie. Rob Thomas is one of the rare directors who knows what is on his hands with JDoh.

  30. Jeffrey says:

    As for the Riverdale birthday thing, do you know All your friends birthday? My best friend growing up, who is still my friend today had a birthday and the only way I remembered it was because of Facebook. Betty has lots of friends. She can’t remember everything.

  31. fiberlicious says:

    10: Ugh, yes. Made my teeth itch.
    13: I miss SAB already. It was such a fantastic show!

  32. PoPo says:

    I loved the homage to The Killing on The Catch. Hope it was intentional!